Ghost in the Picture?

Posted on March 10, 2010

Here is a possible ghost picture that we received from a visitor. This photograph is presented here to give you, the readers, the chance to post your comments. What do you think?

Here is the information we received about the picture:

Hi, I had this email sent to me today, Tuesday 9th March 2010, from a friend named Stix. I have no idea if its genuine but Stix assures me that the guy who took the photo is very honest.

The story goes that the man who took the picture of his daughter had been noticing that things have been mysteriously moved all around the house since they moved into their new place. The baby’s toys keep going missing and turning up in strange places!

The other day he took a photo of his little girl and this strange figure appeared in the fire place. It looks like a Victorian woman to me, I just hope its not a new phone application that allow people to manipulate pictures and engineer hoaxes. As I said before though the guy who took the snap does have a very sincere reputation.

Is There a Ghost in this Picture?

Is There a Ghost in this Picture?

Please let me know what you think about this, kind regards� Col Foster, from Brierley Hill, West Midlands.

Sent in by Col Foster, Copyright 2010

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122 Responses to “Ghost in the Picture?”
  1. gorgeous-killerr:P says:

    wow how scary!
    im pretty sure its a ghost!
    and by the looks of it maybe
    one of those old fashioned looking ghosts
    i just hope its not evil or anything
    cuz if it is then i suggest that guy that sent that
    pic to be veryy careful and keep a close
    eye on his daughter u know for safety reasons
    take caree
    xxxx karennn[=

    • Col Foster (AKA -Open mind) says:

      Hi Karenn,
      Ok i will inform my friend to pass on your message, thanks for the genuine concern.

      I hope its a benevolent spirit.

      So far ‘she’ (the apparition) has just been mischievious.

      Hopefully its a caring guardian angel x

  2. Lisa says:

    It’s a little see-through boy coming to play!!

    • Col Foster (AKA -Open mind) says:

      Hi Lisa

      Who knows eh?

      Interesting picture though


      Col Foster

      • Lisa says:

        i just hope it’s a “nice” spirit. Peace to you, too, Col. Foster!

        • Col Foster (AKA -Open mind) says:

          Ye, me too, i hear we all have guardian angels, so lets just hope this is a friending apparition.

  3. afreen says:

    its definitely a ghost yes it is i think you should inform the owner of this picture immediately cause that small child maybe in troublr remember its a woman they have maternal instincts pretty sure she wont harm her physically but then too take care….

  4. Lisa says:

    ok, maybe it is a lady ghost…….it looked like a boy at first glance!

  5. Daiweide says:

    Some people really come out with some daft comments on here. Why do you automatically assume this ghost is something terrible that will harm the child(afreen)?? It’s just a spirit that once lived in that property. They are harmless. I too come from the West Midlands in the UK and there are a lot of old Victorian/Edwardian houses that have spirit activity from previous residents. I’m not saying all spirits are harmless but I don’t know why some people have a reaction like that, just assuming that because it’s a spirit someone must be in immediate danger. Good ghost pic though if it is genuine.

    • Devilman777 says:

      People fear ghosts because they are largely unknown. When we know very little about someone (or something, as in this case), our first Reaction is to fear it. Our fear makes us ignorant, and most people will ignore many facts that say opposite of their suspitions.

      • dayna says:

        devil man afreen knows aabout ghost she lives in a haunted house nd terrible things happend to her,,,,so yes she is scared

  6. bee says:

    oh my?!! it is really a ghost in that picture, well as long as she doesn’t harm the baby, its okay,. maybe that ghost loves babies! maybe the baby looks like hr baby before? that’s why.

    • Col Foster (AKA -Open mind) says:

      Hi Bee, thats a valid point. I hadnt thought of that, interesting none-the-less

  7. trolldoll1681 says:

    this reminds me of the residule victorian lady we saw in our house!! and she was walking away from us. the old dress and the hair up. or maybe she is just attracted to the young life force in front of her! i believe she could be a former resident too. great pic whatever it is!!!

  8. Pete says:

    You’re right it does look like a victorian woman, not sure if it’s genuine or not, it needs
    to be checked out by an expert, I’d like to think it was for real. thanks for sharing it with us.


    • Col Foster (AKA -Open mind) says:

      Hey Pete, you’r welcome, anytime i get an interesting pic i always share it on TRUE GHOST TALES. Great site!

  9. Believer says:

    To me It also looks like a boy, looks as-if he Is sitting on his knees

  10. anna says:

    Its a ghost.Its a lady looks like a pic from back in the days.thanks for the pic.tell the guy to be careful watch his daughter see if she acts different just incase she starts playing with the know how kids are.thats wicked.tell him to do a back round check on the place.I think its cool but not if it involves a child if the ghost isnt doing anything thats fine we know shes not harming her but if on the other hand if she is wich it doesnt look like it then do something,still check it out.thanks

    • Col Foster (AKA -Open mind) says:

      Hi Anna, ok i have passed on you’r message to the guy, and i believe hes even visited this site too, and he will be thrilled with all the concerned comments and all the interesting oppinions. Peace, Col*

  11. Mareli says:

    Hey Lisa,

    where do you see the little boy? I can only see what looks to me like the back of a woman with her arm dangeling on the side.

    • Lisa says:

      When I looked more closely, I saw what looks like hair in a bun on top of the “ghost’s” head, so, as I said previously, it might be a woman. (Hey, I can’t see too well right now–I have Lupus and I am currently in a flareup that includes eye inflammation)

    • Col Foster (AKA -Open mind) says:

      Hello Mareli, i cant see the boy either, it looks to me like the front of a woman, with her left leg visible and her torso only. Her head and arms appear to be missing.
      Interesting, maybe shes ‘morphing’ materialising from another realm plain into our dimension!

  12. Sheepy says:

    Sory but to me it looks fake as the ghost shows no disernable depth it apears as though it is a photo shoped pic

    • Liz says:

      If it’s not photo-shopped (which I agree with you, it may be), the image is obviously not a ghost. You can see the image very clearly of what looks like a toy animal, a stuffed duckling or penguin right there in it- probably a reflection from a mirror or the camera’s own glass. The rest of it just looks like someone spilled iced tea on the negative or something! Definitely NOT a ghost in this shot, or even just energy of a spirit. It’s a crappy negative and/or it’s photo-shopped, IMHO. And hello, there is a toddler in the picture- things moving around the house and mysteriously showing up in other places are probably done by the kid in the pic. And if you’re going to say those things are put up too high for her reach, as we all know, kids can climb. Not an impressive example at all- I can’t believe so many people automatically believe it’s ghost. Oh, and seeing a woman in it- that’s called matrixing and we do that to try and make sense of incomprehensible images all the time. It’s not an arm that I see, it’s a blob. Healthy skepticism is always required in regards to the supernatural, and I say that as a believer.

  13. Donna H says:

    looks genuine to me..

    • Col Foster (AKA -Open mind) says:

      Hey Donna H, thanks. Looks genuine to me too. If i get anymore new il add it on immediately.

  14. Col Foster (AKA -Open mind) says:

    Hello Afreen,

    I hope your right and this anomaly is a good spirit

    I am about to email my friend Stix now, so he can forward your message.

    I am very, very interested to see other comments, regarding this Photo

    Peace Col Foster

  15. anna says:

    is there another ghost besides the lady,there are red eyes in the middle of her stomach.I dont know if ppl can see that but look very closely.if you see her arm go inwords toward her stomach or is it just me?

    • Sandi says:

      Good eyes anna!! Yes i see the two red dots in the center of the stomach area. I think this pic needs to go to an expert for sure to see if there is any possible way this is genuine or not. After that then well, we will see. Good pic regardless.

      • anna says:

        hey it almost looks like a grim reaper up to something.good ghost vs evil.I think that pic is real if not thats one good FAKE pic.

  16. Jk says:

    It definately looks like a boy leaning in towards the little girl.

    • Lisa says:

      And another person who saw what I saw! Thanks!

    • Col Foster (AKA -Open mind) says:

      Oh my gosh! Now i can see the 2 red dots, they look triangular to me, i dont think its part of fire-place.
      Also i just noticed grim reaper in bottom left corner! Looks like the back of his hood, and hes facing either the girl or the woman spirit. Could the red dots be his eyes???

      And it looks to me that the little girl is holding her hand out to the lady apparition, maybe they’re holding hands but the camera didnt get chance to capture the womans hand, other body parts of the woman are in the process of materialising from her plain/dimension into our ‘realm’.

      • Col Foster (AKA -Open mind) says:

        Hello people, please ignore my ealier post, i was multitasking and commenting on other photos,

        In this photo with the baby, its clear to see this Victorian looking lady heading towards the little girl with the ghosts right arm visible and her hair in a bun.

        Exciting stuff.

        P.S the guy who took the photo is named Andy, so all credit due should go to him, regards, Col*

  17. anna says:

    its a lady leaning over towards the girl and a grim reaper on the lady doesnt anyone see those red eyes.its another ghost or like i said grim reaper.Sandi is the only person that can see it too.

    • Lisa says:

      Yes, I saw the two red things, too, the first time I saw the picture, but they MAY (I say may, because I don’t really know what’s in the picture, I am just speculating) be something in the fireplace.

  18. Bonnie says:

    Hi Col Foster,

    After examing the picture, it looks, to me, like a woman, maybe in her mid to late 40s, admiring the baby. I’m t hinking that it could have been someone who lived in the house at one time, and who possibly died. Appears to be a good spirit. I also see the two red dots in the middle of the ghost. It may be something or it may be part of the fireplace. Nice picture. Thank you for sharing.


    • Col Foster (AKA -Open mind) says:

      Hello Bonnie, good observation! Yes there are many, many old Victorian/jacobean/Edwardian houses in the Midlands, so you could be right, she may have been a former resident who lived and died there. Maybe she even died leaving a young child behind, so shes been drawn back into action to maternally guide this young child.

      Its all very intruiging all the same. Thanks for your interest.

      Peace Col*

  19. Nana says:

    Personally, in my opinion, it looks more like double exposure, or photoshop. Then again, this is my opinion only.

    The “ghost” in the picture seems to be as if it were taken from an image with a black and white color scheme. The image is more sharp than most ghost photos, and the entire section of the ghost seems as though it is in more of a gradient.

    Don’t get me wrong, I, like most of you, am a firm believer in the paranormal. I’m just trying not to be too open minded and think that every single picture I come across is genuinely a ghost photo.

  20. Jennifer Mills-Young says:

    If its a genuine photo – its a really good one.
    Again, I agree why are all ghosts automatically scary and out to cause harm? Too much Hollywood is my suspicion.
    The child in the photo is obviously not too concerned with the entity and is still actively smiling for the camera.
    As the child appears to be at an age where you would expect them to still be able to see such entities before adult realities are inserted to over ride their natural abilities, its odd she doesn’t appear to even see the entity but appears to be still looking at the camera.
    If the child could see the entity, they were too busy smiling for the camera and completely ignored it………… the babe’s care factor at the time was zero!
    Children LEARN ghosts are (all) scary from adults.

  21. anna says:

    the more I look at it,the more i say its real.its a lady looking at the little girl and the grim reaper looking down.thats weird 2 ghost in one.I dont think the lady wants to do anything bad it the grim reaper you should be worried about.not to scare you.thanks again.

    • Col Foster (AKA -Open mind) says:

      Wow, Anna! Thats worried me little, i dont like the thought of that been the reaper!

      i was hoping the reaper was in fact part of the ladies dress.

      Anyway we’r loving all the attention this pic is generating, these photos come few and far between!

      Peace Col*

      • jim dykes says:

        Hi Col*,I just got around to reading one of your earlier posts.You are the same one who posted the naked bald ghost??I’m laughing as I write this,naked bald ghost,who would have thought?Interesting picture and story….Jim

        • Anonymous says:

          Hey Jim, how ya doing? Ive pondered over the bald naked apparition many times myself now, i know some ancient tribes went into battle almost naked, maybe with just a loin cloth, and a spear. We also researched that many old day armies would ceremonialy shave their heads prior to a major onslaught.

          Maybe this perticular ‘warrior’ was bald his entire life?? Hence his spirit would be bald, or possibly he had his hair tied back in a pony tail (similar to Highlander, in the movie) to prevent it from getting entangled in fierce battle.

          Someone else commented it could be stealth camouflage tested by humans or even aliens.
          I guess we’l never know, cheers Col

  22. Anonymous says:

    I’m sorry I thank it’s an over exposed pitcher. Wear one pitcher is taken and then another and the scent pitcher has some of the last on it. Maybe I’m rong. The ghost looks like a boy with a cowlick on the back of his head. It is a good pitcher though.

    • Col Foster (AKA -Open mind) says:

      Hello Anon,

      Ive already checked with the nice people who captured this shot. There were no other pics of victorian looking ladies in his camera fone (ever), or anything slightly resembeling her.

      …So we cant see how a double exposure would ever be possible.

      Also can you really manage to make a double exp. on an ”I phone”??

      Peace Col*

    • tinkybex says:

      please spell picture correctly. sorry but it was annoying me
      in fact just to stop my OCD I’ll do the whole comment for you.
      I�m sorry I think it�s an over exposed picture. Wear one picture is taken and then another and the sent/second picture has some of the last on it. Maybe I�m wrong. The ghost looks like a boy with a cowlick on the back of his head. It is a good picture though.

      • Caretaker says:

        I always think it is a little bit funny when one person complains about another who misspelled something or didn’t use correct grammar. Most of the time the person who does that makes the same mistakes :) “Wear one picture”?

        No offense intended tinkybex, I am just making an observation, that’s all

  23. Lo says:

    This is completely fake. I have this app on my iPhone, its called Ghost Capture. You can add “ghosts” to any picture and adjust its size or transparency. I’ve added this same “ghost” to pictures. Nice try though!

    • Steph says:

      Lo is correct, if you google ‘iphone app ghost capture’ it gives you a link to the apple website and you can clearly see the image of the lady with the bun on her head in the ghosts that you can choose from.

      Sorry Col Foster but I think your friend has tried to fool you :(

    • Col Foster (AKA -Open mind) says:

      Hi Lo, if you are serious about this App, please, please, please send a photo to TRUE GHOST TALES with the EXACT same victorin lady, in the EXACT same position, then i will give you a complete, full and sincere apology, but until you do that one very simple thing you’r negative attitude means nothing.

      If you were paying attention to the story behind this photo then you would see that i said a friend passed the pic onto me and i didnt know it was genuine, so why you just said NICE TRY THOUGH is completely beyond us.

      Im not in this for financial gain, im merely sharing a photo with like minded people, so just to make my point ‘LO’ , we are all waiting for you to send in a duplicate of this ghost, my guess is we will NEVER hear from you again.

      Peace, and thank you to all the kind people on this site, cheeers Col*

      • Steph says:

        Try clicking on the link that Caretaker posted above and you will see what Lo means. Even thought the image is small, you can clearly see the lady with the bun in her hair.

  24. anna says:

    I didnt mean to upset you,knowing that what i said.I hope Im wrong but thats what it looks like.And like I said if it is what I think it is be carful with the little girl.thanks

  25. anna says:

    Do let us know what happenes in the long run.

  26. Bonnie says:

    You’re very welcome, Col.

    Bonnie :)

    • Col Foster (AKA -Open mind) says:

      Hi Bonnie, its ok, you didnt worry me too much, i was just a little shocked.

      I am meeting the guy who gave me the photo, tomorrow for a drink and we will have an indepth chat, then i will give you more details if they arise

      Cheers Bonn,


      • Caretaker says:

        Be sure to ask him if he has the iPhone app, and watch the look on his face when you ask the question

  27. big barney says:

    big barney has declared that it is a picture of a little boy, those of you who say you see a woman must not see straight. big barney will determine if the picture is real at a later time. for now i must depart

    • Col Foster (AKA -Open mind) says:

      Wow! big barney sounds like a professional, please share your credentials with thr rest of us.


      • anna says: made a funny

        • Col Foster (AKA -Open mind) says:

          Hi Anna, thanks for your support with this photo, and all the others who made decent comments, but it looks like my friend fooled me, how embarrassed am i?

          I just spoke to him and he swears that he didnt mess with it, maybe his girlfriend got hold of his phone and did the dirty deed to humiliate him?!

          Anyway, i did say at the start that i hoped it was no fake, never mind it was fun.

          Il see you all on here again soon, peace Col*

    • jim dykes says:

      How big is big barney?

  28. trolldoll1681 says:

    this is a woman. i can see the bun in her hair and she is wearing a long dress with short sleeves thus that is her arm on the right. her back is towards us and the dark fireplace makes it a bit difficult to make out. i do see the red spots but can not speculate what those are. look again and closely!!

    • helen, anna's sister says:

      I agree with you 100% and the eyes like I said if you look closely it looks like the grim reaper.I hope im wrong but it lokks like it.

    • ChronicMidori says:

      No woman’s arm is that short and slender!

      • Col Foster (AKA -Open mind) says:

        To ChronicMidori,

        Humans come in all shapes, colours, weights, height and sizes, how can you say no womans arm is that short and slender?

        You also need to realise that this lady is in the after life, so surely her appendidges/limbs and general aura will be supernaturally different to everday folk.

        Peace Col*

        • ChronicMidori says:

          The Afterlife! Really? Oh my goodness! Are you sure? I was thinking, like maybe she just turned her opacity down or something….

          Well thanks for pointing out the obvious Detective Holmes, never would’a figured that out…

          The proportions are still way off in my opinion, but individual opinions don’t seem to be acceptable here… Would an apology make you feel better?

          • Col Foster (AKA -Open mind) says:


            thats ok, i dont get offended easily
            so theres no need for appologies.

            Take care Col*

  29. trolldoll1681 says:

    what does the grim reaper look like? and yes i can see a young boys face but i think it’s a optical illusion?

    • anna says:

      The grim reaper is the guy that wears a black hooded outfit with the hood over his head and a cycle its i think i spelled it right.its a knife long knife that the farmers use too cut the straw i think.Im not good at discribing things so i hope you know what i mean in what i just wrote down.

      • Col Foster (AKA -Open mind) says:

        Hi Anna, i think its a scythe, but im not the best speller eiher, good explanation though, thanks


        • anna says:

          nobodys perfect right?

          • Col Foster (AKA -Open mind) says:

            Hi Anna, thats right, i wouldnt wana be perfect, its always ”nice to be nice” i think, cheers, il see u on here again soon i hope :o )

            • anna says:

              i hope so.i like talking to nice ppl,even though we cant see everyone.

            • anna says:

              thats sad ,upsetting that its a fake.but it still looks real to me.but it was fun while it lasted.look at all the comments you got.thats awsome.

  30. anna says:


    were prb all curious and if the guy does find out what it really is let us know.thaanks

  31. big barney says:

    big barney has decreed that you are all wrong. big barney knows that it is a little boy. he has a short sleeved shirt on. and shorts. big barney has declared that he looks like kid from “leave it to beaver”.

    • ChronicMidori says:

      ROFL! I do agree with you big barney, definitely a little boy and he does look like the kid from leave it to beaver!! LOL!

    • anna says:

      oh is big barney right?well when or if the truth comes out were all guessing.and no the ghost does not look like the kid from the show.thats my that all right with you big

      • Col Foster (AKA -Open mind) says:

        Hello Anna, we’r on your side, big barny & ChronicMidori are obiously friends in cahoots, this forum started off very nice and plesant, shame these two characters had to appear, and lower the tone,

        never mind Anna, we ‘the majority’ side with you, peace Col*

        • anna says:

          thanks man thats good to hear.they are mean.

        • ChronicMidori says:

          LOL! No I have never met Big Barney before, nor do I care what the majority thinks. I simply have an opinion that felt I had the right to voice, didn’t mean to ‘lower the tone’ of your almighty standards. However, if you have a problem with my opinion than obviously your the one with issues. Lighten up dude, no bodys here to offend you or pick sides, please stop over reacting…

          BTW nice photo :)

    • Lisa says:

      I love it! big barney, keep sending us your words of wisdom!

  32. ChronicMidori says:

    Wow! What an awesome picture, it’s so clear! Ok I can kinda see what everyone is calling a bun but i don’t think it is a woman. I’m with Lisa’s first reaction on this one, it looks like a little boy to me. I’ve been studying it for a few minutes now and I still think so, the ‘bun’ could be a tuft of hair or something. Look at the length of the arm, you can even see where the sleeve ends, it’s definitely a little boy or a really short lady! Looks like hes standing up straight lifting a leg to take a step towards the baby. I can almost make out his tee-shirt and jeans! Also, if the babies toys are going missing doesn’t it make more sense that a little boy is playing with them rather than a lady has a baby toy fetish?

    I see the red dots but I think that is nothing but glare, but who knows! Whatever it is the picture looks genuine to me…

    Another thing, I think he’s a good spirit and it looks like he finds the baby fascinating! Babies are extremely sensitive to spirits, if he meant harm she would not be comfortable around him.

  33. trolldoll1681 says:

    big barney does not have the right to declare us wrong. go back and read the rules. there is no reason to be rude! we have our a right to our own opinions, thank you.

    • Col Foster (AKA -Open mind) says:

      Hi Trolldoll1681

      We all totally agree with you, barny is coming over extremely arrogant
      no need….

      Never mind eh?

    • anna says:

      i couldnt of said it better.

    • ChronicMidori says:

      Your absolutely correct! No one has a right to declare anything about you so long as you don’t let them. Sooo….. Why are you all letting him? Hmmm…

      You could keep getting defensive and getting your feelings hurt.. Or you could join the rest of us who saw he was joking and have a good laugh! It’s up to you, still, I believe it is better to laugh than to cry..

  34. Bonnie says:

    Yup, I’m starting to see the boy image as well. I’m not sure if it’s the “Leave It To Beaver” kid, but, I can see more in the way of a boy.

  35. trolldoll1681 says:

    enlarge it? look real close like your nose against the monitor. look at the lower part of the arm, there is a hand. the head is in the shadows so its hard to see the hair.

  36. Lisa says:

    Whatever it is , I don’t think it’s harmful; the baby looks delighted and the ghost doesn’t does not appear to be evil, but sometimes, appearances can be deceptive, so, you never know.

    • Col Foster (AKA -Open mind) says:

      Hi Lisa, i agree with you, she seems ok

      if you look at her righ cheek ,she appears to be smiling, as if shes happily over-whelmed to see/embrace the child

      Thanks Col*

  37. jaynesh baid says:

    dude… this is a ghost of a young boy. it is clearly visible.

  38. anna says:

    i have looked at that pic so many times too and i dont see the boy(thats just me) i see what i see still.

  39. tinkybex says:

    I love how everyone ignores the fact that it has been pointed out that this is a fake. It’s an iPhone app. I could clearly see this was a fake first time I saw this. The grim reaper face is far too cartoony to be real, and the image is clearer than the actual photo. You don’t have to be a photo expert to see it’s fake.
    Sorry but you need to climb out of your delusion hole. I am a firm believer in the metaphysical, but this just has fake written all over it