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Ghost in Shreveport Apartment

Posted on June 25, 2010

When I was young, back in the early 60′s, we moved to an apartment in Shreveport, Louisiana. It was located on Main Street about 3 or 4 blocks from the river bridge that goes into Bossier City. This was the location of my first ghostly experience.

To this point I had never been frightened of the houses we lived in and we had lived in a few. My dad’s job changed locations every 6 to 8 weeks and we would move across a state or across several states to the next location.

This apartment was the creepiest and located on the 2nd story. The activity started the day we moved in.

The first thing was an old hand that would reach around the door and grasp the door knob. We all saw this at one time or another and thought it was maybe strange lighting from the outside. Dad got up a time or two and checked to make sure no one was in the apartment. This happened during the day as well as at night. Then the outside door at the base of the stairs was locked every night and the next morning when my dad would go down to leave for work the door would be open, he changed the lock but it didn’t help, the door would still be open in the morning. So he started getting up a couple times a night to check it. It seemed that it was being opened in the early morning.

The thing that really terrified me was at night I would feel breathing on my head or neck. I would hear paper blowing across the floor and a moaning sound. I would then very softly call out to my mom hoping this person wouldn’t hear me. My mom would always come in turn on the lights show me nothing was there, no paper in the floor, nothing there to breath on me. She would then stay til I went to sleep. But this was EVERY NIGHT.

My dad got a long weekend and took my oldest brother (12) to Lake Providence to put in a swimming pool for extra money. They would be back on Monday afternoon. The lady that lived downstairs picked that Saturday morning to tell my mom the story of the apartment we were living in.

About 2 years before we moved in there was an elderly lady and her son that lived up there. They stopped coming and going then there was an awful smell they couldn’t get rid of. They tried to get the people to come to the door but got no response. They finally called the police and they broke the door down and went into the upstairs apartment. When they went into the living room (my bedroom) the son was dead and had been for some time they said the bugs had carried most of him away. The old lady told them that he was asleep not dead. She said she had fed him 3 meals a day for the week he had been laying there.

The apartment had been remodeled, and rented several times since then but know one stayed long.

My mom put my other brother and me in the bed with her and stayed awake most the time to watch us she was to afraid to sleep and not watch us.

When my dad and brother got home Monday afternoon Mom relayed the story to my dad. He told her to start packing, he took Tuesday off and we moved to 78th street.

This was really scary to me as a child but my parents never seemed not to believe me, I guess because they felt something was there to.

Thanks for all of your stories I really enjoy reading them, and hope you will enjoy this one. Because this apartment has never left my mind, It still haunts me, I don’t remember a lot from that age but this is very vivid in my mind. so enjoy

Sent in by Martha Swayze, Copyright 2010

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Tags: Bossier City, Louisiana, Shreveport

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18 Responses to “Ghost in Shreveport Apartment”
  1. Anonymous says:

    This story was straight to the point yet one of the best I’ve ever read! Would LOVE to hear them more in detail if you ever have time! =)

    • martha says:

      Anonymous, Thanks for the reply. I should have put in more details but I was afraid I’d run out of time. I’m only online at work. I’m glad you liked it, It was really a creepy place, and the thought of it still scares me a bit.

  2. Dionna White says:

    I know where your coming from, I’ve had many paranormal experiences myself

  3. ChronicMidori says:

    That story is not only freaky, it’s downright gross!! I wouldn’t want to live in a house a body was deteriorating in whether it was haunted or not!! Although I don’t doubt it was haunted.. I wonder how the kid died… Old people scare me almost as much as ghosts… :(

    Now I am even more freaked out about my house… We have lived there a year now and I get a really eerie feeling in the kitchen/ living room area and the stairway upstairs makes odd noises and I swear I hear someone talking. One time I put a to-go cup that had a leak in it inside the sink cause I was in a hurry and didn’t want to deal with the lid… The next morning my boyfriend asked me why I left the cup on the counter and got the drink all over the place.. I have a very vivid memory of putting it in the sink not to mention I wouldn’t put a leaking cup on the counter but he still didn’t believe me..

    Then he was alone in the house one day and when I got back from work he was like ‘ok maybe your on to something, I keep hearing voices upstairs and someone walking down it and things move and I get a shiver down my spine every time I go in the living room..” I had to laugh.. Then his friend came back in town and told us he used to know the girl that lived in our house.. He said her step-dad had committed suicide in the house in the living room… Now my boyfriend really believes me lol! We want to move but $ is an issue atm…

    So I can relate to you on this story, now I’m ganna be all freaked out when I get home.. XD

  4. Kind Skeptic says:

    This was a great account. It is so unfortunate that the elderly lady was either suffering from dementia or alzheimer’s and didn’t realize that her son had died. He was probably her caretaker, and having had a Mom w/ alzheimer’s, it’s not unusual for the individual afflicted with this horrible disease to lose all sense of reality and sort of live in one of their own choosing. Did the elderly lady also pass on in the apt. (I would assume they moved her to a nursing home or some type of assisted living environment? Did they determine the cause of death for the son? A few more details would be interesting in helping determine the root of this haunting, which sounds a bit residual….. thnx for a great story!

    • Anonymous says:

      They didn’t find cause of death of the man as far as I know. The elderly lady was moved to a nursing home and was still there at that time. My mom is 80 and has the onset of dementia, it really is a sad thing for the whole family to go through. My brother died in Sept. 2009, my mom couldn’t remember his death for a long time, it’s like her mind just blocked it out. I don’t know that she would have survived had she actually went through the horror of that mentally. It was really hard for us and he wasn’t our child. Know what I mean.

      • trolldoll says:

        i’m sorry for you and your family to watch your mom loose her memory. i too watched my mom as the sparkle left her eyes. she had alzheimers for several years and no one knew it. just be kind and patient and see and talk to her as much as possible!

        • martha says:

          thanks Trolldoll,

          • Kind Skeptic says:

            thnx for the details. As I mentioned, my mom died with alzheimers and it is indeed a family disease. But she died peacfully and painlessly. My sister and I just tried to work with her as her memory would fade, and she started living in a world that existed many years earlier. So yes, patience will be your best friend. Live well….

  5. AnNa says:

    wow.at least you found out what happened.did you ever find out why they died?moving sucks so i know how you feel.i would like to hear more from your stories.thanks for the story.

  6. trolldoll says:

    i have relatives in bosier city and shreveport. although i have lost contact. i’m sure as with all cities, there are the strange and bizzare things that people have done in one’s home that have been lost in time. i can’t imagine what the old lady felt, she just couldn’t deal with her son’s death. thanks for posting!

  7. mimi says:

    I like your story too. It is nice to know your parents believed what you told them and made the right decision right away.

  8. mason says:

    Very cool story!Very creepy story!Thankx….Mason

  9. LittleKitKat says:

    Oh my!
    I feel sorry for the old lady abd her son who luived there before you, it’s a wonder how did he die but also so sad that his mother was in denail for that amount of time even seeing decomposure take place!

    I do not blame your parents at all for wanting to move you out of there so quickly, also having a door that constantly opened I would of worried alot about the security of the house.
    Thank you for sharing your experince.

  10. Pat says:

    Wow! Great story! Your parents sound like really cool people that were great to you kids… right after your Mom heard the story about the apartment you all packed up and left! I would have too! CREEPY place…..

    • martha says:

      My parents believed in ghosts and that helped alot, Of course I did’t know that for many years. Moving was a way of life for us back then, it was fun to the kids and I never knew it was hard on my parents as they never complained they just got the job done and went on.

      They were really great people, their kids was job 1.


  11. Tracey says:

    The Son that old lady Feed him three time a week that died never move ? My That seem gross us out. Glad you and your family move out of there. But that is sad that the son died sound like she posion him or something like that he never move just stay there and the cop find him dead but the old lady don’t believe him dead.

  12. Tracey says:

    One thing, I live in louisiana *Baton rouge* but my father’s side of family live in sheveport.

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