Haunted House on Huffman Avenue in Dayton Ohio

Posted on January 5, 2011

When I was 8 years old my parents bought a very old 21 room house on Huffman Avenue in a historical area of Dayton, Ohio. My dad always worked out of town or state so it was normally just my mother, myself, my 13 year old brother Tim, and my one year old baby brother, Phillip at home. Almost right away as soon as we moved in strange things started happening.

I remember the very first night we stayed there we hadn’t set up our beds yet so we threw a mattress on the living room floor for us kids to sleep on while my mother slept on the sofa. After dark my mom, started a fire in the fire place and we all laid down to go to sleep for the night. My brother Tim, said to my mom, this house is haunted due to the large antique chandelier started swinging back and forth. My mom said Tim, be quiet you are scaring the kids. When my brother would speak the chandelier would swing in one direction. When my mother would speak it would stop and then swing in the opposite direction. As time went on things became more and more unbearable. There’s no one who believes me I’m sure. However I, swear these events are true.

At night about 30 minutes or so after going to bed very loud stomping, foot steps would start. The stomping was very loud and it was almost like the bad man as I, later began to see, was just waiting for us to fall asleep then he would start his very loud stomping up and down the steps to keep us awake at night. On the nights that my dad was at home and the bad man would start his stomping my dad would yell at him saying you cut that out now, I have to get up for work in the morning and you don’t! The stomping would stop but only long enough for us to fall asleep and then it would start all over going on all night long.

One day my mom put my baby brother down for a nap in the upstairs nursery then the physical attacks started. About 45 minutes or so into Phillips nap he began to scream hysterically as if he had been injured. My mom thinking he may have a leg caught in the rungs of his crib, ran up the stairs to check on him. When she got to the nursery my baby brother was shaking and said to my mom, “boogie man said I gonna get you!” My mom, picked Phillip up out of his crib to bring him down stairs with her and when she was at the very top of the steps starting to go down she was shoved down the entire flight of steps, holding the baby! After that things started moving in the house such as the rocking chair would rock with no one in it. The piano would play all by itself.

Then, as I was sitting in the living room one night, I saw what looked like two transparent figures that I just some how knew were maids. They would come down the second stairway next to the kitchen then go into the kitchen and go in front of the cabinets sometimes taking dishes out and a couple times throwing a dish or cup then leave the kitchen and go back upstairs to one of the servants quarters. Sometimes they would come down the back stairway, pass the kitchen door then just disappear before they got to the exit door.

One night while my dad was at work we were all upstairs asleep when the bad man got in bed with my mother and began snoring very loudly. At first my mom thought my dad may have came home from work and got in bed beside her as he snores very loudly as well. She took her hand and rubbed the bed behind her as she was laying on her right side and was to afraid to roll over and look. She felt absolutely no one beside her however the snoring continued.

One night as we were in bed I opened my eyes and saw a man that wasn’t very tall, about middle 60s, balding on top with gray hair around the sides of his head. He was wearing what appeared to me as a plain white tee shirt. I don’t recall if that was the same night my parents were awakened by me being choked or not as I myself can’t remember being choked however my parents ran to my room and saw I was being choked by some unseen force.

One day my parent went away and my grandmother Catherine, stayed over to baby sit us. She went down the dark scary hall way to one of the down stairs bathrooms when she too was choked! She could not see what was choking her but I know it was the bad man. That was when my parents decided that maybe if we moved to one of the servants quarters in the back down stairs of the house the bad man would leave us alone but we quickly found out that was not the case.

I turned 9 years old in January 1974. My parents had a surprise birthday party for me. My parents gave me a pair of gold ear rings with a green stone as its shell. When I went to bed that night I knew if I didn’t take my ear rings out the bad man would pull them out. I also knew if I took them out he would steal them and I would never find them again. I decided it would be better to take them out and hide them rather than having them pulled out by the bad man. I remember quickly taking them out and putting them in the drawer of my vanity.

When my mom woke me up for school that morning the first thing I did was open the drawer and look for my ear rings. As I expected they were gone and no where to be found! Other things happened in the rear servants quarters where my parents thought we’d be safer so things got to the point we again moved to the front of the house and here we were a family of five sleeping in bunk beds in the same bed room down stairs with our dog back under the bed growling with her head stuck out from under the bed. I hated the house! It seemed the longer we lived there the worse things got.

One morning as I, was getting ready to go to school after a particularly bad night my mom yelled, ” I will not leave this house until the furniture is turned upside down.” On my way back home from school that afternoon, as I approached the house, I saw my mom sitting on the porch and I knew why. As I walked up on the porch my mom opened the door and sure enough the furniture was turned upside down.

We should have known something was not right with that house before we moved in when an upstairs closet was filled with cement. When you would open the door it was nothing but cement! Another thing was there was a big hole cut in my bedrooms hard wood floor. When we took the lid off it was full of very old crumpled up news papers. I don’t care if you pulled news papers out of that floor for days straight there was no end to the news papers.

Also after moving there Tim and his friend Ralph found a passage way to a third story that was actually furnished. Another thing before I end, if anyone from that area of Dayton on or around Huffman Avenue has any info on that house please by all means comment. My name is Vicki Carnes and we moved into the house in 1973. I’m no longer embarrassed to tell my story and let people know who I am. When I was 8 years old and lived there my parents told me to tell no one about the haunting in that house or people would think I was crazy. At now 46 years old I could not care less what people think of me. I know what went on in that house and I also know there were people who lived in the area who also know about it. I understand the house burned to the ground some years back and I was actually glad to hear that as I knew no one else would have to experience what my family went threw if they moved into the house. There were many more incidents that occurred in that house but I feel I’ve written too much now. Maybe I will post more later.

Sent in by Vicki Carnes, Copyright 2010


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24 Responses to “Haunted House on Huffman Avenue in Dayton Ohio”
  1. Stephie says:

    Wow Vicki thanks for sharing some very frightening and scary events.. Have you ever thought about finding out the History of that House? I would be most interested to know about the cemented up closet and hole full of newspapers. Please share with us more about your time in that House. And any info you may come up with. Take Care and God Bless!

  2. yikes says:

    you took this from another spooky story site about someone playing an ouija board

  3. Carri says:

    cool story. wonder why your parents lived there so long. what is with the cement closet. did your parents ever open it?

  4. trolldoll says:

    that house must have had a very tramatic history!! wow! thanks!

  5. nakshatra says:

    if i am u then i would really frightened about this

  6. Zoey says:

    weird. every night at 9:22 I hear a piano key play the highest one thats all I hear. every night it does that. its weird.

  7. Rae says:

    The most original story I’ve heard yet. Do you have any pictures you can share of this house?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Stephanie thnx 4 your comment. No we never did find out why when we would open the closet door there was nothing but cement. It still haunts me to this day. I, would have never of belived in ghost had I, not moved in that house. Thanks 4 reading..god bless

  9. vicki says:

    From author of haunted house on huffman ave. Sry, this is the only way I, knew how to thank those of you who read my story and commented such nice things about it. I, was actually shocked u guys liked it. I, promise you all its vary true. I, didn’t make up any of it. I, am new to this pc actually I’m typing from my droid so to the person who suggested I, look up the houses history I, would love to but don’t no where to start. Also a few asked about the closet filled with cement. I, talked to my bro after writing thi story and if u remember in the story I, talked about a 3rd floor my bro had found by some how going threw tunnels. He told me at one time that was actually a opening to the 3rd floor. Here all this time I, thought someone was murdered n burried in it,lol..I, plan on writing part 2 thanks again. God bless, vicki carnes

    • rrfalkno says:

      Hello, I live in the huffman historical district. I’m in between 3rd and 4th street.

      • vicki carnes says:

        Rrfalkno, hello. My name is vicki carnes, and I, am the author of house on huffman ave. I, would greatly appreciate it if you would txt me. I, belive you could help me get the address of that old house I, use to live in which is just a lot now as the house burned down yrs ago. If you are a minor I, ask that you get your parents permission first. Again I, would greatly appreciate it . I, could find out myself but I, live at indian lakr now. Thank you for reading my story and thank you for repling to it……Thnx agaim

        • rrfalkno says:

          Hello,I’d like to help you, I don’t have text messaging. But perhaps you could describe where it is at for me, and I’d be able to find it. They’re tearing down a lot of houses now.

          On Huffman, was it before you reach fifth street? In between 4th and 5th?

  10. trolldoll says:

    you can go to the library or your court house. the court records will probably cost to look at or copy. you can look up the names of the previous owners and get names to go to the library also. hope you can find what you need!

  11. vicki carnes says:

    Dear toll doll thanx 4 the suggestions. To all of you stay safe!

    God, bless each of you! ….vicki c

  12. Anonymous says:

    From Dicey, I would just like to say that I am related to the person that wrote this story, and I do know for a fact that this story is not a fictitious account by any means, when this actually occured, I was around six years of age and I can remember it well, because this person lived in another state and I was awoken in the middle of the night by my mother telling me to make room in the bed for this child to lay down with me, I will never forget the look on her face when I finally woke up and realized I wasn’t dreaming, she was so pale and obviously traumatized. It was quite a while before I could get her to even talk to me about why they had rushed out like that in the middle of the night, and I can remember the grown ups talking about it all during that time, they stayed with us longer then usual and we were dared to speak of this outside the house to other people for fear of what they would think. There is much more to this story I know, when I can I will write more and help her out with what all I remember. But one thing I want to let you know as of now, my mother would always dread seeing them come not because they were bad company but because of the company they always brought with them!! If you know what I mean!

  13. Anonymous says:

    vicki I do believe your story. Look up the records on the house. Something sinister went on in that house to be haunted in such a bad way. I would do some research.

  14. kristy says:

    wow, I couldn’t believe it! there’s some strange things going on in my house I am just not sure what happened! The doors fly open and people watches me when I am sleeping! It is so crazy! TV’s turn off and on all the time! I want to do a research on my house I just don’t have time and money! Thanks for sharing with us your Tragic Story!

    • vicki carnes says:

      Kristy, thank u 4 your reply. It means a lot that ppl actually belive me as it is all true. If I, were u I. Would by some camera to video tape while u r asleep. If u cannot afford to buy cameras see if you can’t rent a couple from a place like rent a center or see if a friend might have one you can barrow. Also check on ebay, pawn shops and second hand store n antique stores. Things don’t have to be expensive. U can also check the news paper ads and yard and flea markets. I, love those kind of places. Also you might buy some disposable cameras. I, just got 2 in a pack at the family store. It was only 7.00 for 2. If you can find a dispoable camera nad the stor only has a single camera ask the cashier if they have a double pack.at family dollar they only had the single packs out 4 six dollars but they had double packs behind the counter where customers couldn’t see them. I, belive they did that n hoes customers would buy 2 sigle packs n pay 12 dollars 4 them instaed of putting out the double packs for just 7.00. I, use to work n a dept stroe n they have all kinds of tricks to niclkle n dime customers. If you live in a big city u probly have a lot of 2nd had stores n pawn shops. Now back 2 the subject. Next time something strange happens, start snapping pics. Donot talk 2 it n donot use a ouji board. Things like that can make things worse. I, still have strange things happen to me but. Nothing scary but I, also talk to spirits n ghost hunt. I, don’t reccomend that n a house like yours or for somone who is scared. I, don’t belive doing that in a house like yours is a good iidea. If something happens and it scare u just pray or n a loud matter of fact voice say n the name of jesus christ I, command u 2 leave. I’m not catholic but I, would suggest you speak to one….god, bless

  15. vicki carnes says:

    Hey, cuz thanks 4 backing me up on my story. I, would go b 4 god, n tell the story as u know every bit wsa true….it was a very old house probley 1800s.i, I, do plan on looking up the history of this house. It burned down many yrs ago. I, was so happy 2 hear about that! A friend of tims who lived across the street watched it burn. He said you could see a woman standing in a upstairs window screaming and the fire dept dug threw the house for 3 days thinking they would find a body but none was found. It now seems like I, can walk into a home or just look at the outside of paticular houses and tell if it is haunted. My grandaughter n I, went into a old abandon house and building and actually picked up some e.v.ps.! Wonder if maybe I, shouldn’t be playing around with something like this. I, don’t want to open a portal and have to go threw what I, went threw in that horrible house…from the author of haunted house on huffman ave.

  16. Carri says:

    To Vicky be careful you could open a portal. they are round openings like a sewer, man hole opening they allow the spirits to come into our world. I have seen one. In really badly haunted homes these portals are usually opened.

  17. vicki carnes says:

    Dear carrie, thank you for your comment. Would you plzz tell me more about your expieriience. Id love 2 know bout this portal….thnx again from author of haunted house on huffman ave

  18. Carri says:

    Dear Vicki read some of the stories I have wrote. I think the one about a portal opening is called ” Demons and orbs were following us.” this story tells about the portal opening. I ‘m battling evil in my trailor. “Rockford Trailor park of evil.”
    This story tells about me and my child battling the devil and his demons in our haunted trailor. These portals are opened in badly haunted homes. They are how spirits come into our world. I have seen one that is how I know. These stories are only to warn others about the dangers of evil in these portals .or haunted homes. No where am I promoting my stories. they are simply a warning about real evil on this earth.

  19. lildracomere says:

    hello vicki im ciara and im 18 years old from dayton and i would like to say i believe you 100% cause dayton is known to be haunted oh and by the way that was an awesome story :)

  20. vicki carnes says:

    Thank all of u so much. Plan on writing more,,,be safe. Vicki carnes

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