Glowing Silver Figure from Earthen Mound in Ohio

Posted on June 30, 2010

There’s an earthen mound in Athens County, Ohio which sits in sparse woods beside what used to be a narrow gravel road atop a steep ridge. In those days no one lived near this place for some distance.

My aunt, uncle and cousin used to run the church in Carbondale since it didn’t often have a minister to preach in it. They would come from Conant to the north east to do this and went twice on Sundays, very early and then in the evening which kept them late.

One particular night they were coming along that lonesome road towards home when they saw the shape of a man walking through the woods up ahead. At first they thought he was wearing light clothes and holding some sort of bright light in front of him. It became clear after some time that “he” was glowing a very bright silver color and walking directly from that earthen mound. Whoever was driving hit the gas and sped towards home to safety. Though the sight of this scared them it hadn’t exactly sought to harm them.

One night my cousin, then a young adult and her boyfriend decided to go stake the place out to see if they could catch a glimpse of him again. They didn’t see it that night but thinking it might happen on the same day of the week they’d seen in before under the same type moonlight he went out there by himself. He lay there for some time until at last he saw a very bright light coming towards him from the area of that mound. It was glowing silver and in time he could see that it was in the shape of a man. At some point he began running towards my cousin’s house miles away and never looked back until he got to her house. He was too scared to leave the house until daylight. Even then he said anyone who wanted his camping gear was welcome to it, he wasn’t going back for any of it.

Our oldest brother told my cousin he’d go with her to get his stuff. They saw nothing of the glowing man but the mound was a matter of about 12 yards from her boyfriend’s camping gear. Nothing in the area between them had been disturbed to suggest that any living person had pulled a prank to scare the daylights out of him.

Subsequent attempts by our oldest brother to camp there and see this for himself failed to produce anything. Today one can go to Carbondale and proceed to the western most end of it which leads up a steep hill. It’s in the straight stretch up above where the mound is located. My aunt, uncle and cousin did see this glowing man who walked from that mound on more than a few occasions and so did those living near there.

Sent in by Patty, Copyright 2010

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18 Responses to “Glowing Silver Figure from Earthen Mound in Ohio”
  1. AnNa says:

    no offence but i dont know if i believe that.a glowing man?thats hard to believe.has anyone took some pictures?sorry not to be mean but i dont know.thanks for the story.

    • Patty says:

      Hey, there’s alot of things that I’ve seen down in that same area so I don’t poo poo someone eles’s experience. It’s that and my cousin who saw what she called a glowing silver indian there at that mound, walking towards her, is something I’d take as gospel given her excellent reputation with me. It’s ok to be a skeptic but all it takes is having a personal experience to change you mind forever. Maybe you could choose to reserve judgement and maybe go do some e.v.p. work at a known haunted house. E.V.P.’s are very easy to get, all it takes is an audio recorder. I wanted a personal experience with this media so I made my own recording where I felt this strange presence. I asked questions to see if I could get a response. Well, to my horror! lol it actually worked! You can clearly hear an older man groaning loudly and yes it was a human voice. The only people present at that location at that time were myself and one other woman. It was very cold out, so quiet you could hear a pin drop, and the sky was so clear that we were looking at the sky full of stars. I’d never seen so many before. At no time did we ever hear that man moaning! It made a believer out of me as far as evp’s are concerned. I thought I’d have to have special equipment to hear them just on a playback but I didn’t. I also helped a ghost hunter by telling him when I felt a ghost was near and putting off a strong presence. He videotaped in this attic opening and voila’ a tri-corn hat from the revolutionary era came up and went back down. I was thrilled beyond measure but the guy who videotaped this was mortified, lol. He got over that and went on to form his own group for paranormal research. What was videotaped was unmistakable. My husband had previously been up in that attic to see if anything was in there and he said there was nothing in it. It was funny because I kept felling like there was a french soldier up in that attic. I began speaking to him in french, what little I remembered from high school, lol. Much later, research into that house and area confirmed that the french were indeed in that house and area and some were trapped when the english overran it. This man was still in that attic after all that time! How sad! So, I told him what year it was and how to progress to the other side easily. I hope it worked because I wouldn’t want to be stuck in that sort of situation myself. The thing is, that it pays to get experience with a thing before you say you don’t believe in it. It’s only showing respect for your fellow man to do so.

      • AnNa says:

        im sorry if i upset you.i do understand what your saying.i shouldnt judge,even if stuff never happened to me,which stuff has 4 years ago.nothing like yours or anyone here.its nothing to write cant get people to believe if they dont.sorry.and if people dont believe me about what happened thats fine.and i am sorry just the way you just told what happened it does sound try.sorry again if i upset you.if not it just sounds like it when i read your comment.thanks for commenting me back.

    • Patty says:

      Anna, I’m not offended in the least by your “healthy” skepticism. I’d rather that people questioned such things as much as they could because it allows for even more details to emerge. The more we know about such phenomenon the more we know about our world. I’m intrigued about your experience of 4 years ago. It dosen’t matter how mundane you may think it is. There may actually be details about your experience that will allow someone to crack the mystery of such things as ghosts. There was a time when the dark ones, now being called shadow people, were thought only to be demonic. Paranormal entities seem to be catagorized by how scared the experiencer is from seeing it. Now, it’s thought that these dark figures that move like people might actually be a different type of ghost. In my experience I’ve noticed that the shadow people that I’ve seen have interacted with me. My uncle saw one as he was walking into his kitchen and it too interacted with him. It was well aware of his presence and tried to some extent to communicate with him. He freaked and walked quickly in the opposite direction. He called us in as my husband seems to repel paranormal phenomenon and this lasts for three months though he only stays for a few hours. My uncle was clearly more scared of this one than any of the others in his house. I’ve witnessed many ghosts and other things in and around that house in the past 50 years or so myself. If we had not gone to see my uncle we wouldn’t have discovered that he himself was near to losing his life. You see, my husband, a former paramedic, saw definite symptoms of thorasic pneumonia in my uncle. My uncle listens to men more so than women so this worked out well for my husband to talk with him about this. To make sure he got help he told him he’d call his daughter the next day about it. He knew he had to go or she’d make him go get help. It saved his life. The presence of that shadow person was the catalyst that saved his life. So, was it good or evil? At any rate I’d love to hear about your experiences no matter how mundane. It may very well hold clues that I’ve been seeking for a very long time myself. We never know what those clues are until we hear them. So, if you would send me a note. If you tell me you witnessed something that’s not normal I believe you. I believe you because I’ve seen such things myself. Thanks for your note to me about this. I hope to hear from you again about this.

      • AnNa says:

        well thanks for wanting to hear about my stuff what i said its nothing like the stories here,but here goes.the first thing happened was when my son was under 1 year old,i just put him down to go to bed he was on the other end of the house but we had those monitors so i can hear husband and i were in bed talking away and all of a sudden we heard something,we looked at each-other and listened some was a mans voice.i dont know who it would be but i was not at all scared.i acually thought it was cool.then one night we were watching t.v. and we saw 2 shadows going from the t.v. to the dinning room and just went on.we both looked at each other and said did you just see that.after that we talked to them like they have been there for a while.when we would leave or be home we would say come on in.dont be shy.then we ghost a puppy(scooby)i named him.and we had him for couple of weeks,and we took him outside and tied him up.he was very hipper.and the next thing i knew it he chocked himself.i cryied so much.we never had luck with dogs growing up.then i said i do not want an animal again.anyways couple days to 2 weeks later i smelled him in the car.i looked and happened couple of times were i could smell him.i acaully smelled him the other day.that last thing that happened was when i use to work in a greenhouse(crappy place to work.)i was working by myself at the end of the greenhouse minding my own bussniss and i heard my name being called.i looked and nothing.then i did want i had to do and i went to a table and did my work and i heared it again but this time a was a mans voice.i had asked a lady that worked there for over 30 years and she thought i was on something but then she told me that the owners parents had died and they said there are probably still there somewhere.but why would they talk to me?so thats all and i wish i had more to tell because i would love for something to happen again.weird i know.nothing bad.but you cant choose what you want.thanks for reading this and im glad your uncle got better.well i will be waiting to hear from you.sorry if it was a bit to long.

  2. trolldoll says:

    sounds like a little research is in order. look up the history of the area and the native people who lived there! there are mounds all over the us. good luck!

  3. Pat says:

    Great story! At first I thought it may be a residual haunting but “he” seems to appear at different times… maybe someone needs to set up video equipment and try to capture the phenomina…until you have seen something like this it may seem diffiicult to understand or believe… if I lived closer I would go check it out (with plenty of friends and flashlights!) Thanks for sharing!

  4. Gudload says:

    I don’t know about people’s opinion but here at Mizoram, India, before Missionaries came, people won’t own lands with any mound that is somehow human shaped….because it is like a taboo. I don’t exactly know why that is. All i know is that before the Missionaries came, there were many demons here, who needs appeasing(mind you not worshipped) …

  5. Christina says:

    He APPEARED to be ‘glowing’……….Great story! Pretty creepy, if you ask me. You know, not everyone lugs a camera around or jump to their phone for pictures, even when they have ‘em. From your story, I gather this happened a few years back.

    I take issue with the fact that the comment was made about no picture….uhhh, how many other stories have pictures posted here????? It’s what one chooses to believe. I guess that person CHOSE to not believe this. Heck there are some stories that I can’t read past the first line on this site…guess what? I just go to the next story. I, for one, do not come to this sight to bash anyone’s story.

    Back to the story at hand. Have you ever done research on the area? Who knows? The sightings could possibly go back many years.


    • Patty says:

      The area in question is in Athens County, Ohio and at that time, many years ago, it was a relatively unhabited area between little towns. That area is known to have been inhabited by indians well before whites came. By the way, I and my cousin are native indian. I am Shawnee. People in that area at that time were extremely poor. It was like seeing the awful photos of the worst of the applacians(spelling?). In that area there were the occasional pumping jacks, as they are called, which pump oil out of the ground to be stored in a nearby tank. I believe my cousin said it was a full moon and it was in autumn but the night got pretty cold. This place sits atop the ridge where you can see for quite a distance to the hills beyond. Follow the road south and you come into Carbondale, Ohio. The mound is situated on a strip of semi-wooded land which is alongside what used to be a gravel road. Someone familiar with the area may be able to locate it and thereby set up to watch it. Let’s hope. I’m 51 years old now and this happened when I was probably a teenager. Here’s a notation……..when the clearances were going on to move the indians out the indians moved into the hills to evade capture. I know one family that hid in the Londonderry, Ohio area which is now on Mead Paper Company property which has been clearcut. Another indian family hid in a cave off the beaten path down in the Hocking Hills Region of Hocking County, Ohio. I was shown the cave and shown where they obtained water that was clean. This water souce is still being used by many people today. We see them hauling jugs up there to fill them up. The history books tell us that indians weren’t all that plentiful in Ohio when whites came in but archeological evidence plus the history known to current indian families of their own histories tells us that indians were quite plentiful before the white “invasion”. Ohio has an over-abundance of indian artifacts in just about every county. Ross county is said to have yeilded the most in the entire state. I hope this helps your understanding of Ohio and the area of the Glowing Ghost.

  6. shadow says:

    umm you know that could have just been the moonlight, glowing moss, fire flies or anything that is bio-luminescent. plus you said a mound right the angling from the moonlight or stars could have caused this silver glowing man or whatever since you said that same time in the week. “They didn�t see it that night but thinking it might happen on the same day of the week they�d seen in before under the same type moonlight he went out there by himself.” so it is just something that is caused by the angling of the moon and the mound and also add the background description is it a wooded area like a forest, or not.

    • Patty says:

      This was most definitely a man as the fine details of his clothing could be seen quite clearly. The moonlight may have made him easier to see or the angle of the light could’ve been allowing a view from our dimension into his own. Who knows? Crazier things have happened. It’s the strange things we see that gives us hints and clues to cracking everyday mysteries.

      • Shadow says:

        i’m sorry but i see that as a bias statement do to the fact that the opinion that you give is based on your belief rather than scientific facts.

  7. Ghost Girl says:

    That’s scary…

  8. Patty says:

    In the 1940′s at a place not far from the glowing ghost mound, was where countless indians were living during the great depression. Yes, many avoided the trail of tears by hiding and blending in with white society. Even so they were segrated from whites. The name of that place is New Marshfield, Ohio and that part of it is located near the Waterloo State Game Reserve. It’s also very near to Carbondale. Anyone reading this that’s in that area, I’d like to talk with you further about some things you may be able to find out for me. I have some other interests regarding that area but right now it’s not feasible for me to go there to gather information. If someone living in or near there could do some asking around about something I would like to know, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks.

  9. Jan says:

    I would love to find more info – I am close. Can you give more exact directions? It won’t allow me to publish names or contact info.

  10. Patty says:

    Hi! The location is a short distance from the Y in the road up on the ridge, north of carbondale. The road we’d come in on was Tenspot Rd. and we’d turn left that was Hwy. 270. The specific area of this mound is on your right not far down that road from the Y. On if you go to that Y in the road you can see a circular area out in the woods on the right after you turn on 270 from Tenspot. I can be found on Facebook under Patty Roe. Friend me so that you can send a private message and I’ll fill you in on information I’d like to have regarding the Carbondale/New Marshfield area near the Waterloo State Game Reserve. If you go to look for this circular area near that Y in the road, just remember that it may not be easy to see close up. If the leaves are falling like they are up here in Lancaster, features such as a circular area that would show up from a great height may not be seen from close up. Thanks for your help.

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