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Ghosts In The Hospital

Posted on August 22, 2008

I work at a hospital during the shift of 7 pm to 7 am in North Carolina.  So many times there have been strange occurrences during the night that just can’t be explained.

When we work on our floor, we split the floors in half.  We have the east floor and the west floor.  Well that night I worked on the west floor and my nursing partner had the east.  During the lunch hour, I was discussing a story about a Japanese Horror movie I saw the night before (about a nurse working on a night shift like us and how the call bell to a room that used to be occupied by a patient that passed away that day started to ring.  She went anyway and ended up comforting a ghost that was in pain.  She embraced the fact that her job was The Comforter–regardless of the dead or living).

The thing was I never got to finish the story, nor explain my agreement in the nurse’s actions and her accepting what her job really was because we got so busy afterwards with patients calling for this and that besides the pain pills.  Suddenly, the bed exit alarm button to the east wing rang suggesting that a patient had gotten out of bed and since my partner was busy with other patients, I went to the east side to help one her patient get back into bed.

It was dark on that side and as I approached the room I noted that there was no name tag next to the door of the patient.  Usually our Unit Clerk puts one there when he or she gets admitted but sometimes our Unit Clerk  forgets to put one there.  I got a little mad but that stopped when I heard a woman distinctly moaning in pain in a fairly loud voice.  All I could think about was that she must have gotten out of bed and fallen so I ran into the room, turning on the light as I went in.

There was no one.  But the bed alarm was ringing and ringing so I went to the wall to push a button and turn it off, only to discover that the alarm didn’t stop.  By then, the other nurses started coming down the hall to help and a nurse got on the intercom to the “patient’s” room.  After many attempts to stop the alarm, she suddenly told me to stop, pray for the soul, and open the window for it to escape.

Like I told you, we’ve encountered many strange things so this wasn’t a strange request.  By then, two nurse assistants came in, saw what I was doing, and stood next to me and prayed.  After we prayed, I reached over to the wall and pushed the button to stop the alarm. The alarm stopped! All of us looked at each other with surprise and relief.  The nurse that was assigned to the east wing told me later that a couple of days before I went to work, a lady in that same room had passed away after being in that room for a couple of weeks.  She had cancer and was in terrible pain.  All she would do all day and night was loudly moan in pain.

Sent in by Maureen, Copyright 2008 True Ghost Tales

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16 Responses to “Ghosts In The Hospital”
  1. holy ghost girl says:


  2. Jackie says:

    It’s good that you pray and help these spirits move on.
    You mentioned you had other experiences, would you tell us those?

  3. Melissa Tosten says:

    My brothers work is haunted. He works at Wilson college

  4. Adriana chapa says:

    At my job i also see and hear strange things. I work the graveyard shift at a 24hr restaurant. But i got use to the stuff that goes on there.

  5. vanessa says:

    she must have suffered the poor thing. my step mom died in 2005 in such agony from advanced lung and throat cancer. i would say the name of the hospital but i dont blame them some asst pa tugged and pulled on her thing that was being used to feed her to heal her throat after a huge dose of radiation and removal of a tumor that it started leaking and couldnt be removed or fixed and her stoach was left open to drain everything she took her food and her water. she basically was starved and dehydrated!! to her death so hope like the dickens she is haunting that pa!!!!

  6. hamida says:

    my sister works in the hospital night shift but she never expreinced any thing odd, however if she does and tells us

    i will definatly tell u guyz

  7. stranger says:

    my dads resturant is claimed 2 be haunted. i also feel this too, because wen i go ther 2 visit, i get spoked out by seeing black images the corner of my eye. and i also feel sum1 strokin my hair wen im alone…i get easily scred since im only 12! sum costomers complain that they expereince an un explainable draght sumtmes nd they feel as if some 1 or sumthing is ther. this might sound crazy but my dads resturant was extremely busy nd the employees nd my dad fink it used 2 be busy coz most of the costumers r ghosts. they used 2 pay dad big tym. althou my dad was the owner of the resturant, he used 2 serv food, but wen he did, no1 used 2 be at the tble, so he just left da food ther, nd wen he cme bak 2 chek on the food, it would b gone, nd their would be a huge tip. now all the staff n employees hav been noticing dis nd been gossipin bwt da ghosts, nd dats y the “ghosts costumers” dnt cum ther4 my dads buisness iz dead! yh i know ist really CRAZY

  8. razika says:

    that was a very nice story. i would of been scared to death though and it is sad about the patient

  9. Patsey says:

    Hey what was the name of that Japanese film that you were talking about?

  10. Basil of Commonwealth says:

    the mother of the driver of the friend of the klasmate of the wife of my besfriend is a ghost

  11. Jonalyn says:

    it scared me a lot

  12. cindy says:

    i woulgd be so scared if i were there but i think that was fake so i didn’t really liked that story at all well i did like the moaning part.

  13. CuteSagittarius says:

    Im so sorry about ur stepmom, Vanessa! My mom pasSed away in April 2002. She also had cancer.
    God,how I hate hospitals!!!

  14. morgan says:

    beside my cousins hose is a forest and it is haunted and we found a huge nife dagged in the ground and we found a piece of bark with words on it that said BYE th

  15. jennieboo says:

    ive worked in several nursing homes and man freaky stuff deos happen.why on earth they would want to come back when most of them tried so hard to escape when they were alive is beyond me lol.!.heres is something else thats freaky death does seem come in threes.when one resident dies its like everyone is just holding there breath wondering oh man whos next. its hard becuase as care workers we do get close to the poeple we care for.

  16. Anonymous says:

    WOW such encounters are really needed to be brave………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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