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Haunted by Tall Woman in Red Robe

Posted on May 30, 2011

My step-sister (Emily) and I have always been sort of sensitive to the paranormal. One evening about 2 years ago, we were staying at our grandmother’s home. We were watching TV – nothing scary, by the way – and I suddenly had an odd feeling overcome me. I tried to shake it off, though.

Not even a minute later, Emily looks to her left and sees something cross a spare bedroom on one side of the hallway to the bathroom on the other side. She gripped my arm in fear, too scared to scream. I didn’t dare look over. Emily was so shaken by the entity that she wouldn’t even tell me what it looked like until the next day.

She described it as a tall woman with long, straight, jet-black hair. It wore a blood-red, monk-like robe. It had fingernails that were a few inches long on the end of its distorted, bony hands. Its skin was white as snow, and its eyes were just hollow sockets. Its cheekbones were deeply sunken in, and its mouth was fixed in a shriek. Its mouth, however, was abnormally long, Emily noted; it spanned down to the figure’s collarbone.

To me, the image is absolutely terrifying. I prayed that I would never see it. I can’t recall that we’ve stayed in the house for an extended period of time since that incident. Of course, two years had passed on and it was generally somewhat forgotten about.

About a week ago,though, I was riding the school bus to my high school. I was casually gazing out the window when we approach one of the many houses we pass everyday. Something about it seemed amiss, though. I never much attention to the houses we pass, so it took me a moment to pinpoint it. Something was on top of it. On the red roof of the home, I mistook the object for a chimney at a distance… But when we got closer, I discovered that I was dead wrong. There it was: red robe, hollow eyes, white skin, and all. And it didn’t disappear after a few seconds like a normal ghost. It lingered through many double-takes.

I thought I was going to faint. The figure was terrifying.

Since then, I’ve had a few more experiences – mostly the ‘being watched’ feeling. Although, a few hours ago I felt something icy cold sit down on the bed beside my feet and trace my foot with a long fingernail. I didn’t even look to see what it was, but it definitely was not a family member since all of them were asleep and my door was shut and locked.

I wonder what should be done about this…

Sent in by HDV, Copyright 2011 TrueGhostTales.com

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12 Responses to “Haunted by Tall Woman in Red Robe”
  1. Moya says:

    Oh Man, I would of jumped out of my skin. I dont think I have the guts to with stand something like that. I will pray for you and your sister, and pray that this entity leaves you and your sister alone. dont lose your faith in your creator, that he is always with you.

  2. carri williams says:

    the house that you saw in the school bus was it the same house that your grandmother lived in. that thing is following you around. put on a cross for protection. I would not go back to your grandmother’s house unless she rids it of this evil ghost. These things can attach to you and follow you, like this thing has. maybe go to the Catholic Church for help.

  3. steven zeigler says:

    well as long as theres nothing like people being scratched or here strange shrieks or growls i would say its some what harmless but if there is one incedent where someting demonic does occur then yeah you need to get your house blessed and get your grand mother to do the same. also you said earlier it wears a robe, has sunken cheek bones and a long mouth. do you think this thing could be something to be afraid of or do you think you can help it.

  4. Alyssa M. says:

    well it doesn’t sound like this thing is really trying to hurt you. i would suggest that you start wearing a cross, and tell your grandmother to do the same. i would also talk to someone about this. I hope nothing bad happens to you and that this is just a poor spirit looking for company.

  5. Mellisa says:

    OMG! what the heck is that!? just what kind of entity is that?
    it’s so scary.. never ever in my life I want to see her. to me the feature reminds me of bad witch in children book. except of course this one is real & much scarier.

  6. Buddy says:

    That�s kinda horrifying. Your story reminds me of a tale by a Vietnam veteran who sees a ghostly face with similar description, pale skin, hollow sockets for eyes and it also has a hideously big mouth that when it grins it stretches from ear to ear, only difference is that one is of a boy and only the face is being seen (see the report here //www.trueghosttales.com/paranormal/i-wake-up-in-the-night-and-see-the-face-of-a-child-with-no-eyes/).
    It�s probably an earthbound spirit or a demon class entity, I suggest you DO NOT DARE TRY TO COMMUNICATE WITH IT. Most reported cases of this type are from people who had traumatic experiences or there has been a traumatic or tragic event that occurred on the place where they are often seen. It also has a tendency to follow people around, so if you saw the entity on other places other than where you first encountered it, it�s most likely to be following you. So be on your toes!
    We can�t tell if it will inflict harm, but I suggest you try and seek professional help with this. I repeat DO NOT try to communicate with it, you might do something that could make things worse.
    If you plan to bless your house, do a little investigation first. Most cases of demon haunting gets worse when people try to appease it or shoo it away by blessing the house, praying over it and lighting candles. Try to identify if the entity is malevolent and what ways you can do to make it leave without confronting it, being spiritually sensitive is not the same as being able to fend it off, rather these things prefer people who are sensitive to spirits because they can be easily manipulated.

  7. HDV says:

    Hello! I’m the original poster of this. Thank you all so much for commenting and giving suggestions! To help clarify things a little more…The house where we each saw the entity is not the same. Actually, the two places were on separate roads about 20 minutes away. The entity has never made a noise when it is seen; it’s mouth is just gaped open as if it were shrieking, but no sound is coming out. Although, I do recall a VERY vivid incidence where I getting ready for bed and heard the most…unusual sound. I can’t even begin to describe it, other than it sounded angry. I can’t imagine any human or animal (although no animals really roam around my home, anyway) that would make that kind of noise. It sounded as if it were right next to my ear. It hasn’t scratched or bit, other than tracing my foot with a fingernail…but no marks were left.

    I dabble in art a tad…I can try to recreate the entity and post a link of the picture somewhere in another comment if people would like to get a closer look at this…thing.

    • Buddy says:

      That is pretty interesting, I’d like to see how it looks like. I’ve seen other recounts of similar looking entities but it’s rare to see a recreation of its portrait. I know it can be uncomfortable and terrifying, but try to learn how to ignore it. One thing you can do to better protect yourself is practicing your faith, that is if you’re a religious type of person. Don’t give it reason to approach you by trying to talk to it or communicating with it. just make sure you don’t try anything that will aggravate the entity. If you feel things are getting worse, don’t hesitate to seek help. I wish you luck and pray for your safety.

      • BB says:

        I have read a book called the tall woman and it is rather scary its aout these 2 boys and one of them is called carlos and he has a freind called gabriel {who’s a boy} now carlos is being hawnted by the tall woman and he eventullay dise but i’m not telling you the whole story or it will spoyle it for you so you will have to fined out the rest for yourselves.

  8. Paul M. says:

    I would like to see your drawing when you are done. The being appears to be watching you for some reason. Is it also following your sister? Have you asked your Grandma about the history of her home or anything she has seen?
    I have seen some weird things in my life but never something like that. Just be careful and I hope nothing bad happens to you and yours.

  9. Anonymous says:

    This entity you speak of reminds of a story called “The Tall Woman” by Pedro Antonio de Alarcon. It is basically a story about a man who is haunted by a demonic being that resembles an old woman. While the story is fictional, there are records in many different cultures about haglike being who cause harm to people (such as the Mara in Scandinavia, and Black Annis in Scotland). Maybe there is some truth to be found in these records.

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