Has Anyone Experienced Sleep Paralysis like Me?

Posted on January 4, 2011

Hello I’m interested to know if anyone has experienced the same as me and their take on this?

About two years ago I moved into a new apartment with my boyfriend and had my first sleep paralysis experience. I remember lying in bed asleep on my back and “waking up” to realize I could not move my body, not even my eyes, and I could not breathe whatsoever. The only thing I had was my mind wide awake and the panic of not being able to move or breathe, I literally thought I was going to die. I remember desperately trying to move my hand, I began tapping with my hand on the bed and my boyfriend shook me and woke me up. He said I was making strange noises and he thought I was having some sort of panic attack. I also felt the heavy sensation pushing down on my chest stopping me from breathing. When I finally woke up, thanks to my boyfriend, I remember being very disturbed by the experience, but even more so because of the feeling that something was in the room with us. This happened 3 more times in the same night and really scared my boyfriend. After that night, this would happen every couple of nights.

Eventually me and my boyfriend had our differences and decided to end the relationship. I moved in with my mother in a new apartment.

I have lived in this apartment now for almost a year, but hadn’t experienced the sleep paralysis thing in this time until just last night. But it was so much worse this time around.

I was lying in bed listening to peaceful music as I have trouble anyway falling asleep, and heard a knocking sound in my room. because I felt scared I stopped listening to music and just tried to fall asleep naturally. But I have never felt so certain that someone or something was in my room with me, the pitter patter of footsteps, the slight knocking sounds, the feeling that they were walking around my bed. Eventually I fell asleep. Only the sleep paralysis thing happened again. This time I “woke up” 4 times before I actually woke up. Again this happened about 4 times but the final time this happened I distinctly remember something had hold of my body and was throwing me around the room. I was wide awake while this happened and felt every ounce of pain as my body was flung into the walls of my room, I even remember my head smashing against the wall, all this happening while my body was paralyzed. eventually I woke up but I cried my eyes out and had to get into bed with my mum.

This is the most terrifying experience I have ever had because I feel like a demon was trying to kill me. Please can someone tell me if they have been through something similar? No-one understands in my family or friends!

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30 Responses to “Has Anyone Experienced Sleep Paralysis like Me?”
  1. Anonymous says:

    i think this story is very disturbing as something simeller happend to my mum long story but my mums experinc is not as bad as yours hope you theres something you an due about this situation xx

    • Anonymous says:

      I had this happen to me last night-minus the throwing around in my room.
      couldnt move anything but my hands and my hand happened to be on my dog. I grabbed her fur/skin and i twisted it in an effort to wake her up and possibly stop whatever was happening to me. It didn’t work. and after about 30 seconds whatever was pushing on my chest and arms let go. it was scary. and it boosted my memory and I realized that this used to happen to me as a kid. SCARY NIGHT! But i wasnt paniced. scared but not panicked. WEIRD!
      -Katie :)

  2. Reaping-wolf says:

    get a cat. cats repell anything unwanted. not a dog. a cat. preferably a white cat. but it doesnt matter.

    • Eva says:

      I completely agree with the cat..ESPECIALLY A WHITE CAT. I had a similar incident happen to me where I was asleep and had a dream about a woman with long black hair, she resembled a beautiful, evil, witch and was hovering over my family . I woke up wide awake with my heart pounding, eyes open and not able to move. It front of me was literally the same women from my dream. I tried gasping for air and moving but it was just not working. Now this may sound stupid, but for some reason I yelled out my cats name which was Lucy and you will not believe all of a sudden I could move, the woman disappeared and the cat was right under my hand. She happen to be a pure white cat too. I don’t if that stuff is true but I never heard about it until after this incident happened to me.

  3. Aaron says:

    I think I do have experienced the same things as yours but the part where you were thrown all over the room is just too crazy :o ( that’s really scary.. ) could it be Boogeyman or something..? Cause from the experienced that I felt.. Sleep paralyze normally just paralyze your body to a certain limit.. I think it pushes you the part which you feel like dying.. But from the part which you were thrown over your room.. Sorry, I can’t figure anything out again..

  4. Sean says:

    One thing that can be very effective against this type of attack is to start praying for protection before going to bed.

    I have read of people who were having these attacks and then started praying and repairing their relationship with the divine, and the attacks would go away.

    One person wrote that they started praying for protection during an attack, and the being that was attacking them seemed like they couldn’t get out of the room fast enough!

    However, it’s not just that one person — basically in all the stories where people started praying during an attack, the attack would cease instantly.

    How is your relationship with the divine?

  5. Satansson666 says:

    I have always heard that you sometimes think that you might be experiencing something like an attack and feel the pain but its not real. There was a story one time where a girl though her teeth where getting bashed in and felt all the pain but it really wasnt happening, just the sleep paralysis. Idk if there is but see your doctor about anything he can do to help with it.

    • Jaden says:

      I have dreams like this too, where my teeth are coming loose or falling out. It’s terrible because I feel all of the pain and I’m so worried when I wake up that I will have teeth missing. It started shortly after I got my braces off when I was 14. I feel the same kind of really sickening ache as when you first get braces tightened, like you just want to hit your head against something to distract yourself. I think it must be that I’m subconcously remembering the feeling because it is the only time I feel pain in any of my dreams including sleep paralysis which I often get.

      • Kim says:

        Weird to see this comment about dreams of your teeth falling out. I have the SAME dream that started about the time I got braces. It is the same every time. It starts with me realizing that I have a loose tooth, then I find that all my teeth are loose and starting to fall out. It is a horrifying dream. I always wake up before the teeth actually fall out. I read somewhere in a dream journal that dreaming of loose teeth means you are anxious about the future, which in my case is true mostly. But, I have always wondered if the dreams are because of the braces I had. And the feeling when they were tightened, how loose they were.

  6. Carri says:

    It happened to me in a motel room when I was asleep by my boyfriend. I had Sleep Paralysis I was asleep boyfriend next to me. went into sleep paralysis. saw total darkness. soul rose above my body. I could not communicate or yell for help. I had no will over my soul. soul lingered above body until the light of dawn.. I remember trying to scream all night for help. but no sound came out of my mouth. I was in a semi sleep state. I tried to wake up my boyfriend but could not. Then when the light of day came like at 6am my soul returned to my body then I told my boyfriend what had happened. I remember total darkness. soul floating above body. could see entire motel room. but could not communicate at all.

  7. Jesus1 says:

    I am very sorry! The best way toget rid of this demon is read the bible, and talk to papa God, and jesus. this evilness cannot kill you, and when u feel it again, instantly use ur fear and turn it to anger. we are powerful people and have absolute power over them. when u feel it yell “i demand u in jesus name to get out!” and run after them screaming. the bttr ur faith the bttr they fear u, but they hate u and want u to die. Jesus loves u and wethr u do the worst evr he will forgive u before u do it.jesus

  8. lynsey says:

    That is so so so weird, I had sleep paralysis a few times and as I didnt know anything about it, the whishing in my ears and being able to see and could even hear (Cat dealey presenting some music programme, i’ll nevr forget) but couldnt move, i felt more terrified than i can explain, my body felt was vibrating inside or something, I was despretely trying to move, and eventually i did, i remember feeling how uncomfortably heavy my ankles felt, as one was crossed over the other, i moved my leg so slowly, like moving through treacle, but i kinda swivled my eyes downward and seen my ankles were still crossed, i moved my leg, then i started to think it was pretty amazing, I could, when i concentrated see a slight wavery outline of were my ‘spirit’(?) arm and leg was. anyway, it happened a few more times. It was at my mums house when it happened I could hear (in my head) a very angry man and women, they seemed to be angry with me, and this is whats weird, i was ‘thrown’ around the room, I could feel my body being dragged along the wood as i was on a top bunk, and litterally hurled at the walls as if i were made out of nothing but i was feeling every pain to say I was scared would be an understatement.Once I was in hospital, my arm had been badly burnt, I went into the buzzy, paralytic state again, (I had only one bad experience wich i described above except for)I was moving my ‘spirit arm, completey pain free at that moment) when I seen a dark solid roundish shadow in the corner of the hospital room and knew 100% I had to stop. Its hapened since though and had no problem, its just uncomfortable entering sleep pralysis. good luck, tell if anything else happens. ps wot happened at my mums , well other things happened to other members of my family, we had something in the house but its gone now, it scared my 20 yr old sister who laughs at ghosty stuff, total non-believer

  9. Anonymous says:

    last night i woke up unable to move and i felt like i was shaking, i was next to my boyfriend and i couldnt move my hand to wake him up, it didnt last long but it was terrifying. my fish in the tank next to me were going crazy after 3am and were knocking around the pebbles on the bottom of the tank. i heard whispers earlier on aswell, how do i get rid of it?

  10. Kim says:

    I had a bad experience last night. I have had many episodes of sleep paralysis in the past and they were all the same-feeling of being pushed down by some evil presence on top of me. And a big sense of something in the room. Terrifying.
    Last night I couldn’t sleep. I had a slight sense of something in the room but didn’t feel afraid. Finally, as I was trying to go to sleep, I could hear music around me and what sounded like voices. Even though it sounded like it was right in my ear, I couldn’t place where it was coming from. It sounded far away, like traveled sound. At this point, I asked for protection. And visualized a pink bubble surrounding me to protect myself.
    I fell asleep. Then, I woke up being thrown around my bed. It was a sense of terror, and I felt like I was levitating about 6 inches above the bed. My head and arms were thrashing around and I was being shaken out of control. I tried to scream and willed myself with all of my might to jump out of it and gain control. It took about 15 seconds and I was able to jump (from what seemed like mid-air) out of bed and was instantly standing at my bedroom door. I was trembling and more scared than I have ever been in my life. I ran to my son’s room and yelled that something was happening. Then I just sat in the living room shaking for about 20 minutes, and finally got in bed with my daughter.
    This was just terrifying. And come to think of it, my son had the same experience in that very room several years earlier. I just didn’t understand what he was trying to describe.
    What in the world-or not- is this???? Feels evil.

  11. Amy says:

    Wow… I thought i was the only one who has experienced all this… Mine was close but not exactly the same… First I wanna say that I think watching Paranormal shows or movies opens a door in ur mind and allows u 2 see or experience these things cause i never experienced it til after watching Paranormal Activity it was a few night later but i never had any dreams about it… I was layin next 2 my bf at the time and woke up like i was bein held down… i could see fine but i could not talk or move as i was tryin 2 scream or kick my bf 2 get his attention… i really thought i was gonna die… i have no idea what caused it but it scared me more than anything i ever experienced in my entire life! I have had that experience twice now… my brother suggested it was an evil spirit or demon followin my bf around because after we split and he moved nothin else happened until recently… Little things have happened such as the tv comin on after i turn it off and once my desk lamp came on by it self while me and my bf now were layin in the bed… this lamp has a round swith that u have 2 turn a full turn 2 turn on so i dont see how it could just come on… it freaked me out and that was the last thing that happened til last night… me and my bf were goin 2 sleep and he fell asleep first… i layed awake feelin strange and i have a sheet hangin up in my bedroom door way… i watched it bein moved 4 about 5 mins just thinkin whats causin it and scared 2 move… then i hear somethin in my kitchen and/or livin room then i hear sounds like someone walking around outside or maybe inside… then i hear somethin on my bf side of the bed and next thing i know he jumps up and is lookin around sayin somethin cold just went across his leg… remind u he didnt believe in all this type of stuff so i knew he really felt somethin… about 30 sec later a hat falls off the wall… we were scared and shaky after that… we try 2 fall asleep and soon as we drift off my eyes open cause im hearing a child cryin or whining… i didnt move just yet only opened my eyes… i hear it again and i lift up 2 look at my 4 year old daughter who is asleep on her bed and i see that my conforter is lifted as if its floatin or someone has pulled it up or somethin… i pull it up towards me and look at my daughter and shes makin some noises in her sleep… my bf sat up same time i did cause he heard the cryin as well… i dont know what time i even fell asleep after all this last night and i dont know what 2 think… whatever it is i wanna get rid of it now… if anyone knows what it is or how please tell me! Im truly scared of these experiences!

  12. Carri says:

    I also remember ringing sounds in my ears. put on an cross. pray to jesus for help. It sounds evil. watch the Exorcist. that movie shows levitation. this sounds evil to me.

  13. Cat says:

    I can’t say what this is or isn’t, but I will say that it is natural and will not hurt you. The feelings of fear, panic and evil are mainly due to the fact that the experience is very, very far from our normal comfort zone.

    Think about not fighting it. Let go and let things follow their course. It’s not easy to do when we find ourselves suddenly panic-stricken, but just be open to the idea and it may later happen naturally.

    Things can get really interesting then, from what I have experienced. I could go on about ‘astral this’ or ‘kundalini that’ but I really have know idea what it is!

    As evidenced by the discussion here, others have experienced this and are okay. Keep your sense of humor and be open to a bit of adventure.

    Cheers, and sweet dreams!

  14. Ronnie says:

    I used to experience this quite often as a teenager. I have also always been sensitive to supernatural energy, and have had some very unusual experiences in my life as well. In regards to this sleep paralysis; it is absolutely terrifying.
    Eventually, I learned the best way to deal with it was to just start praying. Praying to God. Blessing and Praising God. As I would pray, the paralysis would fade. And pretty soon I stopped having those experiences altogether. (I am on the verge of turning 32) The last time I experienced anything like this, I was somewhere between the ages of 15 and 17. There really is power in faith and prayer!

  15. platypuses rock says:

    hi kelly287 i read all of your story and im sorry but i found it horrifing! i fell so sorry for you and i hope it never happens again! xx

  16. snooki's ex boyfriend says:

    i had an horrible experience last night, i was very unaware that others like me had experience this, i remember i was totally awake and then i go to sleep, but semi asleep, the thing is i feel something pulling up my bed sheet, i tried to move but icouldnt, i tried to talk and say my sisters name for help but i couldnt, then i tried to lift up my arm up but there was a pressure that pull it down, until it reached the bottom, where i felt like somehing hot, like a dog, i woked up very scared, and i tried to convince my self it was a dream; my cus said i was screaming juuu juuu -it felt so real

  17. Doreen says:

    Hi Kelly,

    I experienced much the same thing a few times but there have been no further episodes since. I empathise with you as I know the experience can be quite terrifying. Lets see if there is a scientific explanation for this. Use your mind to call on Jesus for help. Believe me it works.

    Cheers and take care.

  18. Jessica says:

    I have gotten rid of my sleep paralysis. First you have to realise that your body is falling into a very deep sleep. The reasons it may do this include things like you are extremely tired already, or if it is too hot.

    I suggest beginning a regular sleep/ wake pattern where you get at least nine hours of sleep a night. That sounds like an awful lot but people about age 12-22 ish are supposed to get 9 hours. Most of them get 6 or less. Also, try to go to bed and wake up at the exact same time every day. At least for a while.

    At any rate too many nights without enough sleep messes up your brain chemicals and causes all sorts of emotional and sleep problems. Can cause depression as well.

    Also, make sure its not too hot in the room. The heat puts you in a deep sleep and causes problems as well.

    Its nothing you can’t beat. The self defeating part is that if you are afraid to sleep you won’t get much sleep. But I assure you you don’t have to spend your whole life this way.

  19. Lilybeth says:

    Hi Kelly I just wanna tell you that you are defenitely Not alone on WHAT happens to you . This has happened to me as well, but you know how you can stop it? By rebuking them int he name of Jesus Christ; they are demons attacking you while you rest, and they will leave you alone when you say “in Jesus name I command you to leave” and they will flee. As God is real so is the evil side that we dont see. Many people go through this experience and have no idea that it is Real not a nightmare. You have the authority to take a stand & make them leave, but you have to look to God for help. Write back when you do this & trust me it works. God bless

  20. JU says:

    I have had around 10 experiences with sleep paralysis, or whatever it may be. I have has the extremely scary kind where I am actually speaking to someone who at the time was portraying my good friends sister and the devil at the same time. (My friend doesn’t have a sister btw and I was napping on my friends couch at this specific time) This one particular time I was going through a real low point in my life, i had just lost my job and decided to move back to the East Coast, I�m not going to get into my experiences right now but may post a few later. I just want to say that I do drink a lot and usually when I experience these I believe I was dehydrated, especially when I would go through the absolute worse ones. I had one a little less intense a week or so ago, yet it wasn’t half as scary as before. Currently I am at a much better place in my life, and am pretty healthy. I just want to say I have read a lot of stories I believe that if you try your best to maintain your health, and let yourself try and be aware of what is going on they don’t seem to be as scary. I do pray as well, but understand that some people don’t. Just do your best to be aware what is going on. If it is “evilness” which totally feel like it is, try and close that door mentally, and seal it shut! This is not something people should go through.

  21. ScaredToSleep says:

    Kelly287….I’ve had sleep paralysis and these types of experiences my whole life. I can’t explain them and so far I haven’t been able to get rid of them. It’s pretty terrifying! I remember specifically once time I kept “waking up” and I felt that something was wrong. I couldn’t explain it. And I “woke up” 4 times and every time it happened I would get more and more freaked out because I couldn’t move or call for help and I felt that something was in my room but I couldn’t see it. The last time I “woke up” that night, something grabbed me and ripped me out of bed and I was unable to move or call for help and I remember being on my back and all I could see was the ceiling as I was being dragged down the hall. I could hear and feel my head thumping against the floor. I finally ACTUALLY woke up and didn’t go to sleep for the rest of the night. It was horrifying. And this happened when I was about in 6th Grade (2001), so it had nothing to do with that movie Paranormal Activity. Anyway…I know how you feel. It’s terrifying! I’ve had these dreams so many times and I don’t know what to do. Best of luck to you and if I figure out how to stop it I’ll let you know! I’m really considering finding someone who is a professional who deals with paranormal type things to see if it’s something more than my mind playing games with me.

  22. Amalia says:

    It happened to me many times .. I experience this frightening situation once a month. My eyes are open, the body is paralyzed and can not move my mouth and speak. I know I’m wide awake. I always hear people in the background trying to talk to me .. Very scary and always hard to sleep after that because of fear..

  23. Carri says:

    Kim, sorry to comment again. I think you are in danger. this thing is demonic. you really need help. pray to God and Jesus for protection. put on a cross. religious stuff in your room. like mother Mary, Jesus. even pictures of them. you are in a spiritual battle. yes a demon is attacking you. maybe go to the catholic church for help. I think this thing followed you home from your first apartment. It possibly was haunted. who knows. pray a lot for God to help you. this thing is trying to attack and possess you. somehow in the first apartment you were in you opened a portal, or it was haunted already. do you remember what you did? well this thing has followed you to your mother’s house and still is tormenting you. you may need some help. have strong will and know you can fight this thing. tell it God is protecting you. leave me alone in the name of Jesus.

  24. mel says:

    I have this happen apart from being thrown around the room it just won’t let me sleep and the min I do go to sleep something is poking me and touching my hair I don’t believe its trying to hurt me as it haven’t done bad thing to me apart from push me out of my bed when I don’t get up it sound crazy I no.. I went to the church as I am I great believer in god and I asked my priest about it and he said next time this happen just tell it to go away and say a pray he give me holy water and crosses and I wear a cross around my neck I never take it off but still it happens to me this thing just sits and watches me playing with my hair or hands legs ect.. Lately I have felt a ice cold hand down by my women parts that freaks me out my family didn’t believe me till one day I felt it working its way up my legs and I had my sister to fell ans she felt the cold ice hand that I kept feeling so I went back to the church and he said next time it comes just say I put you to rest as you can do me no harm I’m in gods hands I forbid you to touch me if that don’t work then its dark and evil and will be hard to cast out as I’m still working on my ghost but he can’t touch me any more I feel him there but don’t feel him on me or touching me but I have try to talk to him now to ask what he wonts from me I will let you all no how that gets on I get any more news on how to get ride of ghost I will be more then happy to tell you all

  25. carri says:

    To Mel.
    This evil thing that keeps trying to touch you in your privates is a pretty active demon.
    I know this because the place I lived in that was haunted and the devil keep trying to touch my daughter sexually. I know this because we could see him. He would watch my child when she would take a bath. he would touch my daughter. This is an active demon. My daughter would not take too many baths because of the devil watching her. I always had to be with her she could never be alone. We had to move and put on crosses.

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