Haunted Home in Ohio

Posted on December 9, 2009

My grandparents owned a home in a small farm town in Ohio it was over 100 years old and was built and used for a funeral home. As years went on the funeral home was added onto. When it was sold it became zoned for residential. The second owners only lived there a short time and had it for sale many of years before my grandmother just had to have this house and talked my grandfather into buying it.

Many of things happened in this house every single night from voices, to whispering, hearing screams it even sounded like someone was bouncing a ball upstairs in the house. It got to the point my grandmother would be laying in her bed trying to sleep when she would feel something on her chest like as if it was trying to hold her down. After this happening a number of times she moved her bedroom downstairs. This house is so horrific I still to this day have yet to hear a story worse than it or see a movie even close to what happened in this house. Right after they purchased this home my aunt the oldest of two other sisters was asleep in the next bedroom next to my grandparents room.

My grandmother was awaken by a strange sound coming from my aunts room. In a panic my grandmother ran to her room yelling for my grandpa to get up as she was running out of the room. She flung open my aunts door to see her half way out her bedroom window. My aunt grabbed her arm and pulled her in as hard as she could. Scared to death my grandmother sat there holding her while my grandfather tried to figure out how she got the window open when it appeared before to have been painted shut and nobody could get it open no matter how hard they tried and out that window was a 15 foot drop to a concrete driveway. My aunt only being three years old was terrified. Once my aunt calmed down and my grandparents they put her in their bed for the night and ask her why she was trying to get out of her window.

The next day my grandmother went to her mothers home and told her what had happened my grandmother said my aunt told her that her aunt Mary “my grandmothers sister” who was a very religious women very involved with church and the lords work might I add. Came into her bedroom yelling and woke her up telling her to get out the house is on fire and the window was already open my aunt told my grandmother.

Terrified my great grandma and my grandmother had the home blessed and nailed that window shut.

My great grandmother refused to stay in that house when her health starting failing she went to a nursing home instead.

Fast forward years later all my grandparents children grew up and left the house and never came back. Until my grandmother was dying from cancer I moved back into the house to help care for her as well as my cousin and her children. Three months into her battle she passed away the following week after the services were over. My cousins and myself was in one of the bedroom watching funny videos online. We had their kids in one of the other bedrooms with a nightlight in the bedroom the door open and another in the hallway.

We then heard an ear shattering terrifying scream nothing I have ever heard before and we knew it was one of the children. Frantic we all went running down the hallway into the bedroom where the children were as I switched on the bedroom light two of the children were still sound asleep and one of the girls was curled up in a ball between the bed and the wall white as a ghost shaking. When I grabbed her she was as cold as ice and she was so scared she couldn’t speak. Holding her calming her down we were amazed how the other children could sleep through that. One adult stayed in that bedroom with the sleeping children we brought the scared one back to the room we were in.

After over a good hour getting her calmed down she told us she was almost asleep and she seen grandma down around the edge of the bed with children with her. Immediately panic went through us all as when my grandmother was dying she kept saying children where around her and they were scaring her sometimes.

There was no way my cousins daughter could have known that and she was only four years old at the time.

Well anyway she said grandma ask her if she wanted to color and make some pretty pictures. She said she told her no and put the blanket over her head and that she was trying to scream but she was so scared nothing was coming out.

She said as grandma came closer to her she held out her hand and ask her to go with her and when my cousins little girl would not move or say anything grandmother got closer and closer to her. She said it was like grandma was getting mad then all of a sudden her voice changed from grandmas into a low scary voice and that’s when she screamed with everything she had. She said grandma was still there until we came running in and I turned on the light. We all knew then and there my aunts and my cousins that grandma would never scare a child like this. We knew it wasn’t her my aunt was convinced it was the same spirit that came in her room years before appearing and sounding like her aunt Mary.

That did it for all of us that was the final straw with that house! I just inherited it because nobody else wanted it and I sure didn’t want it. So many other things happened in this home and on the property that I will write some more about other things that have happened here.

I lived in this home growing up my whole life after my mothers death and I have studied the possibility of what could be in this house. I know it has many spirits we have pictures we have tape recordings and the home does have a reputation around town. I been reaching out for a long time trying to find anyone out here who has witnessed things like we have in this home? If you have please share all of us myself and my family would love to hear your stories. Does this home have demons in it we don’t know. All I can share with all of you is what happened to us personally. Maybe one day we will have the answers that we been searching for.

Sent in by Shirley King and Adrianne Harlow, Copyright 2009

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20 Responses to “Haunted Home in Ohio”
  1. Autumn says:

    wow this story is very scary, your a brave person!!!!!

  2. trolldoll1681 says:

    that gave me chills!!!:P good grief!!! what are you going to do with it. i think funeral homes have got to be some of the most haunted places around. since it does have a bad reputation it probably won’t sell. try getting ahold of penn state paranornal or even the ghost hunters themselves. you have got to get this place documented. please don’t go back there alone. i for one look forward to your other experiences in the house!! thanks and i’m glad everyon is alright!! you have my vote!!

  3. Breanna says:

    gosh, that gives me goosebumps! Very well-written, and a great story. I can’t believe it! But of course, since it must be true, i should believe it.

  4. Autumn says:

    Funeral homes make the worlds most scariest homes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    I agree with Trolldoll, I have never felt comfortable in funeral homes. In fact, my uncle will be buried tommorow, and my hubby is a pallbearer, i wont be going…. they are full of all sorts of spirits, good and bad… the last time i went to a funeral home was a few months ago, when one of my best friends mother passed away. I felt safe, as my hubby and sis where with me.

    On the flip side, i have always felt comfort in grave yards.

    I hope you can sell that house!!! Whatever you do, dont start remodling the house, that will just make things worse. If you could sell it, as is, that would be best.

    Best of luck with the house, please keep in touch with us,, bless you honey,, ktm

  6. DarStarr says:

    Wow! What a scary story!! I live in Ohio and would love to know where this house is.
    If I were you, I would definately contact a paranormal group like Trolldoll suggested.
    I can not even imagine WHAT is in that place!
    I can’t wait to hear more stories!! Keep them coming please!

  7. JvG says:

    Wow! Whatever is in that house is a very evil and powerful energy if it has the strength to open the sealed window and the ability to manifest itself in any form it chooses. That is so terrifying, it seems to prey on the trust of it’s victims, acting as a family member with goodwill. I’m so glad noone was hurt! I would love to learn more about this house, thank you very much for the post.
    Your friend,

  8. Christina says:

    Creepy to say the least. I think the eeriest part is the ‘entity’ using the loved ones as ‘stand ins’ for its ‘games’. I would have some type person/group investigate and see what their finding are and go from there.

    I wish you and yours the best!

  9. high- low says:

    scary scary story,

  10. camille says:

    Yours is a very creepy tale.
    It is true that “Truth is stranger than fiction.”
    Your story has unnerved me very much!
    I am amazed that your family could endure living in such a very haunted house.
    What ever the entity is that likes to scare little children and masquarade as a friendly
    family member is very evil. Truely EVIL!
    Have you thought of sharing this story with one of the renound physics that deal with
    this type of thing. With all of the interest in this type of thing it seems that you could
    get a reading about what/who is haunting the house, and, maybe, send it to where ever
    it needs to be.
    If I were you I would have a terrible time with my conscience if I were to try to market
    this home, knowing what a terrible entity resides there.
    Thank you so much for sharing your story.
    God Bless you for all you have been through, and protect you and your family
    from all harm.

  11. Autumn says:

    I belive in this story, it’s just that I don’t think all funeral homes are haunted, I mean come on! There are old houses that look one hundred percent haunted and It turns out that it is’t,

    Is it the look that makes you uneassy

    or is it the precense of some thing else

    thats the questions I get asked and I just tell them find out for your self, It is never easy to tell but it sure is when you find your self left in the dark feeling some thing waching you,

  12. Autumn says:

    Dear, Trolldoll

    I don’t think all funeral homes are one of the most haunted places ever, Just think of the Waverly Hills Sanatorium, That’s were the white plague took place, over 6,000 lives were taken there! And I know I may have said I think they are scary too, It’s just you can’t jude a book by it’s cover! I do agree that this one is not all though, Take care,

  13. trolldoll1681 says:

    that’s very true autumn, thanks for reminding me that old closed down sanitoriums and prisons are probably more so!

  14. Autumn says:

    Ya thanks for agreeing with me and then I do think that some funeral homes are haunted, like the house in conneticut,

  15. Autumn says:

    this story is kinda getting scarier as i read, I feel like it is gonna be very papualer

  16. Kenny says:

    Many places in Ohio seem to be very active, at least where i have been. So many people talk about how down right creepy some areas and places are. To me ghost are just that ghost they might freak you out but can’t really harm you. Some people I think come in contact with pure evil like what is in your house. Really I don’t think they are ghost the reason is they seem to have way to much energy/power. All my life I have heard that evil can take the images of living people. My mother grew up In a house ful of evil I stayed over often in that house with my grandparents. So I can understand right where your coming from. So many people get stuck living in bad places with bad things. Might be a good idea if you meet with a medium just you. There is hauntings like yours all over the world it’s just rare. When you write about it some more can you tell us if it ever tried to harm you or just others. If you had to guess what do you think it is? Do you think the house was full of spirits or demons or something else?

  17. Shirley King says:

    DarStarr the house in located in Miami County. The family and I have agreed to place the house up at auction. To take care of my grandparents estate bills and so forth. We did have a medium come to the home in 2005. She was able to pick up on children on the property and a number of adults. She just made it clear it was not just the home it was the land. There is a cemetery located right behind the home, a very large one that’s been there for years. I don’t think all funeral homes are hunted, just like some houses are and some are not. I live 200 miles from the home now that works just fine for me. Autumn in a way I don’t think funeral homes should ever be turned into homes, that’s just my personal opinion. Same goes for old hospitals, wards. and so on.

  18. DarStarr says:

    I am glad you are getting rid of that house, although I hate the thought of someone else living there and experiencing the same stuff. Is that something that will be disclosed?
    I mean, there are probably people out there that would LOVE to buy a haunted house!
    I agree with you about not turning Funeral homes and hospitals ect. into homes. I just think there is just too much dark vibes in places like those.
    I wish you all the luck in getting rid of it!!!
    take care!

  19. taylor says:

    I live in Ohio! Where is this house at?

  20. Shirley King says:

    Taylor the home is located a few miles west of Tipp City.

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