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Four Strange Car Incidents

Posted on June 27, 2010

Looking back in my computer spirit log, I found the following four strange incidents which happened to me while I was driving my car:

11/12/2000… I felt a tap on my right shoulder as I was driving my car this afternoon.

2/6/02… On the freeway on my way to work this morning, I have to say I was driving too fast and too close behind a car. All of a sudden it sounded like someone threw something really heavy onto the top of my car from an overpass… but I wasn’t under an overpass. I thought maybe a bullet had hit my car. It was a very loud bam. I looked at the top of my car when I got to work, but couldn’t see anything. I was expecting to see a hole or a huge dent where something had hit it. But there was nothing. It is so easy to attribute whatever happens to my spirits… but I am convinced they are with me and looking out for me.

3/08… On my way home from work, again I was driving too fast on the freeway and actually tailgating someone, which astounds me because it is not like me at all. I felt two taps on top of my right shoulder, then I kind of “came to” (sometimes we drive on auto pilot) and I said yes, you are right, I had better slow down and stop driving so stupidly.

4/27/09… I went to the library around noon today. I was at a stoplight, nobody in front of me, behind me or on the intersecting streets, no birds, no trees around. All of a sudden there was a loud scraping noise across the top of my car, front to back, like I was driving under low hanging branches. However, my car wasn’t moving. When I got to the library, I looked at the top of the car, and of course didn’t see anything.

Since the psychic who visited my place in Ocean Beach said that the spirits who haunt me stayed in my apartment and didn’t follow me to work or anyplace else, I’m thinking maybe these are my angels or deceased relatives who are trying to protect me from my own destructive ways.

Also, this is a strange thought, but I don’t claim to be normal… how did my spirits get from Cincinnati to Scottsdale to San Diego and back to Cincinnati, following me when I moved as the psychic said they did? I guess they can just energize anywhere at any time, but I kind of like to imagine them riding in the back seat of my car!

Sent in by Sandy Fuersich, Copyright 2010

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9 Responses to “Four Strange Car Incidents”
  1. AnNa says:

    they were telling you dont speed if so you’ll get an accident.one thing i do have something in common with you is you said someone was tapping you on the shoulder well yesterday my husband,son and i were in our van and uscally my son is behide me and likes to kick the seat sometimes.i get upset anyways this time he wasnt behind me he was behind my husband and i felt the kick.weird.so i kind of know how that felt.so .that is weird how spirts go from one house to another thats far away.thanks for the story again.

  2. mimi says:

    who knows what the incidents are? I’d say you should not drive that fast. Maybe if you drive at a normal speed, you will not have those problems. Regardless what spirit it is, you need to be careful anyway. Good luck.

  3. Riah says:

    Something i noticed about the dates, and yes, only I would notice: 11/12/2000- 12×2 is 24 (i forgot the 11 DX) 2/6/02- 6x2x2 is 24 3/8- 3×8 is 24 4/27/09- (this was just a bit harder to find) 27/9 is 3 and 3×4 is 12, but if i take the eleven i forgot earlier and add the 1s i get 2 and 2×12 is 24. Hahaha, i love trying to find one number from many. I think this is coincidence that the dates somehow make 24 i mean you can pretty much get any number from anything, but i had fun. And ur story gave me a scare, which is gud. :)

  4. - T - says:

    I’ve actually heard something quite similar with yours, it was stories from my dad’s friend. The stories goes that, he was driving very late one night and drunk for that matter, on a highway. He also likes to drive fast too. So as he was speeding down the road, and suddenly, he hear two knocks on his windows, loud and clear so he immediately slows down, when he comes to realized that he was tailgating a timber truck a tad too close. Luckily he slows down or else he would’ve been done for. He also experience something similar for few other times, which help him dodge a few bullets.

    However I’ve also heard few other types of ghost stories related to driving at night. My dad had another friend which is a spiritual specialist, he advised that ghost are like human, there are those that’s kind and those that’s bad and every variant in between.

    Some people that die tragically in car accident will sometimes becomes a vengeful spirits that seeks to make other to do the same mistakes so their grudge can be relief and they can pass on. They will send false messages, but in your case I think the spirit are indeed trying to warn you, you must be really kind, because the spirits are attracted to certain magnetic field or aura as well. And yours certainly attract the kind one, but I too advise you to keep a look out, and use your best judgment on all situation.

    P.S some spirit do ride in the back of people’s car

  5. Lauren says:

    Yers i agree with you and i think you should change your car and see if it happens then if not it was maybe just your car

  6. Kind Skeptic says:

    As a practitioner of meditation, we believe that we have “guides” that help us during our meditations and guide us through our lives. I do not find it unusual to have my guide(s) warn me of dangers. Perhaps your’s were doing the same. Live well…

  7. LittleKitKat says:

    Was your car preowned by soemoen? It sounds to me like you have something in your car trying to watch your back that maybe totaly unrelated to the ones in your home.
    Either way I would pay attention to their actions as they seem to be protecting you though making a huge thump on the top of the car I would find very distracting while driving.

  8. debchew says:

    I also had some things happen while driving.I used to drive on the back country road at 55 mph but one day for some reason I felt like going only 45 mph and when I came around a bend a little ways up there was a car overturned.(Luckily no one was serious hurt are killed 2 children were thrown out of the car and the mother was strapped in with a seatbelt but couldn’t get out on her own).Anyway later I got to thinking that someone must have warned me to slow down because If not I could have been in the same area if i had been going 55 instead of 45 when the woman came over into the other lane then overcorrected back and flipped the car in a field.my second experiance whilr driving was when I decided to slow down and take my time one morning and listen to some old music,just relaxing when a deer jumped out in front of me.It hit square in the center of the grill and broke it completely out,the haedlights weren’t broke or no damage besides the grill and the bumper.I told the guy where my car was taken to that it was weird that it was only right there and he told me I was lucky because if I had been going faster and where it had hit it could have come through the windshield.So aia know someone had to of warned me again and I do believe that I have an angel that sent me a message somehow,Sorry it took so long but I wanted to include both incidents.So yes I do think someone is helping you.

  9. Ella says:

    I’ve never heard of a haunted car before!! :)

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