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Haunted Family

Posted on June 5, 2011

There has always been something following my family, it started to follow my mom when she was young. She would always tell me stories about how she would see a man with a black robe and the hood would always cover his face. She would say that her chair next to her desk would always move by itself my mother always felt afraid when she was young. When my mom grew older, married, and moved in with my father things didn’t happen for awhile, until my mom gave birth to me.

My parents only had 2 kids including me, I was the youngest. Things began to slowly happen after they had me ad the occurrences began to elevate as I got older. I remember of having these bad dreams of how a dark figure would tower over my bed and pick me up and throw me across the room. In the dream, drawers and closets opened and shut violently by themselves as the dark shadow dragged me across my room. When I woke up everything that happened in the dream became a reality all the drawers and closet doors were open and I awoke on the floor where the figure left me. I would get bruises on my body all the time and feel sore after the dream.

Things began to get worse in the later years. I awoke one day in my bed and I was to lazy to get up so I decided to lie in the bed for a couple more minutes. All of a sudden my covers got pulled off of me I ran out of my room as fast as I could. The day after that I awoke after sleeping in the morning I was just getting up when I felt a cold hand wrap around my ankle and pull me the feeling lasted for about 3 seconds. I left my room in a hurry again after that.

A couple of nights months later I would in a way get used to seeing things happen. I would see a dark shadow in my hallway move around sometimes and I got used to it. Also I would my ceiling light turn on by itself after I turned it off a couple of minutes ago, I learned to ignore it and just turn off the light again. But one night the “thing” that occupied my house got the worst it ever has gotten and I couldn’t ignore it. I was going to bed so I was lying there in my bed in complete darkness. I then would hear heavy breathing come from behind me. I was too terrified to turn around afraid of what I will see. The breathing became very loud and it sounded like it was all around me it would get so close to my ear that I felt someone breathing on my neck. I ended up falling asleep due to exhaustion of crying. I woke up at 5 in the morning and started to scream my mom and sister came in my room and tried to comfort me but it never worked. Later that day workers came to put up blinds. When they were at a pony wall one of the antiques on the wall flew off the wall and hit the wall on the opposite side. The people who were putting up blinds left in a hurry saying that my house was evil and something bad lived there.

Bad things continued to happen in the house until my family moved away into a different house. My family rarely talks about what happened in that house. My mother and I figured out that since my mom was the youngest child in her family and how everything happened to her and not her older sister history was repeating itself with me since I was the youngest and the thing that follows my family only goes for the youngest child. I want to think thats just a coincidence but it might be true. My mom tries to comfort me by saying the house we moved to is a good house and nothing bad can harm us. I wonder if its really over or if it will return to reek more havoc.

Sent in by jpark00, Copyright 2011 TrueGhostTales.com

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8 Responses to “Haunted Family”
  1. lildracomere says:

    thats scary

  2. Anonymous says:

    wow! It definitely sounds like your family is cursed. Have you ever told your Mom “Thanks a lot for passing down your horrible curse to me?”. I would tell her to buy you whatever you want for having to live with this evil for the rest of your life. I would then have a kid really young, just so the curse would be on it and no longer on me. Then I would put the cursed little brat up for adoption and live the rest of my life free of the curse and no kids. Talk about a win/win situation! If you can keep your Mom convinced that the curse is still on you and still ruining your life, she will still be guilt ridden and will have to keep buying you anything you want, because of the guilt.

    • Caretaker says:

      Now that would make a great movie plot!

    • Julie says:

      Wow…..that’s an awful idea!!! That is completely horrible, that is no solution to the problem. No wonder you poste anonymously cause seriously!!! well whatever. To jpark00 I hope that perhaps it was just the place you inhabited that had the problem not you.

  3. A.J Ryder says:

    Hi jpark00

    First question – does your mum know of the exact circumstances in which this dark figure entered her life? This might have a baring as to what it is and how to deal with it.

    Bruce Lee’s family (Jun-fan) repudedly had a curse upon their family. His father hold him of this spirit who followed the lineage of the first born son from generation to generation. It remained with his father until his death, then moved on to Bruce Lee – who died (aged 32) mysteriously whilst filming Enter The Dragon. After his death, it moved onto his son Brandon Lee, who died whilst filming The Crow (aged 28).

    It might be, this black figure is some kind of Daemon? But without more information it would be hard to conclude this. So, if you’ve more information please can you post it here? Thanks


    • jpark00 says:

      HI my mother and I are unsure of any circumstances of why the dark figure showed up. My mom never did anything to provoke something to come and follow her. Her father was a pastor though, I don’t know if that is important or not. Sorry it took me awhile to reply I have been busy. I hope the small information that I provided was important but there isn’t to many things that could have caused this to happen to be honest. It was almost like it was at random. Thanks for the facts and the ideas of what it could be!

  4. pieputpoeloe says:

    lets get a visit to an exorcist. To a priest. In a haunted house with evil spirits there must be an exorcist to make the house clean from evil and harmfull spirits. Embodied enities and paranormal encounters are waiting for an exorcist.

  5. Anonymous says:

    About 1yr ago while asleep i felt an emense amount of pressure as i was laying on my stomach. I immediately opened my eyes feeling unable to move being pinned down on my bed. I felt my life being sucked out of me; being unable to breath, enveloped by darkness.. I knew at that time if i didint fight or try to that I would lose the ability to breath. So I fought….

    I got up in a cold sweat.

    I mentioned this to my roomate who is quite experienced in spiritual/un-natural matters. He said that the experience I had was a visit from the ‘Dark Witch/Black witch’

    I googled this later. Turns out that I am not the only person who has had this encounter

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