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From Nightmare to Reality

Posted on August 3, 2009

My name’s Tracy. I’m 15 years old and am a strong believer in supernatural stuff, but now I wish I wasn’t. A few months ago I spent the week in a army barrack with cadets. I know it was used in the wars. When I was in the barracks with people I felt ok but with a weird tingle that scared me and when I was alone in one of he rooms I was shaking I was terrified.

When I got home I started having these strange dreams it was always the same a ghost of a woman and a man, the man dressed in a army uniform the woman in a long white dress. The dreams would start with me being with a group of friends or my family then the ghosts would turn up and we’d all scatter and run as far as we can.

Sometimes it would be a field id end up or castle whatever I knew the friend liked the most and it would just me and the friend. The male ghost stood there and laughed, the most evil laugh ever and the woman would tie down my friend and disembowel them alive or chop their heads off always leaving me watching them paralyzed with shock.

I couldn’t understand why these ghosts would torture my friends and then kill them. it all seemed so unreal I thought it was just dreams but that didn’t make me understand why I was freezing all the time or whenever I was in my room I felt unwelcome and guilty like id done something.

When I would tell people id feel physically sick and sometimes heave and I still didn’t understand why. The one day in school as I was telling my closest friend Alex about the dreams, it felt like it was happening again , this was one of the sunniest days this year and it was boiling but then the sun went in, the sky turned from a clear blue to a dirty grey, thinking it was going to rain we went and stood under a bridge connecting 2 parts of the school together. I’d got to bit where Alex died and then a piece of blue metal fell from the bridge missing Alex and me by no more then an inch. We both jumped and looked up but couldn’t find anywhere it could have come from after taking the metal to caretaker he got his ladders out and tried to find out where it was from but couldn’t. After the blue metal had dropped the sky went clear again but I couldn’t shake the feeling I was being watched.

Later that night I got into my room and had the worst dream yet. There was more ghosts then ever before about 10 or 12. It started off the same with us all running only this time I was running on my own I ended up in my favorite place ever the hills in the countryside and all but 3 of the ghosts started swooping down at me, hitting me and laughing then at the side lines I saw them my three diseased grandparents pointing and laughing and one of them my granddad was in the RAF in WW2 he was in his uniform just laughing. I was crying  hysterically and they wouldn’t stop laughing then the other ghost backed away a my Nan and two granddads came up to me thinking they were going to console me I ran for them.

They pushed me down and started clawing at me. Ripping the flesh from my skin and eating my insides like animals. I don’t no how but I was still alive as they moved up to my head and ate my brain then stepped back and laughed I was in torture and didn’t know what was happening. Then I saw the worst sight ever, the sight that’s burnt its way into my eyes my grandparents disemboweling themselves and laughing as they kill themselves over and over again. I woke up just as I was about to take my last breath and found myself falling on the floor off my bed. I got myself up off the floor and looked at my stomach and it was red with scratch marks on it and my leg was bleeding in the same spot it bled when they pushed me down.

My rooms bin haunted for ages I’ve always had a friendly ghost, every now and then id hear a breath and footsteps and whenever I was upset I would feel something sitting on the end of my bed and every now and again it would push a teddy towards to me. I’ve liked having him around( or I think its a he) but since I’ve had that really bad dream its gone and the dreams still happen but only when I’m in my room.

Sometimes the people I see in the dreams will get hurt the next day, I saw my other best friend Ellie in one and the next day she went all depressed and got home and cut herself but she was perfectly happy before then. I also think these dreams are making me ill since they have started I’ve bin throwing up, getting migraines, random flues that last a day and go, stomach cramps, I also ill still wake up with cuts, scratches bruises that I have no idea where there from.

I just want them to stop  its like their killing me from the inside. could anyone help me.

This is all true and I do really need help.

Written by Tracy Ann Shilton, Copyright 2009

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17 Responses to “From Nightmare to Reality”
  1. Ghost girl says:

    you could tell your parents and show them your wounds. you could move from that house, or change the room, if the nightmares only happen in your room. And I liked the thing with the friendly ghost. If it’s gone now, my oppinion is that your room is haunted by a demon. The demons are much stronger than the friendly ghosts and can posses them or make them go away. Try and call your ghost back to help you. This is what I would do, anyways. I once had a ghost experience…it was really creepy

    • tracy says:

      ma mum nd dad arent blievers in he supernatural so they wud just laff nd shrug it off so i cnt do owt bowt it reli untl i know a way of getting it out i fynk its a demon nd i fynk the good ghost was my guardian angel that could only protect me in the day. i cnt w8 till it stops but im nt sure if it will properly but ty 4 the advice

      • Robert says:

        No offense here but if you want people to treat the story as realistic the first thing you have to do is learn to use proper English and not texting language since that is very annoying and lessens your credibility quite a lot.

      • Robert says:

        Original Post by Tracy: “ma mum nd dad arent blievers in he supernatural so they wud just laff nd shrug it off so i cnt do owt bowt it reli untl i know a way of getting it out i fynk its a demon nd i fynk the good ghost was my guardian angel that could only protect me in the day. i cnt w8 till it stops but im nt sure if it will properly but ty 4 the advice”

        Translation to those that are confused by it:

        “My mom and dad aren’t believers in the supernatural so they would just laugh and shrug it off so I can’t do anything about it really until I know a way of getting it out. I think it’s a demon and I think the good ghost was my guardian angel that could only protect me in the day. I can’t wait until it stops but I’m not sure if it will probably. But thank yuo for the advice.”

  2. SomeoneNotImportant says:

    You have been paralyze in your sleep? Feel like you can’t get up but every thing you see is real to you? I’m not sure if its a haunting, sounds like Sleep Paralysis to me, you should tell your parents to take you to a Psychologist. I’m studying Psychology in my school at the moment, and to me this doesn’t really sound like a haunting more of a sleeping disorder. But I’m not really disproving your having a haunting experience. I am merely suggesting that it could be something else, because to me it does.

    And funny thing about your story is….I had those dreams last night, but it was two guys chasing me and my friends and I manage to run away after watching them chop them up. I felt so weak when i woke up.

  3. trolldoll1681 says:

    maybe you should talk to a counselor, some one neutral. i hope you talk to your family and see if they have experienced some of what you have and had some of the same dreams, they are too violent and graphic for someone so young to be able to function normally from day to day. please find some help and do some reserch on the house to find out who the couple might be. i wish you happiness and peace!!

  4. CuteSagittarius says:

    Are u saying that even after such pain & torment, u haven’t done anything to protect urself? Strange! How long could u poSsibly go on living like this? U must tell somebody, must get help!

  5. scarymasta says:

    WOW!!!!! But i would do is tell your parents and if that doest help move to a house thats far from that one

  6. Anonymous says:

    well hang in there and stay strong! i no its hard but let the…thing no it cant control ure life!! well i also suggest to get a priest to help and let ure parent no its real!! and pray! wish u luck :D

  7. bhavishath says:

    I would like to tell you to take proper precautions when you are in that room. its better to change your room. better u narrate this whole story to your parents as soon as possible. otherwise you may face lot of strange things going around you in the long run.

  8. bhavishath says:

    the information you have give here is incomplete. can you introduce me to your friendly ghost.

  9. Delano says:

    Tracy read this very cafefully, the next time you feel as if though someone is watching you or something makes you feel scared or uncomfertable all you have to say is, “IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER, THE SON, AND THE HOLY GHOST WHAT DO YOU WANT”

    I give you my word that if you say what I just told you to say the nightmares, the cuts, the scratches, the bruises and everything eles will go away.

    GOD bless you Tracy

  10. vanessa87 says:

    [email protected] Thanks for that…..NE who.. But seriously girl.Get prayed for and tell ur parents

  11. Trey lark says:

    sorry man.. but im pretty shure even if you did move it would follow you. that would upset the demon and it would try to kill you……. sorry about those scratches you got

  12. kutin says:

    I guess since you are having all this bad dream maybe is by some demonic beings. Some how if you did have a good friendly ghost with you before and now gone, I think is because of demonic being drive them away. So they can’t protect you no more. I guess you didn’t have those dream before. You should trace back what you have done before you came back to your house and see what may cause all this demonic being around. Maybe you brought them in from somewhere you have been before.

  13. Stan says:


    I can almost gaurantee that you are being stalked by one or more demonic beings. There is only one protection from evil like this, and that is acheived through a close relationship with God. You must go see a minister or a priest and tell them what is happening to you. Speak to God through prayer and ask him for help. You speak to him through prayer and he speaks to you through the bible – get a bible and start reading it everyday and praying everyday. Commit to trusting in and accepting Jesus Christ into your life and he can and will protect you. tell the demons that you have been saved by the blood of Jesus and that by that blood you command them to leave you forever. No demon can resist the power of God or the rightousness and grace of Jesus. In the Bible, Jesus easily dealt with many demons and he gives Christians (those who really believe in Jesus) the right to control and command demons using his name. But, in order for this to work, you must be a true believer and you must be strong in your faith in God – the demons can tell if you are not and they will ignore your commands. I will pray for you dear.

  14. Robert says:

    It’s funny how so many people shout demon and then tell you to pray to god for help. But when it doesn’t help their only answer is either “You need more faith”, or “Keep praying”.

    ** The following is not my opinion, I am not christian and do not subscribe to all-evil beings **

    But no one is questioning why a demon is haunting her, they don’ t just head into the office and get handed an assignment “Bad morning Astaroth, here is your next assignment, go haunt his person for the next 3yrs just don’t kill him, have bad luck! Oh and hail satan!!!”. (That was/is suppose to be sarcastic) But demons have to be summoned in some manner, so the question should be what did she do to cause this on herself?

    ** The end **

    Now my opinion (yes I in fact have one), she is doing this to herself, no demon, no evil spirit…..etc etc etc. I’m not saying she’s cutting herself on purpose, but she is experiencing very bad nightmares and causing her afflictions while asleep (not uncommon by the way). None of it screams out that she’s even being haunted, the attacks are small in there are large gaps of time between the attacks. Even then the actual attack is very small. So I see it as being self-inflicted.

    Now as for the prophetic dreams, those aren’t brought on by demons either, that can be one of two things. First could be coincidence (keep a log, and if your dreams are accurate more than not, then look at #2). Second option is you are psychic with an empathic gift (I’ll go on a limb and say you can usually feel a persons feelings before they tell you, or you can sense when someone enters the room or leaves it), and you are having vision dreams. I don’t get dreams like that, I am lucky enough when I touch a person who is going to die soon I see the death and have a sketchy idea of when it’ll occur.

    My advice on the first portion (scratches), is start wearing gloves to bed, if you get dreams and no scratches then there ya go. As for the dreams themselves, sadly only thing I can say is suck it up and deal with it. People die, you can’t save any of them and only thing you’ll accomplish is getting a rep with friends and family as a nut job. All you can safely do is when you have it, seek the person out and say your goodbyes and enjoy them while they’re here. We all die when we’re suppose to (yes that includes murder, suicide, accidents, etc etc etc). And sorry if it sounded harsh, no other way to put it.

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