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Ghost Shadows

Posted on August 30, 2011

The shadow people/animals in my home are nothing like in your explanation ( Shadow Creatures . I understand why, you have very little if any real knowledge, only what’s been told to you, but it seems, like your trying to learn. Sometimes, the shadows I see, can be on the wall, roof, inside. Are they can be walking down the center of the room. In either case, the shadows are transparent. One of the shadows, is a Cat, who I have also seen as a normal, domestic short hair Grey tabby Cat. In normal form it stopped in front of me on the floor sat down, and just looked at me. Slowly it started to fade until it disappeared. This only happened one time. The next time, I was sitting in my lazy boy with my legs up, in the front room, of my house. When I looked to my right, and saw a black transparent Cat, with the tail sticking straight up, it was walking towards me. It turned slightly to the right, and jumped up on the foot end of my chair. It then disappeared, and my chair started to shake from head to toe, for about 30 seconds. Then it stopped, and I heard it jump down.

None of these experiences bother me anymore, because I have been dealing with ghosts for 45 years. But the most active time has been since 2007. The shaking of my chair, are my bed for a while, it happened every night. Before, the cat was always invisible, it would jump on my bed, then shake it for about 30 seconds. One of the shadows, is a Bird that only flies around the ceiling. The last is a person, but it moves very quick. In fact it is so quick that, you only see a transparent rope, about 2 inches thick, and 6 foot high, run by me. Only one time I saw it, as a shadow transparent person, standing against the wall. It was during a thunderstorm, and I believe it was scared, of the storm. It thundered, and it zig zag back and forth, then headed out of my bedroom, into the interior of the house. It seemed like it was in my room for comforting.

I have never seen it as a person, but my parents, who owned the home before me, they sold it to me. My mother use to see it all the time, she said, it was a large white male. My home is a two family flat. The wife of the renters, saw a large white male, in the upstairs apartment. She said, it came out of the small bedroom, and went down the steps, to my apartment. This happened after my mother saw it. My father on the other hand was a non believer, and that made it hard on the rest of us, who where dealing with this ghost.

I don’t believe it is possible to get rid of ghosts. As I have tried several times. I think you only suppress the activity. When it returns, it is like the ghost is getting revenge, and the activity is much worst. But after a few weeks it gets back to normal.

Bringing in Paranormal groups is find, but you should also, warn the family/person, about what happens when the group leaves, after all, you are disturbing the normal environment. The activity can be much worst, while the group is sifting through the evidence. If they decide on a ghost removal, they need to be warned, what might happen if the group fails. You should also warn, them about putting their home in the news. As they will have a hard time selling their house. Even non believers won’t buy a haunted house.

Last, you talked about Licensing people, to do this type of work. That will be hard, since the only experienced people, are the ones who live with ghosts. All groups will never have the experience, to be licensed. I say you should buy a haunted house, and live in it, that way, you could try different combinations, to see what effects them. What your groups does now, is dangerous, because, quite frankly, who really knows why ghosts are here? Ghosts might be some sort of test, from God. You get rid of them, and you fail. I would tell the people to try, and live with them first. Ghosts don’t like their environments, changed. When ever I remodel, I make an announcement before hand, so they know what’s going to happen, this does help.

I’ve learned a lot over the years, I know how to trap them. Yes, it can be done, and it is a lot simpler, than you might think. I will not give any tips, you will have to buy your own haunted house, and live in it. I found out by accident, what works. It does not get rid of them, but they are suppressed. I found most of the stories, on your site, are only good entertainment. There where a few real stories on there.

If you are for real, and it’s not just about the dollar, I might reconsider, and give you some free advice. I’ll give you one free tip. Ghosts spend almost all of a 24 hour day invisible. During this time period, they are at rest, and gathering information. Your watching TV, talking on the phone, having friends over, on the Internet, etc. The ghost are right by you, watching your reactions, to what’s going on. This gives them ideas on how to scare you, are make you happy. Ghost can take the form of any dead human, are animal. Ghosts are not the dead, they are something else. You know ghosts give off EMF’s, live people do not, and that alone would stand to reason, that they’re not the dead.

Take care David

Sent in by David, Copyright 2011 TrueGhostTales.com

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5 Responses to “Ghost Shadows”
  1. Chloe says:

    Hi David

    i have recently moved into a new home, there is a 3 year old living with us and when he is around everything seems normal and peaceful but when he isnt i get this feeling like something walking behind me just glaring at me. I know it might sound weird but do ghost get upset if their favourite person isnt home?


  2. Kenneth says:

    Excellent David, I was very glad to read this because the experiences I have had with shadows are a bit different too.

    I never knew that about the emfs will have to think about that .

  3. A J Ryder says:

    (quote) I dont believe it is possible to get rid of ghosts. As I have tried several times.(quote)

    Try this …

    Lords Prayer
    Psalm 23
    Psalm 19
    Psalm 75
    Psalm 79
    Lords Prayer

    Bless each room of the house with Holy Water, not forgetting cellars and attics.
    “I bless this room in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit”

    Tried and tested Anglican Exorcism Rite which I used get get rid of my former resident ghost!!

  4. A J Ryder says:

    HI David

    I don’t know where you’re getting the source of your science from, but you are wrong regards EMF.

    Electric and magnetic fields (often referred to as EMFs) and the electromagnetic forces they represent are an essential part of the physical world and of life itself. Their sources are the charged fundamental particles of matter (principally electrons and protons).

    Electric and magnetic fields occur naturally within the body in association with nerve and muscle activity. We also experience the natural magnetic field of the Earth (to which a magnetic compass responds) and natural electric fields in the atmosphere.

    Personally, I don’t think there’s much advise you could possibly add to that which quite a few other users experienced in the supernatural have already posted. Sorry to say this, but I really don’t think your knowledge on this subject is half as good as you believe it is.


  5. Nixon says:

    i have seen a shadow creature that moves across the walls at rapid speeds and disappears into the corners of my room. it leaves a black trail on my wall every time it passes. it also can speak. it laughs and shakes my bed

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