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Haunted House In Bangor Maine

Posted on September 7, 2008

The very first thing I noticed about my old house was that it was… well, old. It looked kinda freaky, but my mom wanted the house because it had an antique kind of look. It had spiral stairs, and it looked like a dream house… but it was old, cost a lot of money, and it was always cold for some reason. The realtor said it wasn’t for sale but my mom has a way with words. She wanted it no matter what the realtor said, and so, she got it. It was pretty nice.

My room was really big and it was upstairs, the first door on the right, but I hated that the guest room was always the coldest room though because I would like to sit in there and draw while looking out the window. It had an awesome view. My mom kept on calling people to fix the thermostat, but they kept on telling her that there was nothing wrong with it. I thought it was a little creepy so I did a little investigating. I checked every single room for anything weird, but I couldn’t find anything. There was one room I didn’t want to check though because it was a little too creepy down there. It was in the cellar, but I did anyway because I was getting sick and tired of having to wear a jacket throughout the whole house when the thermostat was on like 85 degrees.

So I went down there and flicked on the light to investigate. It was the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen. It was one big well. I didn’t want to go see what was in there, but then I thought, oh its a well there’s only water in it stupid, so I looked in and I saw something a neon-ish color. It was really weird because I had no idea what it could be, maybe a glow stick? Ahhh no because we had no glow sticks anywhere in the entire house. Then it shot out of the well.

I told my mom what happened but she didn’t believe me until that night. My mom said she heard someone running up and down the stairs. She thought it was me so she yelled, “Stop it and get to bed!” The noise didn’t stop so she walked out to the stairs to find no one in sight. Then she started believing me.

She told the realtor and the realtor told us the reason why the house wasn’t for sale was because there was a serial killer that used to live in the house. My mom didn’t believe her but then she heard the same thing the next night, and the next night, but then on the third night she heard it, it stopped, and opened her bedroom door slowly. Well that’s what she says and so we moved before it got even more serious but the realtor wouldn’t give us our money back.

This is a true ghost story about a house on S. Maple Street, Bangor,Maine.

Written by Jamie Capiterio, Copyright 2008

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25 Responses to “Haunted House In Bangor Maine”
  1. Sam says:

    Creppy i hope you move out! <3

  2. eliane says:

    heyyyyyyy… that’s nice! if i was @ your place i wouldn’t move out, i guess we should not run away of this kind of events, we should face people from the other world, maybe he needed help or he wanted to tell you something…
    can u go back and try to help him ??? what if he has things to say, ask people who work in this field…

  3. sharu says:

    Hey… Is there any one living in that house at present? I feel why dont u go and investigate on it with the help of someone whom u can really trust….. Would like to know more about the house…

  4. nate says:

    i heard someone say the ghost needed help….it was a serial killer….he dosent derserve to go to heaven…let him linger

  5. Vivi says:

    Did you know Stephan King? XD

  6. Carly says:

    Omg….thats just freaky..but i want to know is why was there a neon light in the well, and why were there footsteps on the stairs? Do you think the footsteps could have been the killer? But that still doesn’t explain the neon light…hmm…anyways..did the serial killer die in that house or something?

  7. luis henriquez says:

    hey this sounds like my neighbors house i live in long island amittyville right on ocean avenue near the : de fayoes” old house where they made alot of movies from the house the amiityville horroe s what they call it i love that house matter of fact i slepted in shit like that di happen and i didn care i just wanted to go to sleeep face the music live it

  8. Elizabeth R says:

    That’s hilarious. I’ve been in that house, never struck me as ‘haunted.’ Spiral stair case, the history, I’ve definately been in it. Heck, my friend even lives down the street and I only lived a few blocks away. Nifty. Now I want to go check it out (though I’d never be allowed to.) Thanks for the info. :3

  9. michael hustus says:

    i love the paranormal. but i have never been inside a haunted house. from what i see on tv… it’s a whole lot different. for once i would like to take my very skeptical dad and take him on a haunted quest. any ideas for a good scare for him to change his mind?

  10. iluvhorror says:

    yes make ur dad a believer lol

  11. Danielle says:

    Does not mean he’d go to heaven he can go to hell no one knows where they go if you move on never know whats in it for you no one does ! But many ghosts do not go because some think their alive with horrible deaths in some cases & many still have some unfinished business and miss their place they once lived in or on the property even and must finish something ! I somewhat believe in stuff like this a part of me does not but moving won’t help they say ghosts can follow just like demons best thing to do is get a preacher and psychic.

  12. Danielle says:

    If the killer died in the house then it’s haunted by him if not most like he’s haunting the place he died in maybe none of us know !!!!!!!!! But either way if you got a ghost issue or think you do get a psychic and preacher it sometimes costs nothing but moving won’t help ya out !

  13. ellen says:

    excuse me – this is full of s*** –

    1. why is there a realtor if the house isn’t for sale?
    2. spiral stairs are typical of old homes?
    3. what;s the exact address – there is no south maple street in bangor. i;ve live on maple – it doesn’t exist,
    4. old homes have thermostat problems because of the lead based pipe systems
    5. there are no wells in homes in bangor because of a public water systems. all old homes are connected to central water – old homes have wet basements which means dirt with a dugout on the end – there are no wells
    6. people this is a scam – there’s plenty of haunted homes in bangor – this isn;t one of them

    • Gertie says:

      I agree with Ellen, also. There is no such house on Maple Street, I live on that street too. Our house is always cold , is is because most of the houses on Maple are large old fashioned homes!

  14. FXguy says:

    I live in Bangor, Maine.

    I agree with Ellen, as there are a few holes.

    The home I live in is a hundred years old, yet none the stairs are spiral. There’s no wells in the basements (city water). In addition to the lead pipes, houses get cold here because they are very poorly insulated, too.

    Also, I don’t believe there has ever been a serial killer in the Bangor area; it’s one of the most safest cities in the U.S. (yes, even including Ohio Street and Capehart).

    I have a friend who lives on Maple. What’s the house number?

  15. bracket says:

    This reminds me of a bed and breakfast i stayed in, in Canada. The spiral staircase, the well. I pictured it in my head while reading it. It was also haunted.

  16. Karen M. says:

    The house I grew up in had a well, but it wasn’t in the basement it was like a river under the house.

  17. 3j says:

    Is this house by chance located near the Bangor water tower? My friends and I were walking in Bangor past the water tower and there was this big old white house that was so creepy looking it looks like the type of house that would be haunted run down and all that. I took a few pictures just because i thought it was cool. the first picture i took was normal the one after that had an orb in front of the house. It may not mean anything but its just fun to think about. Anyways I know nothing about the house I’m curious now.

  18. Justin says:

    Complete hogwash. This is a complete lie. I just did an exhaustive search and there have never been a serial killer in Bangor. On top of that if that type of crime was committed in the house I am sure people in Bangor, like myself, would have heard about it.

    There are haunted houses in Bangor. This I have no doubts as I have lived in one and am currently experiencing strange things in the one I am currently living in. Most of these houses are located more towards the downtown area as these were the houses built long ago.

    Finally to prove it once and for all…. The result of South Maple Street searched on Yahoo for Bangor, ME…

    “Sorry, no south maple street found in or nearby Bangor, ME”

    • Caretaker says:

      Justin – But there IS a Maple Street in Bangor Maine

      “She told the realtor and the realtor told us the reason why the house wasn’t for sale was because there was a serial killer that used to live in the house. My mom didn’t believe her but then she heard the same thing the next night, and the next”

      Look at that…. Jamie did NOT say there was a serial killer! Jamie even said that mom didnt believe it!

      So you attack and say it is a lie because you couldnt find S Maple and because a 3rd person in the ‘story’ said something?

      • Gertie says:

        Many of the people who live on Maple have lived here a very long time and know there was NO seriel killer that lived on this street.

        • tara stl says:

          Its not south maple street its maple street, and do u guys really think u can google everything, my ex has been in a lot of trouble in and out of jail and when I google his name not even half of his stuff comes up and he has a well known name. Everyone is in a hurry to point the finger n call the other a lier, goah chill out maybe it is all true!

  19. Randy says:

    James Hicks was a serial killer and did live in Maine. He was charged with murder in November of 2001 by the Penobscot court.

  20. tara stl says:

    Thts a bit weird, that place is for rent right now…. I just seen it in last wkends newspaper…

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