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Experiences in Grandmother’s Mobile Home

Posted on July 3, 2011

My sister is 2 years older than me, so we have always been close. When we were younger, we did everything together (play, sleep in the same bed, etc.). When I was in about the 4th grade we moved into my grandmother’s old mobile home, which was a place where many unexplained things happened. We stayed there until I was in the 7th grade and our whole time there, there was never a quiet night.

My grandmother had raised my mother and her siblings in the mobile home so they all had stories that they told us and they all believe us when we told them ours. I can’t say that my experience was totally bad, then only thing that scared me in the home was the closets (the sliding kind). I just always got a weird vibe from them. All of them.

Anyways, the mobile home had 3 rooms. One towards the front end of the trail (looking out on the road), on in the middle (looking out into the front yard) and one in the back (looking out at the woods). We always would swap rooms so everyone had their own things about each room. My sister spent the most time in the back room. She slept alone, whereas I shared a room with my other sister.

From day one in that mobile home, my older sister never got a good night sleep. It all started when my sister ran out of the room screaming and crying in the middle of the night. When asked what was wrong, she said her closet door had slid open so she got up to check it out. When she looked in the closet, she said there was a face. Nothing else, just a face. It was wrinkled, almost as if it was a piece of paper that had be balled up and unballed (in her words) and it had diamond shaped eyes that was nothing but blackness and it’s skin was a tint of yellow. She turned on the light thinking it was a piece of clothing, but when she did the face smiled (showing sharp teeth) and vanished. Because the rest of the experiences from the back room involved shadow people, this was the one thing no one believe at first.

We were soon made believers. The next night, my sister returned to the room and slept “peaceful”. I say this because she didn’t see anything, yet she woke up with scratches and bruises everywhere. The first time it happened, she only showed me and my sister. She didn’t tell any adults. The next couple of nights, it continued to happen and she started reporting seeing something black waiting on her to go to sleep so that it could so beat her up more. That’s when she told my mother, who chalked it up to her just doing it for attention. I was the only one who believed my sister without a doubt. I knew that she couldn’t fake being hysterical and scared to sleep. Because I wanted to prove to my mother that my sister wasn’t somehow doing this to herself, we mad a plan that I would sit up all night and watch what happened.

I did just that. As my sister fell asleep I sat in a chair all night, reading a book, and watching her. Nothing happened. She didn’t toss or turn. She remained in one position all night. I sat there until she woke up and when she did, sure enough there were bruises and scratch marks. This made my mother believe.

The next night, she hung a horseshoe over my sister’s door (which is supposed to ward off evil) and we all returned to our own rooms. A couple of weeks went by and nothing happened. No bruises. Nothing.

Then one night, I was in my room (the middle room) alone because my other sister had gone to a slumber party. We had bunk beds in our room and I usually slept on top, but since my sister wasn’t there I took the bottom bunk. Because I was afraid of the closet (which was missing a door so it didn’t close), I sleep in the back of the bed with my back pressed against the wall and my face facing the door (which was located across from the back door). My older sister in the back room when I fell asleep, yet when I woke up that morning I was at the front of the bed and she was behind me against the wall. I asked her why she was in there and she said she had gotten up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. While she was walking down the hall, she saw a man’s silhouette sitting beside the back door with his knees pulled to his chest. She said he was rocking back and forth and in one hand there was the silhouette of a knife. He was staring into my room.

According to her, she ran passed the shadow to wake me up. I didn’t budge (I’m a deep sleeper) so she looked back in the hall and the shadow had stood up and started walking towards her room. That is when she pushed me to the front of the bed and got in behind me (Nice right).

After this incident, things were no longer quiet. We fell back into the same routine and my sister went deeper into depression. Finally we decided to move because her whole personality changed and my mother was tired of seeing her child like that. We painted the mobile home to make it more appealing to the buyers and we started moving our things to a house across town.

We moved into our new house before had even sold the mobile home (that was the urgency) and things were quiet there. On our last night in the mobile home, my sister told me the thing said it would leave her alone as long as it was “they’re secret”. She didn’t speak of what happened for a while and on the few occasions that she did, she would be tormented the night after. We’ve moved several times since then, and now she feels that the thing is no longer with her. She’s a little more open and her personality is coming back (Yes it has taken years).

We eventually got rid of the mobile home (a few days after we moved) and we kept in touch with the buyer. He remodeled the entire thing, and was excited to own it because it was so cheap (we sold cheap to get rid of it faster) and he could afford to fix it the way he wanted.

A few months later, we asked him how he enjoyed his new home. He told us he sold it as soon as the renovations was finished because “something just wasn’t right”. The thing I want to know is, how was the mobile home still haunted if the thing followed my sister and kept up with every time she discussed it. Maybe the new owners saw the shadow people (who were nice compared to the thing that my sister came in contact with).

Now my sister has a son, who talks to a “man” and although nothing bad has come from it, she has expressed that she hopes it doesn’t turn into anything like what she has went through. We all hope it doesn’t.
*I should have said mobile home, but I don’t feel like going to edit all the mobile homes.*

Sent in by Kay, Copyright 2011 TrueGhostTales.com

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2 Responses to “Experiences in Grandmother’s Mobile Home”
  1. Moya says:

    That was scary. I would of fainted if I would of seen that face. omg creepy!

  2. Charmaine says:

    Wow that’s so scary! I’m glad you are all alright! Good idea to move! That mobile home should be destroyed! Seems like it could have been a demon that followed your sister! Did you ever get the place cleansed? Keep an eye on your sisters son to make sure it’s not the same Demon trying to torment him! Hope all is well and this thing does not return!

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