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Foot Steps and Banging on My Wall

Posted on June 16, 2011

A couple of months ago I was home alone, it was in the morning. I was still in bed and my kids were in school and my husband was taking his mom to a doctors appointment and like I said I was at home still in bed when I was awaken by foot steps outside my bedroom.

At first I thought my husband was still at home when I heard these foot steps. My daughters room is right next to mine, so at this point I heard the foot steps walking back and forth from my daughters room pass my door and to the front door. Over and over again I heard this thing walking back and forth, then all of the sudden it stops at my door, and I was thinking this whole time it was my husband, when it stopped at my door, I was waiting for him to enter the room, and nothing. I heard it walk back into my daughters room and was moving things on top of her dresser (which was behind my wall) and I could hear things get picked up and slammed down.

So right at this point I was thinking “why is he in her room?” she is going to get mad if something get broken or misplaced and even so thinking we are snooping in her room, so at this point I was going to get up but something told me just to wait and see what he was going to do. Then again I heard my daughters door open and I heard the foot steps come out her room and walked pass my door and stopped at the front door and then back and then stopped at my door. Then again went to her room.

Ok so now I just laid there thinking what is he doing? Then all of the sudden bang! bang! bang! and my pictures on my wall were shaking violently and I got up and went straight to the room and said what are you doing? and there was nobody in there. I was so freaked out I called him on his cell phone and asked him were he was and he told me that they were seeing the doctor. I told him to come and pick me up because something was freaking me out here at the house.

Well as I waited for him I heard things banging in her room and weird sounds. I decided to sit outside and wait for him. I did not go back inside the house until we both came home and still then, I was still freaked out. Maybe it is not to scary explaining it to you, but I experienced it and it scared me.

Sent in by Moya, Copyright 2011 TrueGhostTales.com

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11 Responses to “Foot Steps and Banging on My Wall”
  1. wendy anderson says:

    I do believe every thing that you said happen to you.i myself has had the same thing happen to me in simular ways.have you experienced this before this time,and was it in the same manner?

  2. gabrielle bolt says:

    Well, I’d say this “thing” could have been trying to contact you. Just trying to get you to see him/her. I do believe things like that are scary! I’ve had an experience like that too! Except a vase kept on tipping over right before my eyes and a picture went flying across the room I was “sitting” in. I never went back. I’m so sorry we have to deal with stuff like this!

  3. Moya says:

    I have. But not the banging . but the footsteps every once in a while. only when I am alone, cuz it wont happen to any one else in my family. why ? what do you think?

  4. Moya says:

    Me and you both. I am still living in the same house. Do you still hear them in your house? I havent heard them in a while because i have not been alone in a while. but I am sure that will not be the last time I hear them, when I lived at my other house. there too, i was in the shower once and i heard a lot of people talking , and i thought it was my sister and my mother that has came in, and i was talking back to them and thelling them i would be out in a min and making conversation with them and i was trying to hurry up and get out of there and when i stepped out there was nobody in sight, just me, and then too i was freaked out. but i have this kind of stuff happen to me alot.

  5. wendy anderson says:

    i wounder what kind of grounds the house it self could be on,cause these are some of the things i try to come up with ya never know.then you said this happen to you at your old house also.these ghost possiable followed you from your old home.my son did he died in my old house i know i said he died he had a brain stem tumor he was only 3 and half.and i know he is there cause i feel him i see small shadows from the side or my daughter who was only 2 when he past has seen him a few times she has the gift like myself .so i had to teach her about it so it wouldnt scare her.also these images apear in photos.just for woundering have you maybe took any pixs in your home latly just to see if something might come of it.and what about loved ones you have lost that where close to you?just tring to help to figure it out with you.but no matter what keep the possitive energy going or else you could do the oppisite with negative.thay do feed from our energy but its up to us which one we can get.

  6. moya says:

    well the house were pass down to me by my grandmother. i think there is something following me. my mother used to do a lot of tarot card reading when i was growing up. not in these house. i think its more me that this thing follows. what do u think.

  7. Buddy says:

    A ghost that seems to be looking for something, how interesting I havent heard of a family ghost that followed the family from generation to generation, because once the family tree branches the ghost may have to pick one branch (most likely to be the main branch) of the family to follow.

    I too used to hear many voices in my bedroom, and many of my friends who slept there told me that they heard many voices (mostly whispering) coming from my room especially at night. Some people get spooked by it, but I never seemed to mind it because I stayed in that room for more than 10 years. The only thing that bothered me though is the shadow ghost standing by my door. I also heard footsteps and disembodied sounds of rustling, but I didnt seem to mind all that. One thing that scared the pants off me though, was when I saw this old lady standing at the top of the stairs in my house looking at me with malicious intent. Somehow I was able to drive it away (thank God) but after that everything had stopped, the voices, the rustling, the footsteps and now I dont notice the shadow ghost anymore. It could be that I just got so used to them I dont notice them anymore.

  8. wendy anderson says:

    Maybe thats just it,thay came from your moms card reading .but as long as it dont hurt you and you said it hasnt.then just study it when you are alone like with the picture taken you could even do it with your family there.maybe your mom in your daughters room you dont even have to tell why.you can take it with her ,i have done this and seen some crazy stuff . once at my moms my boyfriend was with me my kids were there i have three now.we were taken pixs in the living room,i took one of my ungest son in which i was carring when my 3 year old died.,there were nuthing behind him just a really long eating table no mirrors or pictures .beside him was a figure of white kinda floating could not see faces makes you think of smoke floating ,but it did not go no taller than him.my boyfriend seen the picture and just looked at me we didnt say anything cause of the kids.so i took another really quick and it was the same pose but what ever it was ,was not there.those same things would appear in pixs with my son that was sick also before we even knew he was sick and going to pass away.goog luck.

  9. Moya says:

    No that you mention that, I did take some pics once a couple of years ago, of the house at night ( the house is right next door) and when i was analyzing them i had zoomed in on one of the pics and I see two faces staring at me though a middle room window, I remember getting rid of the pic too, because it scared the crap out of me. maybe i should do it again, but the thing is, I am afraid of finding something i dont want to see… never mind…

  10. wendy A says:

    well you have already seen it now hunn,but like i said dont let it scare you which sometime is easyer said than done. but it could help you cope to.i would like to see the pics when you take them i still have the ones of my son that died.

  11. Buddy says:

    I’d also like to see the pics!
    There are ways you can practice to fend off the spirits yourself, but I’m not sure how well you can handle that. you can try the white light protection method to repel whateve that entity is. It is a method that makes use of your aura as a spiritual barrier, by visualizing yourself as being surrounded by white light.

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