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Gifted Sister and a Terrifying Experience

Posted on December 16, 2009

This story is about my younger sister, I don’t know that it’s actually considered a ghost story but it is a scary one at that. Now my sister is about 8 – 9 years younger then me and most of these things took place in Hawaii. As far as I can remember when my sister was a lot younger she use to see things and hear things, kind of communicate with the other side, if she sensed something was bad she would let you know. The family often dismissed what she said because she was just a kid.

When she was about 9 our aunt was going to buy this piece of land and have a house build on it, and the second my sister saw the land she was very scared and kept telling my aunt that it wasn’t the right place to build a house and that something horrible had happened there before and it was surrounded by bad things. Of course no one believed her because she was only 9, but deep down I knew that she was telling the truth just because of how she’s been.

Anyway she went ahead and purchased the piece of land, now there was already a house standing on the land but she was going to have it torn down and have a new one re-build because this one was so old. Well before the proceedings began to build the new house my aunt had gone there to check on some things and when my sister found out that she was going there she went crazy, I mean crying and saying bad things would happen and this and that so she kept saying she needs to stop her from going well it was too late my aunt had already left so she had me take her over there to stop my aunt from entering the house.

Once we got there, there was no sign of my aunt anywhere so I said, “well maybe she’s inside,” and my sister just stood there so afraid and not wanting to take a step inside the house. After some time she finally went in but as soon as she step foot in that house her whole expression changed drastically, her face turned white as a ghost and she looked as if she was having a vision of some sort, she grabbed hold of my hand and… I saw something that was SO terrifying, things that I never thought happened except in horror movies, I mean it was straight out of a horror film. I saw everything that she saw… all the walls around us turned blood red, dripping blood from top to bottom then we heard the deadliest scream from a little girl and we heard loud footstep coming down the hall so loud that it was almost shaking the whole house, my sister and I stood frozen clenching each others hands tight as we could, the footsteps kept getting closer and closer and there stood in front of us was a very large man holding in one hand a bloody butcher knife, and in the other and small girls head blood dripping from the bottom.

I really don’t remember what happened after that or how we managed to get out of the house but the next thing I remember was we were outside and my sister was having a seizure and we had to call the ambulance for her. Our aunt eventually believed her, being that I was there and she knew I wasn’t lying and so she backed out of the purchase. I guess so many years ago a dad went crazy and killed his whole family in the house and he had butchered his young daughter and cut off her head. That’s all we ever heard about the house but I’m sure my sister knew more.

A year or two later I got married and my husband joined the military so we moved. She often calls me and would tell me things, saying that things are getting worse like she’s seeing more things and she doesn’t like having this gift. I never experienced anything horribly terrifying after that night. A couple of years ago we had a big snow storm and I worked about 15 – 20 minutes downtown from where we lived and one morning my sister called early in the morning, she actually woke me up and she told me that she knew something bad was going to happen that day and told me not to be scared and whatever happens just step on the gas pedal, of course that scared me because the roads were icy and it was still snowing.

I went into work anyway and nothing happened on the way there, but as I was driving home about 7 minutes away from home a car cut out in front of me and since it was icy I slid when I hit the brakes, I spun like four times and headed straight for a ditch but I remembered what she told me so I stepped on the gas and turned my wheel and missed the ditch, right after that another car came and fell in right where I would’ve been. I got stuck in the median but that was better then being in the ditch. Luckily a passer-by stopped and helped me and I made it home safe.

This is a very true story, I hope you all enjoyed!

Sent in by “Star”, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

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9 Responses to “Gifted Sister and a Terrifying Experience”
  1. Charme says:

    You are very lucky.. blessed be that you didnt not get into the ditch.. how deep was that.
    your sister must be a very powerful median although she does not know it, median or psychic. dont know.. i hope you stay safe.. your story is amazing and had me sitting on the edge of my chair. sad about the house. i couldnt believe. i pictured it in my head, but noting could come as close to what you saw. i knw that.

    be safe always.

  2. Star says:

    Yes, i am very lucky it was about 2 feet deep and i know there was no way of getting out on my own…i am very thankful i had warning from my sister….. She does have a powerful gift, one that she doesnt like it interes with her life so much and she is only 19. To this day i do not like watching Scary movies just becaus of what i experienced, the whole thing plays in my head when i talk about it! :(

  3. trolldoll1681 says:

    i can appreciate your sister’s fear! poor girl must be on edge all the time. i wish she could find people to talk to about her abilities. just listen and reasure her when you can. i can’t imagine what kind of fear you felt in that house. thanks and let us know more if you can!

  4. ? Jae ? says:

    That story was freakin creepy!!! But your sister is awesome for looking out for you. That’s real sisterly love right there.

  5. what???? says:

    i am so glad you are safe im 15 years old my birthday was december 13th and i have seen alot of things my parents are spanish pentecostal pators and i have seen them cat out demons in the name of jesus and im sad about your sisster experiencing things so young i know its horrible but if your ever scared in the dark turn on some christian music and sing to jesus like youve never sung before haha
    god bless

  6. Star says:

    I’m always there for her, now matter what the situation.. Yes we are very close, we come from different mothers but we have the same father. I do miss her a lot since we’ve moved… She is very gifted and for the most part i do appreciate that she can see the future and she keeps me protected but i also feel for her, i mean i dont necessarly know what she goes thru but i can’t imagine it’s something a young teenager would want to go thru. She’s the only one in my family that i knw has this gift. Thank you for all the comments and the concerns.

  7. Jae says:

    Yeah I understand where you are coming from. It definitely must be scary for her at times. But that’s good that you two are close. Just keep faith in each other. Keep your bond strong. Love can overcome anything. Especially the love between sisters.

  8. ilovejonasbrothers says:

    wow. I’m so sorry for your sister. It must be so scary, being able to do and see those things. She must be scared all the time. I wouldn’t be able to live that way. Your sister’s strong. That’s cool that she ccan keep you protected and all, but it’s sad that she has to deal with the ghosts and stuff.

  9. Anonymous says:

    thats crazy Im glad nothin happened to you.that is so sad about the dad killing his family.whatever happened to the place what your aunt whated to buy?grow-up should believe kids especally when there that little.good story.

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