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Experiences and Thoughts of Ghosts

Posted on June 8, 2010

This is where I have a problem… I don’t believe in an after life, but I do believe in ghosts because I’ve seen one and had exceptionally strange things happen.

The time I saw one, well two, was when I was driving with a friend, down a main country road with no street lights. It links where I live to the next main place, Litchfield and because there’s no houses etc, people go quite fast down there and there has been quite a few fatalities of people walking along there.

We both saw two lads up in front of us, walking on the right hand side, heading the way we was going. They started to cross the road, without looking. Because I was doing about 50 mph, by the time they got near the middle of the road and seeing that they still hadn’t looked behind, so they knew I was coming, I put my main beam on full. As soon as I did, the whole road lit up and the two lads just completely disappeared. Me and my friend just looked at each other, speechless and for a reason neither of us knew why, we both suddenly started to get tears running down our faces.

We both described them exactly, as to what they were wearing etc so we both knew we both saw them. They wasn’t see through or anything, they looked totally real. My friend started to ask if I thought they were now in the back of the car? This worried me that much, when I dropped my friend off, I left my car at his house and walked home and went to pick it up next day in daylight.

I can still see the road when I turned on my main beam, as clear now in my mind as the time it happened, I don’t think I’ll ever forget that moment.

As for the exceptionally strange things that have happened, I have no family as my mom and dad have both passed away. But I was quite young when my dad died and for a while things would happen where I would put something down, a minute later id turn round, and they wouldn’t be anywhere at all. I would turn the room over looking for whatever it was and not find it at all. Then later on I would hear someone whistling and whatever it was that had vanished, would instantly be somewhere in plain view, where if it had of been there all the time, I would of noticed straight away. But that stopped after about 6 months after he had died and things went back to normal.

Until about 2 years ago…..

(And this is the strangest thing that has ever happened to me)

I was sitting on the toilet one day, when suddenly a 2p coin just landed in the bath tub, as if it was thrown into there. I just sat there staring at it until it had stopped rolling round. The rational side of me kicked in, thinking a draught through the window must of knocked it off the window sill into the bath tub, even though the window was shut and there wasn’t any money left on there anyway. Even though it couldn’t of been what I was telling myself, when you live alone and things like that happen, you tell yourself what you want to hear, because having something thrown near you, is a hell of a lot scarier than having something just go missing for a while.

It happened again a few days later in the kitchen, I was waiting for the kettle to boil when another 2p coin landed on the work surface behind me.

I never even bothered with my drink then, I just ran out of there as fast as I could.

It got worse though…

I was in an online poker tournament, late at night and I was really concentrating on the game. I had my right hand on my mouse and my left elbow on my desk, with my hand supporting my chin, thinking about what to do in the game. I then started to feel something pressing lightly into my left forearm. But although I could feel it, I was concentrating so much on what was happening in the game, I didn’t take much notice.

Then suddenly I heard a coin drop on my desk in front of my arm and my blood went cold. It really freaked me out and I couldn’t move for a minute or two.

But instead of being scared, I actually regretted not looking when I first felt it pressing into my arm, about 4 inches high above my desk. I still regret it even now, because if only I had of looked and saw this coin mid air pressing into me, I would of had even more proof that there must be such things as ghosts and therefore the possibility that there must be an afterlife.

After that, I so much wanted more things to happen as that would of given me the proof for sure, but unfortunately nothing did, or has happened since then.

And its because of what I have experienced, I really struggle in my mind in if there’s an afterlife. I know what I saw and what has happened and know it to be 110% true, but then the other half of my mind tells me there’s no such thing and its this that leaves me feeling like I’m contradicting myself.

Sent in by Lumi75, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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10 Responses to “Experiences and Thoughts of Ghosts”
  1. Coral says:

    Awesome story Luni. I have had things appear out of nowhere myself.And yes, for some reason, it always seems to be coins. I wonder, can anyone out there possibly explain to me the relevence in which coins hold in situations such as this ? I,myself,have never been a collector of coins,nor has anyone in my family ever been.(and not any of my friends either).Any ideas guys…?

  2. AnNa says:

    LUMI75-just wondering were are you from?how much is a 2p coin?thats up to you if you want to believe if there is an afterlife.only you can deside if there is one or not.that is weird about the coins maybe its telling you something.like what i dont know.i;ve never heared of that before.i think its intereseting.sorry about your parents.do you have any brothers or sisters you can talk to?and if anything does happen next time talk pictures that works too.video tape it.thanks for the story.

  3. Kind Skeptic says:

    These poltergeist effects seem harmless enough. Who knows, maybe your dad is sending you allowance from the “world beyond”!! LOL Someone certainly is trying to get your attention. You should protect yourself w/ an affirmation of white light, and then just ask them to leave it they/it are bothering you. You have the power to reclaim your space, and if these happenings are discomforting, give them their eviction notice! :-)

  4. trolldoll says:

    hey a ghost that gives away money!! i’ve heard of money and other items appearing out of nowhere. how old were the coins? i’m not saying to tear down the ceiling but maybe you could check out the attic? great post!!!

  5. Pete says:

    That’s a bit of a contradiction, you don’t believe in an after life but you believe in ghosts??
    I always assumed a ghost was the after life of a deceased person, maybe I’ve been
    wrong all these years. perhaps someone more experienced in the paranormal could

  6. Dana says:

    That is indeed an interesting story!

    I’ve also had an experience with coins/money or however you’d like to call it.
    Early in my high school years I had a best friend Named Tabetha. She was very unique because she seemed to have a special connection with “ghosts” or whatever they are. We starting playing with tarot and soon starting using ouija boards. We were young and saw it as harmless. It would work anywhere, anytime as long as she was there, if she wasn’t , most people couldn’t get it to work. We could even just take a pen and paper; we would both hold the pen together and it would do the writing on it’s own. A little while after we stopped spending time together but still talked, she started saying that she was seeing dimes in the most random places. She never described it in detail, but Every time we talked she said it was still happening. Then, a couple months later she had nowhere to stay, and she moved in with me. After awhile I started seeing dimes everywhere as well. I would constantly find them in unexplainable places. I’d just finish vacuuming a floor rug and when I’d put the vacuum away, there would be a dime sitting on the rug, or I’d be driving all day, and when I’d get in the car after exiting for a short time, there would be a dime sitting on the dash, and there were many other scenarios. After she moved out I continued to cross paths with these dimes in the most random of places, and she said she was no longer seeing them out of the ordinary. After awhile, it eventually stopped occurring for me as well. It may have been coincidence, but I’m sure the reason these dimes caught my attention so easily is because they weren’t there a short time earlier.

    As for the afterlife, at this point there’s really no right or wrong answer, because no one really knows. It’s scary for some people to believe in something without substantial prove of it’s existence, and without that proof, the afterlife could very well be something that is actually very frightening, and at the same time it could be something beautiful. I think it could be something that is similar to life itself in the way that it’s not some simple, black and white process. I think that when we pass on there is a world as vast as the one we experience when we’re alive… but still much, much different.

  7. LittleKitKat says:

    You are alot braver than me with such a strong belief, if appearing 2 pences started falling in my bath, disturbing my tea making and pressing into my arm (I mean they aren’t small!) i would of been out of the house at once!

  8. LuKe says:

    I didnt get why it was a coin that was falling and pressing on that man?

  9. Lumi75 says:

    To Pete:
    As i said at the start, that’s where i have a problem, with my beliefs and what i have seen happen around me.

    To Coral:
    Really? I wish i had known that when it was happening to me, as when i looked on google to try to get an explanation, all i could find was references to it being due to poltergeist activity, which wasnt much comfort to me at the time. You know when things went missing for you, did you hear a whistling noise before you suddenly found them again? I always did.


  10. Ella says:

    brill story! :)

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