Haunted Call Center In The Philippines

Posted on June 8, 2009

Silence! Dont Disturb My Baby

I am working in a call center here in the Philippines. I’ve been engaged to this kind of job for almost a year now. Staying up late in the office is the nature of the job. You will do and receive a lot of calls. Most of the time everybody is busy. But what’s not hidden to almost all of us is that their are also other beings dwelling in the office and constantly mingling with us.

When I was new to the place I found it very adorable and fun, the atmosphere is filled with enthusiasm. But as months came I’ve notice something weird about the place. I felt like something spooky is happening all over, so I confirmed it my colleagues who’ve stayed in the company longer than I have. It was then I found out that there are indeed some unexplainable things happening in the center. As my colleague stated the whole story and the personal experience that he had, the hair on my neck, my feet and my arms raised all at the same time.

There are more than one ghost that dwells within the walls of the center. There were four of them, the green man, the burned child, the white lady at the altar and the lady on the floor. Almost all the employees were aware of this beings that dwells silently with us. Their are even times that they literally make their presence very noticeable. I instantly believed with it at once cause I’ve been a believer of ghost stories even before. But I have no idea of how terrifying it is, not until I experienced the horror myself.

It was one tired full evening, we just finished our last dance practice with my colleagues. There is a dance competition for all call centers at that time so everyone had to cope up with the schedule add the practice as well. We were all squatted on the floor at a big room located in the end of the office. All were very noisy and excited to go home, we were all laughing and chatting as we polished and finalize all our plans for the final performance when suddenly, on top of every noise, on top of all the voices, we heard a loud cry of a newly born baby, a type of cry that one hears when a baby is disturbed during his sleep. The cry faded instantly as everybody stopped and looked at each other. Everyone was shocked and did not even say a word.”Was that a cellphone?” one of us asked. But no one can tell who it was. Their are only four cellphones in that room at that time and none of them had that kind of ring tune. That was not a cellphone, when everybody realize that, the big circle that we formed instantly turned into a crumple of people, with faces obviously terrified of what they’ve heard.

Our head officer managed to pacify us and instructed us to calm down and ended the meeting at once. We all went out of the building with a terrified soul. All of us were scared of what had happened. I was able to mention that to the security on duty and all the he said was, “that’s nothing new in here!”

We were all afraid but we can do anything else but accept the reality that we are working in a place where we have a lot of connection, not only outside the country but also beyond the world of the living. And here is what’s more terrifying. On that same night, the company’s system and generator suddenly shut off. The operation was disabled for about an hour and no one can explain why that happened. Was that the exchange of the disturbance that we did?

Written by Rhye Quirante, Copyright 2009

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10 Responses to “Haunted Call Center In The Philippines”
  1. trolldoll1681 says:

    this is a very creepy story and i’m glad you enjoy your work. please continue to relate on the other entities in the builiding, i for one look forward to them thanks

  2. Mellisa says:

    yeah please tell us more about the other entities in that building. ^^

  3. Normajean says:

    Hi i was greatly interested in your story ! you would be surprised at how many public buildings and offices realy are haunted…but i myself worked at a haunted call center myself just a few years ago lol…. the building used to be a mortuarey, our call center here in salt lake city utah, was creepy and eerie , once we were closed due to a power outage because of a bad snowstorm, a couple of our supervisors had stopped by the building to check on things and they were sitting in the “Training room”{ when all of a sudden the tv came on ! no power to the building at all ! but as soon as the tv popped on they scrambled, usualy it was always small things that occured but there were stories and a few supervisors refused to work alone at night , and to top it off downstairs was a childrens daycare and that was originaly where they embalmned the bodies gross huh ? it had been converted into a call center just a few years before …so most everyone remebered when it was a mortuary

  4. russel says:

    i also work in a call center, its in ortigas, pasig city. what is your call center? i work for sitel.

  5. tyra says:

    normajean your comment is creepy the DAYCARE was where they embalmed the bodies?i wouldnt want my kids to play in there!

  6. Charlotte says:

    about the face onthe floor, i belive u for 1, coz it looks like i have a face in my curtains, sure it might just be how they are, but still! :-S

  7. Elai says:

    wow nice one! I am also working in a call center which has it ‘s own ghost stories as well :0

  8. the_sith says:

    Nice one! I also got some experience on my own but not on a call center, but on a cinema. one weekend my friend and I went to a cinema at alabang, I think most of filipino out here already now the place. that was the last full show of spider man 2 and we don’t want to miss it that is why even if it’s late we still grab the chance to watch it without knowing the spooky thing that we are about to encounter. So here’s the incident, we grab our chips and drinks and so excited to enter the door. I’ve already notice the reaction of the guy who’s gonna take the ticket from us as if he was really want to say something but I ignore it we were so excited to watch the film and so I just ignore it. Now my friend and I got inside and we’re looking for a place for both of us, we were surprise that even on that time there are still lots of folks spent there time to watch the film. Luckily at the center my buddy found a space exactly for both of us, so since it’s a dark place and the space was on the center(a very nice spot to watch a movie) we gave respect to others as we head our way on the center seat. After few hours finally we’ve had our time, beside me a guy was asking also for the time as if he was not contented like he wants to watch the movie again. we head our way out on the exit, as for a minute I noticed that till now nobody was goin outside. when I told my friend he also notice about that and as per the guy who took our ticket overheard what we are talking about that time he told us without any hesitation. That only the two of us went inside to watch the movie!!!

  9. jd says:

    yea me too,my center got a lil kid named junjun roaming around the site evry night…got a pic taken inside the sleeping quarter,ghost caught looking on 1 or our sleeping agents…

  10. Anonymous says:

    That is true. I had the same experiene

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