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Four Negative Energies

Posted on March 1, 2010

My name is Nathan, I am 20 years old I am developing my mediumship in a development circle. For a few months now all has been going well.

As a kid I had always seen and felt spirits but I moved into my present house when I was five years old I have been living here for 15 years. Throughout the years my family has heard odd bangs or voices and seen figures lurking about but didn’t really take much notice of it. I remember when I was about eight or nine getting woken up in the middle of the night by a voice that was mumbling to me. I was frightened, I didn’t really catch what this spirit was saying ’til I jumped out of bed and got into my brothers bed screaming, then I heard the spirit say “something’s here from hell.” But years went by and all we had were odd creaks and bangs and scratches still but nothing major. It was about a year ago when things got worse.

I broke up with my girlfriend and moved back into this house and my older brother also split with his girlfriend and moved back in. One night we were in the bedroom, it was about 12 half 12 when we heard really loud heavy footsteps walk into my sisters bedroom and heard her bed screech like someone had sat down on it. Then we heard a real deep voice saying something to her. We both looked at each other and said “did you hear that?” then all of a sudden whatever it was must of heard us because we heard it get off my sisters bed walk out her room then the footsteps came into our bedroom. We were laying there frightened as we had gushes of wind blowing at us through our duvet then whatever it was started to run around the room. We saw the shadow of it moving really fast on the walls then we both lost our breaths and struggled to breath as we felt it run over us.

We called for our mum who came into the bedroom and sensed something was there as she is very sensitive and has always known when spirits are around. She said a prayer and asked God to remove whatever was in the bedroom then we smelt like a woman’s perfume of some kind come through the room. I asked, “can you smell that? It smells of women’s perfume,” and we heard the thing whistle the kind of whistle a man would do at a women. Then we heard lots of creaking down stairs and scratching.

From that night things got worse. My mum was left alone one night with my niece, who is six years of age, they was getting ready for bed and they were both brushing their teeth when my niece looked out the bathroom door and screamed and clung on to my mum. My mum asked what’s the matter she replied a man who looked like granddad just crawled along the landing and looked at her and growled. She kept saying it looked like granddad but it had a red mist around it. My mum said don’t worry its just a naughty man being naughty as she can’t really tell my niece what it was.

Later that night in bed my mum couldn’t sleep, she felt a constant bad energy in her room ’til me and my dad came home. After that night my niece would not stay here again. We knew she was telling the truth because she loves it here, she got brought up here all her life. After that night bangs and walking about got more loud at night. My dad didn’t believe us at the time, he was very skeptical at the time and he just blamed the walking about and loud bangs on gas pipes but it was a different story with me, my mum, my sister and three brothers When we were on our own something would always happen, it would start mimicking family members voices making you feel really uncomfortable. Some of us even got pinned down at night time. Then the growling started to come along and something singing you would hear sometimes but it was singing in the language we believed was Latin.

One day I went shopping with my mum and my brother was left alone in here. He heard a very loud rumble come down the stairs and he quickly ran out the house. He looked through the window and saw this thing that looked like my dad sitting in the chair. My mum is a catholic, she talks about the bible and God and then things in the house calls her a liar. The house got very draining and a real heavy feeling was in here. My Nan contacted the priest for us and he came out. He could not wait to get out of this house. He made my mum walk around with him whilst he blessed the house and he was here for less then five minutes. When he left the heaviness wasn’t in here no more the house went quiet for about a week.

A couple of days before my sons first birthday me and my dads mate were in the garden cleaning it for his party. We both stopped what we were doing and got drawn to the kitchen window. We couldn’t believe what we saw, a big black hooded figure was staring at us out of the window then it turned around then walked off. We both came running into the house, checked the front door that was locked no one could get into the house. I think it wanted us to see it to let us know it hadn’t gone, its still here. My dads mate didn’t know about our situation we had to explain it to him as he was very freaked out.

Another week went past. The house was silent until my nephew came. My mum went shopping with my brothers girlfriend and no one was here apart from my brother and my nephew. Me and my brother were on the pc, my nephew went to walk in the front room and we heard him scream and he came running in crying his eyes out. He said a black monster tried grabbing him by the neck. My nephew is four years old, if he saw a man he would of said a man and the same for a women but he said this was a monster.

We contacted a spirit team and explained what was going on we think we have something bad in our home. He said he would be out in a† couple days. My granddad came before the team came out so we explained to him what was going on. My Granddad is West Indian and he was telling us how in Jamaica people use obia (voodoo) he was just telling us about his culture. The weird thing about this is when the team came out the medium sat down and had a vision about a big black women sacrificing a chicken and saw lots of fire and people dancing around it. He believed my granddad was cursed back in Jamaica, he didn’t know my granddad was Jamaican, he didn’t know anything about my family. We just found it weird my granddad came here and spoke of voodoo then the medium comes out and picks up voodoo. He sensed there were four negative energies here; two gobling types a medium sized one and a real big one but he hasn’t kicked off yet he said “I’m going to have to return to do my investigation with more members of the team.” We were left worried thinking something was going to happen to our granddad.

A few days later we had a phone call from the medium, he said “I have been tricked” he said he spoke with people who dealt with voodoo and they told him if that was the case it would’ve gotten my granddad and harmed my family a long time ago.

A week later the medium came back out with a group of five, he said he was going to smudge my home. After a little investigation we had the dryer fly out in front of us, loads of bangs up stairs, wardrobe doors swinging open on the mediums, they tried speaking to it but couldn’t get anything from it, it just wanted to play games with them. They split up into groups when suddenly we heard the two mediums upstairs basically fighting to get out of my sisters room. To this day we don’t know what happened up there. The medium called the rest of the group upstairs and all we heard was “are you good or bad” then we heard “right we all just saw that didn’t we.” They all came down the stairs shaking with fear. The medium said “we don’t have to smudge tonight and just told us to say a prayer. We knew that was an excuse we said a prayer it was banging about loads and loads.

After they left me, my mum and my brother went into the front room no one else was here that night. My dad and sister and my other brother were out when the mediums came but anyway we sat there then we heard lot of knocking on the living room door. My mum said “just leave us alone and go away” then all of a sudden we heard a massive wind outside the door charge up the walls were shaking then the door flew open. We couldn’t sleep that night.

Later on in the week I spoke to the medium on the phone. He said he was going to come back out, my house needs a real good cleansing. Weeks went by and every time the medium planned to come out things were happening at his sides; his mum passed, members of his team were falling ill. It took him about six months to finally come out but in that time we found out a lot of things about the previous owners of the house.

Every two weeks they use to hold sťances in here. A medium who lived up the road from me used to use an Ouija board in here. The family suffered terrible tragedy suicides and all sorts. Me, my brother and my dads mate went to this medium’s home (his name is Bob Riddle) as soon as I told him I was from this house, I gave him the address of it, the color drained from his face and he looked really ill. I said “I heard you used to come into my home.” He denied it, he said he had never heard of the previous owners but we could tell he was lying he was acting so weird. He said “you know what’s in your home you need to contact the Arch bishop of England and get a high exorcism priest.” We were thinking how would he know this if he says he’s never been in our home? We left it at that.

I rung the medium who was coming out and explained what we found out about the previous owners and Bob Riddle, he knows Bob Riddle they are friends, he said he would talk to him. I also explained when we mentioned your name doors slam when I ring you one of us will have a sleepless night. He said its because it knows me and it knows I’m going to kick it out of your home. A few days went past, doors slamming, something in my brothers voice screamed at my mum in her bedroom, she got scratched. My older brother was here he burst into tears, he said something was in his head telling him to hurt us and do bad things. My mum blessed him with holy water then he ran into the outside toilet and was sick.

I rung the medium back up and I said things are getting worse. He said “I’m coming in two days to smudge.” The night came we were thinking the medium was going to smudge he came dressed up as a priest to perform an exorcism. When my mum opened the door to them her and a medium both saw a massive red figure sitting on the stairs. The medium came in with his team and said I have tricked it, it thought I was going to smudge but its past smudging. We have to perform an exorcism. He said we must not tell any one what he’s doing tonight. We stood on the stairs he made my dad turn all the lights on turn mirrors around and say a and started reading scripts of pieces of paper that he printed on a pc. It lasted five minutes, nothing happened only thing me and one of the mediums saw was a massive dark figure, it had something on its head looked like some kind of cowboy hat it was just jet black and it was standing in the bathroom. We came down stairs the medium just left we thought how come it has not kicked off with an exorcism? We later got told the medium just fed it. The thing was laughing at him. My brother heard in his ear “I’m too strong for this.” We did hear a lot of things that night; people talking, bangs, scratches, all sorts.

The next morning the medium rung, he said “I am not coming back out.” We knew whatever it was had frightened him. He said that night when he performed a joke exorcism that his wife kept hearing something call his name in his house and had dreams of him getting badly hurt in my house. I think if he smudged that night it would’ve kicked off a treat as when smudging you have to face it. I think that’s what that big figure on the stairs and the one in the bathroom and the rest of them were waiting for, but instead they just got fed energy.

A few weeks later things were still the same. I got my development circle tutor out with her team. They picked up on so much about the previous owners. One of the sons that lived here was an alcoholic, he helped his mum pass on because he was weak and vulnerable. The negative energies got to him easy.

We saw Bob Riddle again, he admits he knows the previous owners but still won’t admit to coming here using Ouija boards but still acting weird and scared through all this. Me and my family have grown stronger. My dad believes it now as he has heard something screaming when the mediums were out there still investigating. I’ll tell more when we get to the bottom of this. If other families are suffering the same try not to be scared keep the love and light in your family, if you keep that the demons don’t stand a chance the greatest weapon toward them is love of a family.

Sent in by Nathan, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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17 Responses to “Four Negative Energies”
  1. trolldoll1681 says:

    nathan, i am truly sorry for what is happening in your home!! i honestly don’t know what to tell you. it is too bad that these people faked there efforts to help you. you and your family have been lied to to many times. has your grandfather come back for a visit? i do think you need the church involved in this and i wouldn’t normally tell anyone this. all i can do is hope you stay safe and keep strong and close with your family!!! please don’t hesitate to keep us updated on the events keep a journal which it sounds like you already are. i’m sure you are going to get alot of advice from the people here and they may find some relief for you, i trust what alot of will be suggested. you and your family are good people and you will win over this!!!

  2. mimi says:

    I am proud of you since you are very brave.

  3. Believer says:

    What a scary story, I had experienced a haunting In my flat before, but It wasn’t as intense as yours

  4. Sandi says:

    Nathan, thanks for sharing your story with us. I cannot believe all the stuff you and yours have and still are going through. Absolutely terrifying! When i got to the end and read what you wrote i was so happy. You are right. The love of your family and your faith that you will prevail is so true. I know you will beat this in the end as there is so much love and strength with you and your family. Keep Christ and the love in your hearts!! Let us know when this gets resolved as I would love to hear some closure on this for all of you- Take care and good luck

  5. Mareli says:

    Wow, you really have it bad in that house! If I were you, I would be scared that this entities would harm or even try to kill you during your sleep… I have a suggestion, but I don’t know if this will work because your situation is a bit severe. Try sprinkling Epsom Salt throughout your house in the corners of the rooms or just round the borders of all the rooms. After that, light white (have to be white) candles and walk throughout the whole house with a small bell that you keep ringing and whilst doing that, keep on praying. Like I said, this may or may not work but it is worth a try!
    You should really try to get someone brave and educated enough with this types of entities to help you get rid of them.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Oh my goodness! Stay strong guys!! Keep praying!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Great story! Thanks for sharing :)

  8. anna says:

    that was a good story.i would be scared.i have a 4 year old and i wouldnt want him to be around that.i agree stay stong and pray.i know this is nothing to what you guys did but what about crosses.never hurt to try.i hope you guys do find out more whats going on.i have one question it might be a stupid question but i dont care but does smudged mean.thanks for the story.

  9. Dare says:

    No. The greatest weapon(s) are these: Praise and worship to Jesus Christ, praying in Holy Ghost tongues, your testimony, the Word of God, and saying the name of Jesus Christ.

    No medium, no spiritualist, no one, save Jesus Christ, is going to be able to deliver you and your house of your demons. Turn to Jesus, get set free.

  10. nathan says:

    hi everyone thanks for all your replies i dint no my story was on here till now from this story we have had more people out but no1 can seem to get to the bottom ofit things have bin going quite but after a couple of months it kicked of again we went to the church but they havent bin out yet i think its just something y family and i have to deal with we have got strong now we dont get scared ofit that much i think it knows it aswel al though it plays it games when in ed u can here it stomp up the stiars then get close to the bedroom doors then just gose quite its thrown a couple of things about and it has started 2 apear to us in a black blob form or a shadow its still imitating our voices and calling names we have left dictaphones on record but it plays clever when we listen back to it all we get is the stat of the recording then it switches it of then it turns it back on when we go to get the dictaphone so all we get is the start and the end of recording my mum and dad have bin thinking about selling the home but we all think its not fair if a family with young kids moved into here and go thru what we have bin thru as bein a medium myself i have developed realy trong now and myself ino whatit is and it is def negative it dont like me it trys to do so much to me but beacuse of my faith and my helpers it cant come near me it will be nice to get to the bottom of this and find out what it wants how it got eya and how we can get rid of it if the church dont want to get involved all we can do is keep bein strong we have smudge arond about 30 times now but i beleive if u have faith in these things and beleive in them it will work and calm it down ino it dont get rid of it but all we can keep doin is smudging means it quitens it down 4 a short period of time recently my mum has bin getting ilnesses out of the blue i beleive this negative energie is causing this i had to get rid of my dog aswel i had a staffordshire bulltier she is a butiful puppy but her hair started to drop out in here we took her vets and they cnt find whats rong with her she gose mental at times aswel and barks at something then she cowards alot aswel since she has bin out of here she has turnt healthy again her hair has grown back and she seems rly happy now if anyone can tell me how to deal with this proply i would so much appreciate it i am not scared of this in here i will confront it i jus need 2 no how to get it out when i bring it 4ward

    • Caretaker says:

      Nathan – An email was sent to you (the email address you provided with the submission) announcing your story being published. Perhaps your spam filter blocked it out or it was overlooked.

      • nathan says:

        i got the email mate i ment i dint no my story was on till today till i read my email todays the 1st iv checked mail in a while

  11. nathan says:

    also wehave contacted a demonoligist he spoke to the mediums what have bin out in here he booked a date to come out an help but he told me thatday e was ill and will not make it and i havent heard from him since it makes me angry alot beacuse there trained for this im only developing and i have more faith and feel stronger towards it then the mediums who have bin ghost hunting for years

  12. Hahaha :D says:


    i have one here he said he lives in my “Sombrero” hat that i bought for fun :D Usually when i see him he is wearing a bigger version of it that covers like half his face… he usually is a black figure like the blackest of all blacks… Nybbas… he’s always in my dreams he said “I like people when they dream.. Want to come to hell tonight? I’ll show you around.”

    he shows lots of stuff in my dreams how ever i didn’t go to hell.. i told him i wont i woke up not being able to breathe instantly.. he was on me holding me down growling and screaming in my face…

    then there is Zozo… calls himself Zozo, Pazuzu or Captain Howdy…. This is one guy not to mess with >=[ if you use an ouija board ever! and something comes through as “Zozo, Pazuzu, Captain Howdy, Darrin.. Pu the thing away and get a priest immediatly …

    don’t talk to Nybbas either i think this might be he one in your house… Big hat all the time to cover his eyes. always in a tattered black robe… Mostly appears as a black figure..

    • Liara says:

      Why do I get the feeling that with you’re every comment you’re joking around? Puh-lease. If you don’t take this stuff seriously, stay away from this site.

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