Grey Gargoyle Like Demon

Posted on March 11, 2010

I’m not sure its a story exactly but I’ve know for some time that there’s something following me/attached to me, I think I’ve always been aware its there but until a few years ago I wasn’t sure what. Its almost like a memory half remembered, like a dream never dreamt.

I don’t tell people, in fact I don’t think anyone knows and anyone who does thinks its just a joke. The only way I can really describe it is that it looks like a grey gargoyle like demon, like the same colour as paving stones with hints of green as though moss was growing on it. I recognize the colour in my mind well. Its a little confusing.

The first thing I have to point out is that it doesn’t look menacing and it has never threatened me. I suppose I’m not worried about it really but I’d like to know what it is/ what it wants. If anyone has any ideas I’d like to here them.

In my family the women on my mums side are quite sensitive to things, I’m not sure if I believe in the paranormal but we definitely pick up on strange things.

My mum is quite religious and recently we were talking and we got onto dreams, she’s told me about some really bad dreams she’s had about demons, she wakes up unable to move like her limbs are heavy and she told me that in her mind she makes the sign of the cross and prays to make it go away then what ever it was leaves. I’m not religious though so I don’t think it would work.

I have performed a cleansing ritual on my bedroom and on myself just in case. I could go into further detail about past experiences which cant be explained but there’s quite a few and my only issue is with what ever is following me, help please?

Sent in by Lis, Copyright 2010

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16 Responses to “Grey Gargoyle Like Demon”
  1. gorgeous-killerr:P says:

    even if it doesnt threaten u or anything u can never be 2 careful..cuz u never know if that demon can turn on u and then start to hurt u!cuz i doubt that u come across a demon thats “good” even if u dont know wat it wants get rid of it get a priest, bless ur home something!even if ur not religious but ur gunna have to rely on God to help u to get rid of that demon….ur just lucky it hasnt harmed u yet so i guess it cant be too dangerous
    well i hope u get rid of it soon
    take care and be careful!!
    xxxx karenn[=

  2. anna says:

    even if your not religious that doesnt mean it wont work,I could always try.I cant really tell you anything because you havent really told us that much.get a cross and put it in your room see how that goes.I do hope if you do find out what it is you can get ride of it.sorry for not being able to let us know what happens.

    • thekat322 says:

      Actually, You HAVE to beleive in it in order for it to work. It’s no good if you are thinking about a cross and dont beleive on its “power”. And I use “” becuase by it self it dosent have any power what makes it powerfull against darkness its the meaning behind it.
      What you have to use in case you need it is the object of your reliegious belief. If you dont have any, I dont know what to tell you

      • anna says:

        I just thought, sorry if my anwser wasnt good.and Im not saying it mean.I guess you do have a point.see the only reason I said that was its never happened to i said i thought.

        • thekat322 says:

          No dont worry, I just made a reply on your post so ppl would know that I was refering to this. im no expert on the matter, but that is what makes more sense to me….

          • anna says:

            Im not an expert too.thats why i said what i I read stories I dont know if there saying it a mean why or not.thats why I always say (NO OFFENCE, or NOT TO BE MEAN,and thats fine you comment back everybody has there own opion.if that make sense.

            • Lis says:

              I wish i had faith in god, but its hard for me to believe – although i have faith in angels [i know that doesnt make sense]
              When i experiance these strange things i often imagian an angel with its wings around me protecting me, i guess that helps me pick up the courage to face things.

  3. knowtomuch says:

    Interesting you brought this up. A couple of months ago, i was out in our garage having a smoke. One of our cars was in the garage, so i had to go around it to get to the bench where we sit to smoke. As i went around the car, i saw what looked like exactly what you just mentioned. It was crouched down and quite big, grayish looking color. Then it vanished, in my 51 years of living with the paranormal, i have never seen anything like that.

    I was actually afraid to post about this, thinking that people would think i am nuts, as i see many things and am also a sensitive.

    I didnt feel afraid, although it was an ugly thing. I just wondered why it was crouched down beside my car??? all of the garage lights where on, so it was not dark…..

  4. knowtomuch says:

    Holding up a cross or having a priest bless your house does not mean that an entity will go away. Sometimes it can make things worse. Some things should just be left alone, they may just be traveling through. Like i said, i have never seen anything like that before, and havent since. There are spirits and entitys all around us as we go through our daily routines. Some of us just happen to pick up on more than others.

    • Lis says:

      This could easily be coinsidence but After i submitted this story I forgot about it for a few weeks and as i was cleaning up my room i found a little figurine of a gorgoyle on my top shelf, i’ve had it about a year,
      i bought it in cornwall because it mildly resembles the grey gargoyle thing and its sort of cute in a weird way. anyway i got rid of a lot of junk but decided to keep that and i put in on my windowsill which is right next to my pillow.
      That night i had really bad dreams all night then i woke up at around 2:00 when my phone was vibrating, i checked it and saw it was an e-mail notification saying that my story about the grey gargoyl had been accepted…. i thought that was a bit creepy so i put the figure back on the top shelf. thats where it is now….

      just thought you might be interested to know

  5. Draculas Diaper says:

    Its probably an angel

  6. arlyn says:

    it may not harm you yet but don’t just ignore as this is is waiting for the right time. keep your faith in God and continue live through His words.

  7. heart says:

    My mom was just telling me the other day that she was laying in bed to take a nap and saw a green light form and it had the face of a gargoyle, she covered head hoping it would go away and when she looked it was right in her face, she closed her eyes and prayed and it wasen’t there anymore. She told me this has happened to her four times before through her life. She isnot the type to lie or make up anything and she has many things that happen to her like this but she still sleeps in her bed in the dark now me, i would sleep with lights on and tv. She said this has happened in day and night.
    I would look at it more as a demon, She has herd growels in her room and we all have herd the voices there. My son who is four has even asked who that guy is as he is following it with his finger through the room. Very creepy.

  8. alex says:

    this demon has appeared to me, slate grey skin and gargoyle like features, it has a name but i can never rember it, it grants three wishes or desires, i have always been too afraid when it appears but now i know what it does it has not been back since

  9. Effy says:

    I have seen the grey man for the past month. Before seeing him, I was seeing the little people, who are all black and no features and about the size of a small child, slinking in and out of the trees in my yard. When they went away, the grey man appreared. He too, is featureless, but one day as he followed me up the stairs, he was wearing a distinctive flannel shirt – the only time I’ve seen any color about him. He does not scare me, but sometimes gives me a jump when I am unaware he is in the room. He never speaks and appears to find his amusement following me, revealing himself, then quickly dissapears.

    I don’t know who or what he is and I can’t find any information on grey men like I could with the little black people. I, too, am afraid to tell anyone about this, not even my husband or close friends. I just wanted someone else to know that I have witnessed similar events and hopefully, it will help to find out your not alone. Good luck.

  10. rp says:

    your story is mine the same things were happening
    the grey thing with red eyes ,waking up paralysed with something trying to choke us
    me and my mum
    wooooo i cant believe i found your post this all happened in our house as well

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