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Ghost Girl in My House

Posted on March 8, 2010

About six or seven years ago my family built a home in the middle of the woods in LaGrange, Georgia. At the time their were no other homes around, so you already got this kind of eerie feeling when you were around (especially when you are alone).

Weird things started happening as soon as the home was finished and we moved everything in. My older brother, younger sister, and I all slept in the same room for the first few weeks in the house, since mostly everything was still in boxes.

One day I was home by myself and was laying on the couch in our living room, which was facing the staircase. I was on my dads laptop at the time when something caught my attention. I looked up from the computer screen only to see a pair of legs walking up the stairs. A pair of legs, that’s it, with no body to go along with them. I was frozen and just watched them slowly walk of the stairs. Needless to say, after that I ran back to my room, locked the door and didn’t come back out until my parents were home.

I didn’t tell anyone about what I saw. I was only 10 years old at the time so why would my parents believe me? A couple of days went by with no activity. One night while me and my siblings were sleeping though, I got this weird feeling. It was so weird that I stayed up for hours. When I finally started to drift off into sleep I was awoken by my bed being shaken, and the bottom corner of my bed felt like someone was picking it up and then throwing it back down over and over again. I got so scared that I almost didn’t open my eyes to see who was doing this. After it went on for a few minutes I thought maybe it was my older brother just trying to play a trick on me, so I opened my eyes slightly only to find that my brother was asleep on the floor beside me. After this I shut my eyes and hid under the covers until I fell asleep.

Whenever I woke up the next morning, I found it hard to believe that it actually happened and I tried to make myself believe that I made it all up in my head. But about a week after this my brother asked me if I wanted to know something really freaky. I said sure, not even thinking about the things that I had already seen in the house. He told me that one night he woke up because he had heard someone walk into the room. He looked at the door and their was a girl just standing there, staring at him. He said that she looked like she may have been 13 years old, had black hair, and a white gown on. He said that he didn’t believe his eyes at first. He rubbed his eyes to try to clear up his vision, but after he opened his eyes again she was gone. Keep in mind that I had never told anyone about the things that I had seen in the house, so this scared the hell out of me.

Me and my brother got our parents video camera and tape recorder a few times and tried to catch something on film, but none of our attempts were successful.

Years passed and I didn’t see the girl anymore. I had no idea why she just disappeared, but my brother told me that she was indeed still in the house. He apparently had many encounters with her, but I only know of one. The first night that he had moved his room upstairs he saw her again. He said that he was trying to get to sleep and was facing the wall. He turned over and tried to get more comfortable, but nearly jumped out of his skin when he turned around and saw the girl standing next to his bed staring at him. She was only there for a second and when he blinked she was gone.

I am now 17 and I still only had little encounters with the ghost, such as seeing black figures out of the corner of my eye and hearing foot steps around the house when no one else was home. One night I had a friend over, and we got my older brother to buy us a case of beer. Me, my friend, and my brother were hanging out downstairs and hadn’t started drinking much when all of a sudden the bathroom door slammed shut. We looked at each other, and thought that maybe it was just the air conditioning that shut the door (which it does all the time) but that was dismissed when we heard the door open up again. We drank a little more, and tried to keep our minds off of it, but the door continued to open and shut on its own. My brother finally stood up and said “That’s it, we’re going to figure out what the hell is going on.”

We took my dads laptop into the bathroom and turned all the lights off, so the only light we had was from the computer. We asked for the spirit to use the energy from the computer to communicate with us. Nothing happened. We kept on trying with no success, so my brother got ill and started calling it all kinds of names. After this, the low battery sign popped up on the laptop. It was at 100% when we went in. We were thrilled that we may have finally got it to communicate with us, so my brother knocked a beat on the wall and asked if the spirit could repeat this beat. When nothing happened again, my brother only knocked half of the beat and asked if the spirit could finish it. Very faintly, almost sounding like it was on the other side of the house, we heard the finished beat. After that something grabbed my friends arm, and I also felt something grab me. We got a little scared and left the bathroom. As soon as we all walked out the door shut behind us on it’s own.

The door started opening and shutting on its own again when we returned to the living room. So we returned to the bathroom again and said the Lord’s prayer and asked the spirit to move on. After we recited the Lord’s prayer one last time I was drenched in happiness, and I knew that whatever it was, it was gone now. It was so weird, I almost felt like it had thanked us for helping it into the afterlife.

Ever since that night we have had no more encounters with any ghost and the house almost has a whole new feel to it, much more peaceful then it was before.

Thanks for reading my story, sorry it was so long and maybe a bit boring.

Sent in by Dylan Payne, Copyright 2010

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8 Responses to “Ghost Girl in My House”
  1. trolldoll1681 says:

    you did a good job in trying to talk to the ghost! i don’t think she meant any harm, but was just curious. you could try to do some research to see if you could find history on the land. thanks dylan!

  2. anna says:

    you know what it was a good story but 2 things I dont believe is when you were sleeping the bed was moving up and down.how did you end up falling back asleep.i would be to scared for that.and the second was when you guys were in the bathroom you felt someone grab your arm and your friends arm maybe it wasyour brother.Not to be mean I do like the story dont get me wrong but just those two things.And I agree too do some research on the land.if you do let us know ok.Im curious in what you find.

  3. felicia says:

    wow your story gave me goosebumps. I’m glad you guys are no longer seeing the ghost, looks like she just needed some direction to get to where she needs to be.

  4. Bonnie says:

    Hi Dylan,

    You wrote a very good and scarey story of your experience that you and your brother had encountered. Thank you so much. It had me scared and if I were there in that house, I would probably have been beneath the bed LOL! Good job in praying and helping the girl cross over. I’m sure that she is at peace now. Bonnie :)

  5. bee says:

    dont you have a house blessing before living into your new house???

  6. Whittney says:

    Hey Dylan,

    Oh my goodness. Sounds like you guys were in for a ride. I’m glad that you helped her cross over. I guess she just needed a little help. I was especially interested in the story because I went to LaGrange College and just graduated in May of 2008. There is a lot of good and spooky history in LaGrange. I would love to hear what you find out about the house and the area. Take care.

  7. Dylan says:

    @ anna
    honestly I have no idea how I slept that night lol my memory is a bit cloudy of that night since It was some time ago. and when we were in the bathroom my brother was sitting on the toilet seat while me and my friend stood a few feet away from him. It could have been our imaginations running wild but it still seems a tad odd to me that we both felt the same thing at nearly the same time.

    and a bit of an update:
    we thought nothing was in the house anymore, but now we are starting to believe that their may be more spirits here. Around 4 a.m. this morning my brother woke up to someone beating on his door frantically. after he woke up the knocking went on for a few more seconds. When he got out of bed to see who it was no one was there. I think tonight we may try to see if anyone else is still in this house

  8. Bonnie says:

    Hi Dylan,

    Please keep us informed of what happens tonight in your house.

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