Haunted Home In Danby Vermont

Posted on May 15, 2010

I am writing this as solid proof of paranormal activity in Danby, Vermont. I know it’s not Wallingford, Vermont. However this one location is very close to this town. I have to keep the location undisclosed due to client preservation.

This is a very old and large house on Rt 7 in Danby. A dear close relative of my fianc�, who was born and raised in Danby Vermont, told the group of this happening. She told us this:

Her grandfather who was very religious and never believed in paranormal activity ever… went to this house to do an electrical job for the owner of the house. He was working there in a room upstairs on an outlet when he noticed something from the corner of his eye. He looked again and saw a man hanging from the ceiling of that very same room above him. The figure was solid and he thought someone had just hung himself as he was on his knees fixing a wall socket. He then got up real quickly and panicked over to the body that was hanging in mid air. When he tried to put his arms around the bodies legs to lift up and relieve pressure off the hanging mans neck. He realized he was grabbing for air. There was nobody there… He looked around and nothing was in that room. He left his tools and ran from the house. He went home and discussed this with his wife. He was in pure panic and very frightened as to what he just witnessed. He had told his wife to never speak of this again and left it at that. Well one day my fianc� was talking to her grandfather and he opened up the discussion of the events that took place that day and my fianc� will never forget the face of her grandfather when he was telling her what happened that day he was doing that job at that house and what took place from start to finish. Well years gone by and I met my fianc�.

I have been in the paranormal industry from 1983. I took over a paranormal group in which my mother started in 1964. My fianc� was telling me about this location and what had happened to her grandfather. I found it to be very interesting and wanted to go check out this location and its claims. We went to this location.

As we pulled up you could feel the place and its reputation. It was only me and my fianc� who took this trip that day. We stopped the car to get out and found that there were three people there doing some work. I got out of the car and my fianc� stayed in the car. I went to the back door where I met this man standing taking a break. He said can I help you? I said yes is the owner here? He said who are you? I told him my name and the group I belonged to. His face went pale like colored. He went on to say I’m the owner and went suddenly quiet. Then he proceeded to tell me he and another had just bought the house and they were doing some work to it. I had to ask him if he had heard of any claims and or stories of paranormal activity that was attached to this house. He then opened the door and called one of the workers names to come here for a minute. I was unsure what to expect so I was getting a little nervous.

The other man came to the door. The gentlemen I had first contact with asked the man he called if he knew of anything paranormal about this house. Suddenly they both started talking and had lots to say about the claims of this house. The man who was asked to come outside started telling me about how a man committed suicide in a room in this house many, many, many years ago is said to be seen looking out the upstairs window. He wasn’t sure how the man died but rumors say he hung himself in the upstairs bedroom. Hum I thought. The story matches with another person from another era. I asked the men if they would mind if I had a look around inside. They both agreed and asked me to be careful due to all the work being done. They had just bought the house literally two weeks before this day. They went with me. They both mentioned that weird things were happening since they started remodeling the house.

This house was very old and very big. The feeling in this house was one of being very stuffy. It was summer but the day had a nice breeze to it. I went to the rooms upstairs I didn’t see nothing or hear anything out of the ordinary however the claims matched perfectly. I left the house and asked the men if someday I could come back with the group and maybe do an entire investigation here. They weren’t opposed to it however they were a little shy to it as of at that time. They wanted my number just in case something more happens with further remodeling efforts. I said sure and gave them both my number.

Well here we are in 2010. I got a call from another person in that house. The strange thing is that the person who called me wasn’t those guys at all. It turned out to be new owners of the house and they found my card in the bottom of one of the bedrooms closet floors. They want us to go and investigate the location. They didn’t say much on the phone however they said exactly what the claims said before were happening there. Very interesting and very strange indeed. We will keep you updated as to the events that may unfold on the case.

Sent in by Keepers Of The Circle Paranormal Group, Copyright 2010 Check out our website at keepersofthecircleparanormal.com

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12 Responses to “Haunted Home In Danby Vermont”
  1. unknown says:

    pls pls do id love to hear more on this story!
    pitty the last owners didnt contact you i guess they didnt really wanna know if the rumour was true

    • keepers Of The Circle Paranormal says:

      I’m sure both previous owners I had contact with saw first hand of the rumors at hand. I will keep you posted as to what happened. They sold the house to new owners ? When you purchase a home and renovate it you normally keep the house for a long time. I do believe I’ll know more as I interview the new owners of the property. Check out our video section on our website. These are just a very small portion of ghost findings we have thus far. We are still going through our best evidence and will post more EVPs , Video and more pictures. We have so much to go over. I wish we could put all the findings on line however we would need another website to do this with….check out the site keepersofthecircleparanormal.com .Thanks for your interest …..Theres lots more to come…….

  2. trolldoll says:

    i look forward to your findings!!:)

    • Keepers Of The Circle Paranormal says:

      We will keep you posted.. We believe alot of different things will unfold with this case. We will be posting more true paranormal stories we have fully documented with evidence to fully back whats going to be written with our many cases we have investigated. .. Thank You for your interest and keep your eyes open for lots more to come…..

  3. Suzi says:

    I’m glad your going to find proof that ghosts are real. It would show so much to the to people that don’t believe in this. It would show them what is real in this world. Plus if your going to try to use a camera it would be wise to make sure the ghost doesn’t damage the camera or video camera that you have at the time. I just heard that ghosts can do that. Then all the proof you worked for is gone. So be careful what you do.

    • Anonymous says:

      We are very fortunate to have a member in our group who has been inventing electronics since the 6th grade. We call him the mad scientist. Frank has come up with something that will change the paranormal industry and give absolute proof of paranormal activity….We will keep you posted has put it into production now and we will of course keep you all posted….We have thing we use to prohibit the drain of power source from enities…..but now we will have something way beyond the whole paranormal thinking when Frank completes his work…..

  4. AnNa says:

    i cannot wait for you to tell us more.take pictures wich you probably will.post them,if so.thats weird that the last owner didnt let let you now in anything.maybe they got to scared and sold the place.well at least someone did call.so thanks for the story and all i can say is i cant wait.

    • Anonymous says:

      We ahve so many pics and evps however we are new to this site and will navagate our way around to figure out how to post the things you all seek… We have so much evidence and true stories to tell you all, However we will post them as we get used to the site here….Thanks

      • AnNa says:

        Cant wait.

        • Anonymous says:

          Thank You…Keep your ears up and your eyes open. We have so much. We are only going to post the best of the best we have in our archives and our more recent paranormal investigations……

  5. jm says:

    i lived in danby for about 11 years and know exactly which house you are talking about. my parents own a building which is about 200 yrs old (also off rt 7) and it is haunted as well.
    before they bought their building, they were looking into buying the house above. rumors in town confirm the hauntings and it seems as though no one lives there more than a few years.

  6. DC says:

    The "Ghost House" on Route 125

    The twin house to the one you’re describing. Before and after the renovations that curiously ended. Also a spooky house.

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