Haunted After Surgery in Hospital

Posted on May 31, 2011

I had surgery there in MMC Hospital,in the Philippines this month, and am thankfully home recovering now. After going through many ups and downs and close calls, after my surgery. Constant high fever, that turned into a roller coaster of up and down. Constant vomiting, lbm, dehydration, all caused by a severe reaction to the blood transfusions I received. It happens, in cases of sensitive patients… which I am one of. It is an experience I would not wish on even an enemy to go through your body literally attacking itself to rid it of the “invader blood”. It is a very painful and debilitating experience that no medicine can relieve you from, your body has to accept the new blood and until it does, there is a mini war going on inside you that you feel every bit of.

We stayed in a large private room with a sleeper sofa. Our room was directly in front of the nurses station, which was good for me because I needed constant monitoring.

The night after my surgery, I had constant fits of being in and out of consciousness. All the while I was having the strangest nightmares I can ever remember in my life. I would remember them while I was awake, and they were waiting for me if I closed my eyes for even 1 minute. I was afraid to fall asleep, the messages I was getting in the nightmares always pertained to me dying. The “things” I would see were very angry with me for some reason, and it really scared the shit out of me.

I told my husband I think I might be losing my mind. I did not know what else to think. I started praying constantly anytime I found myself awake, and finally after 2.5 days of these “dreams”, they stopped abruptly.

By the 3rd day in the hospital is when we started hearing the voices in my room. Yes, a woman could be heard talking in my room at random. You would hear a very loud moan, and then a series of muffled words!! This would happen in the middle of the daytime, morning, and at night!

It always came from directly beside my bed to my left side, we would pretend not to hear her sometimes, but other times we would be caught off guard and actually answer her, saying “huh”? Thinking someone else in the room was the source of the muttering.

We never told the nurses about it until about my 6th night there. It was about 3am in the morning. I was sleeping, but not soundly due to pains. I could hear my husband snoring on the sofa bed, but other than that the hospital was very quiet. I started dozing into a deeper sleep when I could feel the presence of someone moving around the room. I figured it was the nurse because they would come in to take my vitals are regular intervals all night. I kept my eyes closed, as I listened to someone shuffling around the room. I realized that I did not notice any light on in the room, and why had the nurse not touched me yet?

I did not want to think about where the noise was coming from so I kept my eyes closed tightly. The shuffling got louder in the room, and the other noises (don’t know what they were) was also getting louder, as if to wake me up on purpose. I could feel someone standing near my head on the right side, I was so scared. I heard them move away from me towards the foot of the bed.

I opened my eyes, and there… walking from the right side of bed, turning at the foot of my bed and walking across towards the bathroom was a lady in a white hospital gown. She was looking directly in my face, with a upset look. She moved slowly and I could feel her scolding me. I could see her as clear as anything… the lights were out, but it was as if a light was on her, or inside her, I can’t describe but it was as if the lights were on in the room! I “felt” her saying, You should not be here, you should not live. I closed my eyes again, and grabbed the nurse call button. I pressed until they came, only a moment I am sure, but it felt like forever.

I was sweating really bad, and could not catch my breath. They put the oxygen mask on me and took my vitals saying my pulse was elevated too much. I told the nurse to leave the lights on, because I saw something here in the room. I did not tell her what I saw, and for some odd reason she did not ask.

I thought it was a bad omen, that meant I was not going to leave the hospital alive. What else could she have meant? Why was she so upset with me? She made me feel like I was guilty of something, but I did not know what.

She did not show herself to me again for the rest of the stay, but she continued to moan and mutter things at random. I think it was to scare us at any chance she got.

I did end up finding out what I “felt” the angry ghost lady say to me. During my surgery that should have been no longer than 1.5 hours, and ended up taking 6 LONG HOURS to perform. I died on the table. This was not told to my family at all, although we suspected something went wrong and the doctors were just not saying it. We only found out by the “slip” of the tongue of one of the resident doctor’s to my doctor. My doctor feels so guilty about it, that she calls me every day since i left the hospital! What doctor does that!

Anyway, I am thankful to be out, and breathing again. I will not forget the lady in the hospital gown, but I don’t feel guilty for living while her life was lost at some point. It is not my fault, nor my call as to who lives or dies. I wish her soul finds peace, and stop tormenting patients in the hospital, especially those who did not die and stay dead like she wished them too.

Sent in by 3rdEye, Copyright 2011 TrueGhostTales.com

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15 Responses to “Haunted After Surgery in Hospital”
  1. steven zeigler says:

    wow like that is some serious stuff there like how could they not tell you any of this like seriously WHAT kind of hospital does that! and no you should not feel guilty about not dieing like that ghost wanted you to but i think it was just jealous.

  2. Buddy says:

    That was rather shallow of the Ghost and a typical trait called “Crab Mentality” (you get what I mean) just because you survived the ghost wanted you to be on the same boat. Anyway, don’t pay attention to it, you can try muffing it out by ignoring it (that is if the ghost hung around you till now).
    One of the probable cause of that experience could be due to Calular Memory Retention, not sure of the exact medical term. It’s the ability of cells to retain memories of body organs, which in your case, blood. Surprisingly, science has proven that cells can retain memories even though the organ donor is long dead. It is one of the possibilities though. Have you asked who the blood came from?

    • yumi says:

      Buddy – Blood is not donated like an organ, it is simply labelled by its letter. You wont know who its come from, compared to organs blood is donated from thousands of people daily around the world, you simply dont get that turn around with organs so cant really put it in the same boat ;) .
      Im not sure about the blood memories comment either, blood can retain memories in what its used to doing, but not actual human memories from the brain.

      Thanks for sharing your story, im glad you are well again. :)

  3. gwsdf says:

    hey hi i dont get the part where u 6 long hours to perform and u died on the table then why r u still here? i dont get it can someone PLEASE explain it to me?

    • Caretaker says:

      It isnt that uncommon for a person to “die” on the operating table and then be brought back. It does happen.

  4. manss says:

    somebody looks at this occurrence scientifically and some supernaturally and sometime it is not compatibility between these tow standpoints.if we assume this occurrence be true would closed the way for science to research about it so we have to discuss in a paranormal manner.science can analyze the brain and describe its biology but is not able go beyond. Anyway, I want attach this story to paranormal but a dubious thing prevented me . it is the light which author say have been seen around or on that ghost.it is not compatible with my knowledge and experience. the light is special-sign of holiness and righteous ghosts( like prophets) so a stuffy and harmer ghost that wishes death for others can not be glowing !!

  5. 3rdEye says:

    @steven…Thanks, I did struggle with guilty feelings after the encounter. I look at the experience as this, If I were not meant to be here, then the Doctor’s would not have been able to save me during the surgery when I flat lined. So, I have to be thankful for that.
    @Buddy… I did ask the staff did the blood come from 1 particular donor or were there several? They said it was 1 donor of the first 2 bags of blood. The 3rd bag of blood, I am not sure if it was the same person. My blood type is very difficult to get here in this country, so I am just happy they were able to find someone with a match.
    @gwsdf…I am sorry if you can not understand how a routine surgery turned into a 6 hour surgery. I am not a Doctor, so I can not answer that. I was asleep at the time, so I have no memory of what happened. When they lost me during surgery, I do not know. That was not disclosed to myself nor my family members. The disturbing part is that they hid the fact it happened, instead of informing my waiting spouse and family members.
    @manss…While I respect your opinion. I remind you that it is just that, your opinion. Just because your experiences never involved seeing a spirit with any light form around it, that you felt was not a good spirit…are your experiences. It is quite rude to call someone’s experience dubious because you can not relate, or what you have read does not relate. Can you explain why I could see her so well in a pitch black room in the middle of the night, if she did not have a light source? Please explain that to me? No person can tell me that this was a good spirit, light or not, her attitude was plain and it was not a nice one.

    • 3rdEye says:

      @yumi and Caretaker…Thank you for your supportive, and intelligent responses. It is difficult to share stories like this, for fear of ridicule. I put my brave face forward and shared anyway. I am still recovering, it has barely been 1 month since my surgery. Progress is slow and steady, but my Doctors are very happy with my rate of healing, so I am not complaining. Just hoping I never have to go through anything like this ever again.

    • manss says:

      Mrs. 3d Eye

      Don,t be indignant of me. do you think the doubt in a subject is insolence ? No it is not .
      i only mused that a common ghost had a light. this caused to be that unusual for me. I read your story again , thought more and get a new opinion.the results were these : ” a listener is not like an spectator ” – ” some mysteries may be unlike to what we know ” – ” when a patient go – up to gateway of death , may what she has seen be right and true.”

  6. carri williams says:

    It sounds like that ghost wanted you dead. possibly angry you were still alive. you tapped into the lost souls of the patients who died at the hospital. The pain and medication also played a part into tapping into the paranormal. sometimes under medication, alcohol or illegal drugs we tap into the paranormal.

    • 3rdEye says:

      I do believe that they were lost souls still trapped in the hospital for whatever reason. I have undergone surgery before. Never experienced anything out of the ordinary during that time. It was the same hospital about 10 years before, but that was before they renovated the entire hospital. They recently finished adding an entire new tower, and are still in the process of upgrading all the rooms, operating theaters, lobby, etc. The improvements are great, but it does make me wonder if it has anything to do with the spirit activity we experienced.

  7. Buddy says:

    Well, what ever that was it had malicious intent. No good entity would want the person they see dead.

    As for what Manns was saying about the scientific approach, Spectral apparitions are categorized by science as “Ectoplasm” now known as the 4th state of matter called plasma, included in this state of matter are electricity and fire. They are visible and yet you can not touch them, they are intangible and yet you can feel them, unlike gas, plasma is more visible. One of the reasons why paranormal investigators check for “EMF” to verify if a place is haunted because they believe that ghosts emit magnetic waves, if you guys remember your Physics lessons electricity can produce magnetic waves and electricity in itself glows! Which explains why the ghost seems to glow like a saint, it’s not that that thing is holy it’s just electrically charged.

  8. Jaybee says:

    Years ago I checked into the hospital the evening before surgery. They were pretty full, so they put me in a room at the very end of a long hall. That night one of the nurses kept coming in to check on me. She was very kind, giving me a back massage and chatting, etc., but I was a bit annoyed that she kept waking me up. She kept asking me if I was alright, how I was feeling, did I get a good nap (since sleeping longer than an hour was evidently not an option with her coming in so often). I was exhausted the next day. After the surgery, they brought me back to a room across from the nurses’ station.

    Somehow, and I don’t recall how at this point decades later, I found out that the room I’d had the night before evidently was haunted. Many patients had experienced paranormal activity in that room — which is why this particular nurse had decided to make sure I was okay all night. Of course I immediately forgave her for making my night miserable – obviously it might have been so much worse had she not pestered me!

  9. Teresa says:

    From what I have read here and there, it is not at all uncommon for a person who has died or had a near death experience to come back from it with the ability to see and hear spirits.. Shame on those doctors for keeping such information from you and your family. Something like that in the US would be grounds for a lawsuit and revokation of said doctor’s license. As for the woman, I get it, she’s angry because you made it and she didn’t. Not to mention the renovations, things like that are akin to hitting a wasp nest with a baseball bat. It stirs things up and makes them angry. I am glad you are doing so much better and I wish you all the best. Next time, just don’t have surgery in the Phillipines….. Good luck with your healing!!!!! God bless

  10. SealtielRN says:

    I used to work as a Nurse in MMC in the Phil, if we’re taking about the same MMC hospital i’d say that’s not all you have to be scared about, i had so many ghost encounters in that hospital that i’ve been almost used to them, there was even a lady who keeps asking me for help whenever i am on the nurses’ station, even if i know she’s long dead, sometimes patients would complain about noises in corridors as if there was a party going on, even if in reality it’s shut silent, i’ve heard a lot of rumors and allegations across doctors doing illegal operatins and all, this might be one of the reasons why that hospital is so haunted.

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