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Haunted by a Vampire Ghost

Posted on May 13, 2011

I believe I am haunted by a vampire ghost. I think it came into my family from when my great aunt years ago performed a sance in our home. I was about 9 years old when I was staying overnight at my grandparents house when all of a sudden this bright light came in from my window. I was sleeping in the loft upstairs in their house. She spoke to me saying that she came in this world from a sance and had been watching me. She said that she would protect me.

I ran down stairs and woke my grandmother. All she said was is she still here? I thought we got rid of her. then she said it will be o.k. she wont hurt you. She usually comes to me when something bad is going to happen and tells me what is going to happen. she scares me but I try to speak to her when she is here but I can hardly hear her, so I soon give up then she disappears.

She has protected me but a lot of bad things have happen to people around me, since. My pen pal died in a car accident a few months before we were to meet. My brother disappeared on us, not sure what happened. My husband has had numerous head injuries through our 17 years of marriage; a babies death, almost like she was taking sacrifices. Shes nice to me and warns me of bad things that are going to happen, but why is the world crumbling around me.

Then a few nights ago, I think I have discovered something. It may sound strange and unreal but she came in through the window upstairs in my grandmothers house and what I heard was very startling to me, we were having a wind storm up stairs in that room where she first came to me, and it sounded like she was fighting with a man. then I seen her ghost fly though the door into my bedroom, and something was after her, a demon of some sort. He couldnt get through the door because the downstairs had been blessed by a local priest years ago because of this ghost woman. My grandparents called her the spirit of the house. They thought that she had lived here long ago.

Any way the demon said he couldnt get through the door and said it must have been blessed, He called her a whore then he must have left because the wind stopped. She then pointed at my husband laying down sleeping next to me and said hes going to fall down the stairs. Two days later he fell down the stairs of the basement and hurt his lower back but hes o.k. She had talked about my brother the one that came up missing, and said he wouldnt let her help him, because he was afraid of that demon that chases her.

When she walks through you it makes you hungry, We get hunger spells. Ive asked her to not do this but a friend of mine seen her walk right into me and was trying to take over me, she slapped my arm and told her to leave my body I looked into the mirror and there she was starring right back at me, I said Holy Christ and told her to stop it, and she disappeared. I have plans to try to send her back where she came from but Im not sure what to do.

~ Anonymous, Copyright 2011 TrueGhostTales.com

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17 Responses to “Haunted by a Vampire Ghost”
  1. martica says:

    i dont think its a vampire spirits that are vampires are spirits that suck your energy to gain power they feed off fear and tragic accidents so if she was a vampire she wouldnt worn you about these bad things happening to you, i think its a spirit you is trying to help you but also you must always be careful cuz sumtimes they use that to gain your trust so they can posses you, it sound like she already take sum energy from you thats why you get hungry to get more energy and she try to posses you probably for more energy to, why dont you try praying for her to see the light if she gets violent with you or doesnt wanna go then talk to her about not doing that anymore if she refusses then you have you sage your home and tell her by jesus chris you commader her to leave, and she doesnt then open the seance again and banish her good luck hopfully she will agree to move on or keep looking out 4 you but not try to posses you

  2. Anonymous says:

    Not to disrespect you, but your story is a little hard to believe and understand. How is it a vampire ghost? You never explained that. And do you trust her? Why did your great aunt have a seance in the first place? Either she had reasons or she didn’t. You should look into it.

  3. Rosie says:

    Whatever she is, didn’t seem to bring you peace and happiness. You need to get rid of all of these things and get the house blessed again. Why suffer?

  4. cobra says:

    same thin here its had because somethin possesed my grandpa and he started talking in a scary voice so watch out

  5. big barney says:

    sorry but this story really didnt make sense….the detail in it were not explained…and it jumped around, besides, it is really hard to believe this story….

  6. bob j says:

    I believe in that story as I’ve patrol 3 Cemeteries for 6 years night and day and I believe that I brought some thing back with me because I seen her as if she was a solid human being. and I also have witnesses that heard her voice in the bathroom and at night she walks in the kitchen and some times she is in the basement..She’s an old wrinkle lady..

  7. Carri says:

    Any thing from the board is not good. you need to put on a cross. have you ever found your brother? even demons can warn you like they are being of something good. but if they try to possess you they are evil. you must beware. pray to Jesus for help.

  8. LunaTerra says:

    Seances and Ouija boards are really not for ametures. Sounds to me like your Grandmother did not propperly close the seance all those years ago. i think, that along with her, your Grandmother also let in a dark spirit and maybe he is the cause of all the misfortunes that have been happening to you and she is just trying to warn you of it. I think that your best bet, is to try and send her back to her realm and hopefully the malevolent spirit as well. You should probably consult a trusted Medium for assistance, because I do noty think those with little experience should be messing int his area. Now, I say, trusted, because there are many out there who “claim” to be the real thing, but are scam artist, and I am not looking to see that happen to you here. In the mean time, do try to talk to the female spirit and thank her for her warnings, but that you wish for her to return to her realm of existance. Hopefully this works, but do still consider the Medium. An honest and genuine Medium, will be able to assist you in crossing over these spirits to where they belong. Best of luck!!! Continue to pray and keep up with your own religious beliefs and hopefully you will find a resolution soon!

  9. Mellisa says:

    It’s not that I don’t believe in your story, but i found it’s strange that you assumed her to be a vampire ghost. what made you think she’s a vampire ghost? is vampire spirit or ghost really exist

    • Mellisa says:

      Also I don’t think she’s the one that harm your husband. To me it’s more like she got premonition & told you what she knew.

  10. Teresa says:

    I wonder if maybe she is trying to use your energy to stick around and protect you. I would bet that all the bad things that have happened around your family are a result of the demon and not the lady. However, you would not be going through any of this if your grandmother had not dappled in what ought not to be dappled in. And to everyone else asking why vampire ghost…. She feels drained and hungry after encounters, that is a very blatant sign of a psychic vampire.

  11. Julie says:

    I would say they maybe she isn’t warning you what is going to happen, more like she’s telling you what she is going to do next. And she’s feeding off your emotional stress to become stronger. Fighting something else seems to make her be a ‘Good’ entity however this does not seem to be the case. Prolonged contact with her may it be good or bad will end up with more going wrong….I’d love to have more detail to properly analyze the situation however if you wish to not talk any further on this topic I’d understand. Did you ever find your brother?
    Best wishes,
    Julie and Joshua Austin

  12. GLADEYES says:

    What makes you think it’s a Vampire Ghost?
    Did she tell you herself what she is or what her name is?
    Can you speak to her and does she speaks to you?
    Crosses, Holy Water, Blessings from any Religion does not effect Vampires Psyi or Sang Vampires. It’s only on stories not true. A Vamp can go to a Church and no one will
    even notice.
    It can be a demon. The things she told you that were going to happen in advance, could it be she knows because she is the one causing it. If she said she will protect you, then why didn’t she stop it from happening since it is not you but the ones you love.
    Let me know if anything else has happend since then.
    Thank you for sharing your story.

  13. Theresh says:

    hey have u managed to get rid of her yet.

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