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Ghosts Demons and Sheba

Posted on June 15, 2010

Well it all started for me when I was just 16 and I had a brother of 13. I had a dog called Sheba, she was a black cross terrier and spaniel, I loved her to bits she used to sleep in my bedroom every night, always against my wardrobe. It felt comforting most nights because I knew she was there and I knew she loved me in a way but she was old and she became ill and started losing the use of her legs, she had some sort of abscess in one that could not be cured and at the age of 14 the vet didn’t see that she would cope at that time in her life. The thing was she had been with me all my life that I remember and I didn’t want to let her go, but one day I had no choice it was up to my parents they woke me up one morning and asked me to do something that they couldn’t do and as I was the one that loved her most thought it would be better for me and that was for me to say goodbye. When I got her lead she was all excited about going out hopping around on the legs she could use. Little did she know what was happening, she was so happy. I remember it to this day and I’m still upset just by writing this.

All I think about is that took her to let her die and it kills me, well anyway I got her there and they took her away from me to give the injection she did not want to leave but had to let her go it was the hardest thing at that age I ever had to do, I will admit I cried all the way home carrying an empty lead I couldn’t believe no-one went with me, from than on I became quite rebellious with my parents I was getting drunk at weekends with mates and going home and having arguments with them, I got a girlfriend called Catherine and my brother had a girlfriend but I can’t remember her name. Things started happening at home and eventually my mum and dad split up, unfortunately me and my brother couldn’t go with mum so we had to stick it out with dad.

The thing that happened next was my dad turned to the drink and started taking everything out on us for weeks. so we where out most of the time, when he was out at work one day I painted my whole room black with a white gloss mantle, my brothers girlfriend came round and refused to go into my room when we was asked why she said she saw a black dog, I didn’t think nothing of it at the time but when I was sleeping in there I heard things that reminded me of my dog and to be honest it, forget my language shit me right up, I never slept in that room again, I always slept upstairs in the lounge watching TV since then I don’t sleep much still know.

There was one day and I don’t know what brought it on my brother had his girlfriend staying around and some friends he knew but he started going mad in his room and smashing things up with his fists so we called 999 because he has a heart condition and we all went to the hospital with him but they found nothing wrong but they wouldn’t let him leave without parental supervision so me and the friends left and his girlfriend came onto me but I did nothing about it, to be honest it would have been very nice but she was too young for me at the time.

Anyway two years on I got married to Catherine who was my girlfriend at the time everyone was there the whole family my grandparents, father, mother cousins, friends, but unfortunately 2 years down the line we divorced I really wish it could have worked, When granddad died I started living in squatts, I felt like I was letting everyone down and I still am, I started working in a club called The Volt in Exeter. I started taking drugs then e’ss and base and then to get down at the end of the night I used to smoke but things got from bad to worse there was one night I was asleep in bed and I woke up and I could not move I tried to shout but no-one heard me all I could do was see through my own eyes but the thing was I saw nothing, it was the fear running through me that made me fight through. I think. Maybe it was a warning from my grandparents I don’t know.

Why was I pinned? Why scare me like that? It’s not the only time though 6 month ago I was sleeping in Gary’s room and I woke up to see a little creature running up the curtain I tried to scream to Gary and look but he could not hear me and I could not move to hit him to wake him up and he was only next to me so what is there to explain this. I tell you what it is all true I just hope you don’t see it because it would freak you out. I don’t sleep til daylight anymore honest truth…

Sent in by Richard Davis, Copyright 2010

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11 Responses to “Ghosts Demons and Sheba”
  1. Pat says:

    Wow! Things just went from bad to worse for you! I am SO SO sorry about your dog; how very sad was that?! I had tears in my eyes when i read that part. The vet should have let you be in the room with your dog. It’s harder on the person but really helps the dog- that was my experience anyway. But seeing a black dog in your room; maybe that was your dogs way to let you know they were over on the other side and fine. That creature crawling up the curtains though- very creepy. I don’t blame you for not sleeping at night. Unsure WHAT that could be or symbolize! BUT I would advise if you want all unwanted beings out of the home to burn sage in every corner of the house. Good luck and thanks for sharing- Pat

  2. trolldoll says:

    i had problems when my mom got sick and died. some of what you said i understand. all the bad things i did just brought on more bad stuff. what goes around comes around, remember that. now i try to be good and not get into other people’s problems. i take care of me first. i’m sure you will be okay! with age comes wisdom.

  3. AnNa says:

    i know how it is to loose a dog.so i do feel for you.no offence for what im going to say so im sorry so you did all that stuff because your dog had to go.i think that was kid of wacked.like i said im sorry not to be mean.i think your dog came back like what pat said just to let you know your dogs fine.im sorry for what happened.too bad no-body came with you and it was nice of your parents to tell you instead of going behide your back and do what they had to.thanks for the story and sorry again.

  4. jk says:

    Jesus my friend, you need Jesus. Remember, when you are at your bottom, there is no where to look but up and He will still be there waiting to pull you up, dust you off and get you goin again.

  5. Suzi says:

    What did that little creature thing look like?

  6. Rylee says:

    So sorry about your dog ;~;
    I love my dsog alot too, he’s my baby, and if anyone ever put him down, well of course, if it was serious, I would let them, but I would probably wind up abusing people after.

  7. Minty says:

    Your post has persuaded me to comment, when I read the bit about a little creature that ran up the curtain my blood went cold. Reading through these paranormal experiences I was reminded of my own, one of which being waking up and seeing a little creature sat on my curtain rail. I was only very young and I have a feeling (although Im not sure) it was on midsummers night. It wasnt a rat, we didnt have a cat at the time and I have no logical explanation of it, it looked the most like a lemur? Just not as furry? And it felt evil. I remember being VERY, VERY scared and hiding under the covers. When I next looked it was gone.

  8. Kind Skeptic says:

    Your description about having to put your dog down was heart wrenching. It brought tears to my eyes as I had to put down a dear feline friend of mine. However, he lived 21 great years. While it was many years ago, it still makes my stomach turn in anquish and my eyes water up when I think about it. But at least I had friends w/ me who all shared my tears and grief as we all held him during the final shot. I’m so very sorry you did not have that kind of support.

    Doing drugs can create a very negative world around you and will draw the most negative forces to you. After all, we draw to us that which we are. I am confident that once you decide to reclaim your health, mind and positive life forces, these creatures will have no negativity on which to feed and will disappear. Live well…..

  9. [email protected]@ Pr!nCe$$ says:

    Really sorry about your dog Richard. You should try praying and repenting for all the wrong things you have done in your life, i’m not saying you’re a bad person but your negativity is channeling negative energy and therefore causing more damage to your life, so you should get God in your life.

  10. Gh0stRecoN says:

    man sorry i too know how it feels like to lose something you loved very much….. urm ok a lil like creature?? >_> Yo I was waking up and literally saw a green mike hoping around as if it had legs

  11. CaliKid says:

    Richard, keep your head up. Everything will be fine, things happen for a reason. My dog just passed away a couple of months ago but it was because a stupid mistake, so I feel your pain. I can say this though, because of his passing, there was a reason to it. As for the creature, I’m with Minty on this one. I think we saw the same little thing when I was 18. Looked like an 8 inch Lemur but with like a lizard, scaley skin, sitting on my shoulder while I was going through a sleep paralysis phase. The thing is, I saw him again when I was 20 and he had grown about 3 times bigger, this creeped me out big time!

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