Fighting a Demon For my Soul

Posted on February 5, 2010

This story takes place when I was 11 or 12 years old, it’s hard to be certain; I am 20 years old now. I am not very religious and if you knew me in person, you would know me as a rational, intelligent person. That being said, here we go.

I was enjoying a normal dream, I can’t remember what I was dreaming of but at some point my subconscious abruptly shifted into a nightmare. I remember that was strange, I can usually tell when I will have a nightmare as I can feel a fear growing inside and pretty much know it’s my own unrest and anxiety that provokes the nightmare itself. This time was different.

In my dream I took on a first person view of my surroundings, I was standing on concrete, cracks and potholes littering its surface. Around me a sea of black threatened to engulf the island of concrete I was standing on.

My view changed to a third person perspective where I could no longer see myself but rather a gigantic muscular demon who now stood (at what I could tell) on the other side of the concrete island. It felt very much that we were going to engage in some sort of fight and I felt almost eager to match myself against this thing. A battle of wills started.

At first I was holding my own against this monster but inexorably it pushed on me and I could feel my mentality and spirit weaken. Once I realized I couldn’t win against it I was terrified. I knew that if I gave up I would be consumed, not in the dream but that only damnation awaited me and I would never wake up. In desperation I started reciting “Our Father” out loud to this monster. I felt electrified. An incredible feeling of power and complete bliss devoid of any fear filled me. I pushed back against the Demon crushing it utterly and completely. Then I woke up.

I lay in my bed with the covers over my head letting my warm breath heat my cloth cocoon. I lay there, fully awake for a good ten minutes contemplating my dream when I felt a crushing weight cover my body and press me into the mattress. I couldn’t breathe and was terrified. I instinctively knew this was related to the dream I had. Then the Demon from my nightmare whispered in my ear in a slow menacing voice, “God is dead…”

After that the weight I felt lifted off my body I was in shock over experiencing this event while awake as I had at first reasoned to myself it was only a dream. I try to stay logical about this, it could have been just a bad dream, sleep paralysis, and the over active imagination of a young boy. What I lean to though; that I fought a Demon for my soul.

I’m writing this because no one really believes me when I tell them this story. I’m interested to see if anyone has any insight or similar experience to this event.

Sent in by Josh, Copyright 2010

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36 Responses to “Fighting a Demon For my Soul”
  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve had a similar one. it was terrifying. I woke up startled and crying, but not only from being scared but from being relieved. I’m a Bible believing christian, and I don’t find this odd, but just like…surreal? It’s all real, but it seems like a dream. God definately helped me though because this type of stuff has happened more than once and I’m still alive and well. If this ever happens again, pray to God and rebuke it “in the name of Jesus” because demons fear God and Jesus. That’s the only way to get rid of them. Of course it may not be forever because they can come back at anytime, especially when you’re most vunerable. Like, dreams.

    • Ang says:

      I woke up one early morning to find there was something, which I later understood to be a small demon UNDER my bed sheets with me. It was touching me, but as I began to move, I heard it growl and felt the vibration of its growl on the bed and against my body. It quickly disappeared, and the lump in the covers where it had been subsided. I looked over at my cat, who was apparently aware of this presence, because his back was arched with his hair bristled on end, and was looking intensely at the area where the entity had been on the bed. I never got a chance to see what it looked like, and by the time I removed the sheets, it was gone. It’s just as well, since it probably would have looked hideous and would have freaked me out even more. I was fully awake when this happened, and my pet confirmed that this was nothing imaginary.

    • John smith says:

      Iv seen the messiah he has changed he looks like a young boy now and he wears. A suit I had demons attacking my family every night we were looaing hope then he came there was a noise like a spaceship or somethink then he burst in and the demons screaming and ran in pure terror of him he shove this blue light on them and they never returned I went to thank him as he walked out and there was this caravan that wasn’t there before he looked at me and I knew he had done this before then he got inside this caravan and it vanished right before my eyes if anyone has seen anyone like this write back

      • Sally sparrow says:

        Omg iv seen that guy my husband and I went to this old house on a ghost hunt and my husband got possed by 4 demons they would beat him almost to death and I prayed to god for help and as I was praying the demons said ( god is dead there is no help for you) and as soon as they said that I heard the noise like a weering engine noise then there grin on there face soon turned to terror he knocked on the door I let him in and he had this torch or a light and my husband was free he has eyes that had seen so much pain and death
        he walked outside and got in the caravan like john said and it ti vanished in front of me me and my husband are grateful for this stranger please if he’s out there and you need his help all you have to do is listen

      • kate says:

        i can’t believe you wrote that..that god is a little boy in a suit.. I have been having scary things happen since i was a baby including my mother has placenta previa i should have been born malnourished and sickly but i was perfectly healthy… since i entered puberty i have had nightmares about people killing my baby, i love children i love helping people, i would give my life to save someone else i’ve always been that way no matter how depressed or sad i was…but these dreams someone always tried to kill my baby… i met my girlfriend and really felt “christian” and decided i didn’t wanna have a baby..the dreams stopped, when we seperated i moved back home and thought about it again the hautings started got more severe but the dream changed, I tried to kill the baby i couldn’t then there was this boy w/ blonde hair and a gray suit and he said its ok… we’ll get the old woman to do it..i use to see an old woman beside my parents bed she was comforting to me…but i couldn’t kill the baby..and the old lady didn’t want me to bc it would kill me to hurt my baby…but the boy said it was evil, and before i had the dream i told my gf i didn’t wanna have a kid bc i felt something bad would happen to me or the kid… but since i was 2 i have been visited by evil things a clown carrying me down steps feces all over the walls (both parents saw that, and heard me say that about the clown)( i still smell that sometimes) my name called in a scary raspy voice when i was 12… a deep depression when i was 17, i felt as if i had no soul…i attempted suicide many times doctors say i should be dead, heart did stop one time/had brain swelling. they thought i was going to be severly brain damaged but i came out without even needing a liver transplant the doctors couldnt explain it…recently woke up paralyzed, blacky smoky figure appeared by my bed i moved…i touched it…fought it…then it changed into a woman and she held me down and climbed on my chest and tried to seduce me put her finger to her ilips like “be quiet”??? i called a demonologist for help he wants me to go to church last time i went to a service i got sick..i’m going tomorrow,while i was on the phone planning to go, i was filing my gas tank the gas didn’t stop it overflowed all over the car and all over me…it never did that…. i’m scared i don’t know when this will stop, my psyciatrist says i’m fine and if u knew me…i do anything for anyone, and i’m very intelligent…

  2. sean says:

    I do believe that you fought a demon and won.

    The bliss that came when you started praying is the same bliss that allows the saints to be so strong.

    I have had similar experiences in that I have had deep experiences of bliss after long periods of meditation and prayer, and this bliss has allowed me to give up things like drinking and other forms of pleasure because they could never compare to what I experienced.

    I would say to keep going, and find other people who can understand what you went through and help you to continue to strengthen yourself in positive spiritual ways. You want to get as close to the “good side” as possible, and the “good news” about it is that when you get in touch with real spirituality, you will feel deep love, peace, bliss, and joy, and that that light that creates these qualities will also make any shadows that try to haunt your life disappear.

    Many times the dark forces that attack people do it through hidden fears and regrets, or a sense of bitterness oppressing their soul. Find someone who expresses a deep sense of that deep spiritual joy you felt in your dream, and follow that person, and you can be strong enough to help others fight their own demons, and have great joy in your own life.

    Of course there are few people that will believe you — they need to have their own experiences like yours before they will believe. If you never had that dream, would you believe someone else who said that they had a dream like that?

    I have met many people who have had similar experiences to you — you are not alone. Congratulations on winning that battle — but there is a whole war yet to be won. There is a very interesting Chrisitan writer called John Eldredge, who made the point that the battle of Apocalypse is being fought now. You can see that it is true because there are many people who are slain on the battlefield of life — alcoholics, suicides, people who live in sorrow and suffering.

    That spirit of victory you felt in your dream you can keep feeling in your life, if you take the time to nurture it and learn more about it, and it is the most worthwhile thing in your life. When you feel troubles, it will be there to uplife and sustain you, and will shine a light to uplift and sustain others — seek that. It’s the most rewarding thing in life.

  3. FaerchFan says:

    Wow creepy. It reminds me of Freddy Krueger. When you ran into the demon, and you thought you destroyed him, you just pulled him out of your dream. It’s creepy.

  4. Carri Williams says:

    Satan himself tried to enter into my body two years ago in my haunted trailor. I had worked the third shift in a factory. It was over 100 degrees outside. The factory was not air conditioned. I got home and went into my hot trailor with only air conditioning in the bedroom. the trailor was over 100 degrees. I turned on the air conditioner in the bedroom to go to bed. I felt weak and sick from the heat. my daughter was sitting next to me. my heart was giving me chest pains, I felt weak and felt a epileptic seizure. I fell asleep sick and wanted really to go to the hospital. my daughter saw an army of demons marching into the bedroom they had on black fabric with black eyes. There were hundreds of them marching in the bedroom. Then the devil himself. stood next to me and went inside my body. When that happened I was getting intense chest pain. I felt a seizure when he went inside me. my daughter saw him enter into me. he left right away when I fell asleep or you could say I passed out. my point is when I was at my weakest point feeling ill and sick. That is when the devil tried to possess me. he knows I am a christian. so he waited for my weakest moment to try to take over my soul. The trailor was haunted and it was a demonic haunting so I think it caused all that activity. but I went and got a cross and put it on. It has helped a lot.

  5. anna says:

    I would normaly would say whatever it was just a dream.I wasnt like that but it was weird.couple months ago my husband and I were sleeping and I was having a dream where I was sleeping weird sleeping while I was sleeping anyways that someone was trying to kill my I couldnt get up from my sleep he was pining me from my shoulder and i was screaming then i woke up but it felt real so if thats something like it then yes i know what yous feeling.I wasnt a demon but it was a black figure.when I read it it almost reminded me of the movies NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET.hopfully you wont get that dream again.

  6. ChristianTexture says:

    Too bad that you only lean on God when times are desperate, but it’s a good thing to know that you found out that without Jesus, you can’t win a Spiritual Battle.

  7. eyepriestess says:

    I have had many supernatural dreams that almost ruined my life with sleep deprivation. It doesn’t happen know…thank God, but when it is going on, it really does affect your life. I hope you are ok now and that it was just sleep paralysis. I’ve had that too and it is very scary, although not as intense as you had, if that was SP you had.

    If you think it was something other than SP, what do you think could have brought it on?

  8. brittany lott says:

    a lot of nights i have had the exact same feeling of a body, a demon body lay on me or press my body into the bed i have even felt the demon pull my hair or push me around the bed violently except im a christian but i know why its happening to me i had a boyfriend who i knew was a demon so i think it was his so i certainly believe you i also pray and it hasnt happened in a while i didnt really enjoy it i have one question to anyone who could answer it can i ever be possessed even though im a christian if anyone knows please tell me?

  9. Carri Williams says:

    Yes the devil will try to come at you more especially if you are a christian. He finds your weakest moments and tries to do anything to take your soul. this may happen when you have a near death experience or when you actually die. My friend Carol who is in her 67 an older catholic friend of mine. she told me something shocking. she had a heart attack. she was being operated on. she died and was brought back to life. Carol is a hard core catholic. Mass every sunday. religious figures all through her house. she wears a cross every day. she prays all the time. She in her near death experience saw the devil standing pleading with her to cross over to hell. but he was trying to trick her. Carol saw all 4 of her children (who are alive) trying to get Carol to cross over to the side by the devil. Lucifer disquised his demons as her children and tried to lure Carol to Hell. Lucifer knew that Carol loves her children dearly. so he used them as a lure. Carol did not fall for the devil’s tricks. she was revived and lived to tell me this story. It’s pretty terrifying to think the lengths the devil will take to trick us to go to hell. The devil will try even harder if you believe in god. He doesn’t mess with the non believers as much, he knows that they are already destined to go to hell. so he tries to entice the christians. He waits for a weak moment. or some kind of sin then he tries. I know because I can hear the spririt world and my daughter can see it. I am a christian and the devil has tried to go into me also. I went and got a Catholic priest had an exorcism and got holy water and put on a cross. The devil actually burns himself in the spirit world when you have a cross on. He wont try to go into you. use your cross as protection against him. pray pray. I will also pray for you.

  10. karen says:

    I just woke up from this experience. My family is very religious and I once had a calling to serve god. But I left and am living my own life. And this few days been mad at the world. Depressed. N since ystetdsy something kept waking me up. N today I just woke up at 3.03 feeling like I was being vacumed that my doll wanted my soul. I fought not praying but I did pray before slept n tried to talk to god Bt I feel not good enough to. So fell asleep n this happened. May I add I’m only 19 but weird things like this happened to me since I was little maybe worse. I just wanna know y. P.s if this was a fight I almost lost. The thought of my mother saved me.

    • Ang says:

      “You’re not good enough to come back to God” or, “You’re not good enough, so don’t waste your time praying” is one of the oldest tricks in the book Satan uses to keep you alienated from God. Don’t fall for it. Ignore Satan, and draw near to Christ Jesus in prayer, and by reading the Word, which will strengthen your weapons of defense and attack against the Enemy. Any songs of praise to God you know will also make powerful weapons Sometimes, the best way to get rid of the darkness in a room (read: a soul, our life, etc.) is to just turn on the Light.

  11. Ang says:

    In addition to the small demon my cat and I experienced, I have had other “happenings” as well, with nightmares, unexplained tapping sounds some nights, which would happen only just as I was falling asleep, then stopping until I was just about to slip into sleep again. As a believer, you are not LIKELY to be possessed because He who is in you, is greater then he (satan) who is in the world, but you can be attacked, and many times, God allows this, just as he sent “a messenger of Satan” to buffet the Apostle Paul…in his case so he wouldn’t be puffed up with pride. Many think that if they or someone is “seeing things” they’re being possessed, but no: Many believers are attacked…but it doesn’t mean they’re being possessed.

  12. Princess says:

    I am a strong believer of Christ and I have seen many demons in my dreams. Once when I was sleeping I opened my eyes and standing at the edge of my bed was a dark shadow, I immediately tried to call upon the name of Jesus but my mouth would not open. It felt like something was keeping my mouth shut. I laid there frozen with fear, then my window opened, a strong breeze flew in and the demon went away. When I woke up, everything in the room was just as it was in the dream which I thought weird. The hold experience freightened me but it also made my faith stronger, because if demons are real then God most be real. I also had a dream where I saw the devil roaming the earth looking for soul to devour. The devil was not like what they show on tv, he was in the form of a dark beast, unlike any animal I have ever seen.

  13. Kind Skeptic says:

    I think you had a really bad nightmare combined with sleep paralysis. I don’t doubt the legitiimacy of your experience, I just don’t buy into it as demonic possession. SP can bring on hallucinations and audible experiences. It is not uncommon to go from a perfectly relaxing dream into a nightmare — it is how our subconcious mind deals with stressers, fears, anxieties, doubts, insecurities, etc. You can certainly pray if you believe in it, but I think everyone responding (yet again) loves to “fight the big fight” and claim their victory over evil. I hope you will look into other options as well.

  14. Carri says:

    yes a demon was trying to steal your soul. put on a cross. these demons are tricky they do things like this to trick you into thinking you only dreamed the experience. It happened to me so I know. pray.

  15. domenic says:

    Ive had some similar experiences. I’m only 13 but I know a lot about this stuff. One of my many satanic dreams was about Satan killing me and all my friends.

  16. sm says:

    I have been experiencing strange encounters with what i can tell is an evil power, pretending to be my cousin who passed away 6 years ago. i cannot see his eyes and “he” keeps telling me to let him kill me and to go be with him and not to be scared. he also tells me i am going to die and that i should accept this, i am not sure if this is a hallucination, my cousin trying to warn me maybe something is going to happen, OR a demonic power trying to take over…i have been very depressed lately for no reason, isolated from the world, fighting and lashing out at people i care very much about and experiencing a lot of fear and insecurity that i cannot explain–any ideas on what to do??

    • Mikayla N says:

      this morning i went to my friend to tell him of my experience and he tells me
      (if it is fear it is not god….kno that once your in the mist of withdrawing sin even if you dont notice that you ere doing so the devil will attack your mind he cannot attack the flesh so this is why he can see everything and your weaknesses so me must say you love your family so thi is why that family is your weakness anything you would give yourself (soul)for satin will hang that over you thats why u see drugg dealers die because money is what they worship meaning thats their weakness…let everybody know what is happening to you in your family so if something happends they will believe and repent

  17. Carri says:

    To Sm, how are you experiencing these encounters? did you contact your cousin somehow? It’s maybe something evil..

  18. Mikayla N says:

    last night i had this what you are writing about is why i googled it….
    im in a dorm of 4 people and i near the window..i always have this thought of this huge demond bat sticking to my wondow which i had not thought of last night …

    i was sleeping and i rarely have dreams but something grabbed my mouth so i couldent yell and my body was sinking into the bed at this time im awake but my eyes would not open i could feel my blood pumping through my veins and my heart was beating extreamly fast what ever this was was trying to kill me and saying in my ear about dead deadly something.. my eyes finnaly opends and my heart is still pumping and blood still rushing through my veins i reach up and turn od the air conditioner in the window and i don’t want to wake up my roomates but my roomate;her head slowly comes up nd stays facing my way nd lays back down fast at this time im crying disapointed at the fact thAT I almost was dead ! i start preying and repenting all the things so i go in my drawer and grab my bible and start looking for something that talks about the devil getting in your mind in your sleep and started reading the Matthew chapter begining to end this whold time thoughts are in my head saying god is a lier and scandolus and is going to leave me to root in the fire i close the bible to prey and i fall asleep and heve a dream of my roomate shouting non existing words and thriwing her body as if something has taken over her and i was yelling her name out side of my dream and at this time i need more sleep bt im tring to wake up and im noticing every time i go to sleep i cant open my eyes when im ready

  19. Carri says:

    To John Smith. My daughter has seen Jesus. He has light and dark brown hair and blue eyes. He is beautiful. He is a teenager. white skin. He has saggy clothes that are white. all his clothes are white there is blinding white light shining through his clothes. When we were battling evil forces in our trailor she saw him. I heard banging and voices. I have seen him in dreams. I know that these evil forces and angels and god come from another dimension. I think hell and heaven may be in this other dimension. they appear to our world by popping into our world somehow. I just wish someday scientists would find the link or gateway to this other world’s dimension. My stepfather used to see spaceships but he only saw aliens.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Why does this happen?

  21. Roger says:

    If you have having dreams od demons attacking you the chances are that it is attached to you. The best way to know is if you get the dreams in different locations if so its you for sure. First thing to do is go to a church that deals with these kinds of things and tell them your te4stimony. They will advise you on your options which is really is only two. Live with it and risk it ruining your life or give your life to God and recieve the holy spirit. Once you have done that and you readyour bible your spirit will grow stronger. You will have built up the armour of God and wear it at all times Ephesian 6 verse 10 to the end. Once you got the armour on and live for God no demon can get you they will always attack but will not penertrate because you now know the truth. Oh yeah if the Demon has possessed you it needs to be taken out of you the church pastor will deal with that to. Goodluck.

  22. lany says:

    There is one name above all other names and in that names lies all the power and authority which resides in heaven and earth and that name is the name of Jesus
    Christ. Even if an unbeliever in Jesus Christ speaks that name all the evil forces will shake and tremble in fear.

    If you are ever asked by anyone or anything to do something that goes against your spirit or against what you know or feel to be right, don’t do it but instead draw close to God and read his word in the King James version of the Bible.

    Just know that God himself loves you more than anything and no matter what you have done in your life he can forgive you.

    • michael C says:

      ive tried that. its not a fond word for them but its not the best. weapon. nice try though.

  23. michael C says:

    i dont seem to need to tell any of you guys but i live with one too. inside me. it isnt a picnic. if anyone has any questions just throw’em to me.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I definitely believe your story Josh. I have had similar experiences. You are correct, that when you pray The Our Father in your sleep or awake, you are helped to overcome the demon. Sometimes additional measures need to be taken such as fasting accompanied by prayer.
    All The Best

  25. Anonymous says:

    I had a dream about a young boy hiding behind me and a group of people wanting to kill hin and he screams at me please mummy im good dont let them hurt me im good please but when i look at the little boy he is beautiful and is wearing smart clothes but my heart starts pounding and im getting all hot i waje myself up crying because he gets mangled and he looks at me the whole time saying i warned you mummy i warned you this doesnt happen all the time though and my puppy sleeps in my bed when my boyfriend doesnt im only 17 but know all about this kind of stuff as when i was younger i had a ghost of a gentlemen who lived and died in my house i have lived in since i was three and he tucked me in bed and kissed me and said i love you which i thought it was my dad as we have never seen eye to eye but he didnt know anything of it and i always see a figure standing in the corner of my bedroom by my door and its as if he was my protector until a few years ago when i lost my big brother and started having realistic dreams of darkness and a lot of fear but i cant always remember the dream the next day or when i wake up but i have a dream catcher above my bed which seems to help me a lot as it also atops bad spirits entering my dreams and recently it has also stopped the bad dreams to which i hope will stay like it but i cant stand seeing that little boy anyone got any other tips or sense of it???

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