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Ghost of my Younger Brother

Posted on February 19, 2010

As a child I was accustomed to things that are unseen in our country in the Philippines, most of them are just myths that don’t have any proof yet but I always thought that souls can contact you in some way. This was my experiences from back when I was just a child up until recently.

When I was a kid, my mom had a miscarriage with my younger brother. He was buried at the side garden of our house. As I grew older I thought that I was seeing someone in the back of my eye. As if there was a child in our garden. I didn’t mind it at first because I thought it was “just my imagination”. You need to pass by our garden to go our kitchen at the back of our house. It was 5 pm at that day, I usually cook for me and my youngest brother (so we are 3 total with my younger brother) because my mom will be home at night around 9 in the evening and she gets mad if there’s no food. I always cook at 5 because there is still sunset and at our kitchen at night it’s very dark even though we are like a compound so we have 3 houses in one lot. One afternoon I walked at the garden as I always do when I felt something or someone that’s following me. I thought maybe my brother wants something but when I turned around I didn’t saw anything. I was taught by my uncles about ghost and stuff so I was very afraid of them. I didn’t think that I would experience it first hand. So I went on with cooking.

After a couple of years I didn’t feel anything strange until my wife’s cousin Marie, brought her little cousin over. He was like 7 – 8 years old I think and she said that his third eye (third eye is like sixth sense, you can see or feel ghosts and other paranormal stuff) was active so he can see things that we can’t. He wasn’t notified about my mom’s miscarriage but when he went to our house one afternoon. I was watching TV that time with my youngest brother. You can see anyone from our living room if anyone will pass by our door or go to our garden because we also have a very large window that you can see the entire garden on the right side of the living room. He knocked, I opened the door and as a virtue of hospitality I let him in. He was wondering who was the boy that he saw at our garden. So me and my brother looked at the garden but no one’s there. I asked “Where?” He said “He’s right there, can’t you see him? He is playing by himself so he is kinda lonely.” Well, As the adult there, I was already a teenager that time, so thought I’ll play along. I asked “Could you ask him why is he playing at our garden?” The child said the boy already went outside. As soon as he said that he went out towards the garden. The odd part about it is the next day, he went back to the province and there was a guy (I think a friend of a neighbor because I never saw him before) that said the same thing that a boy is playing outside of our house.

Recently I’m working so I had to get up around 4 am because my work’s location is very far away. Most of the mornings that I wake up, I get the habit of checking my brother at the living room. That’s where he sleeps, and I see a man’s shadow in the curtains on the window at the garden. I was scared that I’ll see something so every time that I see his shadow. I frequently see that shadow so I didn’t mind him anymore. I just say to myself that my brother is just checking on us.

Feel free to leave comments about my true to life story.

Sent in by Sophia, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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9 Responses to “Ghost of my Younger Brother”
  1. trolldoll1681 says:

    i believe that children who die before they are born, can and do come back to see their families. it took another child to see him. thanks sophia!!

  2. jdizzle says:

    i hope that your younger brother finds peace…i hope that things dont get too bad for you.god bless

  3. evil hadeys says:

    wow! thats scary! well if you ask me,ill say he had probably come to meet you.anyway,thanks.

  4. mandy says:

    That is relyl creppie i do belve that crazy stuff like that can happen expecilley if he was barried in a garden u never know what well happin its scarey… i would be at peace knowing that my brother or sister is with me but it would relly scare me as well….

  5. anna says:

    I am sorry for your what happened.I feel for you.thanks for the story.its sad but a happy ending.your brother is there so thats good.i would be happy.

  6. chrystal says:

    i guess your bro really loves u guys that why he is all ways around u’ll…but i must say u r quite brave.

  7. Dee says:

    I’m not doubting the story at all, but a question comes to mind… can ghosts grow up? You hear of stories where you see ghosts of a child that died many many years previous, however they still appear as a child. This particular story involves a baby that was miscarried, later seen as a child, and now something of adult size…. was this spirit different because it died way too early?

  8. christine says:

    hi. i just read ur ghost story about ur brother . I do believe that this can happen. the reason is cause my son died of sids 38 years at the age of 3 months.since he died had 4 more childern 2 boys and 2 girls. my younest son was born on a saturday 10/8/77 and my oldest was born on a saturday 8/8/70. my firstborn was boy and my last born was a boy. one day the family was visting a house that belong to their relatives.this place was know to be haunted, and famous. my youngest son saw hisself in the window.the house was about 10 feet off the ground. there was no way, my son could see himself in the window.he got the funniest feeling and to this day, he will not go there ,or talk about it.. the reason we know about this , is cause we took pictures, and this is what we saw. could he be his brother? there was also another reason, my youngest daugher was pregant with her firstborn. she had miscarriage in oct. and in may she gave birth to a boy..could the miscarriage follower his brother around. some times he feels a present near around him very strong.

  9. trolldoll1681 says:

    my old man was born 10-08-58. my father died that day in 02. how strange, i guess dad figured this is the man i would finish my life with.

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