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Haunted Monroe Towers Apartment

Posted on July 20, 2010

I used to live in a high rise in Asbury Park New Jersey. The building is called Monroe Towers and I lived in apartment number 12C. When I first moved there everything was normal, no strange occurrences or anything. The strange stuff didnt start happening till about a year after living there.

The very first occurrence happened in my bedroom. It was a normal night; I went to bed my normal time because I had to work the next morning. I took my shower turned of the lights and went to bed. Dont really know how long I was sleep but something told me to wake up. And I couldnt! It seemed like I was trying my hardest to wake up. I also remember trying to move but it felt like I was paralyzed, or frozen to the bed. I remember fighting to move any part of my body, but I could not move! Even thought I was lying on my stomach, I dont know how I saw this, but there was a white, kind of clear, female figure floating at the foot of my bed. She had very long hair and what looked like a very long gown. Like something you would wear to bed back in the old days. But anyway, she was just there, looking at me. She didnt say anything, or she didnt do anything, she was just there. I finally was able to move my finger, and from that I slowly regained movement to the rest of my body, then she was gone. I thought to myself that I had to be dreaming. The only thing that makes me remember all of this is that after I got up from my bed, my lights were on. That was the only time I ever saw this thing, it never showed up again.

The second thing that was in this very same apartment was this gray figure that I used to see every once in a while. The first time I saw it was in the hallway leading to my bathroom. It was so quick that I didnt think much of it. The second time I saw it was while I was watching TV. This gray figure quickly moved across the TV. Again, didnt think much of it. Then I saw it in my bedroom, moving from my closets out the bedroom door. I got up and yelled what do you want? From that point on, every time I saw or felt its presence I would try to it. My girlfriend saw it a few times also, mostly moving in front of the TV. I eventually called it Charlie. Every time something weird went on, I would say some like alright Charlie, cut that out. My girlfriend didnt like the Charlie bit; she thought that I was mocking what ever it was and that I shouldnt take it so lightly. She did a little house blessing thing and tat changed nothing.

The strange thing is that I never felt scared or threatened by this thing. The one thing that my girlfriend remembered most was the time we came home and she had to use the bathroom, when she went into the bathroom, the medicine cabinet opened up, stayed open for about a second or two, and then closed. It closed hard enough to make it click shut. As if someone was actually in there using it. I saw it from the hall, because as soon as it opened, she ran out of the bathroom. And I looked to see what the commotion was. So I saw it close. I dont live there any more, but I do wonder if the person who lives in that apartment now, still has to put up with Charlie.

Sent in by KS, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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6 Responses to “Haunted Monroe Towers Apartment”
  1. Anonymous says:

    Well you certainly did make the best of it didn’t you? I wonder why you were there a year before “Charlie” made his appearance… maybe poltergeist activity in the bldg and he finally got around to messing with you too….no doubt “Charlie” is still there…thanks for sharing!

  2. AnNa says:

    well at least charlie didnt hurt you or your girlfriend.has anything happened to you since you left the place?thanks for the story.

  3. Kind Skeptic says:

    These are very interesting stories. The first account though I would probably attribute to Sleep Paralysis as it is not uncommon to hallucinate a bit during these attacks. But your second account gives me pause and certainly sounds plausible that Charlie is connected to the apartment and is probably just doing his routine. He certainly sounded harmless and he probably isn’t even aware of you or any other earthly presence. He’s just doing what he always did. ;-)

  4. Becca says:

    Wow I always feel dumb telling people this…but the first thing that happened to you (about not being able to move) This use to happen to me all the time in my childhood years. I felt like I was screaming and no one ever heard me. Its comforting to hear that someone else has expereiced it. it never hurt and i could breathe normal…i just couldn’t get up or move. The last time this happened to me was in november 2006. We went to the marine corps ball in Louisianna (i think it was Boiser city) It was Me, my husband, my sister and her boyfriend. My husband and my sisters boyfriend woke up to go to there military drill. it was still dark out side making it really dark in the room. Well i was awake but i couldn’t move. i yelled for my sister and she was right there next to me and was sound asleep. Sounds silly but i kept repeating “you can’t have my body ” over and over again. finally i was able to move again. I have told my sister about this stuff happening over the years and i told her when we where ready to get out of bed. she told me that the night before when we had turned out the lights to go to bed she thought she saw a dark figure standing in the corner of the room by the window. I asked her “why didn’t you say anything? i could have been possessed by something.” she started laughing and said i didn’t want yall to think i was stupid. none of these occurences ever happened at just one house. It happened at the first house i lived in with my mom and dad, its happened at my mom and stedads house (which i have experienced lots of different things there) and its happened at the first apartment me and my husband lived in and then at the hotel in Louisianna. I hope no one thinks i am crazy. just wanted to put my experience out there in case anyone else has had this happen to them.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The first paragraph sounds like Sleep paralysis, My boyfriend suffers from it quite badly and i occasionally of sleep disturbed. Although we are fortunate enough not to suffer the hallucinations that come with it!! Though when i had read up about it most people suffer these ghostly and commonly demonic hallucinations that are regularly linked to the paranormal. Although the feeling of being totaly paralyzed puts the fear of god into him! thanks for the tale!!

  6. sonal says:

    see in us hindus we always perform certain rituals before entering the house and also please concern a vastushsatra expert also check in christians wether there is any kind of rituals performed when you enter the house which you buy or build :) and perform them its never too late to get the help from gods.

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