Haunted Hospitals

Posted on December 4, 2007

Have you ever heard of a hospital that was supposed to be haunted? When you think about it there have been quite a lot of deaths that have occured in hospitals. This is especially true for the really old ones. Not too many years ago the condition of health care was no where near what it is today.

One very famous haunted hospital is located in Kentucky. It is the Waverly Hills Sanitarium which was used for tuberculosis patients. There were more than 6,000 deaths here, no wonder there are ghosts!

We have two articles about the Waverly Hills Sanitarium:

Waverly Hills Haunted Sanitarium

Waverly Hills Sanitarium The Haunted Hospital

There is also a Veterans hospital in Virginia that is reported to be haunted.

Haunted VA Hospital

Here are even more stories about haunted hospitals:

Haunted Tuberculosis Hospital and Psychiatric Center

Ghostly Patients Of The Old Psychiatric Ward

If you enjoy reading ghost stories and you want to learn more about some well known haunted hospitals there are plenty here to read about.

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13 Responses to “Haunted Hospitals”
  1. leonard low says:

    Hi,Im Leonard Low, Im from a small coastal village in Scotland, two years ago I wrote a book about a Witchcraft trial that happened in a nearby village called Pittenweem. The book was called The Weem Witch, and documented the hellish history of twenty six people who were tortured as Witches here.

    To promote the book I did tours in the four story tower where the witches were imprisoned and deliberated over, it is 400 years old with a spiral staircase.

    but six months of tours and things got very interesting, I had a party of 16 people and we went from one floor to another, when on the second floor I was about to start talking again when I was interupted by an american woman, she asked are we not going to wait for the old gentleman? there were only 16 people on the tour ,theres only one way out and I had the key, there was no old man, but no, she protested then others did likewise, a search proved me right, then several photographs proved me wrong, there in the background was an old man ,a cracking pair of sideburns and about 80 years old at least.
    It was the start of many paranormal goings on and still today paranormal groups are fighting each other to gain entry to this forebidding building.

    I spent many months in the London Whittington Hospital with my sick partner and relayed this story to doctors who then directed me to the old lepar colony the Hospital sits on three floors beneath the ground, many incidents had scared the life out of nurses down here.

    Armed to the teeth with cameras I ventured into this part of the Hospital with one of the trustees, we came to a long corridor when the trustee drew her breath, staring at us down the corridor was a yellow ball about 10 yards away getting closer and gettig bigger.

    I bashed away with my camera taking 5 photos before reversing at speed up the stairs.
    what came out in the pictures is as we saw ,a glowing ball getting bigger but by picture 5 here was the unmistakable picture of a small boys face maybe 8 years old, clear as day.

    I never felt threatened, but by christ it was the best laxative known to man, and yes, I will go back ….one day.

  2. The Caretaker says:

    Hello Leonard

    Thanks a lot for writing such an interesting comment to the subject of haunted hospitals.

    Also, I have heard about what happened at Pittenweem. I think we would all agree that it is very disturbing that something like this can still happen in today’s world.

  3. leonard low says:

    Hello caretaker,

    what happened in Pittenweem with the Witches, was made to be forgotton, the church denied all, it was pure chance I had the official documents on the case and exposed them with the help of the BBC.

    I have the bills given to the husbands of the destroyed Witches for the torture process and burning of their spouces, it was very expensive about 4 years pay, then the church came and took their properties of them also.

    Today the Church still owns the land taken from these people. No wonder they dont want to talk about what happened?

  4. Matt says:

    I’ve worked in health care for the past seven years or so.

    The first hospital I began working in is run by a group of Nuns. Within the first week I had an experience. Standing with my back to some shelving that we kept supplies on, someone tapped me on the back of the head. I turned to see who was behind me, but there was only the shleves.

    I called out to my co-workers that someone had just tapped me on the back of my head. They instantly told me it must be “the ghost”. Each of them had similar experiences. Mostly seeing shadows, or the image of someone walking just out of the line of sight.

    Before I left that hospital to move on to anohther, I several times saw what appared to be a nun just out of the corner of my eye.

    • Vzy4kat6387 says:

      I would imagine all hospitals old & new are haunted. Considering how some of the patients died in there.

  5. agust says:

    This is scary but can you at least try to but the pictures of the old guy

  6. lenny low says:

    sorry but the photo of the old guy and others will be out as my new book after the summer, i have newspapers wanting the photos and im holding everyone off till my book is finished, meet me in person and i will kindly show you. try me at [email protected].

  7. stephanie says:

    I think those stories were cool but you should have more about haunted hospitals i would really like to here more.

  8. emily says:

    well yeah i need a list on haunted hospitals, im from south africa by the way, my teacher says that he doesn’t believe in gohsts because there haven’t bean reports on haunted hospitals and that ppl die there every day! well duh!! pls someone give me a list!!! thankies. =)

  9. lenny weem witch author says:

    the hospital i got my photos from, the nurses refused to go downstairs to the basement on their own,many strange noises had been heard and things moving about, it intrested me in visiting this place with my cameras, what I caught on five photographs was the figure of a small boy about 10 years in age, its very clear, i have newspapers and ghost hunters all over me wanting these pictures, but untill my books finished they will have to wait for now.

  10. Jenn says:

    I would love to visit Waverly Hills! My husband works on military aircraft and has to travel quite a bit. Last year he was sent to KY. He recently mentioned that he was invited to go, but didnt really know anything about it, and declined. I couldnt believe he was so close and didnt go. He said that we will plan a trip to visit the Sanatarium next Spring. I really hope it works out and we are able to go!

  11. Camila says:

    Hello, I just wanted to add a creepy hospital to the list . I live in Los Angeles. When I
    was pregnant 4 years ago, I would visit my mom often at work, she worked at the
    County hospital of Los Angeles and although I’ve never heard of paranormal investigations
    I am pretty sure there’s something creepy going on there. She worked on the basement in medical records and in order for me to get there I had to get off the elevator and walk through long and dark corridors with flickering lights, and I had to pass right by the hospital morgue which gave me the creeps. So there I was every single time with an enormous belly and running across until I got tithe medical records office. There should be some investigations on that place you can just sense that something is there.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Hi I live in the ne of the uk. My encounter happened in Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Gateshead in the summer of 1998 both of my children had been admitted to an isolation room in the childrens ward following an illness picked up abroad. My partner was not allowed to stay and my then 3 year old son would not sleep in the hospital bed prefering the bed intended for me.I cuddled up to my 2year old daughter in the other hospital bed the lights were lowered as it was night time. I saw a small round bright white light slowly moving toward the rooms toilet I noticed my son walking behind the light into the toilet, the light faded &then I turned towards my sons bed and couldn’t believe it when I saw he was lying in the bed fast asleep !! My heart sank & in a panic I grabbed my sleeping daughter in my arms and ran to the nurses station telling them I’ve just seen a ghost. They all looked at me like I was a mad woman. I feel priviledged to have had this experience but at the time I did’nt quite feel that way.

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