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Grandfather He Met After Death

Posted on October 31, 2009

My fiancés grandfather that he met after death through me!

Ok so here’s how it goes. My fiancés grandfather passed away in the early 1970′s right before my fiancé was born. One night me and my fiancé were sitting on the couch watching television and I kept feeling like someone was poking me on my shoulder. It almost felt like a spasm so I asked my fiancé to rub my shoulder to see if he could find any trigger points and to see if my muscles needed stretching. (I work in physical therapy) Well as  he dug in my shoulder there was no pain but the poking feeling  continued.

I’ve come to realize that when ghosts need something they poke me, call my name, interfere with my electronics and many other things. Well I heard something in my head so I decided to hold a little séance. I have a pendulum that I use and I make a chart so ghosts can communicate a straight message to me. Well it was around 12 am and me and my fiancé were up cause we were both on vacation. So all of a sudden the poking stopped and my pendulum was being jerked. I started hearing words in my head. I asked who I was communicating with and he replied with Herman.

The minute I heard Herman I called my fiancé over cause immediately I felt he was my fiancés grandfather. So he came and decided to ask questions to see if it was his grandfather questions like what’s your wife’s name and things that only him and the family would know. Well then I asked if he had a message for Dave (my fiancé) and he was like yes and he said help Steve please help Steve will you help Steve? Steve is Daves brother. So I asked what should we help Steve with and he said Steve is a alcoholic and he needs help. I was in shock but I didn’t know what to do.

The next morning I talked to Daves mom and her being a real skeptic basically listening but not saying anything. Well the next day I felt the poking again and I was like Herman? and he showed me the conversation between Daves mom and his stepfather. Where she was like wow she’s crazy and her husband said well who cares what she believes. I was very irritated and told me fiancé that hey I don’t need her calling me crazy. I’m just trying to help and to deliver Herman’s message.

That night Herman said not to give up to go to her and talk to her. I thought I was going crazy cause here’s this ghost and he wanted me to go when I felt like they weren’t gonna believe me and just irritate me. Well I asked him when he found me and he replied with saying that I chose you when you were a baby. Its amazing ghosts have the ability to see how people will turn out so he used me as the person to help his family. It was close to 2 am at this point and I felt like someone jumped in me and got pushed out. Immediately after that happened there was a loud banging on the coffee table and I was like Herman is that you banging? He was like yes I was able to see Dave.

He hopped into my body and at that moment I was looking at my fiancé so he was able to see what I was seeing. Hence why its called medium cause you’re the in-between the living and the dead. He made the home so warm and cozy and I always felt protected with Herman around.

Well that week was my birthday so we went to Long Island to go visit Daves family and she asked many questions about Herman and I told her that he was a very strong entity, almost military like. Well she was very scared cause I was right he did serve in the military during World War one. She then asked what it was like and I replied saying well sometimes its good and sometimes it sucks cause you find out things you don’t wanna find out like when someone calls you crazy (I looked straight at her) and someone’s husband (I turned straight towards him) says well who cares what she believes! Right at that moment Daves step father jumps up and is like well that’s not what I meant I meant that its your decision what you believe.

Dave’s mom proceeds to tell me that I should of listened to the whole conversation even though when they had this conversation I was in Queens and they were in Long Island! I was like I’m sorry I was only fed a small part through Herman. Well after some time Dave’s parents decided to talk to Steve about his drinking and he got the help he needed. Well the night Daves parents talked to Steve and got him the help he needed I saw Herman in the apartment (he usually appeared as a floating blue stream) I said hi Herman then I heard him say thank you Jackie and Dave. Then I felt the swoosh of energy come on me. Something I have never felt before my fiancé was sitting right next to me and he was like what’s going on? Cause he felt this surge of energy coming from my body.

I took out my pendulum and asked what’s going on and the answer was Herman crossed over and what your feeling is power (energy) when you help a ghost its usually their way of saying thank you. It was such a happy but sad moment we were happy he was finally at peace and crossed over but we were sad cause one he treated me like family and two it was very comforting having him around. Funny thing is after what happened my fiancés mom now believes in my ability and is happy that he crossed over. Dave got to meet his grandfather, Steve got the help he needed for his alcoholism and I was just happy to have helped. That is another of my many ghost stories.

Sent in by Jackie, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

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10 Responses to “Grandfather He Met After Death”
  1. Karen M. says:

    WOW, sounds like you have an amazing ability! You said that it is one of your ghost stories, just wondering if you have ever encountered negative spirits?

  2. Indiangirl says:

    That is so cool. I just don’t understand where people think that having that ability is evil. This is a beautiful story. Looking forward to reading more.

  3. Jackie says:

    Actually I have but it couldn’t hurt me the medium that confirmed me as a medium held a readin one night for a friend that was a journalist she wanted to learn about our lives I brought my fiance along cause were inseperable so I immediately felt a bad vibe from the journalist and I felt and saw a ghost walk in with her well that night when I went home I told my fiance that we had to smudge the apt that a entity had followed me home so he lit white sage incense then I walked in. I heard a ghost sayin stay away from my friend the medium that he’s evil and I was like woo so I went to sleep I was awoken by a voice callin my name a male entitty sayin Jackie about 4 times so I woke up my fiance cause I was freaked out once I awoke my fiance it stopped. The strange part is the voice was comin from outside my window so the next mornin I cleansed the apt the next day my friend called me and asked me if a ghost told me to keep away and I was like yes he knew exactly what happend before I even told him he told me first.lol he told me to visualize my apt as white light after I did that with my ritual it never came back. I have many ghost stories I wrote the ghost that changed my life that was the first one that really made me wake up to my ability and made me come out about seein the dead.

  4. Jackie says:

    I honestly don’t know why people think its evil I guess people are scared of the unknown. Its a blessing not a curses

  5. ChronicMidori says:

    Wow that is crazy (In a good way! Out of this world type thing, I don’t think your insane..). When did you first discover you had this ability? Were you very young or did you have to mature to a certain age. My boyfriend is very sensitive to the supernatural, although he won’t admit it if you ask him about it. It’s not that he thinks he isn’t sensitive, he’s just not one of those people who brag. He has all kinds of crazy stories all the way back to his childhood, and his mother has even weirder ones about him. Most the time he reads my thoughts and others, its like he just senses it. You can just tell he not ordinary, and the energy he gives off is apparent to everyone! No seriously he’s like a beacon that draws people to him!

    One time he was doing laundry and this homeless guy comes in the laundry mat and my bf said he visualized a bleeding wound in the guys stomach like he just got stabbed. He said he could smell the blood. Then the wound was gone and the guy went straight to him and said he was in trouble. He said he just needed alcohol to get to where he was going and he didn’t want to bother anyone else he just needed to get going. My bf said he would get it for him because he felt a strong feeling that he should ( I know it sounds stupid, just let me finish).

    His girlfriend at the time was with him, she was outraged that he would agree to this crazy drunk homeless guys request. He told her it was something that needed to be done and went out the door to the liquor store across the street with the homeless guy in tow. Right as he got out the door this Asian guy in a nice car pulls up gets out and pulls out a Katana (its a long thin bladed, Japanese sword for those of you who don’t know.) and starts yelling at the homeless guy that he was ganna kill him. He was seriously mad and the homeless guy just kept apologizing and telling him he just need a drink to get where he was going and he didn’t mean to bother him.

    My bf stepped in the middle and calmed the Asian guy down and told him to put the sword away and he’s ganna get the guy his drink and he’ll be on his was. So the Asian guy just watched them go in the store. He bought the homeless guy his beer, the homeless guy thanked him profusely and hollered another apology to the Asian still staring at him across the street on his way out. Then the homeless guy was off and the Asian looked at my bf and just shook his head, put the sword away and drove off without a word. My bf’s girlfriend just watched from the laundry room window completely dumbfounded. He told her what he saw when the guy came in and she kind of understood at that point. This story was related to me by him and his gf at the time. He said it wasn’t the best thing to buy a drunk more alcohol but he didn’t want anyone to die so he felt it was a fair trade.

    Just one of the random things that occurs around him. He can’t speak to the dead like you but still some very odd things have happened to him. it really is sad how people shun these abilities and act like the one who have them are crazy. I guess it all comes down to people perception of reality and the world around them.

    Good luck to you, although you don’t need it do you?

  6. Jackie says:

    I wrote a whole big reply then I lost it well it sounds like your bf has some gift himself. He should go talk to a proven medium to do a readin on it. I’ve been having experiences with the paranormal since I was a small child my mom has a similar ability to me but since she’s such a strict Christian she says its from the devil even though since I was a child they’ve done nothin but help me. I come from a family that has a long line of psychics and mediums. After a lot of things I’ve learned you can’t change how you were born and who you are. Were all here for a reason and we should be proud of who we are. Life is a gift it should be used wisely

  7. babyface says:

    I would just liek to say i loved this story… It gave me chills not the bad ones but the good ones like right before your about to cry….. loved your story jackie….. If u have more i would love to read them……

  8. jjbaby says:

    Jackie how old were you when you got your gift please reply is it scary?

  9. Jackie says:

    Aww thank you everybody! I was very young when I realized I was different I was raised with a family that it wasn’t acceptable but even though I didn’t talk to them then they never left me they continued to stay by my side and helped me find out the truth about whatever I needed. My first experience had to be around 3 or 4 years old when I heard a voice callin my name and it scared the crap out of me. I’m very happy to announce that after 50 years my mom finally admits that she’s a medium also and that she sees the dead the same way I do. My mom saw it all her life and that’s why she avoided funerals after many conversations with my mom last night she finally admitted it the funny thing is the ghosts have been sayin get ready for a baby and last night my mom was like I had this dream your having a baby girl well I’m not pregnant yet but I definately feel its on its way. I’ve also been told that my children will have my ability

  10. ChronicMidori says:

    So I guess I was wrong about my boyfriend not talking to ghosts, apparently he has.. I was talking about this website and he mentioned a ghost he spoke to in a movie theater where worked as a projectionist. So I started bugging him about it till he gave me more info he kept to himself before. I guess it would be more accurate to say the ghosts talk to him, a few of them actually, some of the time with others around so there were witnesses. I’m going to post a story about it after I get his permission and have more time (work sux!)… Its all very scary and I really haven’t read any other stories that give me the chills in the same way! None of the ghosts he encountered were dangerous (most were very nice and some helped him!) but some things that happened there had potential to be dangerous.. The movie theater was built over the remains of a burnt down theater house so you can only imagine how haunted it is! I should probably do some research on the history of the theater too so it could take me awhile.. I’ll let you know when I post it.

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