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Haunted Childhood in New Jersey

Posted on August 28, 2010

When I was a child we lived in Franklinville, New Jersey with my mom, brother, sister, and step-dad (RIP). Well, this house is one of two on my moms property currently condemned and being torn down. It pretty much starts out when I was about 7 or 8 and I would always be terrified of the house for no particular reason.

One day, me and my sister were making foot shadow puppets in our room and out of absolutely nowhere, a shadow of a hammer was there. I swear, a clear as day hammer. We both screamed and mom came in and of course, it wasn’t there. Another night, I was sleeping in my bed, which was apart from my brother and sisters bunk bed for certain reasons, and I awoke to see a shadow of a huge man’s hand and arm with distinctive hair on it like a real arm. I was so scared, I curled up into a ball under the blanket for what seemed like hours on end. It never seemed to go away. It was not there by morning. Lets see…my sister says that one night she woke up and seen a doll with red eyes sitting cross legged at the foot of her bed just staring at her. Creepy…

After my pop and step dad passed away when I was 13 (I am now 29), my mom moved us into the back house. One night in that house I awoke at around 3 am (not too sure of the time) and heard 2 kids outside jump roping in the dirt driveway. They were laughing it up too. As much as I thought how neat to see a ghost would be, there was no way I was coming out of my blanket. I was not the only one to hear this, my younger sister still does, my cousin has in the past, and who knows who else. We also always heard and still hear a car coming up the driveway.

About 10 years ago, my family was having a bonfire in the backyard of the back house and I swear I had seen a shadow person. Like the Pillsbury dough boy except all shadow. No feet, hands, just an outline. The reason why I think it was a shadow person is because the way the light was hitting the shed it walked in front of would have made the figure absolutely huge, not the crisp outline of a walking person when I would’ve seen the real person walking instead of just a shadow. Two other people that night seen it also. We just looked at each other and shrugged it off.

When I met my husband we had a child and we rented that house from my mom about 8 yrs ago. It was cheap and I knew what chicken shit I was to stay there but the price was right. He never believed in ghosts and he would always “yeah yeah” my stories until one night he was sleeping in our room and I was on the couch in the living room for obvious reasons (me being a chicken) and he heard the sounds of 2 children running back and forth laughing in the attic, which is not structurally safe for that at the time. He said he froze in fear and was trying to yell my name but couldn’t. Now he doesn’t “yeah yeah” anymore.

I also have past experiences with spirits in my dreams. When I was about 9 or 10 after my pop passed away (he lived in back house) we still lived in the front house (where I seen shadows on the wall). Well I had a recurrent dream for about 5 days. It always was the exact same every night. We would all be sitting in the living room and pop would come in the front door and I would be the only one to hear or see him. He would tell me to come with him he has to show me something. I would follow him to his Deville and he would light his Winchester and drive me to the back house. We would get out and he would walk me to the middle bedroom. He stood in front of the closet facing the adjacent wall and tell me I have 30,000 dollars I put into the wall before and I know you guys will need it some day. But right after that, I would wake up every time not knowing the exact location but the general area. After like 5 nights I was getting freaked out and told my mom and step-dad. They had a very pale shocking look to their faces and said I cant believe you know that. they knew that pop was very frugal and stuffed cash away but didn’t know exactly where. Now I know the general location, but it will take busting out walls to get to it, which my mom really doesn’t want to do still. I would.

Another dream I had was after my step dad passed away when I was 13. A few months later, he came into my dream wearing a white suit and had lit white candles everywhere. We had a nice family spaghetti dinner. Just a note…at the time he passed, I had my brother and sister from earlier stories and a 4 yr old brother and 2 week old sister. Anyway.. After the dinner he told me that he had to get permission from God to enter my dream. He also told me that he loves me and was sorry about how we didn’t get to say goodbye to each other before he passed (I was in school when he died). So I asked him a few questions like how many ghosts are in the front house. He told me 5 but they won’t hurt you, they were just playing tricks on you and Jen. (funny haha) And so on and so forth I woke up.

The last dream I had was 2 years ago. Now before I tell you this dream, I want to say that my husband and I with our 2 kids now 7 and 8 live in a house in the Franklinville area. We bought it about 2 years ago, but rented it for 3 years before we bought it. So my husbands grandmother who lived in Indiana with his family because that is where he is from, passed away like 2.5 yrs ago, God bless her soul. Well I always sat up and told her these exact stories and stuff when we used to live there for a spell. Well, I had a dream about 4 months after she died, she came into my dream with a man I couldn’t see, but I knew it was her husband who died some 40 yrs ago (my husband who is 37 never even met him). She sat next to me as I laid in bed. She told me how much she wanted us to have this house because she knows what good people we are and wanted us to catch a break. She said she is going to get us the 6000 needed for the down payment (our landlords put the house up for sale a few months before this). Well I swear, the next morning I told my husband my dream and he was a bit jealous that she visited me, but that same day later on, our landlords came over and told us that they really want us to buy the house and they said that they would give us the 6000 cashiers check right before closing if we bought the house. True story through and through. Of course we bought the house. They also paid my husbands 1500 judgment before closing.

I just want to say, thank you for reading this and please ignore my grammar I am not an English major.

Sent in by Lisa, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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11 Responses to “Haunted Childhood in New Jersey”
  1. big barney says:

    ya. not a english major….thats for sure. maybe those ghost children are attached to you for some reason. atleast your husband is no longer a skeptic.

    • Nikki says:

      Wonder what Big Barney meant by his first statement…”Ya…not an english major…that’s for sure.” Was he being a JERK or what?? I had no problem reading the story and thought it was written just fine.

  2. Brian Blackburn says:

    Hi Lisa, that was great, and a very genuine sounding story.! :) I notice a common thread throughout a lot of these submissions: everyone seems to hide under the covers when confronted with apparitions! And to good effect most of the time too! :) I also resorted to this ad a child when facing a glowing smiling face in my bedroom window as a child. I als went through the “frozen in fear” and “not being able to scream” state. Interesting the common threads that run through a lot of these stories. And you’re blessed Lisa to be able to receive and remember dream visitations from loved ones so well. Great site Caretaker! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it these many months! Peace. -Brian

  3. Rosie says:

    It is a happy story to read. I wish I could have a dream like that, I wish my granny comes to my dream and tell me she got 500k for me. Haha. It is interesting. I like the story.

  4. trolldoll says:

    this sure was a variety of experiences and i really like how the parents and grandparents came thru for you. i would definately go looking for that money! it belongs to your mom, so make sure she is involved. i wish you luck!

  5. Carri says:

    I am glad you got the house. it should always be given to the children. did you ever find the money your father told you about in your dreams. It seems he wanted you to find the money.

  6. Lisa says:

    Thanks for the comments! We never found the money yet, but mainly because my mom doesnt want to go tearing down walls just yet. I dont know what she is waiting for. I forgot to mention that in the 70′s there was a fire on the second floor (now is the attic) in the haunted front house and 2 children and their mother died in it. Also, my great or great great step grandmother and grandfather died in that house b4 the fire. The graveyard is around the corner and all of their gravestones are there, and they are all related to me by marriage. Sounds crazy, but it is true.

    • GirlRacer says:

      What a wonderful document of experiences (don’t like to use the word story in this instance!) you have here.

      May I say, I think your mum (I’m from England, mum/mom/ma its all the same!) isn’t looking for the money just yet. I think she’s saving it for you for a ‘rainy’ day when you’ll really need it more than now. Think of it like a savings bank that you cant draw out until XX year.

      Lovely stuff Lisa. Really thoroughly enjoyed.

      Steph xx

  7. AnNa bites back says:

    maybe if you tell your mom that you’ll pay for it to be put the wall back in place.its your money.wow 30,000.i hope you get it.i cant believe the story,it sounds like you needed a break.i really liked the story.thanks and whenever you do try and tear down the wall do let us know.thanks.

  8. Brian Blackburn says:

    Lisa those are prolly the children yall hear! KEWL :)

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