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Growing Up With A Ghost For A Best Friend

Posted on January 10, 2010

Most people when I tell them this don’t believe me. I just hope you do. I have been haunted all my life by ghosts and from a very young age I could see and talk to ghosts. I was five when my family realized, I am 14 now.

One night when I lived in my old house my sister woke up to find me in the middle of our room. I had my arm out and it looked as if I was holding a hand and I was talking to the space in front of me. My sister got creeped out and locked herself in the bathroom until the morning. She was woke up by me and my mum banging the door trying to find out what was up with her. When she told us my mum didn’t believe it. But I knew she was telling the truth. I remember the night well although I couldn’t remember being in my room. I was standing in a dark place with a young boy about five. He told me he was called John and he wanted help as he was lonely.

Over the next year me and John became friends and would talk all the time, he was the only spirit I could talk to as I was young and the rest looked scary to me. My parents would sometimes find me playing and talking to myself and thought I had an imaginary friend until one day when me and my sister wanted to go out but our mum asked us to tidy our room so we did so we could go out. We piled our toys into our toy chest and left for the park leaving my mum in the house. After a while she heard a bang in my room and went through thinking I was still in but when she went in all she could see were all my toys on the floor and one got flung across the room. Now my parents believed me.

The next few years were pretty quiet. I would see ghosts around and try to dismiss them but I couldn’t as they seemed to know I could see them. Some would follow me around tormenting me and my family until I spoke to them. I hated it, my mum tried to get help when I was about 10 but couldn’t so we moved away.

In my new house I could see a lot of spirits. One in particular was called Harry. He was in my room and had unfinished business so in order to try and help him my mum decided to try the Ouija board but this annoyed Harry and he would keep me up at night by banging my bed and scratching my walls. One night my best friend stayed over and was flung out of the bed, she had a scratch down her back and that’s when I turned to John. John did help me and Harry stopped. He still scratches the walls and bangs my bed sometimes, but it isn’t so bad anymore.

I can’t see ghosts now, I lost it a few weeks ago. I can’t see John anymore but I can feel him around me and I am so happy that I have him with me.

Written by Sarah Jane, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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38 Responses to “Growing Up With A Ghost For A Best Friend”
  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi,my name is Louisa and first of all I’d like to say that I believe your story. Like you,I have been haunted by ghosts my whole life.It started when I was three and I’m 27 now.Yes I know it can be terrifing seeing a ghost.You are not alone and what I mean by that is there are other people out there who can see and are haunted by the dead.If you’d like to ask me anything just leave me a message at true ghost tales.

  2. Julia says:

    Hey, I can see ghosts too. My mom was really freaked out when I told her and she sent me to some wacky shack for crazy people but she felt bad and let me come home. Recently I have been doing some ghost hunting and I help ghosts cross over. Sometimes it is scary but I am used to it. All of my friends are really supportive and they don’t judge me. There is actually a ghost in my school bathroom. Her name is Kelsey and she is nice. She dies in a fire. When my friend go to the bathroom by themselves they are fine but when I go there are tons of noises and she talks to me. I try to help her cross over but she wanted a better relationship with her dad which is impossible because her dad is dead but I think she will cross over someday and she will thank me. If you have any questions just leave me a message!

  3. trolldoll1681 says:

    like i said before, we have this new generation of kids, that can and do see ghosts and such. the problem is people and parents have such a hard time believing it. these poor kids are telling the truth. we need more adults that have grown up with these gifts to guide them thru this time in there lives!

    • Anonymous says:

      i totally agree with u! no parents belive anything. exept for my mom when i told her about my experience with bloody mary she belived me and told me not to do it or it will let demons into your house.

  4. RoseMary&Samantha says:

    We believe you!! This story is very cool and interesting(:
    Wasnt it scary having someone banging on your bed and scratching your walls scary though?
    And how do you see ghosts? Is there a way to see them?

    RoseMary: I have a feeling that my room is haunted because I took a picture with flash on in the pitch black of my room and when the picture showed up there happened to be orbs all over. I’m not really sure if that means my room is haunted or not but I’m still scared!! How do I communicate with them? Or how do you make friends with them?? I want to be able to see them too!

    Samantha: I think my house is haunted with ghosts because there are several occasions that have happened!! It kinda freaks me out!! and i always feel like i am being watched when i am in my room! and what RoseMary said…How do you communicate with them? and how can you tell if they are evil or nice? Also if they dont leave you alone what do you do?

  5. daiweide says:

    trolldoll1681 –
    I don’t think there is a new generation of more kids that can see and communicate with spirits. It’s just that in days gone by kids would have been silenced by their parents or stigmatised and placed in some mental institusion. Thankfully things are different these days. Plus there never used to be the internet where people can so easily publish there stories and experiences for so many people to see. :-)

  6. bee says:

    hmm.. i sometimes see and feel ghosts around me,.. after my grandma died i always see some white thingy, i dont know what was that,..

  7. Sandy says:

    Hey Guys,

    A small advice, please do not take these ghost thingi lightly, in the beginning it might be fun but later you will realise you have made a mistake entertaining them. Please its my kind advice not to entertain talking or helping ghosts in any way. They are the lost souls trying to seek your attention, they are those who have chosen their destiny & their destiny is hell, God has brought you here for a purpose please do not euin that purpose or plan by fiddling with ghosts, if at all you see a ghost good or bad please let them know that they are not welcomed. I felt like writing this its upto to you to take it or leave it.

    God bless
    Take Care

    • Anonymous says:

      that is true. i always watched scary shows, like a haunting on discovery and the haunting on animal planet. i thought that it would be so cool to be haunted and have a ghost follow you. until i actually experienced it in the field in the back of my house. it is not a thing to mess with, it can ruin your life. i also always thought i knew how to call on demonds to come, but now that i think of it, i dont know how and i really dont want to.

  8. Fenwinkel says:

    Sarah Jane, I wonder if John could be your spirit guide. Several shows I’ve watched recently on TV say that we all have one. The fact that you can call on him when you need help kind of points in that direction. Unfortunately, mine remains silent,

  9. catie says:

    i got suffactated by someone i could only see and was taken to hospital. it was only cuz i tried to tell my parents about james my fiend only i could see and he got really mad with me.i lived though that.
    2 months ago i got hurt and it was by some one only i could see called sam he is gone now, but i fell in love with someone called stuart smith and we got ingaged sam said he loved me and that he hated stuart then he knocked me unconcious. stuart and i are now married but i keep seeing sam what should i do ?

  10. Carri says:

    I believe you. I can hear ghosts but not see them. I hear them whispering, banging or chains rattling. I have heard moans and talking sometime. I do not hear ghosts all the time the place has to be haunted. I only hear them if I stay at the house or spend the night.

  11. BEaAnn09 says:

    i DO think that i had see a ghost

    it when i about 4 year old and i saw shadow figue

  12. autumn says:

    Many people grow up with ghosts when they are young, I did I am now 12 but when I was like 3,6,8, I would always play with the invisible, and many people thought that there was some thing wrong with me, I dissageree with them I was just a little girl, your story truely dose help me in many ways, I think that your stroy is one of my faverotes you have a good heart and a good mind I hope that your doing okay, :)

  13. Jae says:

    Mr Fenwinkel has a very good point. I too believe we have our own Spirit Guide; even if we don’t see them. The only thing is that a Spirit Guide is much older. I doubt it’s the boy though. Sylvia Browne is a legit psychic and a very informative woman. She appeared on TV shows and has published numerous books that deal with “The Other Side”, the man upstairs himself [GOD] and other things. I’m reading one of her books now called “Phenomenom”. I’m almost done. It’s an awesome book and very helpful.

  14. ilovejonasbrothers says:

    @Rosemary- a picture dosen’t mean that your room is haunted. there is a possibility, but its not for sure yet. to comunicate, do NOT us a ouija board. those are very dangerous. to comunicate, try using a voice recorder, and ask questions outloud. then play the conversation back on the recorder, and you might hear a responce. there is no specific way to see ghosts. some people are just gifted like that, but others are not. try taking a couple more pictures, and see what they come out as. and, do not be scared of ghosts. i believe my room i haunted as well. it was scary to me at first, but i got used to it after a while. I’ll be here to help.

    @Samantha- what kind of happenings are going on in your house? my house is haunted, so i get why you’re scared. my room is haunted as well. i fell like im being watched too, but sometimes you can just be paranoid. to comunicate do as above, but do NOT whatsoever use a ouija board. thse are highly dangerous. you can tell if a ghost is evil when they try to hurt you, or if you hear them talk, they might sound scary. and, with the question, what do you do if they dont leave you alone, is that happening to you?

    Message me back. Ill be glad to help.

  15. trolldoll1681 says:

    i too enjoy sylvia browne, she has been right on so many things! i have read several of her books.

  16. ilovejonasbrothers says:

    i have never read any of her books before, but they sound interesting. are they about the paronormal?

  17. trolldoll1681 says:

    ilovejonasbrothers, yes, many of them are. some are self teaching books about various subjects such as astral projection and past lives and the like. look her up on the internet!!

  18. jessica says:

    is virtual ouji bad like can spirits go into your house if you play it virtually

  19. Sarah Jane says:

    i wanted to say thank you to all you who believe me and to people asking questions i want to try and answer them as best i can.
    for you who think your house is haunted as ilovejonasbrothers said do NOT use a ouija board!! after my mum used one i regretted it.
    and RoseMary the photo may mean there are ghosts in your house but do remember that it may have been dust so take the advice and take more pictures to see what turns up.
    and autumn thank you so much! i am glad my story has helped you i am okay nor harry does still bang my bed and make noises and even though it is scary i have got used to it now and i can dismiss it he has hurt my friend again a few weeks ago but she is okay.
    fenwinkel i do believe that john is my spiritual advisor too. he was always there with alot more ghosts that havn’t been mentioned,

    catie. your comment stood out to me, sam seems to be a troubled soul to me. you have to try and help him, let him know in a nice way how you feel about stuart. and ask him to try and pass over, if this doesnt work you should let stuart know and you both shoud try talking to sam,
    please let me know if it gets better.
    i am thinking about writing again to let you know how john has helped me throughout my life.
    hope you are all well

  20. Samantha&RoseMary says:

    RoseMary: JonasBrotherslover thank you for the help! I did take more pictures and there still were visible orbs in my room. I got scared for a few days to sleep in my room but after a while of noticing that they didnt harm me I wasnt scared anymore. What else should I do to see if my room is haunted.

    Samantha: My house is haunted because, there are like a lot of reasons but here is some…..My dad heard i voice say “here he comes” when he was walking down the stairs..and it was a girl voice….and the radio always turns off and on..then I hear footsteps..and my music box started going off out of no where…and then there was glass in my room and it broke out of no where!!!…there is alot more but….yeah!! thanks for your help!!!

  21. Lotus S. Dust says:

    thank you Sandy! bless you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its sad to think of how many people of so many ages are so misled about spiritual warfare. thanx for your story sarah. i can relate.

  22. Zach says:

    I believe you, I actually see ghosts sometimes, and once one tried to talk to me. I got too scared and ran away… Now I regret it… Can you tell me what it was like being able to talk to an actual ghost whenever you felt like it?

  23. anna says:

    nice story.i would be upset if i saw what you did and my parents didnt believe me i would be upset.parents should believe there kids no matter what.and if they wouldnt they should pretend and go with the flow.i think if i where you i would be upset that i couldnt see the ghosts anymore.the presents wouldnt be the same.back then ya it would suck because you dont really know whats going on after awhile its fine.so thanks for the story.

  24. Gracey says:

    Hey :) Um, this will sound trival to all the things you all have experienced, but does it necessarily mean your house is haunted when you hear strange scratchings beneath the parquet floor and sometimes, besides you? These scratchings frequently occur whenever i enter my mum’s room and only stops when i scratch back or whack the floor with the remote(only when i’m annoyed).

  25. Sarah Jane says:

    Zach, thanks yeah i know how you feel i used to try and ignore some and i do regret it, talking to ghosts was an experience i won’t forget because i could help them with their problems i might write another story here to let people know about some of my most memorable chats and some other ghosts i had talked to other than john
    i know that when a ghost first talks to you you can get creeped out but if you just give it time and work with it you will get used to it, so if a ghost does try to speak with you try and speak with it, you may be scared but you will get past that :) i hope this helps x

  26. Suzanna Julia says:

    I do believe you cause I had the same thing, I had the burned mark on my back shaped like a hand, I got smaked by nothing i dunno what it is. My friends told me it was a ghost, HAHA.
    Its like a birthmark. Man u r lucky to have a friend to talk to, I enjoyed you story.

  27. Brian says:

    Nice story.. I wanna try to be friends with a ghost lol..

  28. April says:

    You kno as much fun as people may think it is to talk to the non living it isnt for those who actually can it is quiet scary your first couple experiences an even sometimes after every ghost is different an still can spook you at times. Ive been having experiences with the dead since I was 6 I am now 19 an it still gets to me.

  29. Maya says:

    WOAH! Wouldn’t you get freaked out?!! I just saw Paranormal Activity and couldn’t sleep for a day! Kudos to you :)

  30. Ghost girl says:

    okay, I want to ask everyone on this site who can see and talk to ghosts: is it a gift or you can learn how. I would love to talk to ghosts. Like Melinda Gordon in “Ghost whisperer” Oh I love that movie! I’m asking because I found on the internet how and I don’t know if you need some special gift. Anyway, I liked your story. I believe you.

  31. trolldoll1681 says:

    i have seen them. not very many. one was a residule and the other was what you call a shadow man. i don’t know why i have seen them and my boyfriend has too. it maybe the place you live in or how much fear you feel when they are around. i’m not afraid of the otherside. after all we are all going to go there one day.

  32. Yo-Yo says:

    Having a ghost for a best friend would be amazing!!! Xp does he go every where with you? I’m a bit obsessed with these stories and i very much believe in ghost.

    • Sarah Jane says:

      Yo-Yo, When I Could See Ghosts John Was Always There Even If I Couldn’t See Him I Could Feel Him There With Me, And Its The Same Now I Can Always Feel Him There

      And Thank You To All The People That Believe Me. And Thanks For Reading My Story

  33. AnNa says:

    i agree with you Yo-Yo.it would be awsome.

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