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Ghosts And Telephones

Posted on March 18, 2009

My husband and I went to visit my brother and his girlfriend on New Year’s Day in a town three hours away. We were sitting on his front porch late that afternoon and he asked his girlfriend to call the theater to see what time a movie started. When it answered, she walked to the other end of the porch to listen to the recording. Then he told her to hang up, it was the wrong theater.

She sat next to me and I watched her dial as he called out the number. Then all of a sudden my cell phone rang. I looked to see who was calling and it was my brother’s phone. I answered it and it was her. If she would have accidentally hit redial it would have been the other theater. I never called him from my cell phone that day and she didn’t even know my cell phone number. Not only that, but we have different area codes and she didn’t have to dial one. What are the odds?

Then my son who lives in Indiana has been playing phone tag with my brother for a while so he called him and got his answering machine and told him he was going to be up late to call as soon as he got in, no matter what time. Around 4 am his phone rang and it said it was my brother so he answered it. All he could hear was some woman saying “get back in bed” and hung up. So he called my brother back and it was a different answering machine. so he did it again to make sure and the same thing happened.

I have lost two brothers and often wonder if it’s one of them saying hello. The one closest to him drowned on Christmas Eve in 1979 but wasn’t found ’til New Year’s Day. Also I have had someone with me for 40 years and follows me everywhere. My children and husband and most of my family has had experiences throughout the years. It still happens today. Sometimes I feel someone sitting at the end of my bed around 4 am.

If anyone has any explanation I’d appreciate it. I’m gonna go now because almost every time I try to write this story it get’s deleted somehow and I can’t find it. I can’t believe I got it all down this time. Later, Dawlin, Lynn.

Written by Lynn Grice, Copyright 2009

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16 Responses to “Ghosts And Telephones”
  1. autumnforest says:

    Actually, I wrote an article in my blog about this one time. I was sitting at home (work from home) and I heard a woman’s voice very loud, very clear in my living room. I got up and checked, no one was there. Then, I thought it sounded a bit like voices on the answering machine so I looked and there was no message–the phone never rang. I went back to work and an hour later, same woman’s voice. I got up and checked again. Nothing. At this point, I’m thinking…ghost??? So, hubby comes home (engineer) and I tell him about what happened and that it sounded like the answering machine. He said, “the answering machine is a receiver, like a telephone or a recorder or a radio and it’s vulnerable to any signals. All it takes is a woman with a satellite phone going down the street and the machine picks it up, without the phone ringing.” You are vulnerable to signals from anywhere when you’re holding a receiver, depending on what spectrum of band width it receives. We used to have a cordless phone that was tuned to what our neighbor’s had and I’d go pick it up to call someone and hear a conversation going on. Short of changing your phone for a model that might have a different spectrum (mind you I’m not technologically brilliant at my wording), you will always be vulnerable to these kind of interceptions. Occasionally on the freeway, my radio will pick up a guy’s ham radio. Very annoying! I think in the future with more cordless/wireless we’ll have even more issues.

    • Anonymous says:

      i remember when i still lived at home the same thing happened i picked up the phone and i heared my next door nabour on the phone.i thought it was weird.

    • grim reaper says:

      Yeah, lines can get crossed. I dialled my guy friend and the line got interrupted…I heard two girls talking…It was funny…They said really dumb stuff.

  2. Jackie says:

    You must be going nuts, but i tend to agree with what autumn says above, but this could be wrong.

    I once heard my name called whilst i was stood in a near empty shop not long ago, i didn’t have a phone with me and no-one was near me who knew my name, I was quite far from home. The voice was right behind me, when i turned there was no-one there. This is the first time i’ve ever heard anything possibly paranormal.

  3. Jen says:

    everyone that is physic or a little has heard their name being called mine happenes once a year on augast 20th (weird that was my grandpa’s(now past)birthday)

  4. Alpha says:

    An interesting experience for sure!!
    Sounds like your telephones were being intercepted by spiritual activities. Maybe there were energy interferences in that area occurring through fluctuations because of paranormal activities, resulting in the mixed calls and so forth. Kinda like a ghost trying to purposely mess with your phone (There is a whole series of hypothetical sciences behind it which really are quite ingenuous yet with no experimental basis)

    As for ghosts calling your voice, yeah very common. I had an experience when i was 6 and i was in a shopping mall with my mum (she was shopping…) and i end up getting lost. I try finding her and this man comes up to me and asks me if i wanted a lolly and all of a sudden i hear a voice that just seemingly cuts through the air, disrupting the acoustics, saying ‘Not a good idea kiddo’ and this security guard comes up and asks if everything is all right and the guy leaves and i go off with the officer and my mum comes afterwards (carrying several bags of clothing :) )

  5. kid says:

    Well one time i was brushing my teeth and my sister was in the
    next room. i heard a women’s voice saying “hey __” and i replied
    back saying “huh?” -in my religion, when a spirit sits next to you
    or at the end of your bed, it’s either a family member just visiting you.
    but if not a family memeber, then it’s just someone else. :O
    oh and when you hear a random voice, make sure you don’t
    answer back.

  6. stephanie says:

    daats probably daa paranormal tryingg twew connect withh yuu….omgg….ivee been havingg many paranormall encounterss everr since ii wass 3…..likee onee daat wass fairlyy recentt……..myy friends andd ii were havingg a sleep ovaa att maa housee….we were daa only oness homee maa momm wass at herr boyfriends house so i invited my friends over….we watched daa EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE….nott a real scaryy moviee(in maa opinion)…. well when it wass overr….maa friends were freaked outt…..andd one had twew go bathroom andd wanted me twew walk with her to daa bathroom, well ii did and while she waited for me twew finish….she said daa she heard someone call her name…she replied saying “waat”….butt no reply….

  7. lynn g says:

    are you making fun of me Stephanie?

  8. stephanie says:

    no imm nott makingg funn off yuuu……..whyy doo yuu sayy daatt???

  9. iluvhorror says:

    so u think its ur bros i think so to

  10. Alberg15 says:

    I have never had my name called before but I have been touched in my back. when I felt that touch my whole body froze with fear… I was so scared.!!

  11. Foxfiree (: says:

    I was doing my hair one day and i heard my name being called and i was home alone and i said what? (most peoples reaction) and there was no one there!

  12. Vzy4kat6387 says:

    I remember one time while I was alone, I was in the kitchen fixing myself something & the front and back door were locked. I always keep them locked due to this neighborhood.

    Anyways I was fixing myself something to eat and all of a sudden I hear this female voice calling out my name from the living room so as I always do when somebody calls my name I responded by saying ” Yeah? “. Then I leaned to one side to look out into the living room and nobody was there.

    When I heard the voice, it sounded like a young female’s voice. The voice was clear and semi loud as if who ever called my name out was really in my living room. Ever since then when I responded to the voice calling my name it hasn’t happened since.

    Well my grandmother did tell me actually that somebody in my family did die at a young age due to getting hit by a car. I never knew her though. I wasn’t even born when she was alive I don’t think.

  13. Karma says:

    My aunt and I used to work at the same place to make a long story short my grandmother and my aunts daughter where at my grandmothers house one night. My grandmother seen her answering machine light going off. She went over and played it and the caller ID said the last number that called was my aunts house. On grandmas answering machine was a strange voice she could hardly make out. That same night at my work I was in the office doing paper work and right before I was getting ready to leave the phone ring, so I picked up and nobody was there just sounded like breathing. I checked the caller Id and it was my aunts house. Only problem with this was my aunt lived close to work and was away on vacation nobody was at her house.

    I had another phone call once from my grandfathers house when he was in icu and his phone had already been shut off. So you got me why these weird things happen! I have heard many stories about phones like mine and yours over the years.

    • Karma says:

      Also wanted to add I have heard my name being called before once by my whole name middle and everything. I do think it happens to a lot of people, I get on here to talk about things because I don’t have many others off the computer to share these things with.

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