Ghost Picture From A Philippine Boutique

Posted on May 12, 2008
Mall Ghost

Mall Ghost

Hello everyone! Today we received a very strange picture from Roland S Bueno, one of our readers.

This photograph was taken with a w580i cell phone camera in a stockroom of a stockroom of a boutique in one of the famous malls in the Philippines.

In the right hand side of the picture there appears to be something very strange that appears to be a ghostly looking man.

We are looking for opinions about this picture. Do you think there is something paranormal here? Do you believe this picture shows an actual ghost?

Philippine Mall Ghost Picture

Philippine Mall Ghost Picture

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111 Responses to “Ghost Picture From A Philippine Boutique”
  1. Jessica says:

    wow and I thought my cell phone camera quality was bad… looks to me that, there could be two possibilities of ghost… I dont know if the little white is a ghost or the large green face above it? looks kinda creepy to me!
    ~Jessica M. Wishon

  2. jessica says:

    looks photoshopped…but still looks pretty scary…

  3. Lena says:

    I dont know what to think. Yes, the image does look peculiar but im not convinced…i believe in ghosts…but im always sceptical of “pictures” of ghosts.

  4. j says:

    yeah its a spirt. it looks as though she’s bending over to pick up something or she looking for something.

  5. Maria says:

    I’m from the philippines and I know there are somethings i cant explain. This picture is creepy but yet at the same time interesting.

  6. Sparkles says:

    Yes you can see a white see through image of an old lady or an old man reaching to open a door and you can also see a green face above the image that looks to me like Satan!….That is indeed very creepy!

  7. Christine Miller says:

    Well, it certainly resembled a face–but–it seemed to change in some peculiar way as I looked at it. I could make out the eyes and mouth, but at some angles it really looked more like a skull.

    Just one woman’s opinion!

    And, by the way, I deliberately didn’t read any of the other posted messages before I wrote this. Now I’ll go back and compare what I saw with what others saw. :-)

  8. jenny says:

    i see a face that looks like it has a pirate hat on. it is definatly creepy

  9. Jas says:

    too blurry if you ask me

  10. rodante says:

    I saw a faced form green color above the white its look like a man who have horn maybe a demon if really there is a demon.. but that one white its just a light reflection maybe…

  11. Krystal says:

    hmm. I must say, I’m not totally conviced, but convinced enough .

    have you checked the background of the local area, to see if it was maybe part of a historical site, or somewhat part of history?(locally, maybe?)
    where is this at in the philippines? background checks, anyone…
    I’m very impressed. :)
    I’m quite surprise your cellphone could actually capture this/these entity(s) the quailiy on my cell is crap — touche to you!!

  12. kathleen says:

    im from the philippines and there are many creepy creatures and ghost there that havent been heard yet in the u.s. this i never seen before looks like an alien or something. try go on looking at the aswang. its a filipino creature like a vampire and it only has its torso part and wings & it flys around at night looking for people to feed on its a real creature trust me

  13. tiesha says:

    that looks like a man…. its creepy!!!

  14. vera says:

    looks like some kinda demon to me….on its forhead you can almost make out horns….pretty creepy!!

  15. Alicia says:

    i believe there is ghost but i think ur just tryin ta get sum fame in ur borin life

  16. TTony says:

    What kind of a cell phone camera can take green pictures like this? Or it had a night vision mode? Otherwise, I think it’s been photoshoped..

  17. tin tin says:

    Yes! i can see a man.. looking very badly!!!

  18. Spencer says:

    The picture looks very fuzzy, but it looks like a snake with a leprechaun like head. With the beard it does to me atleast.

  19. Mae says:

    its a ghost i can see it wow i think it is a wonderful pic good job u should put more pic on

  20. Clara says:

    Hello my name is Clara Batty i am french. But like you imagine i am very interrested by the supernatrual.I see on this picture ,is a face on the right like you say .It is kind’ a freaky because it looks mean and looking at you.
    Anyways that’s my opinion.bye

  21. Yuni says:

    oh god!its really old man!i donno what 2 say..but its really look like ghost!…old man..its Old man

  22. josh yanez says:

    i agree with if you look at the top left side of the photo you can see the face of something. from my view it looks like a image with an…”unnatural” face…smiling. awkward…i wonder why there is two images but only one face?

  23. hazel Iral says:

    I truly believe that because I had ghost experiences of my own.
    First of all, when I was 5, I was walking with my dad upstairs then I took
    6 steps up, then someone from below was pulling my foot. It was like that
    person wanted me to go to hell and I didn’t want to go to hell. So truly in my heart I feared ghost and other different types of creatures. I really believe in that photo.

  24. Dylan says:

    I spot 3 characters and the strangest is the large skull-like laughing face.

  25. TiffanyNicole says:

    It looks real but Ihave to see it in person…

  26. Alexa says:

    Wow, I think that it is a spirit! It looks like an old guy with a big head…

  27. Madison says:

    the first thing that catches ur eye is the white thing bending over. The quality of the picture is horrible. Then as I read the other comments i kept reading about a green “face” so i went back up to look and its there, everyone says somthing else or what it looks like but im not really sure what it is, but it certainly is creepy

  28. John Paul says:

    I don’t care whether it is a man or a woman. What I care of is, WHAT IS HE DONG THERE???!!!

  29. sonia says:

    The photo taken was not clear, I didn’t see anything.

  30. kelly calanasan says:

    is that a goblin ?

  31. Lissette says:

    I believe we need to stop messing with things we don’t understand.

  32. kj says:

    i didnt understand on what u try 2 portrait to us abput this picture,is it the white apparition in the other side or that stranger look like a demon,,,,,,,,is it???????????????

  33. jhellai says:

    ive been seeing the ghost also since i was in elementary…so I truly believed in this… but why is it that he is looking at you like he is angry…maybe he is camera shy…hehehe…

  34. Tammy says:

    It looks like a man with a long beard and he doesn’t look that happy….i would not go back in there…no thank you!!!

  35. William P. says:

    It looks like an alien ghost (bent over forward) with an unclean spirit growing out of it,and watching it’s back. very stange picture.

  36. Dianne H. says:

    i’ve seen this picture its like a ghost but all persons can make a adobe to scare people but i have ability to see ghost, to feel, to hear…

  37. claire prigg says:

    THAT REALLY DOES LOOK LIKE A GHOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Adrian Lockheart says:

    It looks liike a man,not a looks angry,maybe something happened to him while he was in there.what do you guys think???

  39. jon nichole says:


  40. samatha says:

    it is look like satan it is creepy

  41. sheryl says:

    the ghost picture taken ,look like the devil look, closely you can see his horns.

  42. kym says:

    Scary, it looks like he has a mustach and beard, perhaps horns. WHATS WITH THE EYES- creepy. it’s like he is waiting for you to go in the storeroom. Has anyone died in there? from fright maybe

  43. Jeannette says:

    I see a man lookin back at the camera..thats pretty creepy. I noticed it right when i looked at the pic..u can see his eyes

  44. cares sarzuela serrano says:

    it looks like adevil to me…
    pray to GOD

  45. twilight zone says:

    i cant see anything..-_-

  46. ashley gonzalez says:

    hi am ashley your pictures are awesome my best friends paranormal and she said my apartment is haunted by my deid aunt sometimes i wish iwas paranormal so you can also talk to her i never knew my aunt so i would like to learn about her i’ve seen real ghost when i was only 7 now am 11 and i have’nt gotten over it o are you paranormal cause your website says yes but i don’t know about you

  47. ivette says:

    OMG!! dis ghost pic looks like some scary stuff. i didn’t know ghosts relly do exist and all over the world

  48. willz says:

    I personally think I see a green man staring back at me in this pic but I am convinced it is a very good trick of the lighting that has caused this image.

  49. Leonard says:

    The picture you showed is of a real demon. Demons are real and that is one.

  50. matt marshall says:

    I like it a lot. Was there ever any strange activities in that room or anywhere else in the mall?

  51. AP says:

    I dont think this picture is real…I dont even see anything the quality is so bad…..

  52. sarah leanne stevenson says:

    i dont think it is real because i cant even see anything to be honest most of them arnt real.

  53. Ryan says:

    I will not say this is a fake and I will not say I beleave this to be a real photo, each case is different but I will say that I’ve avoided comenting to this for some time now becouse it’s real enough to inveke a emotional responce.
    I will say I think this could very well be real.

  54. Munde says:

    oh my gosh!! i saw a head!! i was shocked… it was bit scary..

  55. LOVELY RAKIZTA says:

    Oh it so scary last 2008 i see a white girl standing beyond a old house so i scared i run so fast.

  56. amy says:

    what i have discovered is a strange woman looking at you in terror..but that is not the only paranormal figure i see…if you look at the stairs straight then you will see a is very bright so you can see it clearly…nice picture, i wish i were the one to take it

  57. crazyclin says:

    according to my observation which happens to be a lil bit stupid and if it were a ghost there then the figure to the right makes a strong indication as if the ghost is passing by the photographer

  58. Touchedby an Angel says:

    Hey I’m so interested in this looks as though this person is kneeling facing towards the wall?.,.or window..was only paying attention to the ghost..if you look very carefully this person may aswell be a lady possibly a young man with short hair..its not happy either, though I don’t think he/she will do anything to harm anyone.. just wants to be saved thats all..

  59. CuteSagittarius says:

    The green demonic face seems to be posing for the camera. Besides,why did the photographer snapPed this area of the mall? Did they know the pic will show something? Man,I don’t know… hard to believe this one!

  60. bReEzy says:

    i’m from the philippines and i can see ghosts…… the pic is intrugueing but we don’t know b’cuz there are some things in the world not yet to be discover…. but it sure is scary (d pic)

  61. Samantha Rooke says:

    It could be a Poltergeist haunting a place were something important happened, reasearch and see if anything was standing there befor there was a storage closet. (I’m only 9 so don’t be shocked that I have seen many ghosts before and am a fellow member of the S.A.S.D. (standing letters not shown) and own a buisness team in the Phillipines with other kids with a dream to become famous (witch we will be once we go to indonesia and find that lost treasure of Krakatoa.) (Encountered ghosts include: Robert the VooDoo doll, Lambton hall heir ( starter of the Lambton worm.) and Freddie the mail carrier ghost.( Freddie is not a known ghost and normally comes out at the beggining of sunset. ( We might be crazy but if you don’t want to beileve me go on then, Don’t but I won’t make you.

  62. Samantha Rooke says:

    Heeeey, Update: It’s def a ghost my bro is a Ghost expert and he checked and showed the details and stuff. Hey did you know it could be a White Elf?

  63. vlad says:

    Its like a demon! very eerie image…

  64. wes says says:

    it looks realy scary and wild {PH} wes

  65. Nathan says:

    so what mall was this,and it looks like an old man to me.

  66. russel says:

    it looks like a ghost. its definitely creepy. it looks like it wants to do the onlooker harm. i am from the philippines by the way

  67. omen says:

    thats a demon

  68. Whapmagoostui (Quebec) says:

    This gives me the creepiest chills:(

  69. Anonymous says:

    stop using cameras!

  70. Jamie says:

    Very very scary! I hate scary faces! *chills*

  71. rodz says:

    it a refection of something

  72. Danielle says:

    these pictures are always iffy. I am a skeptic, but honestly, your camera quality is far from good. It was more than likely a camera malfuntion.

  73. vivian says:

    this image looks like a real ghost guy,its not a women,hes not wearing a hat, but what he does have is a beard and hes hair kinda looks a little wavey but not that much, he doesnt want to harm anyone (i can read it in hes eyes) he seems a lil lonley for being iin the stockroom…but it is a real ghost picure

  74. Siren says:

    Okay here is what I think. This Bearded man looks like someone who used to live in Ancient Grecce. You know like old men. His eyes seem to like pop out. He looks totally creepy.

    Here is what I also think, since it’s cell phone it’s probably some kind of mistake. I think your camera screen was dirty. It happens alot with people when thier camer’s are dirty and they take a pic and they see what they seem to think is a “Ghost”,

  75. Savannah says:

    it looks almost like an old doorman of sorts i wonder if this is an example of residual haunting it curtanly reminds me of one that lived in our house- the spirt of a young indian girl. poor soul probably has to live out the last moments of his life over and over

  76. max natalie hannah bffs says:

    hey its night time and wanted to see ghost storys and so we looked at these and found some interesting pics and this one you actually see the face well thanks for making us scared. and we really believe about ghosts so thanks bye!!!!!!!!

  77. Jayde says:

    I do not think this one’s a phony. He is probley just a stocker or maybe a person who worked at the Mall. I notice that the man has a shocked and trajic look on his face. This could be in relation to his death or just a coincedence. �.

  78. sora knight says:

    but after i looked twice I found that its a miror reflexion or added by computer because the photograher know and so accidentataly get a snap at it or maybe bring along the camera but look at its body you would find that the cloth it wear bring along some white colour do u think the patient ghost whould appear at the MALL???

  79. June says:

    that picture is wonderful he looks like an older man who just happens to be wondering who you are and he does seem a little sad. maybe next time if you come across him again . talk to him .

  80. ermin says:

    If this is for real , indeed its scary, but other commentor is correct, why will you focus your camera on this boring angle of the stockroom for no reason, unless if you feel like just doing it…….or you know it will show you this picture….do you have more????

  81. Jack says:

    To me, it actually looks a bit like the Grey Lady (Library ghost) from the Ghostbusters movie.

  82. russel says:

    i dont know but it looks very scary!!!!

    my friend also tried to capture an apparition just like the photo shown above

  83. Robin W says:

    This pic also show some faces on the right hand side and down I see two small faces of men

  84. Michael-Ann & Andrea says:

    He looks pretty upset to us… We wouldnt go back into that stock room… Creepy…

  85. sharializ says:

    not to be mean or funny,but that guy looks kinda like persidon,you know,the god of all seas.

  86. Anonymous says:

    if u ask me it looks like a man with his tounge sticking out and huge white eyes a bit like the exorcist I THINK

  87. ghost girl says:

    i dont know all i see is a big old guys head

  88. Anonymous says:

    FOOLS! Its Ferdinand Magellan! If you guys dont know him, he’s a Portugese guy. Traveling to this island looking for it. in which mistaken it was their destination. I guess he’s come back to look for his nemesis Lapu Lapu. To be serious, his soul was lost. and might have traveled to this mall somehow.

  89. anna says:

    thata looks like a demon thats up to something.

  90. anna says:

    all i see is a demons head.

  91. George says:

    Although this picture holds a possibility to be photo-shopped, let’s just assume it’s not for sake of argument.

    I know the obvious ‘paranormal’ thing to spot in this picture is the huge head with bulging eyes. But did any of you notice the normal-sized white-ish body under him.

    I think the white ‘thing’ is more likely to be something paranormal as why would something’s head be so big? >_< Any opinions?

  92. sexiness says:

    hey thats real scary photo shopped

  93. joker says:

    not everything is a demon,sure the face is different,and to me it looks like an old man looking for something, as for a sailor dosent look like one . until it does something to prove if it is intelligent or just roaming around or passing thu

  94. jaja says:

    hmmmp… its like an optical illusion to me… i dont see those that you see in that picture… but yah i do agree, that there are unseen people that can be captured on the camera… what maybe visible to those lenses may not be visible to our naked eyes..

  95. ChronicMidori says:

    cell phones take horrible pictures…. It could be a ghost… Or just a blurry, low quality picture…

  96. jktfuydjtfi says:

    it looks like abaham linclon in scary way

  97. Nico says:

    w0w which mall in the philippines is it please tell me i would like to take pictures of the said mall and witness if there is really a ghost there

  98. Tabitha says:

    Definatly a beleivable pic

  99. Tracey says:

    Whoa Big Green head face and body looks like a leprechaun with a Beard I can see it that what I thought with a Curling hair.. remind of that movie *Leprechaun * that the horror move that remind me of.. I believe what I see *Smile*

  100. Knappy says:

    I believe this to be a demon but don’t be afraid of things like this because satans best friend is fear. Once you become afraid, then you become volnurable and easy pray to him. Be carful of what you seek because you won’t like what is there.

  101. dontworry says:

    it looks like a little boy behind a green face

  102. Bella says:

    It looks like a white hooded figure bending down, yet looking at you. I also see a big green face above it.

  103. samuel says:

    i think theres a green face next to the ladder on the left. is it a demon or is it the devil

  104. Jordon says:

    Looks real AND creapy!!!

  105. Anonymous says:

    There was something about this picture that as soon as I saw it my heart skipped a beat. I have encountered much ghostly activity in my life as I can speak to the deceased myself but I have neve had an experience like this especially with a picture. It is evil and must be dealt with.

  106. Anonymous says:

    it looks more like the devil to me.

  107. elvon08 says:

    for me its just a picture..most likely, its like a disturbance from the light that reflexes when the photo was taken..
    But in our culture..aswang (a creature like monster, like that in jeepers creepers movie my nepw said), multo(ghost), laman lupa(creatures of darkness) and even Amalanhig (a dead that came alive, diff. From zombie).. This was just a (folk lore) haka haka, sabi ng matatanda..its n0t the way im from Capiz, Phil..

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