Haunted House or Haunted Me?

Posted on January 21, 2012

Please people if you do not believe me then don’t leave any negative comments, I just want to know if anyone has ever experienced this before if so please help me.

My name is Michael and I am 14 years old. When I was four I was taken away from my family and just when I turned 8 I went back to them.
We lived in a huge house in Coboconk Canada Ontario, my mother always said this house was haunted and there was a true story on it but I never believed her until a month after my birthday.

The experiences that I felt were abnormal, like someone/thing was watching me more then one to be correct. I’d get a dream of me verbally screaming at my cabinets, mirrors, etc, then everything would start moving around my room, window opening and closing, mirrors all moving with a dead happy image of an old man/woman and everything would be thrown across the room stuff opening and closing door turning red with blood and then BOOM I’d wake up, when I woke up it would all happen again and again until 4:30 am every time.

When I woke up my room would be a huge mess and it was clean before I went to sleep, I would get a weird feeling in my chest like something was growing and I got the feeling of pressure on my back and chest pushing into each other while this weird chill would go threw my body, I always would scream as loud as I could but I could not scream or whisper.

I would always look into my closet and it was a door before but now its a wall so that kinda scared me because my mother told me a story about this house that we didn’t believe. The story said that this house was haunted and they had a boarded wall in the basement that led to this weird tub. But I cannot remember the whole story, after a week my dreams came more and more weird I’d start feeling something touching me and making me feel terrible, at some times I would be playing with a stuffed animal or a Furby those talking birds and it would rip or curse.

I remember sometimes it would say “Kill her.” I’ve tried praying, I’ve tried talking with them and nothing would happen, they would always do something anything to prove there presence. When I fell asleep I had this dream that I could never forget, I was being attacked and then I got bit on my back really hard and I woke up right after that, I felt it on my back right under my arms there was this weird bite mark the shape of normal teeth and blood but the next day it was gone, there is only a scar now.

When I went into the shower my water would turn into blood and then I’d find myself awake in my bed, everything felt so real so I decided to sleep in my sisters room with her she was 9, I wouldn’t sleep I was afraid to because I didn’t want to cause my sister trouble so I had my eyes open while hiding under the blankets.

In the middle of the night this red light more like a humanoid covered in blood would open the door and open the closet and stand in there but when I got up it wasn’t there anymore just blood on the white closet.

I don’t know how to explain the rest but I am 14 now and I still get these dreams and this weird chill down my back like there’s something/one there beside me watching me trying to make me sad, ruining me life and I just don’t think about it but everything happens still I even get these feelings like something it in my head and I just don’t know about it but the next day it happens. I try to ask if it happened before but they call em retarded, I need some help I do not know what to do. I am not Catholic or Jewish but my family is I am a Greek Orthodox like my father but I couldn’t care less.

But if anyone has ever had something in this type happen please comment.

Sent in by Michael, Copyright 2012 TrueGhostTales.com

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6 Responses to “Haunted House or Haunted Me?”
  1. moya says:

    Oh, man, I am sorry you are going through this, the only thing I can tell you , is to continue to pray, don’t lose faith that our Father is there with you.
    Try this, next time this happens to you, think of our Fathers name, his name is Jehovah, repeat it over and over in your mind and tell him to help you. it always works for me ,when i refer to him by his name, those bad entities know who you will be talking about. and tell our father Jehovah to send his angles to help you fight them off… good luck. i will pray for you..

  2. jeffb1 says:


    I have to agree with Moya. I can only offer my opinion, after considering all I have learned in life, in church, and out of church.

    If you try to pray and you feel like you are getting no where, try finding others who are strong in their faith twoard God and twoard each other. There are some well known prayers in the Bible, in the Old Testament and the New Testament. Some of these prayers are well known by a great many people.

    The Lord’s prayer was a model for prayer that He gave to His disciples. They didn’t really know what or how to pray. If it was good enough for them, I find it good enough for me. I hope you do too.

    One other thing. Jesus Himself said that where ever there are two or three gathered together in His name, that He would be there with them also.

    If you are really being bitten by something invisible, I believe you. I’ve seen some well known pictures of people who were also bitten. I’ve even seen it recorded in some videos while it was actually happening. What I was watching was not a movie. The victim was a young teenager. Don’t be too quick to give up on prayer.

  3. norman glasser says:

    read Psalm 69 out loud three times before going to bed place bible in bedroom repeat daily

  4. Ama Nazra says:

    Hi Michael,

    have you told your mother about this problem, since there is so much trace evidence, like blood in a white closet, she should believe you. Did you show her the shower, unless the shower scene was actually part of a lucid dream .. since it seems you found yourself awake in bed immediately aftewards? Sorry, just checking to make sure I understand what is going on.

    At 14, no matter what weird stuff is happening around you, you are old enough to take responbility for your own healing, so I am going to give you a link to an Invocation here on the TGT site that will help you. Go and read it through, to get an understanding of what it is, and then say it out loud .. and really mean it. You can find it here.


    My name is Ama Nazra and I am a demonologist, and I answer lots of questions over on the Paranormal Questions & Answers section of True Ghost Tales. My webpages are http://www.sacred-gates.com so you can check me out. Any questions you can ask here, or on Q&A where other good people also write on the subjects.

    Love & Peace

  5. Blueangel says:


    It sounds like you are under psychc attack. You are being drained of your energy by these spirits/demons. Surround yourself in white light, if you believe in God than seek a priest and have them pray for you. If you believe in God and Jesus say this every night.
    I accept you Lord Jesus Christ as my saviour.
    I accept you Lord Jesus Christ into my heart and soul.
    I ask you Lord please forgive me for my sins (whatever they may be)
    l ask you Lord Jesus Christ to cleanse my soul in the blood of the lamb.

    I’ve had attacks before and they are scary and persistent. Surround yourself in white light and ask God to surround you with ten thousand angels to guide and protect you. Be strong

  6. Alaysia says:

    Micheal, just to let u know, I do belive u I belive that my house is haunted too. Don’t worry I sometimes go through wat u go through.

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