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Fort of Demons

Posted on May 26, 2010

Now, I have always been curious about the life beyond this one. Ever since I was very little, which is quite strange. I loved secretly watching scary movies, and trying to talk to ghosts. I would have never expected this though.

When I was 15, my aunt had a new baby. My cousins and aunts and uncles were at the party, which was celebrating a healthy little girl. Well of-course, this party was lame, and I was dying to leave. My uncle finished eating, and he said he could bring us down to this army fort that’s a little down the street, maybe a mile or so. We hopped in his car and all we could hear was the wind howling since the ocean was near by. we drove up to mainland and parked in front of this run down, concrete looking building. it was covered in graffiti, a blur of colors. My uncle stopped right away to explain the history to my 10 year old cousin and 12 year old cousin. My 16 year old cousin, Jake really didn’t care for the history, nor did I. My uncle said go ahead, even though he seemed a bit disappointed. We walked ahead crushing soda cans, beer cans and dodging glass bottles. We looked at each other and rolled our eyes as we made lame attempts at ghost jokes.

He’d say something like “Boo, did I scare you?” and I’d laugh. Even though I’d never joke back, because I did sort of still have a deep belief in the afterlife. He was starting to get on my nerves, so I elbowed him. He just rolled his eyes, but then buckled forward into the pavement. His hands caught himself but he screeched in pure pain. I looked at him and guessed he fell over a pothole and into some glass but to my surprise the pavement was bare, not even any glass or pothole. I grabbed his hand to pull him up, and he was crying. Agony was in his face as his teeth clenched and I started freaking out. I never saw anyone in this much pain. He started turning blue, and I realized he wasn’t breathing and when I went to touch him, there was a cold air wrapped around him, like it was squeezing him. He then sighed in a breath and shook his head as if to say, don’t say anything.

We walked over to the wall, and climbed up. I wanted to get my uncle but Jake said he was fine. I hugged him, I don’t know why because we were never close before this day, and he hugged me back. I was thinking back to it, when he fell and I saw a gray flash. I tried bringing it up, but he told me to shut up, and swung his leg over. “Look.” He pointed to behind his knee. There were three deep red gashes going vertically. I started freaking out but he told me to calm down. All he said was something clawed him, pushed him, and choked him within one minute. I asked him how he stopped it and he told me he prayed like hell. Which is a stupid simile, but I was too shook up to correct him. We decide we should meet with my Uncle, so we took a faster route through the fort. ( which I regret. ) We passed a dark room, and something drew me inside. I saw the devils sign, spray painted red on the floor and the ceiling. I saw something just like this on that show ” A Haunting” recently, but I didn’t grasp it then. The floor was covered in broken candles, with wax oozed on the ground, and I got a strange dream like vision of a group of college kids chanting muffle words and I fell back to the wall when I saw this gray like claw reaching to me, and Jake saw it too and grabbed my shoulder and clenched. I squealed, and squirmed but it didn’t let go. Jake kept praying, and praying till it let go.

We just decided to run, but we took a wrong turn and our shortcut wasn’t very short. I think we accidentally went different ways because Jake’s heavy panting was gone, and I could only hear my own, for a few seconds til a sinister voice filled the air. It said some words I couldn’t make out then I saw a shape, it had a black cloak and a hood that covered till its mouth. It had darker gray lips, that smiled revealing what looked like fangs, to some degree. its hand stretched out, which looked like the thing that grabbed my arm, and it laughed. It just kept laughing and laughing. It all felt slow motion, and then it was fast. It leaped, or lunged like a wild cat. I prayed like crazy, saying everything I knew. I wasn’t very religious and lost faith with god when my mom died. But I still prayed. Prayed I could escape for my Dad’s sake. Then The thing hissed and the hood fell back with glowing red eyes and I closed my eyes and I heard a Bang, more like an explosion. Then I can’t remember anything till I was laying outside the fort on the grass. My uncle kept frantically calling my name, but I couldn’t reply. My real world felt like  a dream. I felt my cousin clutch my hand. He was okay, good. I managed to open my eyes more. It wasn’t a dream, and I was alive. They helped me in the car. My cousin told me he saw some thing with red eyes too. but then it disappeared. He got to my uncle thinking I’d be there but I wasn’t so they looked for me and found my blue like on the ground.

Now that whole thing feels like some sort of dream. I really can never go back, but now Jake is a paranormal Investigator.  I can’t though, even if I’m still fascinated with the other world. My friend tried to get me to contact that demon with an Ouija board, but I couldn’t. I’ve seen a lot of stuff since then, like I have attracted ghosts. I don’t know this all happened, and might never know. But I thought I should share this, to people who are interested into the things from beyond like me. to let you know that there is a real world beyond ours, that isn’t always nice.

Sent in by Emily Timmons, Copyright 2010

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3 Responses to “Fort of Demons”
  1. AnNa says:

    EMILY–i think its cool that jakes a paranormal now.is the reason why you dont is because what you went through that day with jake?or is it from other time?i think you should do it too.but thats me.and i dont know how it was for you that day or anyday.that would of been scary for what you went through.thanks for the story.

  2. James D. says:

    cool story!I believe you.James D.

  3. Karma says:

    I seen that samething before and I have no idea what it is I told someone about it and they said they did too and told me what it looked like. I’m sorry for what happened to you but it makes me feel not alone knowing you seen with your own eyes what I have as well. I just wonder what it is.

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