Explanation of a Soul Collector

Posted on August 4, 2009

I think a soul collector is a spirit belonging to god who has a duty to take the recent or past dead to the next destiny. Interestingly I have acknowledged that the reason why there are ghosts is because at the time of death the person before he/she died could have been thinking about their home, their wealth, family or other unfinished business, and so their soul does not cross over. I think this is where soul collectors have to come and take away those souls.

It makes sense that ordinary humans cannot help the souls move on, however some human beings are gifted – those that can communicate with ghosts and can help the souls crossover. This itself is interesting to know that sometimes humans carry out a soul collectors job.

Another example of this is when priests or pastors carry out exorcisms and move out a demon or ghost from places or people possessed.

I read a story once of a Sikh nurse who was caring for an old patient in the UK who was bed ridden and close to his death at the critical care unit. (Please note this is not about religion or a particular holy book as prayers from all holy books can complete the same task – please read on…)

On start of his night duty that evening at around 8pm the nurse found his patient was looking up towards the ceiling and crying with great fear. He asked the patient what is the matter, and just managed to make out what the patient was trying to tell him with fear that he could see dark demonic figures floating above him telling him he was going with them soon. They are waiting for him.

The nurse administered an injection which put the patient at ease soon after he fell asleep. The next day the nurse took with him a copy of a holy book to the hospital. As he got their during the shift handover with the day nurses he was told the old man was dying and could die anytime so he would need to keep a close eye on the patient.

Late at night the patient started having the same experience looking up, frightened, and crying. In more weakness than the previous night he told the nurse they are here, they are taking me, I don�t want to go with them, please help me. The nurse took out the small holy book from his shirt pocket and took hold of the old mans hand and began to read out a prayer of forgiveness.

Whilst he read, after several minutes the old man started calming down, however the man who was an English man did not understand the language of the prayer, but felt comfortable and slowly began to feel at ease. After a while when the prayer was completed the patient squeezed tight on the nurses hand and said thank you with a gentle smile, you have made them go, and I feel very peaceful now.

The nurse sat at the patients side and observed the patient asleep, however the patient had died in his sleep peacefully.

Again here is an example of what can be expected near the time of death.

In the book the nurse stated a clear message from his story that it is important that we should remember god when bedridden and dying, and not to think about the materialistic things that we are leaving behind in this world. Only god can save us and take us to a better destiny.

Ghosts are probably punished this way by god that they have to stay where they died but as ghosts until the time comes for when he takes them across I.e send a soul collector on his behalf. Hundreds of people around the world have spoken about their near death experience and mostly of either a wonderful bright light above their bed or loved ones coming to collect them or dark figures floating above them.

I think it all depends on the individual of what he/she did during their life time I.e good and bad deeds. However some possibly refuse to cross over as a result of a harsh death such as being murdered and seeking revenge. Some are probably just too stubborn to leave a place or loved ones.

Sent in by G Hill, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

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25 Responses to “Explanation of a Soul Collector”
  1. Sai Chan says:

    Thank you very much. We need friends like you.
    The world need religions, beliefs that can help build a happier world.
    However people misunderstood that religions, beliefs are something to protect, and start wars, without knowing that it all built is to end wars.
    A world or worlds to protect? Without better apprehension, then a god or gods symbolic submissiveness emerged. Still no better comprehension, then the basic concept of ‘green peace’ emerged.
    No matter what, it’s the happier world in heart that we live for, not the hate dwell within that we fight for!

  2. Ghost girl says:

    wow. nice story. thanks. I didn’t know what a soul coulector was…

  3. Garry says:

    Your welcome Sai Chan – Thank you

  4. Priscilla Tree says:

    I do believe this story as something similar happened to my gran when she passed away. Just before her death she had a fight with something unknown, something or someone we could not see. She had an evil look, like she was fighting for her life, when we asked her she said she was fighting with the devil!
    Just after that she would tell us that this beautiful man keeps visiting her every day with a bible and would pray for her, and she could not stop telling us what a good looking man this was. Just after that she passed away, but I do believe she was not ready and some evil wanted to take her and instead a Higher Power was in charge and helped her and saved her. When you see this you DO BELIEVE THIS!

  5. Trey lark says:

    sometimes i think that gaurdian angels collect your soul sometimes and save you from going to hell. his gaurdian angel must have saved him.

  6. eilandmeije says:

    Hi all~ I totally agree with the things mentioned in this story. I’ve been thinking about life after death and based on the shows that I watch and the stories that I’ve read I’ve come to the same conclusion. I feel in order to make a smooth transition after death you cannot be tied down to material things in this life, you cannot hold grudges. You can only attain this by conditioning your soul while on this earth. The only way I know to do this is to repent. Let the bible be your guide. Refrain from the ‘seven deadly sins’ that’s as real as ever.I think they are lust, vanity, greed, gluttony, sloth, envy and pride. It’s the hardest thing to do.

  7. Pat says:

    Interesting… I 100% believe in the Bible and there is a heaven and a hell…. but maybe not everything regarding death is as cut and dried as those two places…

  8. It's me says:

    I believe those dark figueres are the devil trying to collect your soul and it is up to your faith in God to defeat them. Since your in a weak state of mind its easy for the devil to come and take you but if you believe and pray. The devil backs away because the word of the Lord has been spoken. Thats just my opinion.

  9. Eileen says:

    I loved the story, except stil not clear on just what a soul collecter is……

  10. justin says:

    crazy story .when my childhood friends grandfather was dieing we would go stay with him at his farm and help him with things.we had a baby monitor i his room so when we were working we could hear if something was wrong or not.my buddy called me over to the truck and what we heard was crazy .impossible even .we heard voices talking to his grandfather and his grandfather responding to them. we ran to the house and it was still locked up like we left it.when we inspected the house there was noone .when we went back to his room he was passed on.

  11. Manik says:

    I too don’t know about soul collectors THANKS FOR YOUR INFO hmm so soul collectors come just in time before one’s death I TOO BELIEVE IN AFTER LIFE I STILL NOW BELIEVE THAT MY GRAND PARENTS ARE WATCHING ME FROM ABOVE EVEN THEY HELPED ME SOMETIMES IN MY NEAR DEATH ACCIDENTS LOL nice story.

  12. edith says:

    I LOVE THIS STORY!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT! I was a care giver for about 1 year at a retirement home. i dealt with dementia patients. i got to see some die slowly and also got to see some that were ready to get picked up. its sad. some of the patients tell me that they had seen children in there room at night. We were able to take our kids too work but most of us didnt because of the illness that the elderly carry. no to sound mean but our kids health comes first. ( b4 my grandfather passed away it took him 1 week to finally let go after suffering soo much and i had just gave birth to my first son my baby way about 2 weeks old and i really wanted my grandpa to see and meet him b4 he passed away but my grandpa had something forgot the name but it was something that that we had to wash our hands after touching him. any way i didnt take my son in to his room because of that. i didnt want my new born to get sick being so small. i felt bad but at least i know hes watching me from up above.any ways my grandpa too had his eyes looking up with the ceiling not face expression he could talk or move. he had his mouth open and his skin was tight and thin. his sad eyes looking at the ceiling made me cry. ok lets make this short b4 i start crying . my aunts and relatives and everyone sat around him and prayed all 5 days. finally on sunday my aunt talked to him and asked him if he wanted to be burried in Mexico and if he did to make a sign. his eyes where completly shut and wasnt able to open then. he forced his eyes open and looked up and then closed them. my aunt also told him that he was forgiven for the past and said he could leave peacefully. monday at 3am July 6 he passed away. we all had dreams or hd somthing happen to us that day and week something that made us feel that he was happy.ok i gotta stop there sorry. ) i would see his profile in the ceiling of my room at night a couple times and had drams of him. i havent lately and i wonder if those couple weeks after he passed away if he was going around watching us.

    • jennieboo22886 says:

      awesome another caregiver on this site. i also worked on a dementia unit for a couple of years. Loved it!! my philosophy if you dont laugh you’l cry.anyways you’l knoww what i’m talking about when i mention death comes in threes. when one person dies in a nurseing home everyone is just holding there breath and wondering who’s next.its freaky but ive seen it every time someone dies.

  13. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    what an interesting story… not sure about a soul collector, but i do know that many, at the point of death, have someone or something helping them to cross over….. they say that living here on earth is but a fleeting moment, compared to whats on the other side… our bodies are vehicles.. ok,, i wont get all religious…… i feel that we all have a purpose here on earth….. and when the time comes to go, it should be natural and splendid…….thats what my dad told me after he passed away.. he said that it was the most wonderful feeling ever…… ktm

  14. Dave says:

    I hate to burst you bubble but your theory is indeed INCORRECT. Once we are dead, we are done with this Earth, we do not return for unfinished business (non-biblical BS!), and we do not communicate with the living (read Ecclesiastes 9). This would prove your soul collector theory wrong because we do not become “trapped” on Earth once we die, we either belong to God or the devil depending on your beliefs while we were on Earth.

    We do not have free will after death, why do so many people believe that we are free to do whatever the hell we want when we die! There is no need for a “soul collector”, we are either heaven or hell bound.

    P.S. The gift of communicating with “ghosts” (actually demons) is not of God, this is a gift from the devil. Please read the Word of God, mankind’s theories are so incoherent with the infallible Word of God. Seek wisdom.

    • sharayah says:

      ha ha :) you are so true in what you say just one thing we go to god and the book of life is open from there you will know if you go to heaven or hell.i think angels bring you to god when you die.

      • jennieboo22886 says:

        i once heard on the raido a dj was telling his friend that his mother had embarresed him on a crius. she was in a heated debate with another paster on a similar subject. Se the pastor belived that when one dies and they were saved that they didn’t go to heaven right away. you go to heaven when Jesus comes back. the person really wouldnt know it it would seem like a blink of an eye or when your asleep and you wake up and hey your in heaven. On the other side the lady believed that no when you die you go right staright to heaven Now I have no clue wich one it is. personally i hope we go right to heaven right away because even if it only seems like a blink of an eye it still freaks me out. however either way i tell myself hey Jesus has taken care of me and guided me threw this life he wont just abandon me when i die he’l be there holding my hand and walking me to the other side. Well more likely pone of his angel but ya’ll get the picture.After all a humane hert has to endure threw this life all the heartbreak there just has to be something great on the otherside. Something so great that all the bad stuff just does slip from our memories. and even though i cannot see it or touch it. Ifeel that its there and i know that it is there and that is faith.to me faith is like saying ok taking a deep breath and pushing all doubt and all fear from your heart your mind.

  15. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Well Dave,,, you seem very harsh with your words!!!! But,, we all have our opinions!!!! maybe you have never enjoyed the pleasure of visiting with loved ones from the other side….. maybe ,,, in my case, i see the bigger picture!!!!! just my opinion…….

    take care,,,,,, ktm

  16. jennieboo22886 says:

    okay I need to get this off my chest because it is something I have struggled with ever since I became a nurses aid and first witnessed death. literally I’ve been holding that persons hand up until the took their very last breath.Not once have I seen a person call out to anyone like oh look at the beautiful lights then die. What I see is the persons eyes become cloudy and they slip into unconsciousness.then they start chain stocking be glad if you have never seen this I’ll explain what chain stocking is. the person will take a deep breath like a soft gulp then a minuet will go by and they take another gulp of air. so a lot of times your sitting there and your wondering are they dead? because their pulse is so faint sometimes you cannot feel it. then all of a sudden you’ll be spooked because they’ll take another breath. its very unnerving to say the least. when you look into there eyes and see their body posture you just know they are not there. Their eyes for example if a person had bright blue eyes they look pale blue with what looks like a cloudy film over it..then when you look at them inside it reads shell there body is still here but they are gone. it is something I wish I didn’t ever ever witness.Now I’ve heard of people talking to their deceased family members before they slip into this unconsciousness.what I’m trying to say as I wonder if peoples souls exit their body’s before their actual body dies sometimes. I think it just depends on the situation.after all this is my job then to clean them and to make them look as nice as possible.usually two aides will do this. I’ve had to do this quite a few times by myself.so its not really ghosts that give me nightmares its more like the act of dying itself that’s so scary. and I am a Christian and I have faith but seeing what I have seen has shaken my faith a time or too.now like I said it depends on the situation my grandfather died peacefully in his sleep. he went up to take a nap because he wasn’t feeling good and he had a massive heart attack.best way to die in my book.I hope I haven’t upset to many people its just something that’s been bothering for awhile.

  17. DearTUffy says:

    My father died very suddenly– boom — and didn’t know he he was dead. My daughter had a dream about 3 months after he died about him and he didn’t know he was dead, she told him he was and he wouldn’t believe it. About 3 months after that I dreamed about him, and he didn’t know he was dead. I said “Where have you been then and what have you been doing?” and he thought a moment and then said, “I..I don’t know” then I asked him if he had seen my mother (also deceased) and he said “No, but I have heard about her”. About six months after that my cousin’s daughter went to a psychic to find out about her own deceased grandmother (my father’s sister) instead my father came through trying to get a message to me. He told them he had just gotten over to the other side, and that my grandmother (my mother’s mother, his Mother In Law) had helped him. There is more to the story but you get the picture

    • AnNa bites back says:

      im glad he found his way to them.

    • jennieboo22886 says:

      that’s good to hear i believe your grandfather is at peace.i’m not sure what really happens to the exact detail when we die. death is and always will be a mystery.thats why its scarey. it does get less and less scary though as my faith grows.

  18. YahuwahIsKing says:

    There are no “soul collectors”, you have no choice of facing what’s on the other side, this indeed false doctrine! Once you are dead there is no “unfinished business”, if that were the case then Yahuwah would not have allowed that person to die. For it is not our will but our Father’s will that is to be done. Pray for wisdom, seek it, live it…Shalom

  19. Josh says:

    this is the 1st story that makes a clear reference to the Gifted.
    very interesting

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