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Haunted House Ghost or Demon?

Posted on December 22, 2009

Okay, so here’s my quite terrifying story. When I was younger and in High School me and a couple of friends decided it would be a great idea to do a Ouija Board, of course I know now there are things you should just not play about with.

We discovered a man, who told us he used to live in this house, he seemed friendly enough, he was answering our questions and didn’t seem to be upset or angry that we had contacted him. When we had finished talking to him we said our goodbyes.

After a couple of days things started to happen, I was alone one night, downstairs, watching the television and there was like a really deep, manly groan next to me. I was obviously spooked, but I just checked the window to make sure no one was stood there messing about. Then I went back to watching the television, on edge of course. Around an hour or so later I heard a very loud bang like something heavy had hit the floor, I thought maybe someone had broken in, so I rang my mother and then went up to investigate. In my Mothers bedroom is a very heavy mirror, so heavy it took two people to pick it up and put it on the wall, and it was all the way across the other side of the room on the floor.

After this nothing much happened, a few nights I heard footsteps downstairs and coming up the stairs, but usually I managed to get to sleep before I heard anything. Then one morning I was talking to my Mother and Older Sister when they both asked me if I had gone downstairs at around 3:00am that morning, I said I hadn’t and asked why, apparently my sister had gone to the toilet and my mum had woken up and they both heard heavy footsteps coming up the stairs. A couple of nights after that my mum told me she felt someone breathing on her face while she was in bed, she was to scared to open her eyes to see what it was.

Three years ago my sister had a baby, and they lived with us until my Nephew was about 18 months old. When he was about 7 months old, I was babysitting. I had his monitor on while I was downstairs watching the Television, All of a sudden I could hear heavy breathing coming from it, so I put the television on mute and listened carefully, I could then hear muffled talking, I couldn’t understand what he was saying, but it was definitely a man. Then the thing above the cot that spins started playing music, so I quickly went upstairs and into my sisters bedroom, when I opened the door I was winded, like someone had ran through me, or pushed past me in a hurry. Luckily my Nephew was fast asleep. And nothing else happened that night.

Then one night when my nephew was 16 months old, I was babysitting again. I heard him screaming, so I ran into the room and found him on my sisters bed, hunched right against the wall, staring in horror at the corner of the room where his bed was. I went over to him asking him what was wrong and trying to comfort him, but he just kept staring, then all of a sudden he jumped on me, squeezing me tight like something was coming for him, and he pointed to where he had been staring and started shouting, may I just add, he had only just started talking, “No! Go away, Leave my mummy alone. Go away. Bad, bad, man!” then he looked right at me and said “Please lets go out of here” So I took him downstairs and comforted him back to sleep and then rang my mum. He wouldn’t go back in that room. So he had to go in my mothers room.

Now I’m in that bedroom, as my sister has moved out. I often feel something watching me in that very corner, It gets darker there and is always colder. One night about 3 months ago my boyfriend was round and we were going to sleep when he jerked awake, I asked him what was wrong and he told me something was breathing on his face and down his neck, I told him to not be so silly, as I didn’t want to tell him my house may be haunted by a not so friendly ghost. The next time he stayed though I confessed, we were alone in the house and we were well, doing what boyfriends and girlfriends usually do, when we heard the loft door slam shut. We looked at each other in horror and my response was to say “Go put the telly on loud.”

Lots more weird stuff has happened between the time lapse, there is just too much for me to write down.

One thing which has really got me concerned about this or possibly another haunting happened recently, just the other day in fact.

I had picked my Nephew (who is now three) up from Playschool and brought him here, there was no one else in and I wanted to tidy my room, so I put him on my bed to watch Cbeebies, when suddenly he jumped on me and said “Amy. Amy’s here!” I was of course thinking maybe Amy was a friend from playschool, but when I asked him that he said she wasn’t and she didn’t like her. I asked him to describe her and he said she has White hands, then I asked him if she was in the house and he said she was, but she was hiding from us, when asked where he told me she was downstairs in his toy box, and that she had smacked him earlier when I was making him his dinner. We went down to look and at the bottom of the stairs he stopped me and told me we had to be careful because when he finds Amy she turns into a monster. We looked in the toy box and of course no one was in there, not a little girl nor a monster. When I asked him if she was still here he said “I can see her eyes Laura, lets just go back upstairs” so we did and about 10 minutes later he stopped me again and said “Can you hear Amy?” I said I couldn’t and then asked him what she was saying. He looked at me and said “She’s under your bed.” After that he would say nothing more about this girl.

I believe she follows my nephew as a month or so before this, when he was at his home, he ran up to his mum saying “Mummy, the little girl broke my guitar” (guitar he got for his birthday) She went upstairs and was in the bathroom when the taps turned on by themselves, she was obviously freaked out, when my nephew came in and said to her “don’t worry mummy, I let the little girl outside, she’s not in the house anymore.”

Of course, all this is rather freaky I don’t feel in any way threatened, sometimes its hard to get to sleep at night when its so silent, but usually I just forget about it and I don’t hear or feel much.

I hope you do believe my story, it is all very much the truth. I would be grateful for feed back, just don’t scare me too much, as I have had people telling me it will kill me, but I don’t feel evil forces are at work I just believe they are seeking someone to contact.

Sent in by Laura, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

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7 Responses to “Haunted House Ghost or Demon?”
  1. trolldoll1681 says:

    well i don’t want to scare you but little kids do see things. i would just ignore it. it seems to be around more when males are in the house. good luck laura

  2. Tabitha says:

    All i think u can do is pray. Just ask the lord to help you and ur nephew. Yes little kids do see things i agree with trolldoll1681 and like he/she said just ignore it if anything else happens and u feel u cant take it anymore. Maybe u can ask someone to come and bless ur house or something. Make sure if possible that there is no negative energy thats what ghosts feed off of.Well thats all i can say. Other people suggested to put cameras or recorders so u can catch this. I feel this might not help because u might not be able to do anything with the evidence. But like i said just pray and the lord will help you. Sorry if you feel this does not help at all. this is what i heard that can help.Thanks for sharing ur story it is very interesting. Oh and Good Luck! :]

  3. healer62 says:

    I don’t think you should ignore it. It’s worrisome that your nephew is being hurt and terrorized by something, and so are you. Get help from a priest or a minister who has experience with spirits to help you evict your “guests” and to close the door you opened with the Ouija board. You need to tell them to be gone and to leave you and your family alone. Otherwise there is a chance these occurances may get worse.

  4. Arnold says:

    First of all be brave and make yourself calm, don’t be scared and what other people said to don’t think about it, what you should do is call the priest and bring the Ouija broad out when the priest comes and tell her to leave this house, the priest should bless the house bring your nephew with you maybe he can tell the priest where she and the man is carry the boy with you so he doesn’t get hurt I know it sounds crazy and if you don’t want him to be with and tell you where the man and the girl is or move out

  5. the little strange one says:

    well, it is something that angry or somting, maby its looking for something that you or your nephew has. you bether go looking for some one who knew how to handle this.

  6. Pat says:

    YES! Children are especially open to the spirit world…I would have the house blessed and also burn sage and walk throughout the home with it! Spirits flee this scent! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Bob says:

    I’ve had apparations in my house over the past two years out of the blue. On very few occasions.. The last time it happened, I was ready in my bed to go to sleep and my eyes were pulled open and i saw a slightly transparant human shaped figure, so i quickly closed my eyes again because i was well scared. Then when I thought it was gone, i opened them again, and I was saw it again except it was closer.. then i managed to fall to sleep. The first time I saw it though, (about a year and a half ago) I was tidying my desk and out of the corner of my eye (I could see it quite clearly) the same apparation sort of peeped it’s head round from the corner of my room then went back. I looked and there was nothing there. Naturally I was scared, but it will go away I’m sure.

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