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Friends Witchcraft and Ouija Boards

Posted on February 3, 2010

A couple years ago I became friends with this girl who moved to our town, her name was Tory. We became like best friends hung out everyday and stuff like that. Then one day she told me she had to tell me a secret so I was obviously all for it. She told me she could see dead people. Well, that was a shocker. I wasn’t sure if I should believe it or not because that’s pretty extreme, but she was my best friend and I took her word for it.

There was a group I always hung out with, Ray, Tory, Kautea, Sara, and Molly. We believed everything Tory said because she didn’t have a reason to lie. We practically became a cult. We started doing witchcraft and all this crazy stuff. (By the way I was only in grade 6 and I was gullible). I started doing it all the time, I did whatever I wanted. Ray showed me some spells she made up and I started using them too. Then things started getting like really messed up. I was paranoid 24/7. And Ray, she had it the worst, she did witchcraft practically everyday and was having all this paranormal stuff happening to her.

One day we all decided to go to Kautea’s. I was playing on the computer it was about 2 AM and we were in the basement. I turned around only to see Ray choking Tory. It’s definitely something I’m never gonna forget. I looked at Kautea, we both look terrified. Tory pinned Ray to the bed and Ray was going crazy biting stuff and punching her. Me and Kautea helped hold her down. Ray’s eyes were closed. Tory said she was possessed. Ray was knocked out and Tory told us to get some sleep. How was she expecting me to sleep seriously, but I did eventually passed out.

In the morning I asked Ray if she remembered anything from last night and she said, “like what?” I said, “do you remember attacking Tory?” She looked at me and said, “What happened?” I told her. She didn’t seem too impressed, she told me that it has happened to her before at Sara’s birthday. Anyway every sleepover it would happen to Ray. I started getting use to it; always having to pin her down take some punches in the gut. I hated it, I was sick of it. I just wanted a normal sleepover, watch a movie and not get attacked by my best friend.

One night we were staying at Ray’s, we slept in her camper, she lived pretty far out of town. And well you know she got possessed again, but this time was different. She just faced me and started saying this really weird stuff and she attacked me. She bit my neck, it hurt so bad. Tory was trying to grab her off me. I hit her and hit her. I usually tried to use pressure points because I really didn’t like hurting her but I really had no choice. Anyway we finally got her off me, she turned and grabbed a bottle of benadryl and chugged it (my allergy medicine) me and Tory tried to stop her. She threw the bottle and then she ran for it and I ran after her and I tackled her breaking the table in the camper and she was just lying there for a bit. Me and Tory dragged her up back to the bed. I was lying there for so long I was terrified.

The next day I went home and started cleaning my room. My mom and step dad went to there kickbo lessons and my sister, well I cant even remember were she was. Anyway I felt like there was something on the floor, like something crawling. I was so scared I went under my desk and went on msn on my cell phone asked Tory if there was something in my room she said no, but I knew there was. I was probably crying under there until my mom got home.

I never slept with the lights off. I had a lamp by my bed, and one night I just really wanted to turn it off so I did. As soon as I laid down I felt cold and then I sat up quickly and like it felt like someone blew on my face. I freaked out and tried finding my lamp. I turned it on and just sat there scared to death. That’s when I kinda started to stop believe in Tory.

The next night I was sleeping over at her house. We sat in her basement living room talking. Then she said there were ghost down there. I have always been a chicken, but I just sat on the other couch and took it like a man. Then I felt something jump at me. I immediately jumped back and crawled as fast as I could behind her. She told me it was the ghost of an animal. I just went with it, its not like I knew anything.

That night she turned off the lights as we were going to sleep, I was just sketching out. I sat up and looked at her alarm clock and I saw a figure of this girl just looking at it. I went straight under the covers. We decided to have another sleepover and we watched Stay Alive, and the Descent. We went upstairs because we were both just terrified after those movies. We sat on the couch in the dark for awhile and then we heard the loudest boom ever. We looked at each other and she said it was probably just the cat as I look to the left the cat was in its cat house just chillin’.

There was just so much happening; possessed mirrors, blood letters, my dead grandma telling my mom to wake up cause my sister was in danger… As much as I’d love to share all those stories its gonna take way to much time. Anyway, around Halloween I went to the Philippines with my family. The Halloween there is way different, it’s two days long and you don’t go trick or treating you sit at a cemetery all day long. After that we went looking around you know stuff tourists would do. Whenever people would stare at me I would always think they were reading my mind or something it freaked me out.

When we got home there was this old lady sitting on the couch, when I say old I mean old around what 85? She just stared at me, the whole family looked at her like what’s going on? She started talking to my mom, it was all in Filipino of course so I didn’t understand anything whatsoever. My mom looked at me like wow, and translated everything she said. She said, “you have a problem with this one don’t you?” My mom smiled and said, “yeah sometimes she can be a brat.” Then she looked at my mom and said, “She doesn’t believe in God.” My mom said, “yes I know,” (my mom is a very Catholic person by the way). The old lady then said, “she’s in trouble.” Me being the scared person I was, I did not know what to do with myself. There were like seven people in each room because all of the family was down there because of my grandmas death.

My cousin Anita asked me where I kept going at night. I was so confused, I don’t remember going anywhere!? But one night I just couldn’t sleep so I went down stairs. The old chick was sleeping on the couch, she said she was trying and help me. Anyway I went in the kitchen to get some water, turned around and she was just standing there staring at me. I stared back at her, this went on for awhile then she finally walked away and sat on the couch. I walked away and went upstairs and went to bed.

In the morning she was doing palm readings and telling everyone how long they were gonna live, that kinda stuff. But the thing is she wouldn’t read mine, she didn’t wanna touch me. Apparently I was evil or something. After that she was explaining how my aunties house looked. It was weird, she has never been to Canada and she was telling her where everything was placed. So noticing how right she was about everything I made my mom ask her if Tory was lying. The old woman told me she definitely was. I did not know what to do with myself, Tory was everything. She was suppose to be my protector my bestfriend.

I had to test this myself. So when I got back to Canada I told her I couldn’t remember anything at all. She tried to refresh my memory. The thing is she couldn’t get her story straight. I moved in with my dad, he lived about 16 hours away. I moved away because I couldn’t handle it anymore. I moved about half way through grade 7.

I came back for a visit that summer, all of them simmered down a bit. Ray wasn’t getting possessed (well rarely). Tory told everyone she couldn’t see dead people anymore, even though she never could. But there was one thing that to this day is still an issue. Since Ray had it the hardest she pretty much developed a split personality. No one notices it and the thing just hates me. I’m not sure what it is, if it really is a split personality. When I talked to it, she said her name was Hannah or something, and that she was Ray’s twin that died. So later on I obviously told Ray and Ray asked her mom and yes she did have a twin that died in the womb.

Anyway, later on in life in the summer 2009 about to go into grade 9, I went down to my old town and visited my mom and sister and of course my friends. We are all way different now. Ray and Molly are stoners, Tory is still the same, Kautea is looking pretty gangster, Sara dresses emo and I’m like a prep now. I’m not really friends with any of them anymore except for Ray.

One day during the summer me, Ray and one of my new friends Verena decided to play with a Ouija board. I’ve heard a couple things about a Ouija board and there was no way I was letting them play with it in my house. So we took it to the skateboard park and did it there, it scared me so bad. I wasn’t use to that kinda stuff anymore. We were barely touching it, I hate thinking about it.

Anyway we asked basic questions; how old are you, how did you die, and then we started being like ‘hey lets be friends’ and all this stuff and just messing around. Anyway, they were done but I was so amused I made them keep going. Then I had it, it was just way to creepy so we threw it in a garbage can and just peaced out. Ray was the only one that paranormal stuff was happening to. I went to her house to help her clean and get some money and when I went in her room I realized she was still doing witchcraft. It gave me the shivers.

Anyway, I went back home with my dad. I’m 14 now and nothing has really happened since. But I still can’t sleep with the lights off. I’m messed up for life. It bothers me every once in awhile because I have no idea what was really going down that whole time. I’m sorry if most of this doesn’t make since I had to skip some things and I’m really not that good of a writer.

Written by Shannoo, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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6 Responses to “Friends Witchcraft and Ouija Boards”
  1. Rachael says:

    Oh sweetheart. Listen to me and listen good. Wheter or not you believe in God is irrelevant at this point. This is what you need to do.
    1. Stay away from Ray. Completely.
    2. Have a look in your phone directory for your nearest spirtualist church. Go and speak to one of the mediums and explain your story.
    I am a medium myself and you need to know that your fear will make the situation seem worse.
    3. Starting from tonight, when you get in bed, imagine yourself sitting inside a big bubble fille with brilliant white light. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING can get through this bubble. This is your bubble of protection. From inside your bubble, imagine your bedroom filling up with this pure white light. This will dispel ANY negativity that may be lurking about.
    Just think in yor head ” Please send me the protection I need, thanks”.
    This is all you need to do sweetheart. Take care.

    • Jennifer says:

      hello rachel.
      I need some advice. and i was wondering if you could help me yourself?
      you see ehh it’s quite complicated, which i don not prefer explaining in public, but to give a short summary of what i need is this.

      You see, ever since i was little i always felt i was beyond ordinary. i could know things people didn’t know. I had this very positive outcome, this energy which made me feel i was always correct in all the events about ocasions, or people. i’ve always known about the ouija board, but up until yesterday is when all of a sudden i felt like i needed to try it. I made one, and nothing happened. I feel like it was the biggest mistake of my life. LIke i started something i cannot end, or it would probably go within time. FOr now, i don’t know… nothing happened. no response.
      Although what i did feel, what this big protection energy around me, feeling like soemthing was blocking me from doing this. I feel scared, now and then, but also protected. I’m just never sure.

  2. trolldoll1681 says:

    i think you need to find new friends.

  3. Anonymous says:

    wow omg my name is laura i am only 12 and i was looking at som stories like urs…. maan i was going to go get a borad yself but i am not brave enofe now……. that must be soo horrble… are you ok? i really shocked………. i know that i will NEVER touch a borad .

  4. anna says:

    ok first grow up your only a kid still .I dont think your messed up you think you are because your so called friend lied to you.dont hang out with her stay away.And if someone out of the blue says I can see dead people whatever grow up.she pretened to do all that so you keep coming back for more.believing all that stuff.I love ghost stories but I would never believe her.I am sorry you were or are still friends with someone that just wants to be center of the attention.you are anyone dont need a freind like that.I hope you choose your friends wisley.take care and dont do anymore of the ouija board .someone desides they want to one day walk away or say no thanks you dont have to explain just walk away.

  5. AnNa says:

    i read what i wrote and i still stand what i said but i am sorry in how i said it.it was rude and mean.i hope you are not hanging around her but if you are thats your chose.i do hope things are better for you though and again sorry.

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