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Ghost Boy With Dark Hollow Eyes

Posted on November 2, 2008

Help! I Don’t Know What To Do!

My name is Sara, I’m 19 and I live in upstate New York, in the outskirts of Syracuse. I’m the sort of person who has never believed in ghosts or the supernatural. I guess I did when I was little, but as I grew up I began to think that it was all a bunch of lies made up to spice up our lives but simultaneously detach us from reality. I WISH!

I want to avoid the phrase “It all started…” but I think that’s probably the only way I can begin without confusing you. So here I go.

It all started when I was coming back from a friend’s party about two weeks ago. Now, I’ve lived in this place my entire life, so walking home from Jenny’s house, even at around two am, was no big deal. Anyway, as I walked, I started to feel very strange, somewhat light-headed and nauseous. And before anyone wonders whether I was drunk or high, believe me I was completely clean, because I’m too scared to touch pot and last time I’d gotten drunk, I’d made such a fool of myself that I never wanted to repeat the performance. Back to the story.

About twenty feet away from my house, I experienced the most frightening moments of my entire life. I saw a young boy, maybe ten, maybe younger. He was standing at my doorstep in tattered clothes, trousers and a white t-shirt, looking somewhat like a boy from the sixties. He was making crying noises but I couldn’t see his face. Then I spoke to him, saying something along the lines of: “Are you ok? Has someone hurt you? I’ve never seen you before around here.” He didn’t reply and I went closer. “What’s your name? Would you like to come inside?” He remained silent, except for the occasional sniff, with his head down. Again I approached slowly. “Hey…you don’t have to be afraid.” I said quietly.

“Afraid?” He finally said in a childish voice but it sent a chill through me like nothing else. And my fingertips began to tingle. Maybe it’s true what they say about that signifying danger. Because his voice was echoing as if coming from various directions as opposed to just from him. “Help me,” he continued and then suddenly looked up. My heart began to fire away and I tried to scream but I couldn’t. He had no eyes. Where they should have been, were hollow spots. And even saying it now it sounds like something from a movie. But I swear it’s not fake. Those dark hollows haunt me at night, every night. And then it was gone.

It was gone, but as I walked into the house, I was shaking, and my teeth were chattering from fear in the way that you see on cartoons. Only this was real, just like what I had experienced. And I’m sharing this with you because it seems as though people on this site know about this stuff and aren’t cynical. And I need someone to believe me. I’m 19, I’m not really a teenager so this can’t be some poltergeist I’m reflecting from my own internal turmoil. Really, I’m not depressed or deeply angry about anything. I’ve always been open about my problems so I don’t harbor any dark secrets. I’ve thought about that a lot because I would rather it was that. Believe me!

Either way, I decided to shrug the incident off, although at first, I’ll admit, I was somewhat scared for my health. But about a week after I’d seen him, which is about a week ago, I was lying in bed, trying to fall asleep, when I heard this crying at the bottom of my bed. With a frozen hand, I switched my side-light on and there he was again, staring at me with those deep black holes of nothingness.

This time he didn’t disappear, he reached out for me and touched me. I was too petrified to move. I swear I’ve never felt so uneasy, so distressed, so cold and so helpless. It seemed as though every feeling of despair and fear I’ve ever had was suddenly amplified by millions. His face was serious and my heart beat so fast I thought it was going to pop. I began to weep but I couldn’t make a sound. If this ghost boy stopped my heart, no one would ever know. But he let go which now makes me think he only wanted me to feel his pain, his despair.

The performance was not repeated in the same way but this past week he’s been showing up at my bed, night after night, standing and weeping, then looking up and walking out through the door. And I mean THROUGH it. I’ve been thinking it’s all in my head and I even mentioned an MRI scan to my mother the other day. But two nights ago, my mom came up to me and asked me about why I’ve been crying night after night and if there’s something wrong with me that we should discuss. Since I always tell her my problems she seemed rather upset that I hadn’t come to her with what was bothering me.

“Yes mom. I haven’t come to you because I’m not the one crying.”

“What do you mean? Your dad’s heard it too and David (that’s my older brother) said he heard you crying in your room when he came back late last night.”

My brother had been weird and quiet all day in fact, picking at his food, contemplating things in silence and such. When I walked up to him and touched him he jumped. Then I confronted him about the crying and told him it wasn’t me.

“Yeah I know. I saw it leave your room.” When he said that goosebumps broke out all over my skin and as I write, the same thing is happening. I was relieved though. Relieved that I wasn’t and I’m not going crazy. At the same time I’m scared because this is real. This is happening. I’m… we’re… being haunted.

I’m going to research the house’s previous owners to see what happened. But I’ve been living here forever and if this is the ghost of the previous owner, of a child brutally murdered, why is it surfacing now? All I know is that the feelings that washed over me the night he touched me can only be described as something one feels when in Hell…. And if this boy is really dead and if what I felt was a reflection of his feelings then I pity him. No one should have to endure that. And does he need my help? Is that why he’s persisting? Because he’s not hurting me or anything. At least not anymore.

Please help me, give me some advice. I’m so scared and I don’t want this to dictate the rest of my life. It’s already changed the way I see the world and it’s been hard for me to accept it, even though I haven’t talked about that aspect in this story. Please. Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you.

Written by Sara Michaels, Copyright 2008

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74 Responses to “Ghost Boy With Dark Hollow Eyes”
  1. un-known says:

    OMG!!! I would have wet my pants! But, if he visits you agin, try to talk to him, if he dosen’t reply, contact ghost busters or somting, I’ve seen their shows and they could really help you. If that dosen’t work, I guess you’ll have to move out, Ok, cross that out, don’t move out. but I guess you could contact a phycic to try to contact the boy in day light and see if he’ll talk to you then. I’ve witten a few stories my self.

  2. Abel says:

    Hi, i totally know where your comming from and im kinda glad its not me that went through what u did. I probably wouldve peepeed. No but in all seriousness, i experienced a similar thing with a “ghost” except it didnt tlk to me it just looked at me and dissapeared. I awoke in the middle of the night to find it reaching up at my cousin at the top of the bunk slowly extending his hand as if to touch him. I rubbed my eyes and pinched my arm to make sure i wasnt dreaming… i wasnt. I yelled out, “hey, what are you doing” it quickly turned and dissapeared. I think what its first mission was, was accomplished which was making you a believer. Second, it came to you because it may not have found anyone else who could help it since it could relate to you being the youngest i would suggest. Also the fact that you are a female helps in looking at you as the sympathetic kind. Maybe your always the one standing up for someone else maybe when your doing that “it” is watching. You have to be sure to show no fear when you see it. Im not sating being all tough in a bad way but just not quivering or shaking or crying but with a simple, “hi im here if you need help”. what happened? It may not tlk to you in a real conversation but with short phrases or words. Listen to the clues and dnt set up cameras or tape recorders because you may anger it since it has confided in you. Always keep in mind though the bible says, “the dead have NO part with the living nor the living with the dead” meaning once you die your spirit does NOT come back as people suggest. Im just trying to give tips from a HUMAN point of view. But from my FAITH point of view i would say becareful because if that spirit is not from the living it is demonic and may want to hurt you. Honestly, look for a LA LUZ DEL MUNDO CHURCH there and visit. It may be your wake up call from God. Good Luck

  3. shara thapa says:

    hi sara actually i am differnt country Nepal. might be u h vnt heard. my tips is for
    u that u should go to church n pray for while n change ur house n go to the place where is full noisy .

    thank u

  4. Jen says:

    Good story sarah. this young boy might have been born like that and killed because his parents wanted a perfect child.Ask a priest or maby a specialsts to bless your house abd help the child to god. for he will love him when his parents didn’t.

  5. thilani says:

    First do a thorough search about the previous owners and even all the older owners just to be sure and about any, any incident that has happened. Try the library in your area since they have papers hat go far back. Next time you see the by for heavens sake don’t freeze in fear. Ask him questions and tell that you sincerely want to help him. That might work. If he replies try to get to know what happened to him. Where do you see him always pop up?

  6. Karly says:

    Maybe this ghost boy wants help. Try asking what happened to him again, and try and help him. Try not to show fear, because he’ll just get even more upset.

  7. Karl says:

    Have you ever messed with an ouija board? Something could’ve stirred this spirit up. Someone else who lives by you could’ve messed with an ouija too.

  8. valery(a.k.a Izzy) says:

    if this keeps happening you should bless your house because you cant live with all that, thats just to much i mean im only ten and i have experienced alot of things so far at my new house first night i moved in lights flickered on and off a tissue box fell and a shadow walked past me wichfreaked me out i see sahdows everywhere.but anyway back to the comment it was a really cool story please stay safe

  9. valery(a.k.a Izzy) says:

    sorry for the errors

  10. valery(a.k.a Izzy) says:

    oh and i know this is the wrong place to say this but please go on youtube.com and search joeyadamstaw and click on the first video

  11. ghost_girl says:

    I think finding the history is a good idea. Maybe you could find out how to help the boy if you find out who he is.

  12. zoe says:

    get a priest NOW. Ive read about theese things before. I know it sounds hokey, but eventualy, it will kill you mysterously. That is no ghost. It is a demon.

  13. karl says:

    Has anything happened in your family recently?

  14. jessica says:

    hey, I read your story and found it quite interesting. all my life I have been fascinated with ghosts and the paranormal. Now I am not sure if this works, since I have never had the opportunity to try it. But I have heard many times that if you have a ghost and want it to go away, you just need to tell it that it is dead, and it is time for him to go to God. tell them its ok, they just need to follow the light, and everything will be ok. I really hope this helps

  15. cassy says:

    hi im 10 my sisster has seen a little girl in our house to but it has never got that serious as your problem and my dad found a grave under our house to but i do not know what i would do if i was in your shoes i would probably pray or move but that s a different story because i’m a christian ido not i know if you are

  16. Pam Austin says:

    I am 43 years old and I believe every word you are saying. When I was born I was in a two sacks like a veil over my face,it is said that babies born like this are able to see ghost. I have been seeing ghost since I was 5 years old.I really don’t care if people don’t believe me. I know!

  17. SpiritHunter411 says:

    That must have been freaky i just hope you, your family, and that little boy sprit is okay well so long bye!!

  18. *cherrykisses* says:

    hello sarah…im truly feel for you because i would be scared out of my mind and i woulndt know what to do. the best i can do in helping you is try talking to a priest about this he may have some kind of answer that you need. i hope it all works out for you in the end

  19. Emily Ghost Girl says:

    i feel so sorry for you sara. i rekn u shuld ask him whats rong or somefing. maby evn tel some1. i am just 11 but i hav had multipl exprncs wiv th suprnatral. i belive

  20. BIANCA says:

    I’ve heard of stories like this before, I’m not trying to put fear in your heart but please becareful. This could be a demon especially if it just poped out of know were. They take the forms of humans or kids. Go to your church and have your place blessed. If you see him again pray the Our Father.Dont do this without spiritual help.

  21. kyle gamble says:

    ok heres some advice:
    communicate with it ask whats wrong make it be your friend get infomation

  22. Kelly says:

    Just let me say that, the way this “boy” sounded when communicating does sound scary to me. I have seen so many things, including something that looked like a real girl; I thought she was my daughter( a doppleganger possibly), but I’ve got some advice if it’s just a ghost or residue energy. Clap your hands together and then rub them vigorously together to create a chispa, or spark for energy to travel, and calmly ask it to go on to the light, that it doesn’t belong here, and it needs to go be with God. From experience, this DOES work. I don’t know why, but I always have something going on in my house. This is advice my mother in law (who is a medium) gave me. I’ve read some of the other comments, please don’t freak out. Just try what I’ve told you, and if that don’t work, then go from there. God bless.

  23. Joanny Puentes says:

    Hi! I’ve read what has happened. That’s very freaky, I would have scream and run. Or even wet my pants. But don’t worry I have some advice for you. If he comes back, try not to get scare. Talk to him, but from far away cause I know that you don’t want to get close. Try to find out what has happened to him, or what’s wrong. How did he died, if he appeared infront of you is because he’s trying to tell you something. Or that you can help him to go into the light. Remember he has unfinish business. Try to find out about his past, and find out clues. Also go to church gurl, PRAY! Tell God to help you too. I know he will. Once you find out, he maight go to the light, and leave you alone. But also one other thing, try to sort off become friends with him. I know he’s a ghost, but think why is he telling you to “Help Me”. Why do you think that, why was he crying. Don’t worry he will give you clues once in a while, now good luck. May God be with you! GOD BLESS YOU!!!

  24. Anonymous says:

    dear sarah,
    i have been on this website every day since 10/29/08 and i just have to say that i belive you and that it does not sound silly and comon because i would know silly and comon because im only 14.

  25. Kandis says:

    omg…..im lost for words…omg, i have always been so interested in this type of stuff, and have always longed to see ghosts or whatever just to prove to me they are real, im a see it for yourself type of girl myself and have never seen although i want to really bad…..but that is sooooo friggin creepy…. i dont know if i can handle that kind…im not a religious person…but my aunt is so holy roley and she says that all the mediums and all are phoney because everyone who is good goes with god, and if you see someone dead, they are from satan, that even if it looks like your brother who died or whatever, that it is one of satan’s demons trying to fool with your head…they make you feel sorry for them, make you believe that they are who they say they are and then they make u do something evil, so i wouldnt mess with the evil little kid…not a great idea, straight up, no doubt, i would totally move away

  26. Randy says:

    Hello Sara
    I live fairly near you to the north Watertown. There are a few haunted places up here as well.
    I think what you have encountered is an evil spirit not a demon,because mostly it’s been crying and stand by your bed looking spookie.If it was demonic there would have been things like furniture moved,loud rappings,foul oders,levitations.Please keep us posted on any new occurences especally if anything different happens.
    You might want to have your house blessed by clergy couldn’t hurt anyway,plus contact a paranormal investigator there are some fine groups in our part of the state.
    Good luck

  27. Warrior Priestess says:

    Sarah, you need to visit my blog,: �Warrior Priestess ~ The Forgotten Jungle� once you�re in there click: �SPIRITUAL-ALERT� it might give you an answer of why its surfacing now. Also, I�ve felt Hell before, ive seen a few doorways that lead into it. I know the feeling your speaking of. This boy is not a ghost, it�s a Demon from Hell, ive seen it before, no eyes, no eye-lids either, it looks like someone has taken a large razor-sharp ice-cream-scoop and just scooped the eyes out, eye-lids and all. And instead of blood everywhere, its just blackness, a deep dark void. Like eyes poked out of a doll. Does he look like he stepped out of an old Black and white photo? Or a Negative? I�m not trying to scare you, but you need help from someone who is highly spiritual. An Amish Minister, a Rabbi or a Shaman can help. But a priest or a pastor will make things worse. Could you perhaps tell me anything you might have done to have brought this creature into your life? Have you angered anyone who might have been into the occult? Did you perhaps desecrate or disrespect hallowed ground in any way, or something that might have been sacred, or perhaps the other way around, did you disturb or touch anything that might have been evil? Is there anything at all that you think you might have done to have brought this spirit into your life? How about an object you have? On your way home that night, did you notice anything strange at all? A cemetery, or anything like that? Did you pick up anything, did you touch anything? Can you tell me anything about the Party you were at? What kind of party was it? Was there anyone there who might have caused this? Is there any clue you can give me as to where this Demon may have come from? And you say he isn�t hurting you? Perhaps not physically, but he�s hurting you in many other ways. Did he finally leave? Or is he still lingering in your life?
    Also, different demons have different actions, not all demons are the same in possession, or tormenting.

  28. Jackie says:

    Anything that looks like that is not good, think about it, if it was good it wouldn’t be showing itself to you in that way.

    For instance, If you look at human beings, if they are good and decent they almost always look like what they are, either good and decent, like the sweet old granny with the pinney, OR they look like the serial murderer, like Myra Hindley, she didn’t have a kind, good face. The same goes for these aparitions, if they look evil, then they most likely are. Your personality shows through and mirrors you.

  29. alan says:

    He is choosing now to do it because he needs a trusty adult to help him not a child.
    He comes to you because you probaly share his feelings with him you know how he feels and he trusts you more than the rest (it is a great honour if you can win a ghosts trust)
    You should talk to him but not via the mouth but via the mind talk to him in your mind and he will answer you he wont answer you when you talk via the mouth bacause he is scared someone he dosent trust will hear it.
    When he tells you whats wrong then you can try and talk to the person who made him so sad.
    If no-one did it then try and find a way of making it up to him (that might mean that you have to do stuff you have never done be4) (if he is sad because he lost a good dog freind then buy a dog (the same dog as he had) and say he can help you look after it same if it is a cat or a different animal.if he lost a freind then say you will be his freind for as long as you can)
    If you ever need any more info then e-mail me.
    P.S. i’, a young ghost whisperer

  30. Kat Holt says:

    Hiya I’m sort of what they call a “sensitive” … I see things literally all the time. (And God I hate reflective surfaces for that reason.)I’m just 17 and I started seeing things that would make a grown man die of fright when i was 5!!

    So my advice is Ignore him,give him no attention and Do NOT Acknowledge him. You say that you first saw him outside of your house, am I right? That means that he didn’t start off there, Which is probably because he is a wanderer. You acknowledged him when no one esle did..so You basically invited him… Which leads to him appearing in your room time after time. Then your brother saw him when he went through your door, which means that now your brother has acknowledged him. The best possible solution is easy, Tell him That he isn’t wanted there(make it clear without repeating yourself) and then You and your brother should just ignore him, when he wakes you up roll over and just go back to sleep.
    I can guarantee that this will most likely work, from my experience it does. Unless you have already given him too much attention in which he won’t go away so easily.
    Contact Me at my e-mail if You need more advice or if You just have questions
    —Wish you well<3

  31. Trina says:

    Hi Sarah
    My house is built on land that was previously inhabited by neolithic people and we often had an unwelcome “visitor”. Following advice from a medium, I went round every room and said out loud “In the name of Jesus Christ be gone, you are not welcome here”. This worked and nothing has happened since. Good luck.

  32. valery(a.k.a Izzy) says:

    another comment if you keep staying at your house you should moveout because this thing or whatever it is might be something you cant get rid of bless the house it maybe a demon or something that wants to hurt you if it hurts you please tell us more some people might have a solution

  33. Unknown says:

    Hi, i read your storie and it gave me goosoebumps too. these are some things u could do: Try by talking to the little kid ask him what happened to him, and why is he still out here? and yeah do some research on the theowners of the past of your house.

  34. Ryan says:

    Yes I’ve seen this little fellow,he POs me and scares me at the same time, you need to be rid of his little butt, youre young maybe dumb ( I don’t think you are) but he thinks he’s got a live one. He will play you if he can, nothing good will come from this, pray on it, go find a spirit filled church and see the clergy.

  35. diana says:

    Hi, i have a feeling Jen on Nov 2 is the closest 2 right something bad had to happen 2 him especially with his eyes if thats whats the most noticable, n ofcourse he wants help thats why hes coming to you, i agree with everyone about the next time you see him ask him, what does he want. but i also think you should pray for him in your prayers…even if you dont pray, pray for him thats what he needs and ask god that he may realize he should pass on into gods love and he doesnt need to stay here on earth, hed be alot happier. Its very hard not to be scared but in your heart n soul show n tell him he has to go to the light.

  36. Isobel says:

    I think that you should convince your parents that it wasn’t you crying and bring them into your room one night and show them the ghost. If you can, and your parents believe you about the ghost, You should get some help.

  37. Ashley says:

    Okay. I understand what your going through. Sometimes you feel like people are just saying that to make you feel better of your situation. I’d say move out, but you never know if this boy wants to follow you or not, he may honestly really need your help if he wont leave you alone after night after night. Keep trying to talk to him. Maybe even hold his hand, I know it may be scary, but maybe his mother or father died before the people lived before you and all he wants is a friend or some sort.

  38. Mandy says:

    hi Sara..i would like to tell you that maybe u have a something in you which no-one else in your family have and this is why he came to you or maybe you can understand him better than anyone or even you knew him in your past life. Don’t be afraid as remember that the deads are not meant to hurt the livings. they need help..try to talk to him.

  39. Mary says:

    hi, how u doing? i was un-known, but i took a different name now, so, does he still bother u? if he does, just ignor him. ( : ^D

  40. Mary says:

    ps. i think Mandy is right, try to talk to him he will respond, they aren’t ment to hurt us, they just have un-finshed bisnus ( sorry about miss spelling that.) here on earth,

    pps. i do beleive in God and heaven but that dosen’t mean that they don’t still have bissnus ( sorry about that i just can’t get it right. ) here on earth. good luck! (:^)

  41. Celeste Zhong says:

    you should get somebody with supernatural power to help you, or it will be the best that you all should leave the house.

  42. Gwen says:

    Hi sara

    i know what your going through belive it or not im being haunted by a ghost boy to. talk to him and find out why he needs your help. if you need advice talk to me using my email. im a master with ghost stuff. ^-^

  43. Alex says:

    hey are your currently remodeling your house? cus that can kick up the paranormal activity, but another theory i have is that the reason it is surfacing now is maybe its and anniversary of the kids death or something. but what you should do is try to find a local paranormal investigators team in your area and contact them, they should help, and also alot of them will come out to your house and help you for free. good luck with everything

  44. Chad says:

    I don’t think you should be scared, he doesn’t try and hurt you, does he? you can try and talk to him but I don’t think it’ll do any good but try anyway, you could also get a priest to come to your house and bless it…
    My house is an old hospice, this place is haunted too but I don’t mind because ghosts interest me.

  45. Anonymous says:

    I would ask him what it is he needs help with. Also, it might not be such a bad idea to call taps. I’m sure that they would come out and investigate the house for you. I don’t think that they charge anything either.

  46. Alistair Sparrow says:

    Knowledge is power. I suggest you google for “Black Eyed Kids” or “BEKs” — the phenomenon is increasingly widespread, and generally a lot more unpleasant than the instance you’ve described.

    – A.

  47. stephanie says:

    You just described something that happened to me about 10 years ago when I was 15. Only a few things were different. The boy had blond hair and blue eyes. It wasn’t until he touched me that his eyes went hollow. He was also crying and asking for my help. He always stood in the same spot in my room that I dubbed “the portal to hell”. I didn’t sleep in there for an entire year. I know my mom didn’t believe me, but when I showed her my wall where he stood, she didn’t know what to say. The texture of the walls went straight up and down except where the boy stood there were swirls in the wall. Still scares me to this day, and I’d post the entire story (it’s long) but I’m afraid to bring it back. Here’s what I did that worked for me: I was not religious, and I’m not now but I believe in God. I stood facing where the boy appeared to me and told him, “You WILL NOT hurt me.” “God will protect me from you.” “You CAN NOT hurt me.” “God loves me and will keep me safe.” I’m not saying you should use those exact words, I kinda just spoke what I felt at the time. I did this every day over several weeks, and eventually the boy got weaker and weaker. I could tell because that bad feeling I felt in the room got less and less each day. The swirls are still on the wall, but I never saw, heard, or felt him again right up until the day I moved out. Good luck to you.

  48. Aphrodite says:

    well, i’ve had similar experiences but i guess that my ghost was a mean one.
    my advice for you would be to try your research and if you find anything out try it on the ghost. like if you find out a name for the boy try calling him by it. then try asking him about the facts you know. it might work it might not, just be thankful to the goddess that you got a nice one…..

    p.s, also i think your ghost might have something to do with my ghost cuz my was in a wedding dress and she also had no eyes.

  49. santana says:

    the same thing is happening to me
    exept it is a lil girl i have asked her what she wants she just smiles
    giggles and disapears as if nothing appened she is like good luck to me so u might be encountering the same thing idk

  50. sharm_gal says:

    hello, sarah…

    I hope that you are ok…
    Is the little fellow still disturbing u??
    I haven’t go through anything like yours…
    But when i was a baby, a spirit took care of me until i was 12 yrs old. He was very protective to me as though im his daughter and if anybody hurts me physically, they’ll get it back even though it was my own dad….that’s why until my father passed away, i wasnt close to him.
    I do believe in the existence of ghosts, demons, or etc…
    But im a person who strongly believe in god.
    Why don’t you try placing a cup of rough salt in your room. If possible try wearing crystal stones as a bangle, necklace, anklet or anything that has a contact with your body. Loud musics will keep spirits away too.
    Pray to god for yourself and also the boy..
    Another thing…plz don’t be very symphatic to spirits…i think you have a soft spot for him, and believe me, he can read your mind. if you want to communicate with him….it’s ok but don’t ever let him demand for whatever he wants. It is for you to decide not him. Be strict to him bcoz u will never know when he’ll take charge. he might look harmless and innocent, he’s not. U are a child compared to him, don’t forget that he’s a very old spirit / ghost. He knows how to make humans fall for him..

    I wish you all the best and i hope to hear from you soon….
    may god be with u always

  51. Karen says:

    i think that u shud , well….well…..actually i think that sharm_gal took all the words outta my mouth. well be safe!!

  52. Jackie says:

    I was just about to write again until i saw what Sharm had put, she is so right, they are not just lonely little fellows, like they want you to believe, they are playing with you. God wouldn’t leave a lost, little innocent wandering around in the dark and with no-one. If he were an angel or similar, he wouldn’t take on that appearance, which has come about through negative energy. He is trying to feed off your energy and is making you feel sorry for him so that he can use you. If you wonder how come i know all this, it is from serious research and some pretty scary experiences i’ve had myself.
    Take care and ask him to leave, also, pray to God to ask him to leave. If he was good, he would be being cradled in some angels arms right now. Don’t fall for this guise as a little innocent child, it’s the oldest one in the book.

  53. Jackie says:

    Evil has a way of making you respond to them, what better way to get to you by playing being a weeping ittle child. The feelings you got from him, shook you and you felt like when he touched you it was like a feeling from hell. Doesn’t this ring alarm bells? if it was good you would feel that, i once felt an Angel (never saw it) and it was the most loving, wonderful feeling in the world, which stopped me from commiting suicide once. I truly felt the love, no feelings of being afraid. If i could have seen it, i would bet all i have that it wouldn’t have looked so terrifying, with black hollow eyes, NEVER!!

    Guardian Angels or good just doesn’t look like that. They just don’t. Plus, you would NOT be afraid. Please don’t fall for this and others saying it is a lost little soul. Even if it were a lost little soul, which it isn’t, why would it give you such a sense of terror. You get those feelings for a reason. When i once encountered evil, which touched me, (again, didn’t see it) i had the same feelings you have of terror. The difference is very, very obvious, trust me on this for your own sake.

    Take care.

  54. sylvia and merecedez says:

    Mercedez would like to tell you that the same thing happened to her just last night, november 24, 2008. she saw a girl with long hair. she does not know what the girl wanted from her but she followed her to another room in the house. i’m sylvia and i was there. mercedez is only 12 yrs old so it was natural to question her at first but then i heard something in the room my self. when i went to put her in my room i heard another sound and i got them out that room too. the only thing i was able to do was to say, ” no evil is allowed in this house. if you wish to do us harm you must leave now” so far i don’t know if that helped but if anything i will try to contact you agian with some more advise if i have any. hopefully the boyis not evil and just wants some help.

  55. breanna and madison says:

    me and my friend think ghost are real because my friend said she heard a ghost sound in her room and nothing was there and i was on the computer and then my kicten drawer was open and a fork was out and i did not touch it and i made this pot and the head comes off and it just came off by itself and i have this fake candle that lights up and it was off then i looked up at it and it was on!!!!!!!!!

  56. breanna and madison says:

    when i was sleeping i woke up and looked out my door and i saw a human and my mom and dad and bro where in bed so i went in my mom and dads up room and woke up my mom and told her and she went in my room and the human was gone!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. breanna and madison says:

    then i went in the basement and the lights were off then i saw something floating so i turned on the lights and it was GONE!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. breanna and madison says:

    one time i was in my room and it was night and i was trying to talk to the dead then i saw red eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Stayc L. says:

    I have….am…actually sharing a similar experience. I believe we could help each other in a way or so. I have had this little girl..maybe…6 or 7..show up in my room every other night or so and just stand there in a daze, i have confronted her a few times and she has responed only to tell me she needed something..something very precious and that she wouldnt stop until she got it, i then asked her what that thing was she never responded..like you i am also researching few things about my house andthe prevous owners. She will show up in my doorway, sitting on my floor, at the end of my bed and like you i thought i was a freak, a physco, i thought i was CRAZY! however this does happen alot i found that many younger children who have bben hurt or cant rest in peace come back in search of either the ppl who hurt them or someone to help. i believe that what you are experienceing is very much real and i would love to speak with you some time.


  60. Anonymous says:

    hey im from around syracuse too

  61. Anonymous says:

    I was visited by a little girl with no eyes she gave me little warnings and told me to do certin things or i would pay sur enough i did them and i am very happy i did. If i hadnt i would probably be very ungreatful or more than likely dead.

  62. andrea says:

    hi i am 10 yrs old i did get what you did but i do see people they are the color black i always see then in the side of my eyes that is why if i were you i would call a person who can talk to ghost or if i were you i woul try to talk to him.

  63. tambelina says:

    i think that the boy is a demon, and u invited it into ur house when u asked if hed like to come in thats why u see him everynite now. u definately do need a preist and a house blessing. Good luck i hope everything works out.

  64. linda says:

    i know what your going through i am 42 years old when i was 14 i was in a car wreck i can remember just barely about the accident but i do remember there was a hand print that appeared on my back any time i was in danger i think this little boy just wants someone to know what happened to him maybe you should just try talking to him he may only want to tell of being abused by someone and maybe murdered he just wants his story told

  65. Feeling Crazy says:

    Ive search every where I could to find an answer..Iam in my 30′s and try’n to find an answer about a dream I had a few years ago.. I wouldnt even bother putting any time into it but-what happen is very unsettling…I was sleeping over my mothers house,in the living room, on the couch, and Ive always had trouble sleeping,and strange dreams. I awoke from a previous dream and was upset, but nothing too bad.. I truned on the tv and turn the volume completly off, and feel back to sleep, I woke up to smoke a cigertte becuase theres no smoking in my mothers house..and when I open the door I came out to the pourch and looked up to see a little boy standing by the pine tree about 6 ft’ away from me..I was completly frozen..This boy had no eyes-a blue t-shirt and red shorts on, but no hands and feet, and dark hair..I slowly walked back to the door looking away for a second, when he was soon in front of me, I then told him ..”He does not have permission to come in”.. I woke up and was very scared and confused. I didnt know what to think??..OK sounds like a bad dream right..thats not whats disturbing.. I couldnt sleep after and stayed awake the rest of the night, in the morning ,The children at my mothers where getting getting up, I was tring to get a little sleep from not sleeping, but the noise from the kids getting up ,was keeping me from sleeping, when My mother said to my little sister “whats the matter” Brit Brit??? —Brit said” I couldnt sleep last night, becuase there was a little boy with no eyes and no hands and no feet , sitting in my desk at the end of my bed …I jumped up and asked her what she just said, I was completly freaked out and to this day I still am. and no closer to any answers????

  66. temilicious says:

    hey Sara, i know people have been advising you to ask this entity what it wants and try to help it etc. Even though that may sound as good advice i beg to differ. like most people have commented this boy is evil. I am South African and from a young age we are tought not to entertain spirits whatsoever because they never have good intentions. they are manipulative and insanely jealous of us and the fact that we have life. they will do anything to attach themselves to us.
    so my advice to you would be to be very stern with this boy next time he shows up. tell him to leave and go back to wherever he came from. and that he is not meant to be in this world. i know it may sound harsh especially to a little boy looking for help but darl, it is not your responsibility to help him. especially if he is making youe life uncomfortable. him touching you was manipulative cos he wanted you to feel sorry for him. don’t. these spirits are dead and do not have hearts or emotions. never, and i mean Never entertain a ghost.
    people on this site crack me up cos they entertain these spirits then come running for advice when things go wrong… Good luck and God bless you.

  67. stefan says:

    Hi, my name is Stefan and an incident somewhat similar happened to me like this. I am not crazy and and haven’t had an incident like it happen but once in real life, when i was awake, and a year after when i was dreaming. But when i was awake one night i was trying to go to sleep and a weird feeling overcame me and i sat up. for the next four hours after that i saw and was in the company of anywhere between 1 and 7 different, , full figured, completely life like people, but they had these dark hollow eyes. They said nothing, but i witnessed them just as life like as you and I. They never talked but i was terrified and they did anything from gaze upon me, stare, wink, smile ever so wickedly, and I also witnessed them in reflections off the mirror or window only to turn around and see them standing before me. I am not making this up to relate to you. This really occurred.

  68. mythbuster2009 says:

    Judging from your experience, you invited him/it in. You have to undo that now. You asked him/it to come in during your initial dialogue…and he/it followed you into your home. Start making him/it know the invitation has been revoked. Look up some websites on ghosthunters/paranormal and stop reading so many threads/forums online – and MAKE A PHONE CALL to someone who is experienced in these matters.

  69. lexi says:

    Do not try to communicate with him. i have the same problem with a little girl with no eyes just deep black holes….i have a paranormal investigation team and a well known demonologist helping me with this. u invited him into ur house andthat is why hes there. any time u see him just pray. say the lords prayer and pray for protection from evil. find a church or shaman…depending on what u believe. u need someone to help u. please get some help before it is too late.

  70. Joni Kern says:

    Hi My name is joni i am in a paranormal group in Indiana. I actually have seen a boy similar to yours. i was driving home one day, and i had to adjust my mirror. When i did i saw a boy in my backseat staring at me. he had no eyes they were black, but u couldn’t see threw them. H e had the most perfect hair. It was so quick tho over in the blink of an eye. I basically was on here reasearching what does this mean, and stumbled across ur story. I too thought it was my imagination, until my 15 year old son came to me and told me he see him in his dreams at night. I don’t really know what this means, but a friend in my paranormal group told me that this child has no soul. It may be a child that i’am gonna have or child that will be in my life in the future, and this child as some sort of meaning. Either way from experience it’s best U DONT COMMUNICATE !! unless you don’t want him to leave.

    please read the rules… do not post your personal contact info publicly on this site

  71. malainams says:

    this is crazy! when I was little I was laying in my bed one night and i seen almost the exact same thing you described. The only thing is he is still following me to this day. I wanted to find out what it meant to see a ghost with no eyes and I found this and it just shoked me that someone seen the same ghost.

  72. Unknown says:

    That is some crazy stuff. If that ever happened to me, I probably would have had a fit.

  73. Anonymous says:

    dear sara my friend and her cousins have seen this she tells me about it it was only this week she says her cousin was playing and she went in when he came in he asked if she was messing with him she says no why he told her somebody kept on shutting the door then when she thought he was kidding she went outside he was riding his bike so when he was scared to put his bike up she did as she walked in that shed it shut she pulled on the door and it wouldnt open it couldnt have been her cousin cause he is only4 and shes 12 that night she looked out her window and in the middle of her yard was a boy with no eyes with white shirt then it walked in her neighbors yard the next day the neighbors daughter witch is the same age is asked if she saw a boy walk in her yard i dont no whats at that house but its not goosd

  74. Amanda says:

    I am now in my 30s, but when I was young I had a similar experience that still haunts me to this very day. I have lived with odd experiences my whole life, but the time I saw an apparition was the most frightening. The house I lived in was built in the late 1800′s and my grandparents had lived in it for 50 years, so my father, aunt, and cousins had all grown up in this house and it has always had a history of being “haunted”. Usually it just consisted of mild activities such as footsteps and things moving around by themselves. The haunting was most concentrated upstairs and I believe for this reason, we could never get animals to go upstairs. I have taken countless dogs up there only for them to whine, shake, and claw at the door for me to let them go back down. The only instances of apparitions had been various people seeing a girl from an upstairs window when no one was home. One night I was up late reading in the living room with only a small lamp for light. All of a sudden, I looked up and there was a pale girl with long black hair and kind of a white night gown standing just about 4 feet away from me. She had hollow shadows for her eyes AND her mouth. I didn’t talk, I just bolted out of the room into my grandmothers bedroom. The door opened into the living room though and I could still see the girl. It looked like she was staring right at me. I kept looking up at her and down at my grandma as I tried to shake her awake. When she finally woke up and rolled over to look, the girl just disappeared. I thought my “hollowed out eyes” ghost was unique until I was listening to a podcast one night called the para-cast (which is free on itunes) and one of the hosts, David, had a friend on the show. The two of them witnessed something similar outside in florida in daylight. A girl dressed in 70s clothes with hollow shadows for eyes and a mouth was walking around. They both watched her for a long time and it was an interesting account because there was a 2nd person to back up the experience. My experience still gives me goosebumps to this day. I am a very scientific person, but I know that what I saw was real. I’m not sure what this phenomenon means, but I know it exists. I do believe that trying to communicate with something like this could just make it even more active. Asking it for help honestly seems silly and unnecessary. Real hauntings are not like the movies; if there are spirits that exist and can interact with us in our world, who is to say they are all good and not just trying to trick you and mess with you for fun. Who knows if they are even human. I’m not saying I believe in “demons”, but I certainly believe in the possibility of malevolent non-human entities of some sort. I don’t care what anyone says, there is no such thing as an expert in the unknown. Experiences in the unknown doesn’t make an expert, it just makes more experience.

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