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Ghosts And Nightmares In My Childhood Home

Posted on December 8, 2008

I was around 11 – 12 years old around the time this happened. I had never seen anything or heard anything growing up in this home up until this time of my age. My brother and I had shared a room together (he’s 6 years older than me) and he and I had bunk beds.

One night I had to get up to use the bathroom (Now I always had a habit of climbing off the foot of the bunk bed if I ever got up but a couple of nights before I had stepped on my brothers dangling feet so I was told to start getting off the side). As I was climbing off the side of the bed this night, I saw something white out of the corner of my eye as I looked over (mind you, the way the house was set up was my kitchen was right to the left of me as I’m climbing down) when I turned to look I saw a man sitting on what we Carolinians call a freezer locker/deep freezer. For the short amount of time that I was looking at him, he was looking straight ahead towards my kitchen window… and he then slowly turned to look directly at me.

I immediately jumped back in my bunk, peed myself and pulled the covers over my head shaking myself almost to death (after all, this was my first glimpse ever of a ghost). I didn’t know who this man was, I had never seen his face before. I looked at family photos and just never ran across his face.

Later in the same year, I had moved into my mom and dads room ( their room was HUGE)… I know, sounds kinda weird but at the time, not so much. I was sleeping one night in that room, my mom and dad as well when I woke up to see another man (not the same one, I remember the face of the first one) standing over me. He never said a word, he never moved towards me but I was scared to death. I tried to scream but absolutely nothing would come out of my mouth no matter how I tried.

I can still remember looking over towards my parents bed and they were fast asleep. Needless to say, my parents NEVER believed a word of any of my stories I told them. I guess they just chalked it up as I was a kid and my imagination was running wild.

This isn’t really the scariest of stories but it does have a weird catch to it (for me anyway). After seeing these two separate ghosts in my house I became deathly afraid to go to the bathroom by myself, I became afraid to go our barn outside and worst of all… the most bizarre was I had this recurring dream. It went like this:

I’d be sleeping and would wake up during the night to hear this man telling me I was going to die. I got up and followed it to my brothers room where in the mirror was this bald man laughing at me and telling me over and over I was dead. I looked in my brothers bed and nothing was there but his skeleton so I ran to my parents room and it was bones as well. The whole time, all I could hear was laughing from the man. I ran outside and the house went up in flames as I turned around. I turned back around to see my brother and parents pulling into the driveway and I’d wake up.

I had this dream for two years straight while we lived in this house. When we moved I never had it again. I just always thought that was weird how that dream occurred after I saw the ghosts and it happened every night till I moved out. I don’t know, I just thought I’d share it with you guys.

Sent in by Ronnie, Copyright 2008 TrueGhostTales.com

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17 Responses to “Ghosts And Nightmares In My Childhood Home”
  1. Jeff says:

    wow, is scary. if i saw the ghosts. i would never get up again.

  2. Carly says:

    man….i would so hate to have a re occuring dream. it would scare me so much and i would hate to go to sleep. :( im glad my ghostly encounters dont involve a dream.

  3. Ira says:

    It’s really frightenning…………..And the scariest part is of the re occuring dream….

  4. Jesse Williams says:

    That sounded awfully scary…

    I remember the first time i ever saw a ghost, when i was 2 or 3. I probably saw ghosts from a younger age but this is the most earliest memorable recollection i have.
    I went downstairs, after my parents fell asleep… (An unusual habit of mine when i was younger) and i was about to enter the kitchen, when i turned into the piano room my dad had. (He loved playing music…unfortunately his prodigious musical talent never passed onto me… :( ) and there was this lady seated on my piano… The piano was playing but the noise was distant, as if someone had tampered with the acoustics of the environment making it thing and dense.
    I remember eyeing her intently and she slowly turned to look at me and she smiled and walked out of the house casually.
    I told my mum and dad and my dad said the descriptions were akin to that of his great aunt whom first introduced him to the piano.
    Ever since my dad the piano has remained untouched but on occasions i can still hear it playing.

    Anyway, take care :)

  5. brandy says:

    wow! that was scary if i was you i would keep on telling my parents or i would sleep in there room

  6. Anonymous says:

    you should put it on myspace so everyone could see it i think they would pay you $50$ nice talking to you

  7. Anonymous says:

    thats so scary if i was you i would keep on tlling them on till they would belive me again thats so scary?

  8. brandy says:

    wow! thts so scary if i was you i would sleep on there bedrooms on till i move out of there again that so scary?

  9. Anonymous says:

    well ….. i cant really say much about seeing ghost because i havnt seen one (yet)and i really wouldnt want to see one so….. :) keep dreemin lol (joke)

  10. lucy says:

    i have also had this same kind of experients at my aunts house i was in the top bunk and turned around to see a black figure i hid under my quilt and was sweting like mad until i eventually called for my aunty !!! it was really scary!!!!!!!!

  11. Victoria Gauthier says:

    That’s really creepy!!! The EXACT same thing happened to me!!! I saw two ghostly figures in my house and had the same dream every night until i moved out of my house!!! I lived in the house for about three and a half years!!! I didnt like leaving my bed at night either!!! I know exactly how you felt for i was the same age!!! CREEPY!!!

  12. haley says:

    thnx 4 sharing it.it was very interesting.it was also creepy.its odd.

  13. India says:

    I’ve seen a ghost before!!! I WAS FREAKED OUT!!

  14. stephanie says:

    scary man, my nightmare ia worse than that…

  15. Angel Z. says:

    I’m one of those people that believe in it but also would like to discover why are they hunting each of one of every human on earth.
    I might become a ghost hunter.
    who knows =)

  16. Thomas B. says:

    That must have been a horrifying experience, When i was about 5 id wake in the middle of the night to find a dark shape of a man standing beside my bed staring me directly in the eyes, i recall trying to scream for my mom and dad (who slept in the room right across the upstairs hallway) and nothing would come out, its like something stole my voicebox. i also recall the same dream ,this time it reached down to grab my chest and i would feel a pulling sensation from my chest like it was trying to steal my soul or something.. I had that dream like 5 times I think it has to be something to do with an evil force, like a tormented ghost or somethin. Just like you when my parents moved us into a new apt i never had the dream again. Now as an adult i dream of some rowhouse ive never seen before, i always find myself walking up into the attic or basement and encountering some kind of evil spirit, whats weird is when it discovers me, it comes at me and when it grabs me i feel the same pulling sensation from my chest like its sucking my soul out. i always would wake up covered in sweat. Ghosts or somethin has to be real.

  17. Dom says:

    I have a similar experience. For the past week or so, I’ll have a dream where I open my eyes, and there’s a man standing over me. He has a pale pointy face and no lips. He looks like he is smiling. I can see his needle-like teeth. He smiles and reaches for me. His face is inches from mine. I just close my eyes. Someone suggested that maybe it’s not a dream… Which scared the crap out of me… What’s happening?

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