Haunted Former Mental Hospital

Posted on March 16, 2008

Hey ya’ll my name is Miley Paxus and I just turned 15 years old.

I’ve been living in this old haunted house near the old mill in my town and it’s kinda creepy. Before we moved into this house, it was used as a mental hospital for special needs patients. I was only a child, about five or six when we moved in because all the other houses in the town were too scrawny, weird and ripped apart.

I was 12 when I actually figured out the type of house we lived in. I was so mad at my parents because I’ve seen shows about people moving into hospitals and places where people have died! Anyways, I went on the computer an typed in “Tennessee Mental Hospital 63943.” It came up with a list of survived patients and dead patients. The survived patients were seven percent and the dead patients were 93 percent – just my luck.

It showed a picture of a pale lady with gray streaked hair on the side. I clicked on it and up popped up an article from 1845! It read: Mary Bledcomb age: 93 died of severe mental issues. Turns out she was the most depressed, stressed, confused mental person throughout Tennessee! I logged off the computer and went to sleep.

Our house has four floors. 1st floor holds 2 bathrooms, a huge kitchen (parents are huge cooks), a guest room, an office and an empty toy room. 2nd floor, my sister Brandi’s room (she’s 17), my little sister Noah’s room (she’s 8), her playroom and that’s it. The 3rd floor is my room, my parents room, my office, our exercise station, our party room and dining room. The only thing on the 4th floor is the bathroom that doesn’t work and open space.

My grandma visits every 2nd day. She knew all about the house’s history. Whenever I asked her a question based on paranormal things of the house all she’d say is “Can you help me find my right hearing aid. I think I left it here last time.” Bad excuse once you use it all the time.

I was sleeping one stormy night and the sound of footsteps and screeching screams woke me up. I looked around my room and my computer is scrolling up and down a page by itself. It was that same page with the percentages of patients and Mary Bledcomb. I went over and shut it off. When I walked back to my bed, the window suddenly opened. At this point I’m thinking I’m dreaming so I start pinching myself but nope, no dream I was fully awake.

I creep downstairs to see if Noah’s ok because she hates thunder storms. I see her talking to the window. I think it could be a ghost so I grab my camera and start snapping shots. A few weeks later the film developed so I took a look at the pictures and what I saw was more disturbing than cleaning a heap of pig’s dung. There was Noah standing there and Mary Bledcomb was in front of her.

My Grandma slept over that night and I guess I didn’t realize it but she was also watching Noah disturbingly. I showed her the pictures and she took me to her room. She told me that she should have warned me about this place before when I asked her the paranormal questions. She told me that Mary Bledcomb became mental by the loss of her husband, brother, son, daughter, friend, cousin and grand-daughter. She told me her grand daughter looked exactly like Noah. Her name was Emily Bledcomb, her son’s daughter. I was stunned. My parents knew all along too about this place. They didn’t dare tell us because they didn’t want to move away because this was the only house in interest and they loved Tennessee they couldn’t leave.

Brandi and Noah found out the houses’ secrets too and insisted we leave. Our parents agreed and said we will sleep here tonight and pack, leave and say our good byes tomorrow. That night no one could sleep. We all heard noises in the backyard. Oh yeah I forgot to tell you our backyard is a cemetery! Another thing to be negative about for this dreadful house. We looked out the 2nd floor’s big window and we saw tons of orbs, light streams and spirits, including Mary Bledcomb out there. 1 by 1 these life forms would sink beneath the graves dreadfully. We had it set. Who really cares if its 2:30 in the morning, we were to pack and leave right away with no goodbyes. Now I’m 15 and we still live in Tennessee but far away from any spirited site. No one dares talk about our encounters so we can move on and forget the dread.

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68 Responses to “Haunted Former Mental Hospital”
  1. sonja says:

    i belive in ghosts i heard one before at 2 something though

  2. bj says:

    what? I think that is fake

  3. Jo says:

    I agree with BJ, obviously fake!

  4. Demonhunter says:

    well thats intresting I’ll tell you 2 things

    one it has to be true and

    two only you. unless you want to bring the family. get some paper go to the Graveyard and find Mary Bledcomb’s tombstone and the tallest tombstone now write somethin down on the piece of paper like a question and copy it on another sheet of paper and leave them there opened so they can read it stick some flowers on Mary Bledcombs grave and 1 of the pieces of paper and the other 1 on the tallest grave stone leave somethin the to hold it down and come back the next day to see what happened if somethin did happen then you migt want to stay away from the house oh and get a cross ghosts have a nack for mental images to freak you out

  5. der says:

    Well I KNOW it is true. I know it is true because my nanny, my 2 aunts, my dad, and my uncle lived in this house. Their house ghost threw stuff at them, cooked, and made coffee. I have proof. there is a ghost my nanny took a picture and in the top window ther was a white man shaped ghost standing there, i saw the picture

  6. Claudia says:


    Not sure about the story either. Although it was a pretty good reading but not believable in some parts.

    I tried googling “Tennessee Mental Hospital 63943″ like you did, and nothing came up.

  7. jonelle says:

    okay, well some parts of this story seem true, but um, not like the fricken lights and stuff, your just trying to make the story seem more interesting by sticking other stuff in there so…. get your story straight!

  8. simywimy says:

    Okay wow. That was fake for obvious reasons and here I am going to list them.

    1. If your sister was fricken talking to the window or what you thought was a ghost – would you really take pictures or tell her to get out of there?
    2. The percentage of Noah looking like that ladies daughter is 2
    3. You are obviously trying SO hard to be Miley Cyrus. (You made your name Miley, sisters Noah and Brandi and you live in Tennesse)
    4. The backyard thing was bull ****

  9. nj says:

    it seemed true at first but then with the picture what ever but i do believe in ghosts i live right by a graveyard and there is this tomb stone that if you sing to it it will start to cry blood and its really creepy and true

  10. Kitty says:

    I totally believe in ghosts because the place where I live now is huanted.

  11. Gelaine says:

    ok…… so some parts seem to be true………. some parts seem to be FAKE….. but, nice story though…..

  12. pokemon says:

    i like ur story. there were some parts i believed and other parts i thought wa fake

  13. Mae says:

    hia miley cryus i can tell its u cause of your sisters names so yeah i belive u thats scary and i know how u feel

  14. Miranda says:

    everybody that thinks that this is fake is a bozo

  15. layla says:

    a lot of people think that this is fake for obvious reasons but some of those obvious reasons are said to actually be true. its possible. i do believe in ghosts and blah blah blah. i hope your story is true because is someone finds out that the whole thing is a fake you could be made a fool of your self. and people think that the whole miley cyrus thing is just gay cuz her mum could be a fan and decide to name 3 daughters that so yea

  16. laura vanessa 123 says:

    this is crapy “I hate hannah montana” or as I call her “hannah montugly”!I belive in ghost and all that but some things r just to made up and u can tell.I belive that it was a hospital but no about the graveyard outside.I belive about “Noah” and the old lady.and mabye even abou the lady but the rest is CRAPPY!!

  17. Caroline Nicole says:

    I Googled “Tennessee Mental Hospital 63943″ And Nothing Came Up, So Yeah This Story Is A Fake.

  18. angel says:

    wow this kinda sounds like miley cyrus because of the two sisters.
    but anyway wow.I would freak out I would run out of the house

  19. Char says:

    I’m sorry but I don’t think this story is all true… maybe parts of it but come on! If it is why don’t you send in the picture and I
    also tried to look it up on the internet and found nothing! It was good reading though!

  20. katie says:

    i think that alot of the stuff is true,including the fact that there was a graveyard, but i don’t think that there where light streams and spirits

  21. bianca says:

    this story is fake how do you and your family have the same name as miley cyrus’s family and plus i looked up the hospital nothing came up

  22. Chad says:

    I think the story is true I’ve read so many stories about haunted hospitals and well my own place is haunted but I’m not going into details about that.
    Anyways I enjoyed reading your story :3

  23. DragonLady25 says:

    Someone should bless and cleanse the house and give that poor lonley old woman peace and help her move on to be with her family

  24. carissa says:

    alright so, i googled the hospital thing, the same exact wording and everything, and then nothing came up, so i decided to google that ladys name, again nothing, i think this storys fake.

  25. CMF says:

    When I google “Tennessee Mental Hospital 63943″ you know what comes up???
    This thread!
    lol, keep up the writing though!

  26. noyes says:

    miley cyrus not miley paxus. u live in tennessee and brandi and noah are your sisters? where did paxus come from?

  27. Jonalyn says:

    that was creepy!!! hope you still have more stories!!!

  28. Walleigh says:

    I liked your story whether it was fact or fiction. It was put together very well for a fifteen year old. I believe in spirits and this could possibly be true. I would like to contact you about your story. You should get a hisholyspace and add me. Go to hisholyspace.com and search for Walleigh. ~waiting~

  29. Samantha says:

    I belive you Miley

    I live in a hospital befor and I saw a little girl thro my windo she was telling me to com with her some were i didn’t wont to go but she insisted on me going with her. she had a hospital shirt on with balck hari kinda long and was caring a teedy bear with a missing arm she told me that she misses her mom she said that she died when she was 10 years old at this time i was only 9 years old and she told me we can be best friend and that the next day i tryed to find her but she was gone she told me her name it was kalla Arket and I ask them if there was any kalla arket her and they told me that she had dided about a cupple years ago so i thought to my self that I may have been dreaming but i saw her agian that night . She told me that it was almost time to go but i ask her togo where and she told me that I would find out. The next day I was told that i have Leukemia she didnt come and see me anymore but somtimes i see he in my dreams.

  30. jazzyboo987 says:

    ! l!k3d [email protected] $tory

  31. Mandy says:

    Ok! I believe you have been through something disturbing and it’s not easy to live in a haunted house for sure. But I don’t believe you entirely, first of all, the tons of orbs which made me laugh and the apparition Mary Bledcomb at the end is so like the spooky movies which makes her seem like the vilain of the show or movie. Anyways, apart from that, i’m happy that everything is fine for u and ur family now and that was a nice story. Cheerz! :)

  32. Marcus says:

    Wether not Your story is all true or not does not matter, it was a great read. You have the ability to intertain your readers keep it up.

  33. Tierra says:

    you story was fake fake fake! you got me though. i actually typed that mess in google and found nothing! good story though. lol

  34. pooja says:

    i agree .. tht your story seems fake …. though some part may be true … but the whole thing overall seems very fake ..! ! !

  35. Aj says:

    Do not let the others discourage you, I enjoyed your story I think it was very well told. The older Hospitals especially the mental instutions did some pretty cruel and unusal treatments. I am glad you do not have to deal with that house anymore. We would love to see the photos if you can upload them to this site.
    Keep your chin up

  36. love nevr dies but you do says:

    k first of all its an interesting story
    b:its kinde scary
    and quatro miley is a made up name by billy ray cyrus so yeah just got disssed

  37. Mimi says:

    Okey this seems familliar… i think i’ve seen this one before but i forgot the tittle…

    its a true story although u changed some parts…

    first is that on the movie i saw its all about a couple who had a mental hospital and people who were sick and have been taken to that mental hospital will be on experiment like these couples are sick…

    so then the police saw the things happened inside the mental hospital and they also saw the people who have been a part of an experiment…

    the couple got busted so what the guy did is that he burned the hospital with the patient including himself….

    so anyway there were people who got curious…

    so what they did is that they went to this guys house and the house has 4 floors…. just like what miley said…

    4 people who were curous 2 guys 2 females…. and 1 of the female is a paranormal….

    and about ur little sister noah thats where the part where when they were casting a protective incantation and went into the room 1 by 1… the paranormalisist was the one in that room and saw the spirit…


    anyway its hard to explain everything but yea thats a true story and its similar to miley’s story….

    and by the way….

    behind that ouse also was a graveyard ^_^….

    could you tell me the tittle of the movie miley….


  38. barbiexcoprse says:

    if a picture such as the one you described does exsist you should put it on the site as evidence of your experience. but i dont think this story is true sooo…. not a bad story considering your age tho :]

  39. Ruthie says:

    Do you have any idea who lives in the house now? I work with a paranormal investigation group who specializes in the history of homes and buildings and ghost investigations We would like to help you or anyone associated with the home. Please e-mail me.

  40. haley says:

    just to let you know.i happened to like that story.maybe some parts arent true,but nobody can tell you its obiously fake they werent there,they dont know!

  41. chloe says:

    hi think this is real, and i also belive in ghosts

  42. chloe says:

    hi think this is real, and i also belive in ghosts.

    I thought that was real and it was good me and me mate Vicky we go on youtube and look at ghosts it is cool

  43. Kara says:

    come on guys this was made up by some middle aged old balding guy. Who is a wanna be writer. I googled the same hospital nothing came up and I googled the lady’s name and date of death nothing came up your so full of it! I also got bored half way through and didn’t finish sorry!

    • Mr Johnson says:

      Hmmm, it is interesting that you would take the time to write a comment. I dont know about the middle aged bald guy – or what special power you have to see that – but it looks more to me like it was written by a very young child.

  44. CuteSagittarius says:

    Hmmm… 50/50 true or/& fake!

  45. Scepetic says:

    Obviously fake! Knew right away from your name that this would in no way be real. Yeesh. The whole Cyrus connection thing is pretty pathetic, and the story is honestly bogus.

  46. Mellisa says:

    hmm it’s really annoying. why this writer, miley, has never reply any comments here. it’s as if she just wrote it then she leave it & never check it. she should at least leave comments here to answer some questions here, or saying if her story true or fiction. it’s kind of a bit irresponsible of her

  47. FACT VS. FICTION says:

    63943 is in Missouri not Tennessee.

  48. JbosBabyGurl69 says:

    okay i do believe in ghosts and i do believe in the paranormal but this story has too much Bull**** in it for me. your trying to hard to make up a story… you should go into writing books not paranormal studies. AND next time you use an area code make sure you get one from tennessee….Slow

  49. Karen says:

    Why is your dining room on the 3rd floor???

  50. Debbie says:

    I agree, the reading was good and intriguing, but the names needed to be changed “to protect the innocent” LOL

  51. Karen M. says:

    I just added the M. to my name, Mellisa, I agree with you, normally people do respond to their story.

  52. Charlie says:

    I think this story is a fake.. She said she moved in when she is 5 or 6.. and those whole creepy things started when she is 12.. hahaha..

  53. maranda says:

    how do u ppl know its fake u weren’t there 2 experience it . I believe ur story. sumtimes paranormal activity happens all around u and u don’t even notice it. So she must have not known until she was 12 becuz a 5 or 6 yr person cant comprehend things like this.

  54. destiny says:

    is this hospital a touring site? Like you can tour it during halloween time or something?

  55. joanna says:

    i do belive in ghost..but 4 this story, i think some part is real, but some part is fake…sory

  56. Mareli says:

    Miley, I honestly think that you are just another 15 year old school girl trying to get some attention by writing a story and placing it on the internet so that your friends can see your name in print… You mentioned a pic that you took of your sister talking to this ghost, yet you never placed the pic with your story as evidence. This pic is supposed to be a prized possesion bacause how often is it that you take a photograph of a real life ghost?? This Mary Bledcomb lost her mind because she lost all the people around her that she loved, yet you never once mention what happened to them, how did they die and when did it happen like all of them in one year or spread over a period of a few years or whar? I also did the search on ‘Tennessee Mental Hospital 63943′ nothing came up. I searched under Mary’s name and under Emily’s name…again nothing came up. I even searched under ‘Tennessee Mental Hospital 1845′…still, nothing came up… Nope, I think you just made this story up from ideas that you got from other people’s REAL experiences that posted a TRUE story on this site.

  57. julie says:

    i agree with mareli, i belive in ghosts and i searched as well but nothin came up…kind of dissappointing

  58. josh says:

    i used too live in a hunted house it was on cresent drive one day i was walking down the stairs and i saw my sister looking at the tv and she was laughing evan tho it was turred off i took a pic too put on ebay when i got the pic back there was face looking out of the tv he was a little boy when i showed the pic to my sister she said that was Benn i asked her who ben was and she said he was her best buddy and i said were did he come from and she said she did no know i looked up the house on the laptop and an old news papper came up and it a family was killed in this house by mudder i asked my sister if talks too him and she said yes creepy hey

  59. Anonymous says:

    i tried to google it myself noothing came up. send sum pics on here

  60. AnNa says:

    first i dont think you should of moved.ya you and your siblings were scared but nothing bad happened.maybe it all happened because they all knew you were moving.i think your parents should of told you well at least you and your older sibling.the cemetery is cool.i always wanted to live by one.i think you should of post the pictures.i think that would of been cool.what did your parents say when you told them about the pictures?maybe they didnt want to tell you because there was no other house that was for rent or to by.i dont know.thanks for the story.

  61. AnNa says:

    i hope its not made-up if people did some checking and nothing came up that sucks.

  62. LittleKitKat says:

    I googled Mary Bledcomb and got nothing so amazed how you have found something and that your family seem to know about her history o_O
    You said you didn’t know it was a former hospital when you moved in aged 5/6 and only worked out what the place was when you where 12. But you had stated you have gravestones in your backgarden so if anything how did it not spark your curiostity then or that your sister Brandi didn’t even realise until AFTER you did when she is older?
    When I was 5/6 I understood what a gravestone meant and would of certainly questioned why to my mother they where in the garden so having a sister who would of been of a sensible age to understand the world better would of noticed something was up with the house too.

    Also your parents didn’t want to confess to you and your siblinsg about the house because they liked the state and the house was “in interest” didn’t want to leave it. Now I am not from America but from what i gather Tennessee is rather large surly there where other houses not all of them could of been “scrawny, weird and ripped apart” or why would your parents have picked that town if it was that rundown sounding?

    If this is ture then I am sorry, you need to work on your writting skills have you have too many loopholes to make people think this is fake =)

  63. Jenna says:

    your story is nice but i couldn’t find a patient with the number 6394 but she may have been a real person trust me i have to ask a ghost sometimes since have embarrassed myself in front of people when i said something that wasn’t true about a ghost i know was there.

  64. melissa says:

    I think the story is not real, it has a lot of ” ghost story movie” components, the fact that her grandma knew thigs and waited to tell her until she had evidence is weird. I have to admit that if you are 15 years old for real and that is the only true fact of your story, you should continue to write, it is very well written for your age and if you keep working at this whole writting ghost stories you can even become a screen play writter and make better movies than the ones out there. Good read and if is true I am sorry I can’t believe you.

  65. Anonymous says:

    i honeslty think thats fake becuz i tried typing in that address and nothing came up.. and if your gonna tell a “true” story then you might wanna make it make a lil more sense

  66. Cassie says:

    Cute story kid.

    Word of advice though, if you’re going to try and pass a story off as real, don’t mention things which people can (and will) google because you’ll just get found out.

  67. half of my face is a skull says:

    yeah right this place is as haunted as a sock drawer.

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