Grandma’s Haunted House in Tonawanda New York

Posted on July 17, 2009

First a little background. My Grandma and Grandpa bought their house in Tonawanda, NY around 1993 to 1994. It was to be their last move. The house was built in 1952 and is a ranch style home. It’s not one of those old houses that you drive by and just know it’s haunted by looking at it. It looks very ordinary, like all the other houses on the street, in neat little rows. Whenever we had holidays at the house, they would send us kids down to the finished basement to hang out and watch TV. None of us ever felt comfortable down there and to this day, we still talk about how much we hated that the adults sent us there.

My Grandpa passed on a couple years after they purchased the home and my Grandma lived there alone until I moved in with her briefly in 2003 (graduated college and stayed with her to find a job in Buffalo, NY). I always felt uneasy in that house. It was as if someone was always following me and watching me – especially in the basement.� Needless to say, I was thrilled when I found an apartment and moved out.

My daughter was born in 2005. In October 2006, my Grandma fell ill and moved to live with my uncle. They needed someone to move in and take care of the house with her gone. My husband, daughter and myself moved in right away (you couldn’t beat the rent). I thought about the “ghosts” I felt there in the past but also thought that maybe I had grown out of it and I was blowing it out of proportion. On the contrary, however, things began all over again and much worse than I ever remembered in years past.

My husband and I are avid believers in the paranormal and I’ve always felt in tune with things as I’ve experienced things since I was younger. He has also had experiences in his past. We were watching a show on TV about ghosts and I always made it a habit to have the light on in the hallway (it was just enough light for our living room at night). Our couch faced the hallway and the TV was on the wall perpendicular to the hallway. All of a sudden, I saw a black mass move across and completely block out the light in the hallway. It seemed to move in slow motion, but I know it happened quickly. My jaw hit the floor. I finally pulled my gaze away from it and looked over at my husband, who also had the same look on his face. We had both seen it and I can still visualize it.

There were so many times I would hear my daughter in her room in the middle of the night laughing and talking her “baby talk”. One time I went in there and she was sitting on the edge of her bed, holding out her favorite stuffed animal “Kitty” to the middle of her room as if she was trying to share it with someone. (Mind you, she never shares Kitty). I had to say her name several times before she snapped out of this gaze. She calmly laid back down and went to sleep. On several occasions I would be tucking her in and she would be pointing just over my right shoulder, giggling and smiling, as if someone were standing there talking to her. I always thought it was my Grandpa looking for my Grandma and he would stop to play with her.

One night, I was laying in our bed and my husband was out in the living room watching TV. It felt as though he came into the room, laid down on the bed next to me and started lightly rubbing my back (which he does often). I turned over to give him a kiss goodnight and found he wasn’t there. I called him from my cell phone and told him to come back to the room because I was too scared to move.

Other occurrences in that house were severe chills and unexplained goosebumps. The remote would be moved to the kitchen sink, along with DVDs and such. Please note that my daughter was only 18 months old and unable to even reach the sink. A picture in our hallway (the same one that had a shadow figure or whatever cross it) was taken off the wall and moved to our foyer on the floor. It was laid up against the wall, frame completely taken apart. No one was home when this happened – we were actually in WV visiting family and came home to find that. It was a picture of my husband’s brother along the Colorado River. Apparently someone didn’t like it and moved it off the wall!

Nothing scared us too much except the basement. I swore off laundry completely because of the feelings I would get down there (not a bad deal, right?). I never went down there alone. I always felt someone staring me down, almost like I wasn’t welcome there. It was the most uncomfortable feeling in the world. My husband eventually stopped going down there too. He was doing laundry one day (middle of the day) and as he was turning to walk out of the laundry room into the finished part, a woman whispered his name into his ear. He said he never ran so fast. He’d heard it several more times before we finally moved out. We had a computer down there and we were both so spooked that we ended up buying a laptop just to avoid that area of the house.

We knew we had two different entities. One that made us uncomfortable and in essence, very scared. The other was more of a “watching over us” kind of ghost that played tricks. We moved out in May 2008, as my family had to sell the house. I don’t know if the new owners have experienced anything, but I’m sure they must have by now. I still drive by it just wondering and it still gives me the creeps. I’m happy to report that I have none of the feelings I ever had there in the house we bought last May. Our new house is very welcoming and I don’t have anything staring me down in my basement (unfortunately, that means I’m back on laundry duty too!).

Another quick story and then I’m done – I promise! I grew up in the country, a far cry from Buffalo. Our property bordered two roads, one on the front and one on the back. We owned approx. 7 acres. Half of which was wooded, with a trail that connected the two roads. The trail had always been there, even though the property was undeveloped when my parents purchased it. On the back border of our property, across the road, there was an old farmhouse – directly across from the trail. I used to hear all sorts of things at night there. I would hear horses and people talking, old music and so forth. I just thought someone must be messing around in the woods.

One night, I was on the back porch calling for my dog to come in and he just kept staring and barking at the woods. I could hear loud sounds that seemed to be getting closer. Almost rickety sounds and loud thumps. I walked out to the yard to find out what it was and I could see a light coming up the trail (from the direction of the old house). I ran to other side of our house (our driveway was the end of the trail connecting to the road at the front of the house), to see if someone was going to come out of the trail and sure enough… right in front of me, I saw a horse and old style buggy go up our driveway and disappear. It looked like it was glowing. I had never seen anything like it.

In research, the old house the trail connects to was an old farmhouse/plantation from the 1800s that had since closed up and is now owned privately (no farm left). The trail used to be their “driveway” because the road bordering the back of our property was not always there. That was my first paranormal experience.

Sent in by Carrie, Copyright 2009

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10 Responses to “Grandma’s Haunted House in Tonawanda New York”
  1. monii says:

    I really liked your stories very much. Well, I hope you don’t experience those creepy things again but I couldn’t stop reading (: Thanks for sharing!

  2. trolldoll1681 says:

    that was really creepy i’m glad you shared it with us thanks

  3. kutin says:

    the stories you told on what you encountered is very interesting, I guess the basement is like where the bad spirits roams around and the upper floor where you are is where the good spirits are. I guess is like heaven and hell. Anyways , thanks for sharing. :)

  4. Anna says:

    Pretty scary stuff. I used to wonder why people would stay in a haunted place for so long before finally getting out but I know how “things” happen and it remains a question of whether or not “that’s what happened”…”did I really see that”…”maybe this or that took place in order for that to happen”…and so on…We try to rationalize it in order to stay “brave”….and basically, we are a people who will search out logical reasons before accepting the fact that, “the door just opened by itself”…”the light was blocked out by a black mass”, and so on. But, when things start rubbing the back of your neck…well, thank God for cell phones, huh? There are just so many things that can be passed off…and then there are those times when you just have to face the music and RUN! I know because I have experienced the same sort of things before. So, I am glad you are happy and safe. Thanks for sharing your scary story. I’d be frozen with fear too had something laid down in my bed with me that I could not see. And by the way, I’ve never had a basement, niether had relatives that had one either. Whoever invented those things must have been into seeking the paranormal too.

  5. smily says:

    That was a realy interesting story.I sometimes feel like i have experinsed paranormal activity,but no one seems to belive me.It could also be my eyes playing tricks on me though i dought it is.Anyway i belive you and thank you for sharing this story.

  6. Jacob says:

    great story. =)

  7. ernesto says:

    hey thats a great story …i would go back to that house and jst ask the new owners if the have ever had an uneasy feeling there ,and if they did what they think about it …that would be way too spooky for me ….i think i would like to spend the night there with a friend and see what i capture on film or what i record .it would be so fun …thnx for the story

  8. brittany lott says:

    well as long as you have god in your life nothing evil can hurt you

  9. Jesse says:


    thx for sharing wit us though :D

  10. annie nonomis says:

    in my old house i used to see ghost in my room and in the hallway every night then one day i went down to my landlords son that used to live in the house and he had a tape of moaning in the attic another thing is when my little brother was me and my mom were in the computer room and my brother could just no how to walk we where talking(me and my mom) and my brother came in to the computer room with a demonic smile and there was no possible way he could have got of the bed alone . and that wasent the only time somtimes he would always keep smiling like that and act different like screeming for no reason and one day i was in my moms room with my brother and he randomly pointed to the wall and started laghing i ran out of the room as fast as i could we ended up moving from that house but the house is my busstop for school and a few days ago i swore i heared somone say my name . my brother has never been the same

    when we moved i still feel like somone is watching me and somtimes ill even run away from nothing and somtimes ill see somone standing somwere out of the corner of my eye and then when i look thell be gone and it will keep happing and ill see the same person if anyone has any advice please leave a cooment.

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