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Haunted in Puerto Rico

Posted on June 3, 2010

Ok. Well my mother’s family and I are from Puerto Rico. We’re the only ones who left the island. Well my mother as well as all the women in the family have strange things happen to us.

When my aunt was born my grandmother saw a lady walk to my aunts crib everyday and just stand there and stare at her. My grandma had no idea what to do. So she went to her priest and asked what to do. He said that when she comes just continue to pray the rosary multiple times. So she did just that. She said that everyday the time got shorter and shorter and the visits came less and less.

As my aunt got older strange occurrences happened. She would wake up and lock the door jump on my mothers bed and choke her. Now that she is full grown she see spirits every night. They sit on the side of the bed or walk around.

For my mother things didn’t happen till after my aunt left for college. She would hear chains in the hallway or footsteps. After she had me things happened. Back when I was 6 or 7 I went to spend the night at my uncles right across the street. My mom said that she was fully awake and that I opened the door walked to the side of her bed and kissed her and said goodbye and faded into the night. She ran to my uncles house terrified to find out that I was perfectly fine. A few years ago another thing happened. While I was with her she woke up saying “Yolyris Yolyris Yolyris!” (That’s my real name) And said what. She was like what are you doing under the clothes? (You see the closet slides open and we never close it. And the clothes just hang there).

I said to my mother I’m right here. She turned to me and was like I see you there. But I also see you there! We don’t know what happened. But it also happens in the current house we live in. She sees figures. It got so bad that it laid next to her scaring her. She’s gotten used to it. But it’s never been that close to her and it scared her. She also sees thing crawling along the wall and thing of that sort.

Stuff happens to my mother’s cousin and her daughter, but I don’t have enough time in class left to explain. As for me. They all started hearing things… So here we go… It’s my turn. I wake up with scratches on my arms. When I take a shower I can feel it scratching down my back. I go to bed with one set of pj’s on and wake with another.

What in the world is going on with the women in my family?

Sent in by Yo-Yo, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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9 Responses to “Haunted in Puerto Rico”
  1. AnNa says:

    yo-yo-that is weird.have you or your mom or any onther ladies in the family told there husbands,and what did they say.probably oh its just your imagination or something.did the priest do anything exept give advice?how big are the scartches?i have know idea.sorry its just questions.thanks for the story and i would like to hear more.

    • Yo-Yo says:

      Yeah. My family knows. All the men knows.

    • Yo-Yo says:

      Usually three nails. When it gets more agitated it like four. Last night it scratched me with all five “fingers”. Read my comment below to get more info. The scrathes also vary in length and width.

  2. Karen Dawson says:

    It sounds like you have poltergeist. They don’t sound too dangerous yet, except for the scratches. I would get an investigator, maybe you can contact Ghost Hunters, they don’t charge anything and have a team of investigators that investigate in other countries.

    • Yo-Yo says:

      See i wish i could say they ar not dangerous. I’m in puerto Rico right now. And last night as I took a shower it scratched me harder than it ever has. I tried to take pictures but you can’t see very well. It was like dots of blood. Like when you get scratched by a cat and you get tiny drops of blood from where they scratched you. It was like that. My boyfriend also has expreinces. Things choke him. It choked me a couple days before I left for puerto Rico. Nut he prayed that something would help me and he heard his dead nana say ok. And then from then on she’s been there I believe. When I go to bed I feel her playing with my hair. After it choked me she was there and I could feel her touching my neck with her cold hand. But it’s like she can’t leave my house. I watched (as I was at school) it drag it’s nails up my arm. It happened to my boyfriend too. I’m 15 and these things started when I was 13 with just hearing things. Now it’s getting physical and dangerous. As I lay here on the couch at my grandmothers home…. I can feel this “spirit” hovering over me.

  3. Dana says:

    Some of those experiences are quite chilling! It’s unfortunate that you didn’t have time to get into more detail. Do you know what kind’s of things your mother sees crawling on the walls? And the second time she saw that being identical to you, in the closet, were you able to see it, too? Also, does your aunt have memories of waking up and choking her sister? If not, maybe you are also doing things or being possessed into doing things that your unaware of, causing things to happen like waking up with different clothes on? Sorry for all the questions, but I’m very curious.

    • Yo-yo says:

      I don’t know what exactly she sees. Just dark figures. I don’t see the same things she sees. Ummmm idk if my aunt remembers. We don’t talk about it much. These things are dangerous. My mom can feel it. It’s like a Demi demon or something.

  4. Jitterbug says:

    That is all very terrible, Yo-Yo. I am so sorry your family and you are going through all of that. I agree with Karen as well. It sounds very much like a poltergeist or possibly demonic. The only advice I can give you is stay strong and if it gets even worse you should call a priest. I really hope you can get through all of this. When I tell you to stay strong what I mean is just that. You can’t let this thing frighten you to much. If you do you give it more power. Keep your head held up high no matter how hard it gets. I know it’s very very hard, but it’s very important too. I found that prayer helps as well. It’s very strange that it is happening to all the woman in your family. Has it happened to anyone else? Best of wishes to you and your family!

    • Yo-Yo says:

      Thanks JB. I’m glad you found my story. It only happens tithe blood relatives. My grandma has an adopted sister and nothing happens to her or her children. Although I don’t think it happens to all the women… All of the grandkids minus two are girls. I think the way it works is it goes from my aunt to her daughter and my mother to me. My uncles’ daughters don’t experience anything…. Ha! I JUST REALIZED THATTTT!! Anyways I try to be as strong as I can. My boyfriend keeps me strong. He knows what I’m going through and he has paranormal occurances as well. Thanks for the advise!

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