Haunted Motel Room in Bloomington Indiana

Posted on August 6, 2010

My husband and I were traveling back from vacation in Nashville. My husband wanted to stop in Bloomington Indiana on the way home (I can’t remember why just now – knowing him it had something to do with sports). Anyway, it was getting late and we were looking for an inexpensive motel to stay at for the night.

We found one off the beaten path so it was not a well known chain or anything. It was small, rather run down looking but affordable. I said I wonder if they have a room with a king sized bed as we had never slept in a bed so big I thought it would be something different to do.

We got a room with a king size bed and in we trekked with our luggage. I did not like that room at all. It had an oppressive feel to it. My husband even stated; this room seems stuffy and opened up windows and curtains to let in fresh air even though it was dark outside. There were few cars in the lot and no-one was out and about.

I drew the curtains in the room just a bit and went into the bathroom to take a shower. My husband had stretched out on the bed and was watching TV.

We both heard a clunk sound but had no idea where it came from. My husband� said it sounded like it came right from the room and to me I thought it was the room above us instead. I finished my shower and was combing out my wet hair and I swear I saw someone behind the shower curtain through the mirror! I jumped and ran out of the bathroom! I asked Rich (my husband) to please shut the curtains all the way and I went back in to the bathroom. I opened the shower curtain and finished up in the bathroom.

When my husband was getting ready for his shower he asked me why I left the curtain open and I replied, “oh I forgot to pull it shut.”

I heard the water turn on and soon after I heard a thud as he ran out into the room, “you weren’t just in the bathroom were you?” he asked me dripped wet and wide eyed. I really felt guilty about not telling him what I thought I saw and why I had left the shower curtain open. I had figured I was just tired from traveling all day and my eyes were playing tricks on me.

Clearly he could see that I was relaxed on the bed watching TV, “No; why?” I asked him… “I swear I just saw the shadow of a person in the bathroom through the curtain!” he huffed… “Maybe your eyes are just tried from being on the road all day?” I suggested to him but he said No he saw what he saw. I told him I’d go back in with him but he said no he’d be okay.

After his shower we decided to go get something to eat. We decided to get it to go as we were pretty tired. We got back into the room and that same oppressive feeling came over me. I didn’t want to say anything as to worry Rich and disturb his rest.

All night we pulled the covers back on us thinking the other one was hogging them; but remember we had a king size bed and plenty of huge covers. I think whatever was in the room was trying to pull the covers off us. I awoke 1/2 thru the night freezing but the air was on low. Finally my husband admitted; “I felt something when we first got in this room; something tragic has happened here.” The cat was out of the bag; he too felt a presence.. I turned on the bathroom light so we were no longer in total darkness and we slept ok after the light was on.

The next morning when we returned the key the manager asked how we slept in there and we said , “OK but the room was real cold.” he said, “Hmmm, we just renovated that part of the hotel.” all the way home we wondered why that part had to be renovated and what had happened to that part of the hotel; especially in the room we had.

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22 Responses to “Haunted Motel Room in Bloomington Indiana”
  1. Deb says:

    Many times I have heard that renovations to a building sometime can cause ghost activity. Perhaps that is the reason behind your visitor. I did enjoy your story and I am glad nothing real bad happened even though I am sure you and your husband was freightened.

    • Anonymous says:

      You know for some reason we had been wondering what happened BEFORE in the room but maybe you are right; the renovations brought out something- thanks for the thought!

  2. trolldoll says:

    sometimes i like to stay in older motels like that. then there are some that just give you the ibeey geebys! thanks!

  3. AnNa says:

    how was the look on the guys face when you said it was cold?did it look like he was hiding something?why wouldnt they just renovate everything then just parts of the place?weird.i am glad too nothing bad happened.thanks for the story.

  4. Christina says:

    Pat, that was pretty creepy. I find the paranormal so very interesting, but I SURE don’t know how I would react to actually having something like this happen. The light seems to chase away the dark, doesn’t it?

    Great story.


    • Pat says:

      I thought it couldn’t hurt to turn on a light… maybe we just slept better with the light on I don’t know!

  5. bpotter says:

    I live in a APT that is close to a hotel and I do a lot of work on the old building to help with the rent and I have seen some stuff in the past few months that made me a believer in the paranormal, I think that the renovations has a lot to do with it ghost don’t like it when you change things or maybe the renovations just awaken it. I know the management at this place has told me to keep my mouth shut about it and if I didn’t like to move, so I know the guy was most likely hiding something. Just be glad the the bathroom light worked ha ha ha ha


  6. AnNa says:

    maybe the owner was not scared just thinking maybe to say something because maybe you wouldnt of stayed there then and he couldnt aford not the money,or if he would of said something maybe you wouldnt of believe him.but either way he should of gave a heads up.

  7. Ella says:

    Hi, what a good story! Thanks! I’ve heard many stories on People Seeing Ghosts in Bathrooms, whether it be curtains or mirrors……

    Thanks again, that was a very creepy story…………….

    • Pat says:

      It was a creepy experience! We have travelled all over and this has been the first and only creepy motel room we’ve stayed in (so far)…

  8. random says:

    wow, just be glad the pressence wasnt in a pissy or abbusive mood…i think the clerk should have told you guys about it though just a thought

  9. eileen says:

    I think lots of hotels are haunted….for lots of different reasons…I’m pretty sensative and I can tell you, I stayed in a cabin on a lake in Reinlander, WI , (the other lady staying there felt him as well) where there was a young man/boy in swim trunks (we both decided he died in the lake)….also ‘felt’ a young man in a beachfront hotel in Florida too-got the impression he died over spring break-….luckily neither was nasty…just there.

    I’ve heard a few stories about the Resort where I work, but it’s only a few years old, and I’ve not seen anything for myself.

    Also, pay attention to dreams…I have such unusual dreams in hotels…once in Chicago I dreamt I was an Asian lady frantically searching for my purse….residual stuff? Who knows.

  10. desiree says:

    my mom used to work in a hotel that was having renovations on just the third floor. she told me that when she would walk down the third floor hall she could hear people whispering and footsteps, and the feeling of being uneasy. i too believe that when a place is being renovated it disturbs the spirit, or attracts them.
    great story. I’m glad nothing bad happened to you or your husband!

  11. Jim Dykes says:

    I liked your story!My girlfreind and I had a haunted room at motel 6 in W.Virginia.We fell asleep listening to a party that was not there!!Nothing like falling asleep unnerved,also my story is posted on this site somewhere.Thanks for the story!Jim

  12. Patti says:

    My mother passed in October the year before..it was October, my daughter, her friend and I met the family at an amusement park for “Fright Night”, we had a great time, lots of laughs.
    On the way home I realized there were no snacks for the girls, so we stopped at a grocery store. We were in and out very quickly.
    When we got back to the car, on top of the passenger’s side roof was a neatly folded pair of gloves…the same gloves my mother had given my daughter the Christmas before she passed. It was really creepy…first we live in a city…second it was about midnight, the exact same cars that were parked around us were still there, third how would someone know exactly what car the gloves belonged to, fourth who would bother to fold them neatly and place them above the my daughter’s seat and finally, a pair of gloves normally would just be picked up and taken.
    We’ve always believed my mother picked the gloves up, folded them neatly and placed them on the car so they wouldn’t be lost!!

  13. Chuck says:

    Great story, I live in Bloomington and am wondering where this motel is? Can you say the name I would like to check this out. Thank you! Also glad nothing bad happened to you and your husband.

  14. Hope says:

    I would love to go there, can you tell me the name of the Hotel, I reall would appreciate it. Thank you

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