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Followed for Life by Unknown Beings

Posted on March 22, 2011

I’ve seen stuff since I was a child, most of it glimpses and almost memories of other people, some of it like a movie as I sit and day dream. Objects produce images, I also see beings especially children entities and also can speak as if having a normal conversation with these beings, I had a woman from a church scream at me when I was a teenager saying how I was a door to hell and all demons will use me to get back here, that I was some kind of key for them.

I am not scared of what’s passed or of these beings if they are not completely or at all human, most are perfectly friendly or at the most slightly defensive of a space they count still as theirs for what ever reason.
This applies to all of the things I have come across apart from 2, I’m not sure what they are or what the purpose of them is apart from making me feel as uneasy as possible and playing games with me. I am scared and worst I’m angry I want my personal space without it being invaded on their whims.

Now it is hard for me to explain the situation completely they have both been with me since birth or as far back as I remember, the first I don’t have to deal with to often but is terrifying when I do, she only appears when I’m in the dark, no lights at night, no candles, etc., she will appear behind me and whisper and cry but both are completely inaudible, though the occasional word might come through, I freeze initially but then after a few minutes, I will move towards a light source, I will never have my eyes open as I do this, I saw her face once as a baby and it had a strong enough impression to burn itself into my memory though I remember little to a miniscule amount of my childhood.

She is reasonably attractive, around early 30′s, she has dark ebony hair a little static, she is pale, and moves from appearing solid to turning evaporated, she has very cunning eyes but not altogether violent just sly, they are pale blue, blue as ice, she wears a long tunic like dress, of a soft fabric, and her nails are long about a cm or so, she is fragile looking but actually very strong.

I know why am I bothering writing this? because when I move its with a threat screaming in my head of death, that if I tried to confront her, or turned and looked in her eyes now I’m older I would surely die, it’s sounds dramatic but seriously that’s how I feel. Even as a baby I would cry continuously at night and in a room with curtains drawn until light was restored to the space and as small child I had an unbeatable fear of the dark, now as an adult its my ultimate fear.

The second is a complexion elderly man around the age of 60 or so, just over 6 feet tall, he stands like a young man in his 20, no weird angles etc. but well I don’t know how to explain it it’s like his muscles are twisted under his skin, muscle tight, bones to long or to short, he mostly appears when I am most vulnerable in the bath, in bed, in a state or relaxation, he paces hallways and will run at you if you enter where he walks, the worst is he will invade my headspace shout or scream, he attracts other spirits to him I have never seen anything like it, he is audible when he is around for example if I’m on the phone people will ask who the guy in the background is, why is he laughing or was them being on the phone annoying my company etc., shuffling of his feet on the floor as he walks and him entering rooms is audile, and he has a well I don’t know if its a protective or a defensive, possessive trait but he will turn up walk down to where I sleep and wake me by stooping over the bed, tugging the bed sheets and staring at me intently and almost in a feral manor until I sit up and go check the flat out, a couple of times an ex broke in and he woke me up ten minutes both times before he arrived, and he woke me up just the other day because I had left the front door shut but not locked it with the chains and bolts to my flat.

This behavior goes against him rushing at me and him quite obviously at times meaning me harm, which is why I have such a fear of him, he has invaded my dreams since I was very small, and been around in dreams and in reality my whole life, also he has a thing where he can make himself look almost animal like. like a large black dog or wolf generally like a large dark colored canine.

also I don’t know if this is the place but at my mums house there apparently according to a psychic said there is a female presence reminding her of a Romany gypsy, I do recall seeing an oldish lady 50′s to 60′s looks older than her years who would mumble about having lots of children and had I remember peculiarly small feet who always led me to have dreams of a baby being buried in between floorboards after been dragged out of a woman’s arms and then suffocated, this was around the age of 7 or so, someone suggested a curse, I wondered if these beings were part of that or protecting me or generally following me around because I can see them.

Also at the house is the ghost of an old fellow who died at the first house in the road we lived at and smokes a pipe, he talks to my sister and followed her in the move. Plus one other which I only ever see as a shadow its mischievous but to be honest non-violent, plus one I have never seen but my sister see’s on a regular basis which is a little girl called Alice who has some kind of affiliation with the shadow guy, who apparently just follows people out of the orchards surrounding my mums house in the house then has a thing of standing in my old bedroom next to the window in a corner. I usually sense children’s spirits more due to them being slightly more active than some of the older looking spirits, they like to play games, tease, hide and seek etc. It honestly surprises me I have never seen Alice.

One last note I have practiced protection spells pagan and Christian friends have offered up and they don’t work on these two though they have for all other spirits or beings. I’m psychic as far as programs go any help on that one?

Thank you for reading this.

Sent in by Nemo, Copyright 2011 TrueGhostTales.com

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