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Haunted People in Pensacola Florida?

Posted on May 8, 2010

I have submitted some stories to this blog. One has been submitted, Jim here… again. We are not in Tampa anymore, the panhandle of Florida. Pensacola. I also need to say that in 80′ and 90′ I had some experiences, but it wasn’t till 2000 that things started to “break out”. I also would like to say I do not embellish or exaggerate. Here it is…

I met a beautiful woman, a lot of fun to be around! I stayed at her house a lot! Anyway, I work as mason so I am up at dawn and not home till sunset. She worked as a bartender so we were on opposite schedules. And by the way I have always hated bars.

I would be in bed early most nights, but when I would turn out the lights and turn in, this feeling of dread and nervousness would almost wrap around me. I couldn’t stand it! I would finally get up and turn some lights on.

Well, after she came home with all the lights on she started to complain, to say the least. I never told her I was afraid of her house when the lights were off and I was alone!

Well me and my roommate already had a place with some unusual things going on, but one of the last nights I was at “her” house. Apparently it was the ghost of a dead “basketball” Ha-ha you think? Well I was tired of the complaining about lights being on so I screwed myself up and turned the lights off. As I settle in I get that familiar uneasiness, I tried to ignore “it” but then I saw “it”. It was a shadow about the size of a basketball moving across the top of the wall in front of me. It moved to the wall on my left, moving slowly. I lost my freaking mind, I shot straight up in bed, it stopped! Like I startled “it”. Anyway it shot away so fast I could barely follow it’s course. I went home to my own familiar weirdness that night!

Chris and me: two single guys working hard and having fun when we could. A couple of things, we would smell this strong odor of jasmine or lavender and it was always in the kitchen for some reason. Neither one of us wore that odor.

The next thing, I chalked up to a dream. 4 or 5 am I feel someone get in bed with me and put their hand on my hip! I roll over and expect my new girl to have shown up. It happens. No one was there! The feeling was so solid I get up from bed to see who was there. I looked in the driveway, no other cars, I walk to the other end of the house, no one except my roommate snoring. I tell myself it was a dream and go back to bed. I tell my roommate about my “dream”. We both laugh and go fishing.

Well at the time I was working out of town, so the day after, Sunday, I leave for my job and I’m not back until the following Friday. I have not even got out of my car yet and Chris comes running out to met me. “You came home in the middle of the week? Tell me you did” I say no I have been gone all week, what’s wrong with you?

He tells me… Someone got in bed with me about 4 or 5 a.m. I start to smile and then maybe laugh but it died in my throat, my friend was freaking out. He did the same thing I did, he got up and looked outside, just one rig. Looked in the bathroom, my room, no one. He literally expected someone to be there. Shared dream… what do you think?

Sent in by Jim Dykes, Copyright 2010

( See all stories by Jim Dykes )

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15 Responses to “Haunted People in Pensacola Florida?”
  1. carri says:

    Nice story, my sister lives in Pensecola. I have never been there. hope to go there one day.

    • jim says:

      If you make to Pensacola,go to N.A.S.,the light house.Or get a night pass to Ft.Pickens,if it’s open.Ft. Pickens was built about the mid 1800′s.Civil War,or War of northern aggression,what ever part of the country you are from.As night falls….well the batteries,where the cannons were,well!???The last time I was there I was on the south battery,a great place to watch the sun set!!!!I became terrified,as the sun dipped below the horizen I “thought” I heard whispering.A feeling of fear came over so strong I RAN to my car.I had been in the sun all day and I had a six pack in me.And 2 flounders in the cooler by the way,I had been there many times before and never experienced this!Enjoy Pensacola!!!!!!!!!Jim

  2. jim says:

    I either mispelled or mispoke,it was a shadow,round the size of a BASKETBALL…Jim

  3. crisi says:

    great story jim

  4. anna says happy mothers day says:

    thats creepy about someone in the bed with you,and your roomate.i like your stories thanks.if you had weird feeling about your girlfriends place did you ever tell her?or did you just keep it to yourself?thanks for the story.keep them coming.

  5. jim says:

    Anna,I was going to but when I asked her about the history of her place,she didn’t know anything.I didn’t tell her I was afraid to be by myself when she wasn’t there!I’m 6’4,250lbs. and not normally scared of the dark but I was there!!Jim

    • anna says happy mothers day says:

      you know what the funny thing is,i try and picture the people that i comment to and i would of never of thought you were 250lbs and 6’4..i think its cute that your size gets scared.thats cute.my husband has tears when we watch a sappy movie sometimes.so what im trying to say is that i think its awsome that you were scared.not very many guys will say that.but thanks for commenting back.

      • jim says:

        Hi Anna,I’m grateful for your replies.I’m also trying to get my wife to post some of her events.Some I was there for some not.Right now she would rather read or play video games or Cook!!I love it when she does THAT!I don’t know why I felt such dread!!!!I have thought about it since then…the shadow “seemed” scared of me,I don’t know!!??Jim

        • AnNa says:

          im glad you have someone to talk to about what happened in your life(paranormal stuff).i love to cook to thats how i got my husband.whats your wife fav meal to make?i cant wait to see the pictures.i’ll be waiting.

          • jim says:

            Hi Anna,Angel,my wife,likes to cook everything!She was reading your post and wondering what her favorite was.She does not have one,I do!Pasta Carbonara.I also can’t wait for Angel to post some of her stories.they are not just interesting,some are freaking scary!!And true,Iwas there…..Jim

            • AnNa says:

              i cannot wait to hear her stories.i absouility love reading true ghost stories.my fav food is chicken parmesan.im not a see food person.im very picky what i eat.tell her i said hi.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I’ve lived in Pnsacola my WHOLE life, All 20 years of it. And I can tell you this happens everywhere!! Try going to the OLD scared heart hospital and go to the top floor, they have beds and monitors still stored up there..also try creepying around the grave yard behind the Civic Center. There is supposed to be a Vodoo queen buried theyre so some pretty weird shit goes on…

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