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Get Out of My Apartment

Posted on June 3, 2011

This mess all started when I moved to an apartment with my parents. They were at work and I was home with my Grandmother. I’m an only child so I don’t really have anyone to play with. This happened 2 weeks ago.

I was watching t.v in my room while my grandma watched a game show in our living room. My bed room door was open and the t.v was blasting really loud. I was lying down on my bed eating some popcorn my grandma made me.

I got tired watching cartoon network so I turned on Animal planet. The show they were producing was called “Haunted” I don’t know if any of you guys heard of it but its a television show of people’s paranormal experiences. Any way they were showing the part when the family cat was getting dizzy watching something invisible.

My pug (Dog) came in my room and laid down beside me. I stroke her fur while watching. My lamp on my desk was switching on and off for some reason. I went over to it and observed it. Nothing was wrong? I went back to bed with my puppy, Hershey. As soon as I got back to my bed my chair started spinning madly. My chair is the kind of chair that if a person bumped it it would only spin a little.

But when this one spun it spun madly. I swear I did not bump into it. My dog and I stared at it. I slowly got up and slowly made my way to the exit a big whisper from my room started screaming ” Get out get out get out! This is my apartment! Get out!” I was really scared cause my grandma can barley make her own coffee so I know it wasn’t her tricking me.

My door some how closed. I ran back to my bed and my dog started growling. I tried to comfort her but she wouldn’t stop. The yelling continued for 2-3 minuets. My grandma opened the door and saw my face. She said “Ur face is as pale as a ghost?” I was super creeped out. Turns out my grandma heard the screaming too but she thought it was me. She went up to my room to check on me. My dog still had her teeth clenched.

I never told my mom or dad about the yelling and the lights along with the chair spinning.

Any advice? My house if filled with Christ’s statues and pictures of angel’s and Virgin Mary but that “thing” just won’t leave.

Sent in by Marielle, Copyright 2011 TrueGhostTales.com

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12 Responses to “Get Out of My Apartment”
  1. Talon says:

    it sure is pretty freaky and I can tell this thing does not want you there I can give you an idea of what it is it is not a demon so crosses and jeasus statues will not help much I’m betting it is a spirit of someone who used to live in the appartment before you and your family Try telling it that the appartment is your now and that its time owning the house is over tell it to get out and leave you alone if it refuses then just tell it to live with any changes because you are not leaving. That is my reccomenmdation I know it is not a demon because if it was it would try to cause harm to you not tell you to get out. Good luck dealing with your paranormal problem. :)

    • LMC says:

      I have to agree with talon… You should investigate & find out what happened? It might make it easier to talk to the spirit/ghost???

  2. Reletter says:

    Tell ur parents…get out of that room

  3. Taylor says:

    Woah.I think you should tell your parents but than again i think you shouldn’t because what if they don’t believe you? But you should get out of that apartment….

    • LMC says:

      Her grandmother heard it… Maybe she should tell them, maybe they had an experience also???

  4. Sean says:

    I think you should get a powerful spiritual person to bless the house and tell this thing to move on “to the light”.

    It’s wasting it’s time hanging around the apartment when it needs to move on and go somewhere else.

    The reason I say that a good spiritual person is to a) use spiritual power to help the ghost see a better place to go and b) help fill the place with so much light that a dark and angry ghost like this one will feel uncomfortable and want to leave.

    It will probably also help if you pray to whatever spiritual system you find most workable and get their help to move this thing on.

  5. LMC says:

    Thank you for sharing… You have allot of good advice that can help out allot :-D

    Let us know if something else happens… Also keep us updated on the out come of it all… Especially if you investigate & dig up something interesting about the place or area??? I would like to know about the spirit :-D

  6. Marielle says:

    Thank you guys for the use full advice and When i posted this story here my mom and dad came home. When my parents (They were in the grocierie store) were done putting the things away my mom too a nap on our couch. I went in the living room to watch TV their nstead cause if i stayed in that room i would still be scared, Anyway, when she lied down to take her nap about half an hour later she screamed. I asked her what was rong but she said she saw an old man watching her from above closely. Now that creeped the heck outta me. I slept in their room for the night but i woke up and i saw a black shadow from their dark closet. I think the height of it was 6’3? All i know was it was very huge! Any advice on that? Now im feeling like somthing is watching me. I also found my phone on the ‘creat a message’ thing and it said “Martin and Julie” i am really freaked out and that is happening right now? HELP!

  7. carri williams says:

    I think the ghost came through the TV set. strange as it may seem. I guess even watching paranormal stuff can trigger a haunting in your home. Possibly it was already there. It is best to move out. put on a cross. If the religious relic do not stop the haunting it is pretty bad haunting. You may have to tell someone to help you. could you hook up a video camera or take a picture or tape record something to prove what you are seeing to your parents. I had a haunted mobile home a few years ago. I finally took a picture and i got orbs out of an ordinary Walgreens camera. pretty cool, and no one would believe my story in my town. Now I finally got prof of the haunting. Maybe you can do the same.

    • LMC says:

      If it is something evil then the religious relics will cause a bad reaction… Bad smells, negative vibes, really extreme negative vibes where it hits you in the guts takes your breath away, maybe even breaking the relics… It doesn’t mean it’s a bad haunting when the relics do not have an effect, it could be a ghost/spirit who was religious in life & feel comforted by the relics.

      If you can’t move or can’t handle it get a professional to check it out, go to a psychic ( watch out for the fake psychics ) getting proof Carri is right once you get it go from there.

      Your mom will believe soon she will have a encounter herself…

      Take a deep breath sweetie and pray for guidance and the protection of Michael the Arch Angel, then ask the ghost/spirit to please don’t scare you :-D

      I hope everything works out for you. Keep us up dated

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