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Haunted Basement and the Ouija Board

Posted on August 28, 2009

Hello our names are Alex  and Chelsea. A few summers back when we were children, about 11 or so, we visited our friends beach house for a week. Not knowing the people that owned the house, only knowing their sister (our close friend) had allowed us to stay there for free, because money was tough at the time.

Arriving at the house we were excited to find out we had the whole basement to ourselves. Later that afternoon, while we were unpacking we heard clashes and bangs, but we decided that perhaps it was just our imagination, or the pipes (seeing that the house was sort of old). The basement was very dark and had little light, no windows, but it did have a small doorway to another compartment that we later found out was the living quarters of the recent owner’s wife who was very sick with cancer and had passed away years before our vacation. The owners had not been to the house since she died, so apparently no one had been in that part of the basement since she died.

Later I (Alex) was standing on the staircase to the upstairs and decided to take a risk and jump from there to the bed bellow, as I let myself fall I felt something pulling me back, it felt like someone had there hands grasped fully on mine. Chelsea saw me leaning in midair on nothing and then I screamed and fell. So I (now Chelsea) freaked out seeing her screaming then asked what happened and what she felt and she told me. So later Alex went upstairs while I was taking a short nap, because she was a little freaked down there alone.

I was awoken to loud bangs coming from the old lady’s compartment. I ran upstairs as fast as I could to get Alex but then a shadow stood in front of me as I froze. It moved in front of me but nothing was there. I tried getting passed it but it seemed to follow me then held the door closed. I screamed at the top of my lungs and Alex ran down the stairs to open the door. When the daylight came from the upstairs, the shadow went away. Alex asked me what was wrong, I told her but at first she didn’t believe me. Me (Alex) being hardheaded, I decided to prove to Chels that there was nothing to be afraid of, but she wouldn’t change her mind. So I decided to maybe try and get her mind off of it, and go upstairs and watch some TV or something. Well our luck there was nothing on TV.

I decided to look in the cabinet to see if there was any board games. I saw that there was a Ouija board. We had never used one, but I decided this would be the perfect way to prove to Chels nothing was wrong. So we went down to the basement and propped it up on a table. &nbsp;<br />&nbsp;<br />the first questions we asked it was simple.

Alex: is there anyone here? Board: Yes.

Chelsea: What’s your name? Board: Glory

Alex: your names Glory? Board: no, Gloria.

Chelsea: was it just my imagination what happened earlier? Board: no.

I( Alex) couldn’t believe it. I think I was so scared, I couldn’t move. Someone knocked on the basement door… so I slammed the game board shut and stuffed it under the bed, because I wasn’t really suppose to be playing with witch craft. It was my mom. She opened the door, and proceeded to walk in and sit down beside us. I decided to find a little information out on the house, without letting her know what was going on. I asked her what the woman’s name was that had died there, she said her name was Gloria, but everyone just called her Glory. At this point Chelsea and I were completely freaked out, looking at each other. That was when we also found out she died there, in the living quarters. We had heard enough, when my mom asked us to come walk on the beach we said no, we were a bit tired, but we wanted to stay to explore the compartment while no one was in the house.

When mom walked out, as she closed the door, and I heard the beach house door slam shut hearing everyone there laughing and talking as they walked out, we decided it was okay to walk in the living quarters of the woman. As we walked to the small doorway, we both saw the shadow, like it was leading us somewhere.

Written by Alex and Chelsea, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

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32 Responses to “Haunted Basement and the Ouija Board”
  1. Karen M. says:

    Oh how convienient , you decided to look for board games, and there was a ouija board!

  2. DarStarr says:

    You and I think SO alike! I thought the exact same thing! lol!

  3. Pat says:

    SCARY! FREAKY! I KNOW they are tempting but don’t go NEAR a ouija board- it is a very slippery slope and you can get into something you don’t mean to…

  4. Karen M. says:

    LOL, I know better off sticking to monopoly!

  5. DarStarr says:

    So true! Can’t get possessed not passing go!!! lol!

  6. Karen M. says:

    LOL STOP DarStarr, I just spit my drink all over the computer when I read that!

  7. Karen M. says:

    I know this is way off topic, but yeah you could sell the haunted house on Boardwalk and move into one of the hotels, we used to call the cheap property in monopoly “the ghetto” I know Caretaker won’t publish this!

  8. Karen M. says:

    Aw, but I got a get out of jail free card, ha ha, me and my little thimble will be on our way!

  9. eyepriestess says:

    That card is sooooo valid Karen…. so don’t go there, I heard that jail is haunted by the caretaker ha ha

  10. kierra m. says:

    thats some freaky stuff

  11. Karen M. says:

    Oh gosh , I promise I won’t set up any “crack houses” on the cheap property, thanks for the warning EP luv ya!

  12. eyepriestess says:

    Yeah, I heard the caretaker is very freaky stuff (not caretaker here, :) the one in the jail lol)

    I know you won’t set up anything like that, it would be crackers darling, luv ya to bits!

  13. eyepriestess says:

    Sorry about that Chelsea and Alex, if i were you i wouldn’t mess with the ouija board at all anymore. Seriously, it is one way to get yourself into alot of trouble. I know of many people who have had serious problems getting rid of evil after using one. Leave them alone, it isn’t a game.

  14. Darstarr says:

    if you move into a hotel you know it will be right out of the shining! lol You guys have me laughing my butt off!!!

  15. Anonymous says:

    wow thats amazing

  16. Karen M. says:

    I agree with EP, I’ve read several stories here of all sorts of evil things that happened to people, who play with the ouija board.

  17. Karen M. says:

    Now all that being said, just think of all the fun you kids could have with Monopoly!

  18. eyepriestess says:

    What’s amazing Anonymous? Me or Karen? ;)

  19. Karen M. says:

    I think they mean moving into the Shining hotel , is amazing, darling Patsy!

  20. eyepriestess says:

    I know that really Eddie darling!

    Has anything else happened to you Chelsea and Alex?

  21. Karen M. says:

    Sorry CareTaker, on one thread about Exorcisim we managed to turn into a story about our kids!

  22. jk says:

    you wrote Alex (me) rhen you called the other girl Alex

  23. Robert says:

    YOu left the story hanging.. Like it was leading you somewhere? Where then?

  24. TammyMom says:

    It’s really not impossibly far-fetched that they actually did find a ouija board in the cabinet. They didn’t say that they were LOOKING specifically for a ouija board. They were looking for board games. Kids are curious and nosey, and they like to look in everything when they’re in a new place. I’ve found some strange things in old abandoned houses.

  25. Angela says:

    Wow that’s Scary and Horrible Please stay away from them Evil boards I never messed with one never will. So please do us all a favor and don’t mess with with ouija boards those aren’t games or toys if you don’t know how to play one don’t play with it at all. If ur board watch movies or play a game that would be fun and not dangerous. it is not good to mess with the dead or spirits or demons. there is 3 steps of destoying these boards.

    1.Break the board into seven pieces

    2.Cleanse it with holy water or get a presits or pastor to bless ur house.

    3.Bury it afterwards. Do Not Burn it if u charish ur life.

    Please do not use one anymore pray to god to save you.

    God Bless.

  26. Kuva says:

    LOL @ KAREN M. DARSTARR EYEPREISTESS AND CARETAKER! XD u guys r crazy hehehe… Anyway yeah I’d probably destroy the board and be respectful to the spirit(s) there. They cant hurt ya, maybe ask them out loud to leave u alone.. There are things you can do if things get bad. Take care!

  27. Tony says:

    then wt. happened, i believed your story until the ending ruined it. seems like your trying to keep me on edge loll. silly girls playing with

  28. cant scare ernie says:

    idk guys something bout this story just doesn’t convince me that its real…

  29. Thomas says:

    oh nice cliff hanger. lol

  30. cookies says:

    I think they just got bored trying to think of more things to make up. Sorry but I don’t believe this one at all.

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