Ghost Girl in Hayward California

Posted on February 16, 2010

I am a 15 year old boy who lives with his father in Hayward, California. I just moved into a new house that made me feel strange. Not long after we moved in and got everything settled, I started to experience paranormal things.

The first night I was in bed and I heard a small girl laughing. Thinking it was my five year old sister I got up and walked into the room. Nobody was there. I paused for a moment because I felt like I was being watched. I walked towards my room and I saw a small shadow walk in my room. It was strange, I walked into my room and nobody was there.

A few weeks after that event, I was home alone. I was in my living room watching television. I heard the same laughter as I did before. I turned off the television and saw a little girl in the reflection of the screen. I got up and ran outside. I calmed myself down and walked to the door. It was locked. I remembered I had left the door open. I looked at the window and saw a small figure looking at me.

After a few hours my father came home and I had told him what happened. He put up a cross on a doorway thinking it would help.

The next day after I went to look at the cross in the doorway. I was shocked because it was torn apart and turned upside down. My father has not done anything about this. Weeks after that occurrence, I was asleep and awoken to a slap to my face and a push off my bed. There was nobody besides me in the room. After that had happened, I heard small footsteps coming towards me. I shouted “Go away!” and they stopped. My experiences did not stop there.

I soon realized that this spirit is following me. Everywhere I went I hear the spirit talking to me. I’ve seen it on the public bus after school, the cemetery, and my other family members houses. I haven’t come to a logical explanation yet. I don’t know what to do? If I should get help from a priest or just ignore the spiritual activities that happen to me. I need help with this ghost girl.

The only description I have of her is she has long black hair, a white dress, and she’s three feet tall. I have already tried communicating with her through a Ouija board and having a s�ance. I left a camera to record a night of activity, but when I checked the camera the tape was destroyed, as if she knew what I was trying to do. What I’m doing is only making her upset.

After these events I continue to see her, and have contact with her. Such as her pulling my hair, whispering in my ear when I am asleep, and opening my door. I have no idea what to do anymore. I need help, advice, anything I can get to make her go away.

Sent in by Ricardo Haro, Copyright 2010

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22 Responses to “Ghost Girl in Hayward California”
  1. asijd[' says:

    No offense but I thought that it was kinda funny when u got slappen in the face and pushed off of the bed, but you should really try and contact that little girl and see what hapend to her usally when u contact a ghost and find out what had happend every thing gose back to normal and there is no more haunting,. idk but u do what u have to do,:D

  2. Kim says:

    My advice would be to NOT use a Ouija board. You could be opening a door allowing more spirits to come through. You need to seek the help of a religious official in your town, and have your home blessed.

  3. anna says:

    i have to agree with kim DONT use the board that can be dangeous.Ive read other stories and it does not do any good for them i only here bad things.i dont think that shes tring to upset you maybe she want to play(maybe).talk to your dad about talking to a priest or say the our father pray.thats the only thing i can think of.

  4. Sandi says:

    Ricardo–I would follow Kims advice and definitly do not use a Ouiji board again. See what you can do about seeking religious advice and yes, get your house blessed. Keep checking the comment box as many people can be more specific about what you can do to try to get this to stop. Good luck and keep us posted.

  5. Grey Wolf says:

    Hi thanks for sharing your story…I agree with some of the other comments that you should ‘not’ use the Ouija Board;because it opens up a portal where any kind of spirit can come through and can cause even more problems…I think you should have the house blessed by a priest or pastor…if it continues then contact a paranormal group to help you find out what is going on and what needs to be done.You could also research who all has lived in the house before you and your Dad did;and what has maybe went on or happened in that house…and also research the land the house is on such as what has happened on the land??It could be the house,or the land,or what someone did or had happen to them that is causing the problems.It sound’s like maybe ‘something’ has attached to you since you hear and see it where ever you go…you could have a priest or preacher anoint you and pray over you.Hope this helps you…let us know.Blessed Be!!!p.s. I would not have any more seances because it also can open up a portal;and you do not always know what spirit it is that will be talking to you and just like some people are good,some are bad…it’s the same with spirits..some are good and helpful but some are bad and harmful..and sometimes you do not always know which ones you will contact and are talking with…anyway that is my opinion…you can take it or leave it.

  6. Vzy4kat6387 says:

    I agree with everyone else, do not touch the Ouija board anymore you’ve probably let spirits in already.

    You need to seek professional help if you want her to go away. You need your house blessed. And I also agree with wolf, if it continues to happen even after the house was blessed then get a paranormal team in there to find out what exactly is going on. And why she wont leave you alone.

    But stay away from the Ouija board that’s not a toy, and you can open up a door that you don’t need opened at this point right now.

  7. Rider3 says:

    I’d definitely stay away from Ouija boards. Don’t mess with that. Say a prayer and ask to be protected by God’s light, and tell her she must cross over. I’d also take the other person’s suggestion and get the house blessed. Can’t hurt. Good luck.

    • Zach says:

      It actually CAN hurt. Sometimes, if the blessings dont work, you really piss off the spirits, ghosts, etc. that may exist in your house. They may try to hurt you. In this case, hurt you even more. So if you do bless your house, make sure its a fully effective and well done blessing. Even pay for 2 consecutive blessings if you feel it’s neccessary.

      • Storm says:

        yes it can hurt, (spirits are vengefull things) but not as much as it would hurt to have that thing around, it probably is a demon. they dont exactly all look evil. some even look cuddly only till you piss them off. burn the ouiji and get some prayers started. an exorsisim if you like. remember all good things are worth fighting for. sometimes it doesnt happen the first time. sometimes it gets worse and you have to persist. but in the end after all the prayers it’s really worth it.

  8. ashleigh says:

    ermmm to be honest i wouldnt go near an ouija bord as you could let a demon into your house actually i done an ouija board and terrible things have happened to me ever since.Maybe the little girl wants to contact you and look over you but on the other hand she could also be telling you to get out of your house that you are in because she doesnt like you living there. If i was you i would seek a priests help and get a very good blessing in your house!!!!

  9. spellbound spirit says:

    Blessing no ouija u got that NO OUIJA! i messed up my life i dont want anyone else doing the same and if all else fails get some stones some gravyard dirt some sage and put them in a bag and hang them from a tree but only as the LAST RESORT you dont want to know what that does and if that dont work seek proffesional help. [like ghost busters] ps i know obvious joke

  10. Ideas for your ghost says:

    Hi, I think you need to talk to your ghost. Explain gently to her that she is dead and tell her that she needs to find the light and move on. Ask her what she needs to go, she may not even realise that she dead. She may have things that she feels she hasn’t finished.

    If you can hear her laugh, ask her to talk to you instead and tell her you can help her.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Well you say you’ve tried talking to her. Well when you talk to her don’t be mean nd try to talk camly and nicely to her. Ask her why she is following you and what she wants. And don’t use the ouija. It will only make things worse and you can get possessed. I’m hopping good comes out of my advice and hopefuly you stay fine.

  12. ANGEL says:

    I surely agree with all.Dont bring ouija board.It will bring more prb for u.Try to speak to tht girl.n find out the history of the is possible tht u should get something n take the help of the priest.

  13. Anonymous says:

    hi my name is linda and i have had the same experence. but its a little girl who has red hair and she has done the same thing to me. i got rid of her by commincating to her and asking her why she has done this to me. all u need to do is talk to her and help her dross over to the other side. i agree wit everyone when they say dont use a ouiji borad. they can open really bad things. just follow my advice and tat shoutl help

  14. stacy says:

    you should listen to grey wolf guy or girl they are on the right track but like everyone has said the hole ouija boards are bad buisness so if you would do yourself a favor, cut that thing up and burn it.

  15. ashley lesley says:

    Don’t use teh ouija board. That will open a door that should remain closed. If you go to church on a regular basis, ask the religious official of your church to help you. You should also do some research about the property you live on. My best advice, would be to get a professional to help you. The ones who ask for money are no good. The ones you want to look for don’t even mention money. Keep a record of everything that happens and details are important. I am speaking from experiance. I have had problems with hauntings for as long as i can remember. Also get some sage, and burn it to purify the house. I wouldn’t do anything to make the spirit mad if you can help it. if you want more advice just ask.

  16. Scetch says:

    You know, what u should do is find out her history. Check a library or somethin. But the last thing u should do is get upset with her. Check out a way that u can cross her over to “the other side”. I heard that there is a ritual u can do which can send her to where ever ghosts go. The only reason she does what she does is to get ur attention. Oh, and the kid was playing with u. LOL! She sounds like she has a crush on u!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Hey i don’t believe its a ghost to honestly,since the fact that it didn’t like the cross on the hallway and that it attacked you takes this to a whole different level. I believe its a demon. The fact that you use the board its one of the reason why it haunts you. You opened a portal and you have to close it. You need help from a priest and may be even have an exorcism on the house and those tent to be really dangerous but its what works most of the time.Please try this :| . I really hope this works. ;)

  18. Storm says:

    this litttle demon girl has attached itself to you for some reason. probably because you are young and therefore more suceptible to the spirit world. Going from what happened with the cross i think its safe to say you are not exactly dealing with a good spirit. even if she appears small and annoyingly childish she can do so much damage. ( ever heard of people having terrible accidents trying to avoid something they saw only everyone else dint see it?) i would suggest that you get yourself to a priest. explain whats going on in detail and have him pray for you and also pray i the house. its like having a disease. you noitce the symptoms and leave it thinking it’ll go away on its own and sometimes it goes dormant but when it reappears its worse. stay away form ouiji boards and seances. that stuff is’nt a joke. they are like beacons of light to spirits. you open a door and sometimes you might let something through that will hurt you for its own pleasure. also try to find out about the house. its history. if anything tragic ever happened to a little girl. dont try and communicate with it. i think that would be an invitation of a sort. its a spirit and has no business with you in this world of the living. i’m speaking from experience so i know exactly what am on about.
    my older brother had the same experience when we were younger. he was 17 and first he thought i was playing pranks and then he tried to ignore it but it dint go away. then after sometime our parents thought he was making things up and just wanted attention. he stopped sleeping home, started seeing and hearing things and became irritable . then he went the ouiji way and actually taked to the boy/thing. asked it what it wanted and it spelled Y.O.U. then he was just depressed/ suicidal. our parents thought he was doing drugs and hanging in a bad crowd. until the night our cousin got her pastor to come over. there was a bad sulphur and bad egg smell from me and my brothers rooms. and for the next few days it would shred the sheets on his bed, bang and lock doors, play with the radio and tv and flicker lights. our parents were scared silly by this time and everyone else was tired of all the stuff. after about two months of continuous prayers it left literally with a bang. since then i say my prayers every day.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Ok I kno I’m a little late but I’m from Hayward and like this story, try using a tape recorder to ask the girl questions and possibly answer you, sometimes a spirits voice can b captured on tape, ask her if that’s her house, why she harms u, mayb how she died, man i wish I could have experienced that, gotta love making contact with spirits

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